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[Guest Post] Three Ways Nonprofits Can Use Promotional Products Effectively

Fundraising Coach

The company also distributes promotional products as part of its product and service mix. That will do nothing for your brand.

3 lessons from cause-conscious companies

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

BBMG has a new guide out for cause-conscious companies. It’s called Disrupt & Delight and it outlines five principles that reflect the best work of socially responsible companies like Nike, Patagonia and Unilever. I think some of the principles of so-called sustainable brands can work for nonprofits, too. Guess what?

4 Brand New Pinterest Features Nonprofits Should Know About

J Campbell Social Marketing

For example, Pinterest users who click on “Halloween” or search for “Halloween” may come across a “promoted pin” from a costume company. Tweet.

Consumers like companies with a cause - but do they trust them?

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

That’s good news for those of us pitching cause partnerships to companies. Seek out companies with values aligned with your nonprofit.

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Don’t Damage Your Brand (An Eye Opener!)

NonProfit Branding

We supply logo-imprinted branding products to nonprofits. So here’s an alert from VisABILITY: unless you understand them, promotional products – the stuff we sell – can be dangerous to your nonprofit brand. Which we’ve been doing […].

4 lessons on the art of reinventing your brand

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

How can people or nonprofits reinvent their brands? Shortcuts to closing the delta between an existing and desired brand don’t work.

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Good Works! is a Great Book for Companies & Causes

Selfish Giving

Together, the two books combine principles with purpose to give companies and causes the tools they need to build a better world. Hallelujah!

Repeat After Me, Cause Marketing is Co-Branding

Cause Related Marketing

The cover of FSI at the left, sponsored by the British-Dutch CPG company Unilever, features the cause Boy’s and Girls Clubs of America.

Do you have a “super job”?

Wild Woman Fundraising

US productivity increased twice as fast in 2009 as it had in 2008, and twice as fast again in 2010: workforce down, output up, and voilá!

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Co-creating the Social Marketing Discipline and Brand

Social Marketing and Social Change

This S-D perspective views skills and knowledge (behaviors and ideas), rather than products, as the fundamental unit of exchange. Serve people.

Two New Surveys Show Consumers Expect and Support Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

Forty-seven percent of the total raised went to the name-brand children’s charities; Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Easter Seals, March of Dimes, St. The online company generated $54 million for 22,000 charities, the most of any company on the list. million. That’s an average of $5.6 million per campaign.

Interview: Zach Hochstadt, Mission Minded Agency Cofounder & Nonprofit Branding Expert

Non Profit Marketing 360

NPM360: Branding is a term from the corporate world. Does branding work as well for nonprofits?

Branding Your Nonprofit: An Investment in Your Tomorrows

Fundraising 123

In the nonprofit sector, we sometimes market services and occasionally a product, but most frequently, we market "heart." " The by-product of our existence has more importance than any consumer product can muster. How can you create a brand without spending a fortune? Work with it. It has been updates.

Five Pieces of Unsolicited Cause Marketing Advice to Actor Hugh Jackman

Cause Related Marketing

Brands including Betty Crocker, Uncle Ben, KFC, the Quaker Oats Quaker dude and even Paul Newman are all represented by illustrated characters.

Using BOGO Cause Marketing to Sell Razor's

Cause Related Marketing isn’t the first direct-to-consumer shaving company. Dollar Shave Company with its profane-a** commercials was into the space well before Harry's. Of course, Procter and Gamble has tens of millions to spend on branding and advertising its razor products. BOGO means Buy One, Give One. But just men? percent.

Social Media Can "Help" Build & Promote Your Personal Brand - Part 1

Diva Marketing Blog

Social media can amplify your personal brand, but the presence itself cannot be a substitute for a personal brand. Rajesh Setty.

Ironically, Products Imprinted With Your Logo Can Also Hurt Your Brand

NonProfit Branding

This is the conclusion that repeatedly surfaces in research studies conducted by marketing, public relations and advertising companies: Nothing can put your nonprofit mission in front of more … Continue reading → Fundraising Imprinted Branding Products Marketing Production Protecting Your Brand Working with Vendors

Social Media Can "Help" Build & Promote Your Personal Brand - Part 2

Diva Marketing Blog

It is not slickness, polish, uniqueness, or cleverness that makes a brand a brand. Your Personal Brand. It is truth. or not. .

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NONPROFIT BRANDING VIDEO: Logo Pens – a Waste of Money for Nonprofits

NonProfit Branding

Even though logo-pens are the number one selling logo-imprinted branding product, I believe they are useless for nonprofits. The company president, Janice Gavan, disagrees with me. I’ll catch hell later, but here I happily present the minority view – my own.

A Punch List for Charity Cause Marketers Looking for Sponsors

Cause Related Marketing

New research released this week finds that women are more price sensitive than men on almost every product and service category. No car company loves that news. But well-designed cause marketing can help companies preserve pricing power. What company wouldn’t want a cause partner like that?

When Brand Awareness is For the Bird

Marketing for Nonprofits

Then you may have a problem with brand awareness, a concept which refers to "the extent to which the public are aware of a product, company or brand."

Do you have trouble presenting for your cause?

Wild Woman Fundraising

This guest post is generously written by Susan Taylor of Imagine Productions. Are you entirely comfortable when presenting…. Practice them.

Guest Post: Do you have a presentation coming up?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Today I’m proud to present Susan Taylor of Imagine Productions. This is part 1 of her blog post on making better nonprofit presentations.

How to Communicate through Distraction

Getting Attention

Branding and Messages messaging Nonprofit Communications nonprofit marketing relevance rulesHow many times did you get distracted already today?

Social Media Can "Help" Build & Promote Your Personal Brand - Part 3

Diva Marketing Blog

I'm really a standard brand - like Campbell's tomato soup or Baker's chocolate. Remember your personal brand will evolve over time.

Respecting Your Cause Marketing Partner

Cause Related Marketing

Schwan Food Company could hardly find a more established and venerable partner for Freschetta. Rockefeller.

CauseTalk Radio Ep49: Cause Platform Brings Brands, Purpose & Passion Together

Selfish Giving

In turn, the the Experience Project corrals and leverages these emotional connections around a brand, product and cause. Tune in now!

Product Red’s Bono Learns the Hard Way: Don’t Put the Cause Before the Horse

Selfish Giving

It’s the clothes, it’s the product. It’s a fashion company. Hat tip to the good folks at Cone for the lead).

Which is more important? Fundraising or The Olympics?

Wild Woman Fundraising

This seems about right. Have you heard about everything going wrong with the games in the UK this year? They are getting people banned from Twitter.

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New Deal of the Day Company Distinguishes Itself With Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

That’s what I did and said when I saw Cause Rocket, a Silicon Valley startup that has a deal-of-the-day business model like Groupon or Living Social or Google Offers, only without the margin-killing discounting or the brand-destroying offers of its better-established competitors. Do what I did after learning about Cause Rocket.

(Re)Defining Cause Marketing

Selfish Giving

This year, I’m much more open to including most activities between a company and a cause. that got a lot of great feedback. Licensing.

Viva Cause Marketing!

Cause Related Marketing

To polish a brand identity? He told me he wasn't interested in any cause marketing strategist or even a branding evangelist. Hello!

Three tips for dealing with corporate partners

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

I cited some interesting new research on how consumers feel about the products of companies that support charity. To summarize: 1) A company that does good is perceived to have better products. 3) A socially responsible company trumps socially responsible product. Remember, you give companies a brand halo.

Cause Marketing as a Means of Employee Engagement

Cause Related Marketing

Cause marketing is often directed at employees and other internally stakeholders.

CauseTalk Radio Ep14: Cause Marketing, Cause Branding, CSR: What’s the Difference?

Selfish Giving

In today’s episode , we chat with Craig Bida , Executive Vice President, Cause Branding and Nonprofit Marketing at Cone Communications , to discover – once and for all – what the difference is between corporate social responsibility (CSR), cause marketing and cause branding. Craig’s Company: Cone Communcations.

Alert-Nonprofit Brands at Risk! BP Funds Environmental Orgs

Getting Attention

Yes to pragmatic consultation as a productive partnership. No to taking funding and participating in BP’s greenwashing campaign. Thanks!

'Checkout' This New Cause Marketing Study

Cause Related Marketing

On its website The Integer Group describes itself as “a global discussion about the impact of shopping culture on brand strategy.”

4 things you need to know before pitching a corporate partner

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

When a company contributes to your cause, how does it affect how people feel about the company? It might inspire brand loyalty.

Using Cause Marketing to Help Expand a Regional Brand

Cause Related Marketing

So the company has expanded the promotion by asking people to pledge volunteer time to causes in local markets.

When You’ve Blown It!

The Agitator

Fortunately, they pre-announced the change to their customers (Maker’s Mark has an extraordinary customer relationship/communications program), because that’s the kind of company they are. While we thought we were doing what’s right, this is your brand – and you told us in large numbers to change our decision. Same product.