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Is Giving Considered Or Impulse?

The Agitator

Very few people get up in the morning, look in the mirror, and say to themselves: “Today I’ll make a donation to … [fill in the blank -- cure cancer, sponsor a child in Bolivia, save the planet from global warming, support my local ballet company.]” And then what happens?

How can you tell a story to engage your donors?

Wild Woman Fundraising

There’s a picture of a person torturing a dog in Bolivia. Day 3 of #12ntc. It’s INTENSE. I’m so fascinated by the sessions. Today I’m at the “Say It In Pixels: Visual Storytelling” talk. Here’s what I’m gleaning from the presentation. Ask yourself “What makes people lean forward?”

Causes on Facebook: Partner Center, Application Redesign and America's Giving Challenge, Oh My!

Fundraising 123

Matthew joined Causes after teaching middle school through Teach for America building irrigation systems in Bolivia through a Rockefeller Fellowship. When you think of social networking, rallying support for your nonprofit's cause and incorporating philanthropy into your Web 2.0 activities, which application comes to mind?