#Aging: Medicare On The Chopping Block Of Debt ‘Compromise’

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Rather like they are ‘simplifying’ the work of the Federal Aviation Administration by not getting around to reauthorizing it , thus allowing billions in revenues to slip past the Treasury and tens of thousands of FAA staff to take a forced month-long furlough.

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#PROAGING: Republican Budget Realigns Medicare But Ignores Long-Term Care

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The Rand budget also privatizes the Transportation Security Agency (returning it to the status it was on September 11th, 2001 ? Paul, DeMint, and Lee propose FY2013 Budget.

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#Aging: $450 Billion in Unpaid Care Another Likely Drag On Economy

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Parents want to keep their kids in school into their early 20s, for example, even though their counterparts a century often sent their children to work by their early teens – thus bringing much needed income to the family unit. Medical care by the federal government, whether it’s the healthcare reforms passed in 2010 or Medicare , is one of the significant pieces of the budget that Republicans want to cut.

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How To Learn What Federal, State, Local, or Tribal Grants Are Available, & How To Apply for Them

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Applying for a government grant, especially a federal grant, can be arduous. So, some governments in the position of still being flush, during their fourth quarter, and due to the lack of incoming grant applications, sometimes even have to look for nonprofits (or other eligible potential recipients) to ask them to apply for the funds to be certain the money will likely be donated per the requisite due diligence (i.e.

What the Nonprofit Annual Report Is, Why It Is Necessary, But More Importantly - How It Can Be Powerful In Increasing A Nonprofit's Fundraising, Volunteers, Public Relations, and Marketing Results

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The information provided about the organization''s just completed fiscal year is relayed succinctly for thoroughness but ease to read - so information is typically listed in bullet lists, graphs or charts, or even copied and pasted digital file images ((i.e.jpg,tif,gif, and.png) of such more detailed things like financials such as the Profit and Loss Statement or Income and Loss Report, etc.). Nonprofit organizations should produce an annual report.annually.

Our EveryAction Hero: Feeding Wisconsin


Earlier this month, I sat down with Executive Director, David Lee, to learn how Feeding Wisconsin mobilizes their audience, advocates to their local and federal officials, and engages with their community. Registrants give us a little bit of information about themselves and in return we connect with them with rich advocacy and hunger-related content at the state and federal level. Our EveryAction Hero this month is Feeding Wisconsin.

The Charitable Deduction Still Exists. So, For Goodness Sake, Come Off the Ledge!

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If you read the nonprofit sector press at all you have also seen the myriad news and editorial pieces on the for now temporary decision most popularly detailing how much the wealthiest of Americans may deduct from federal income taxes for how much they have donated for a given year (as of 2013 and on). There's never been a year where a crystal ball clearly outlined for nonprofits what to expect and what to plan for in their organizations' budgets or fundraising planning.

A List of Specific Fundraising Methods Particularly Helpful At the End of the Calendar Year

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and especially give on this magnitude at the end of the year for the tax break). __ Grant Donors Looking to Spend Down The Rest of This Year's Giving Budget - By law foundations are required to donate a specific percentage of their total assets each year to remain in good standing with the IRS and other government entities that oversee their operations. As suggested above, if their is a federal, state, local, or Tribal, etc.

What Can We Nonprofits Do In This Uncertain Economy?

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Without a doubt the way a nonprofit best survives a tough economy is to have already worked out and have ready an effective, viable, and all-encompassing organizational stressed-budget contingency plan to deal with financial crises; such as our difficult economy today. In tough economies we all need to save more, spend less, bring in more income that we have been.

Mission-Based Thinking - Why It Matters, Especially Today - Why It Works, And Examples of It Enabling Organizations That Use It

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In other words, Oregon is looking to dock charities that spend 70% or more of their income on overhead expenses such as fundraising or operations - anything other than programs or services, during three years or more. State and local subsidies will be withdrawn from Oregon charities found spending most income on overhead rather than their stated mission (programs and services).

The Southern Oregon Historical Society Has Raised Some Eyebrows. What Could They Have Done Differently?

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For our discussion, the museum (and its fundraising arm, the museum's foundation) may be assessed by what it says about itself in its own tax filings with the federal government. Looking at the museum's Foundation's federal tax filing (the IRS form 990) for 2010 , on Guidestar , it appears to have paid out a little over $66,000 in grants. The museum was reportedly over 99% publicly supported (the remaining 1% being investment income).

Transparency.Four Letter Word Or Wave of the Future?

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Recently, the NAACP 's budget shortfalls and need for improved leadership and fundraising is big news. The United States federal government is redesigning the federal tax return form for required 501 (c)(3) non profit organization's tax filings because Congress is not comfortable with the current form's ability to provide them with an accurate picture of a given non profit's fundraising, operational expense, and spending.

How To Increase the Number of New Donors

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A nonprofit is an organized entity working to achieve a goal (and is now going to be held more accountable than ever by the federal government (besides your donors) to achieve goals; see the new nonprofit tax form). Nonprofit business operations include board oversight and legal compliance, program planning, budgeting, fundraising planning, raising more money than this year or the year before, achieving benchmarks and goals, etc.

Fundraising Isn't Optional, Non Profits.".Put[ing] the Word Out and Bow[ing Your] Heads".Is Not Fundraising, BendFilm

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Is it the public's responsibility to, in effect, manage their organization correctly so that they have the money that they need for the organization's budget - or is it the current organization's management's responsibility? gave to an organization whose mission I believe in, but is not run well enough to budget, fundraise over the year to meet the budget's needs, and maintain and grow ongoing regular in kind and fiscal support (over the course of the year)?'

Are There Grants for an Individual?

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I understand that many times people start businesses to increase their income and are starting from scratch. Grant donors usually expect to be able to claim a tax benefit for their donation and this requires (by federal and usually state laws, too) that the non profit be what's called a 501 (c)(3) non profit, which is roughly described by the Internal Revenue Service as an entity that provides service, support, or products and does not take income for their services, support, or products.

What Does A Nonprofit Do That's Facing Being Taxed?

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As nonprofits by definition do not make any profit whatsoever, most states and municipalities (like the federal government) have not taxed nonprofits operating in their jurisdiction because these organizations provide services, products, and other benefits in the public's interest (arguably adding to any state or town's infrastructure, economy, and quality of life) at no profit. These are difficult times verging on a recession.

Want to Spend Less on Your Non Profit's Fundraising? Here's How.

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If you are making a certain amount of money, annually, from a given fundraising method you are probably pleased to just be able to add the revenue to your organization's financials' "Income" line, year to year. For instance, be sure that your non profit has a federal non profit bulk mailing rate for large mailings. As I always, I want you to do a few things. The up shot?

Take That Nonprofit's Grant Writing To The Next Level

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The federal government (and some states) as well as modern donors are requiring that nonprofits report more about their income, spending, operations, planning, and successes more often now, than ever before. Grant writing is a long term, larger donation pay-out, lengthy fundraising method.