Make Your (Re)Brand Magical!

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Here are a few key takeaways to help you understand the potential of brand for our causes, and knowing when it’s time for a change. First Things First: What’s a Brand? Your nonprofit’s brand represents your identity, your promise to donors and constituents, and the consistency of your work. The principles outlined here are relevant whether you’re shaping a first-time (intentional) brand for your organization, or you’re rebranding.

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Live Your Nonprofit Brand (Case Study)

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brand)… Bittersweet news from the Upwell team. THIS is living your brand. Branding and Messages authenticity nonprofit branding Nonprofit Communications Tide Report Upwell How one organizations shows, rather than tells, its unique value and impact (a.k.a.

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How to Involve Staff in Nonprofit Branding

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Guest Bloggers Marketing Team Messages and Tag Lines Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Marketing Strategy Nonprofit Personality branding We''ve Moved! Update your Reader Now.

[Special Edition] Komen Crumbles: Busted Nonprofit Brand

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Busted nonprofit brand, Komen, yet again. In doing so, and then saying not much of anything in its statement, they not only let their opposition fill ears, eyes and minds, they “accidently re-branded themselves as an anti-abortion organization,” according to Kivi Leroux Miller. Honest and real : PP sticks to its brand—its focus on women’s health above all out—here and forever. Part 2: Guarding Your Nonprofit Brand and Guiding Your Marketing Partnerships: Principles to Follow.

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How We Created Our (First-Ever) Brand Identity

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If you are curious about how other nonprofits handle branding and graphic design, join us Thursday, October 20th for our latest Nonprofit Q&A Panel. We’d had the same logo since 1982, but we’d never had a formal, cohesive expression of our brand. Cindy Olnick.

How to Build An Army of Online Brand Ambassadors

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On Tuesday I was pleased to present a webinar with Nonprofit Webinars (a service of 4Good) on the topic: How to Build An Army of Online Brand Ambassadors , part of their Tech Tuesdays series. The slides are here: How to Build An Army of Online Brand Ambassadors from Julia Campbell. Topics covered: Ways to identify and recruit Brand Ambassadors. The post How to Build An Army of Online Brand Ambassadors appeared first on J Campbell Social Marketing.

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4 Brand New Pinterest Features Nonprofits Should Know About

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The post 4 Brand New Pinterest Features Nonprofits Should Know About appeared first on J Campbell Social Marketing. Pinterest has been busy, busy, busy!

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Make Your Brand Values Active!

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Lukewarm, generic, uninspiring—these words should never describe your brand values. Yet, solitary words as brand values often lack individuality and impact. The post Make Your Brand Values Active! Yet, many nonprofit organizations continue to use solitary words as their values. It’s tempting to follow suit because, by definition, words like respect, transparent, and honest provide a solid foundation for your organization.

NONPROFIT BRANDING: Protecting Your Brand From Media Misfires

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Tips to protect the brand when your nonprofit is covered by mass media : • planning the sequence with which you move your information; • anticipating possible exploitation of your message; • dealing with toxic media coverage – when you … Continue reading → CONTEXT: Tricks, Tips & Taboos PROTECTION: Guarding & Repairing Brands PUBLIC RADIO: Marketing & Fundraising Uncategorized managing news mass media Nonprofit marketing VisABILITY

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How To Measure Media Cost & Results When Promoting Your Nonprofit (TV, Newspaper, Billboards, Branding Products, etc.)

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The Research: Many media – billboards, TV, newspapers, skywriters, etc – can promote your brand. Each has different impacts. And different costs. Here’s a look at the research that compares expense and results. This is information you will want to keep for reference.) The Key Yardstick: Of three basic metrics, number of impressions is the [.].

How Brand Powers Your Employee Retention & Acquisition Prowess

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Have you thought about the role brand plays in this challenge? The post How Brand Powers Your Employee Retention & Acquisition Prowess appeared first on Mission Minded. Blog Nonprofit BrandingWe’re fortunate to be working in a time of low unemployment. The challenge of this encouraging news is that employee retention and acquisition is on the minds of many nonprofits. We want to find – and keep – great employees.

NONPROFIT BRANDING: Staying Afloat Is Job One

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Only if your organization is solvent and … Continue reading → CONTEXT: Tricks, Tips & Taboos PROTECTION: Guarding & Repairing Brands Uncategorized brand management crisis communications nonprofit management Nonprofit marketing nonprofit morale nonprofit stewardshipMission is the reason your nonprofit exists. But survival comes before mission! Your first mandate is to keep the ship afloat. A century-old wreck reminds us that not all ships fulfill their mission.

How We Screwed Up Our Own Brand & Lived To Whine About It

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They expect common sense “How To” advice about nonprofit branding. CONTEXT: Tricks, Tips & Taboos PROTECTION: Guarding & Repairing Brands Uncategorized brand management brand protection communications mistakes how to brand Nonprofit marketing nonprofit stewardship public relations VisABILITYA couple thousand folks read this blog. Today we offer this personal – very personal – “How NOT To.”

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Branding Puzzle: People Don’t Know the ACLU is a Conservative Army…

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PROTECTION: Guarding & Repairing Brands PUBLIC RADIO: Marketing & Fundraising Uncategorized ACLU brand management brand protection branding conservatives First Ammendment how to brand Nonprofit marketing nonprofit stewardship public relationsI have argued for this point for years. It’s something of a jaw-dropper. Here we go again: the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is not – repeat NOT – a left-wing, liberal, touchy-feely organization.

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The New Principles of Nonprofit Branding and Marketing

Selfish Giving

To prosper on the new philanthropic landscape, nonprofits must change how they engage the world with branding and communications. This kind of consumer-centric thinking is the essence of branding and consumer marketing, and a new path for many nonprofits.

Sandusky. Child Abuse. Penn State: Nonprofit Branding Lessons From a Toxic Soup

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The Sandusky/Penn State tragedy is probably the best recent example of malfeasance in nonprofit branding. In 2009 Penn State got in another branding scrape that was reported in this blog. In one, an incredibly lax approach to protecting the brand allowed a distasteful incident to become an [.]. Forget about Komen. Put the two incidents together.

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Volvo vs. VW: Brand at the Core

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Brand is much more than your logo, name, or messages. Brand is at the core of who you are as an organization. When done right, brand should influence your day-to-day decision-making and act as a code by which your organization lives.

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NONPROFIT BRANDING: Here Be Dragons: How Insecurity Undermines Mission

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Over the years … Continue reading → CONTEXT: Tricks, Tips & Taboos PROTECTION: Guarding & Repairing Brands brand management nonprofit board nonprofit management Nonprofit marketing nonprofit morale public relations“What dragons?” ” you ask. The dragon is a form of pressure. It makes some nonprofit administrators become too focused on advancing themselves and defending their turf.

Do Your Organization’s Values and Brand Intersect?

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Does your brand reflect your values? Though brand can be a confounding subject, in its simplest definition, brand is just another word for reputation. Your logo is not your brand. Your mission statement is not your brand, and neither is your name. Your brand is the set of ideas people […]. The post Do Your Organization’s Values and Brand Intersect? To be effective, it must.

[Update] Komen Crumbles: Busted Nonprofit Brand (Part 3)

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Branding and MessagesRead the main story here. The story of Komen for the Cure’s (Komen) defunding of Planned Parenthood (PP) continues to roll, and I wanted to update you before stepping back to see how things evolve.

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NONPROFIT BRANDING: Communicate More and Better! Why? How?

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One of the essential ways … Continue reading → CONTEXT: Tricks, Tips & Taboos IMPLEMENTATION: Using Branding Products Effectively PSYCHOLOGY: How Branding Products Build AffinityWe are exploring nonprofit management during a period of economic trauma. In the last post I said you should “…expect a drop in contributions from the marginally committed and from those with serious economic difficulties.

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Nonprofit Branding: Sharks, Guppies and Brands

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Brand Management Brand Psychology Nonprofit Marketing brand management brand protection branding mass media nonprofit branding Nonprofit marketing nonprofit stewardship public relations Know Your Ecosystem: Reject the outdated notions of Nonprofit Unicorn Keepers. Don’t let Super-Idealists mislead you about the nature of the nonprofit ecosystem. I urge you to recognize that your nonprofit organization really is a business.

Fall In Love with Your New Brand

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It’s like that with a new brand strategy, too. Blog Nonprofit Branding Nonprofit Design branding Fall in Love nonprofit marketingIt’s been said that the best romances start as friendships: You know each other, you know the way the other thinks, know which way he or she takes his coffee, and then—bam!—one one day you fall in love. You have to get to know it. You have […].

How to Maintain Your Brand in a Video Conference Call

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Recently one of our clients, the executive director of a large membership organization, asked an important question: How do I conduct video conference calls from my home-office in a way that will reflect the brand of our organization and the authority of my position?

Should Each of Your Programs Have its Own Brand?

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We hear this question often: Should we be branding each of our individual programs, or trying to create one single “umbrella” brand under which all our programs can live? Blog Nonprofit Branding Nonprofit Messaging Many nonprofits have named programs that are better known than the organization that runs them. If a program is popular – having a lot of name […].

13 Reasons Your Nonprofit Might Need To Update Its Brand

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Some recognize that an unclear brand is at the center of their issues, and others haven’t given the idea of brand much thought at all. Regardless of the communications challenges at your organization, having a stronger brand is […]. Blog Nonprofit Branding Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit MessagingWe get calls from nonprofits, foundations, and independent schools eager to address communication challenges of every kind.

Busted Nonprofit Brand, Part II: Anatomy of a Corporate Sponsorship Meltdown

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As I see it, Komen has undermined its own brand by partnering with KFC to market one of the unhealthiest foods there is — fried chicken in a pink bucket. Tags: Branding and Messages cause marketing branding corporate KFC Komen nonprofit branding sponsorship

NONPROFIT BRANDING: Coverage By Mass Media Can Screw Up Your Nonprofit Brand.

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We described how Herbert Hoover’s brand went into the toilet. Even … Continue reading → CONTEXT: Tricks, Tips & Taboos PROTECTION: Guarding & Repairing Brands UncategorizedLast week’s post set the stage. An unsuspecting and stressed public embraced an outright lie fed to it by a political opportunist who was running for the vice presidency.

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Nonprofit Branding: Logo Watches? Big Mistake!

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A wristwatch with your logo can be a handsome branding item. Nevertheless, it is a waste of your marketing budget. This video explains why most logo watches will sit in someone’s sock drawer.

NONPROFIT BRANDING: Cost, Impact and Use of Logo T-Shirts

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Here are the questions to ask yourself about logo shirts: Do T-shirts make economic sense … Continue reading → ACTION: Interacting with Products & Vendors BUYING: Production & Imprinting Info CONTEXT: Tricks, Tips & Taboos IMPLEMENTATION: Using Branding Products EffectivelyAs long as it is of appropriate quality and carries an attractive imprint, a shirt with your logo is a walking billboard for your nonprofit.

Brand tips - and a chance for a free brand makeover

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When I teach my class in marketing, I often get asked the difference between marketing and branding. Branding tells you how you did. Branding is something that lives in your audience’s minds. If you’re struggling with your brand, the best advice I can give you is not to focus on color palette or logo but rather the experience you provide the people you help - and the people helping your organization. So a brand makeover starts with your actions.

Are You a Favorite Nonprofit, or a Love Brand?

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The good and bad of brand storytelling

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Yesterday, I talked about brand reinvention. Today I want to talk about brand storytelling. The biggest mistake people make in brand storytelling is they forget the party shaping your brand story is the person experiencing the brand - and not your marketing department.

When ‘Branding’ Rears Its Ugly Head

The Agitator

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is a more certain pathway to organizational suicide than an ill-thought-out expedition to the Land of Re-branding. branding charities communications nonprofit management nonprofits premium Sooner or later someone in your organization, totally devoid of fundraising knowledge (likely the CEO, a board member or the spouse of one) is going to come up with the brilliant idea of changing your organization’s name. Or your logo. Or your tagline.

Nonprofit Branding Video: Ira Glass (This American Life) let me be a perfect fool – in public

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True story of a great public radio branding product — MY version. Brand Management Brand Psychology Branding Product Impact Using Branding Products Amuket Mug branding products contributor incentives fundraising premiums imprinted mugs Ira Glass logo mugs nonprofit branding Nonprofit marketing promotional products This American Life VisABILITY Ira Glass is clever & wily. I am a verbose idiot. My pompous comment set the trap.

Should You "Personal Brand" A Small Business?

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As a small business owner you have one additional decision, when it comes to branding and creating awareness, that your friends working on the other side of the street don't have to consider. Or do you build the reputation based on your personal brand ?

5 Steps to Consistent Communications (+ Instant Connection)

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You make it easy for them to recognize you by providing the same “brand experience” across the board. Providing a consistent representation of your nonprofit’s brand also helps supporters and prospects understand the breadth and depth of your organization.

Has Your Brand Been Hijacked?

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One thing we know at Mission Minded is that you can’t let others define your brand for you. Nonprofit Branding Nonprofit Copywriting Nonprofit Messaging Nonprofit communications Storytelling affordable care act brand democrat halo health care hijack message obamacare republicanThis truth becomes increasingly clear on the political front. There’s a cautionary tale for nonprofits on the political landscape this month, and its been dubbed “Obamacare.”

Why Should Funders Know About Your Brand?

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Who needs to be educated about your brand? Blog Nonprofit Branding Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Fundraising Nonprofit Messaging Your stakeholders? Of course. Your board members? Definitely. But what about your funders? It may seem tricky, but it’s really a no-brainer. Recently, I had the privilege of attending several presentations made by a nonprofit’s Executive Director and Development Director to its key funders. This orgainzation had […].

Social Media Changes The Branding Game

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Social media has become a one-stop shop for extending the brand. . does social media really fit as a branding tactic? First, I guess we better figure out what is this thing called "branding." Not only does she tell how to value your brand but provides a few definitions.