Guilt doesn’t inspire Americans to go green

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Last week, I blogged about how buying green products can make people feel they are off the hook for further good. Today comes more interesting news for environmentalists—sent to me via Mark Rovner - saying that guilt doesn’t inspire people to go green.

Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Sharing Progress and Communicating Accomplishments

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Welcome to the August edition of the Nonprofit Blog Carnival! We recently shared Getting the Media Interested in a Milestone with Dallas CASA on our blog. In this post, Ann Green shows you How You Can Share Accomplishments Without Bragging by being donor-centered and focusing on the people you serve. Nonprofit Blog Carnival Nonprofit CommunicationsWe’re glad you’re here.

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Nonprofit Newsletter Trends and Tips – Nonprofit Blog Carnival

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Welcome to this month’s edition of the Nonprofit Blog Carnival , where we are looking at trends in nonprofit newsletters. Jessica Green questions whether newsletters are really all that newsworthy , and wonders how social media, etc.

5 things great nonprofits do (according to Veritus Group)


>> The little green light blog. Fundraising strategy best nonprofits to work for best practices for fundraising charity blog cultivation for major gifts donor cultivation fundraising tips great nonprofits most effective nonprofits nonprofit marketing philanthropy blog

#Interview: Steve Frillmann, Executive Director, Green Guerillas

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A community garden created by local residents with the help and support of Green Guerillas. This is a repost of an article that originally appeared on the MKCREATIVE blog in March, 2010. Each month we look at a marketing challenge faced by many of our clients.

Unrelated Sunday!

Wild Woman Fundraising

I’ve been blogging EVERY DAY THIS MONTH over at [link]. I’ve also just written 3 guest posts for three different blogs, we’ll see when those posts go up! For an unrelated Sunday, Weightlifting Woman by Mazarine Treyz.

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A New Blog I Can Highly Recommend

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Dear Kind Readers:I can recommend a new blog on the topic of Informal Learning; mine!In But that book you read on green gardening techniques or that show you watched on PBS about aircraft carriers both qualify.You. In it I'll review ideas, products, trends, tools, techniques and whatever else catches my eye on the topic of Informal Learning.What is Informal Learning? Frankly it's hard to categorize.

YOU! Nonprofit Communications Jobs

Getting Attention

Communication and Digital Content Manager Global Green USA (Santa Monica, CA). Register here for jobs + nonprofit marketing templates, tools & tips— Getting Attention blog & e-news. Please post YOUR nonprofit marketing job here.

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What's your weird green liquor?

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In case you hadn't heard, absinthe (also called wormwood and the Green Fairy) has a reputation. Thanks to Donor Engagement blog for the tip. Here's some news: Virgin America Airline now offers absinthe in-flight. Since when is an airline adding a particular beverage to its menu news?

How We Cleaned Up Our Email List and Re-Engaged Our Subscribers

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Today’s post comes from Aubrey Brennan of Green Bay Botanical Garden who took our suggestions regarding finding engaged email subscribers and deleting everyone else. Queue Kivi’s blog, “Find Your Frequent Readers Using Excel” and Karin’s pivot table method. Aubrey Brennan.

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#ENVIRO: Spring Is The Time To Build Rain Barrels & Community Gardens

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Photo from 'The Soffritto' blog. A post on the home-improvement blog ‘The Soffritto’ (‘The Basics’) walks you through the easy 30+ minute project of installing rain barrels. A community garden in Montreal, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia).

#Interview: Toby Bloomberg, Owner of the Diva Marketing Blog, Speaker, and Nonprofit Marketer

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Toby Bloomberg’s Diva Marketing Blog , begun in 2004, is among the oldest sustained business blogs. The interview was conducted by Don Akchin, a principal of Nonprofit Marketing 360 and a frequent contributor to the MKCREATIVEnonprofit blog. Toby: Blog Talk Radio has been great.

Fundraising metrics: you have to see them to believe them


So far, the system syncs with Little Green Light CRM , Neon CRM , Kindful CRM , Etapestry CRM, and Araize CRM. LIKE THIS BLOG POST? I always hated when my staff sent me an Excel file showing our astounding growth.

CRM 51 Drives Earth Day Buzz


According to Copywrite, Ink , there were 88,000 blog posts on Earth Day (April 22) that were added to the already existing 2 million written earlier in the week. …About 10% of all those blog posts, came from bloggers on More Green Goodness.

Greenwashing, Whitewashing, now PINKWASHING?

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It can be known as white-washing, green-washing, or pink-washing. So you’ll buy toilet paper that is “green.&# Blog this on Blogger. Tags: Corporate donations bad taste barbara ehrenreich big tobacco breast cancer cause marketing corporate responsibility donation policies green toilet paper greenwashing i support our tumors kitten vivisections pink ribbon pink yogurt pinkwashing political purchases proctor and gamble whitewashing

#SM4NP: Beware Not Of SM But Of SM Snake Oil & Silver Bullets

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We asked Steve Frillmann, Executive Director of Green Guerillas in New York ( and interviewed on this blog ), why Green Guerillas has used social media, but only sparingly: Numerous people having being pushing Green Guerillas to embrace social media as an outreach and fundraising tool. Mitch finished his blog by getting right to the nub of the issue: “If you can’t measure it, benchmark it and iterate on it… don’t do it… please.”

Marketing Time Savers: My 3 Favorite Gmail Hacks

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Green Check is for things I need to check on or follow-up on, usually meaning I need to get back in touch with someone else or go look something up before I can get back to the person. Wants to guest blog.

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Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Melanie Swiftney

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My husband leaves for work before I get up so mornings are “me time” My alarm goes off at 6am so I make a cup of green tea and use that extra time to write (I’m a novelist in my free time) and catch up on social media. Melanie Swiftney.

#Tech: Cloud Computing Campaign Highlights Benefits To And Concerns For Nonprofits

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Cloud computing is also comparatively green, as materials are amassed into efficient server farms rather than spread throughout a myriad of energy-consuming devices.

Is fundraising hurting itself?

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In this important "green" paper - a paper created for discussion - Rogare's director Ian MacQuillin exams the questions "is fundraising a profession?" I've blogged about subscribing to fundraising publications. The green paper is intended to spur a focused conversation.

The 5 Toughest Questions Donors Will Ask

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Here's how author Charles Green’s reflections on trust apply to the world of nonprofit marketing. Green lists the six toughest questions customers ask salespeople: Why should we choose you? I posted on this other day on my blog. I just finished reading Trust-Based Selling , which was recommended by my friend and nonprofit marketing blogger Jocelyn Harmon. What makes you different from your competitors? What experience have you had in doing XYZ?

#SM4NP:! For Information ‘Curation’ & Social Interaction

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Yesterday we explored Pinterest , a social network that puts a premium on visuals and offers ‘pin boards’ of topics collected/bookmarked/’pinned’ by the user.

Get More from Conference Participation

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So I was particularly pleased when, at the recent, Harvard Social Enterprise Conference, keynote speaker and Echoing Green president, Cheryl Dorsey, shared some valuable hints to us attendees on conference participation best practices. Register here for the Getting Attention blog & e-news.

Planned Giving Fundraisers MUST Stop Living On The Tip Of The Iceberg


In Fraser Green’s book titled Iceberg Philanthropy he points out how planned giving fundraisers get tricked into thinking that what they see (the tip of the iceberg) is what truly exists. LIKE THIS BLOG POST?

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Graphic Design Style Guides, Part II – With Examples

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We seemed to take a similar approach, so I asked Julia to guest blog for us. Before you know it, there’s five different versions of letterhead circulating around the office and your blue logo varies in shade from green to purple. Love the daily blogging?

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How to Make Your Meetings Happy and Productive???3 Questions You Can Ask

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She quotes Hank Green : There are two ways to make the world a better place. Register here for the Getting Attention blog & e-news. Guest blogger, Dennis Fischman left a senior management position at a nonprofit organization to found Communicate! Consulting. We love talking with friends. We hate going to meetings. Too often at meetings and conferences, were listening to people we dont know, talking about an agenda that doesnt matter to us.

#Fundraising: How To Apply For A Grant From Intel

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A post on the company’s CSR blog site by Perry Gruber back in 2008 nicely shows the synergies Intel envisions between corporate wealth and nonprofits and charities that do work that also helps those corporations who support them.

Nonprofit Writing Prompts for March

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Use these prompts taken from our Monthly Nonprofit Writing Prompts Email Newsletter for your blog posts, social media updates or newsletter articles. (If Green Eggs and Ham, The Lorax, and Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

You’re the PR person for a green charity funded by BP: What to do, what to say?

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The fact that an early NC response (via its blog, here ) came from chief scientist Peter Kareiva does make it more credible – or at least makes it more compelling to read. From today’s AdAge , a screen shot of the satirical rogue Twitter feed, BP GlobalPR.

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Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Taleah Valles-Peters

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I make a hot beverage, update all my page-a-day calendars (I have four, It’s Different Everyday, Bible Verse, Brain teasers and Dilbert) and then read my blogs. I typically catch up on non-profit blogs on Tuesdays and Fridays and finally check my email. Taleah Valles-Peters.

A small eBook for a big recession

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

My initial thought was that this wasn’t a good fit for me or my blog , considering I’m not (by definition) a pure play salesman.

Is Your Logo Effective? Tips to Evaluate Your Visual Identity

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Julia Reich is guest blogging for us on several graphic design topics. When we first began presenting our logo concepts to clients, the ensuing discussions often devolved into a subjective discussion of who liked blue better than green. Guest Post by Julia Reich, Julia Reich Design.

Writing Prompts for March

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You have lots of ways to connect here: think luck of the Irish, green, leprechauns, beer, and shamrocks. Once you find your page, skim through all those headlines (these are blog post headlines you are perusing.) Love the daily blogging?

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16 experts tell you how to keep your donors wanting to come back

Fundraising Coach

Since we celebrate Valentines Day in February, I thought I’d have this edition of the Nonprofit Blog Carnival focus on long-term donor relationships. If you check out only one post on this Nonprofit Blog Carnival roundup, make it this one.

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The Psychology of Color

Donor Power Blog

Splash red and green on something and it’s suddenly Christmas. But that’s a topic for another blog post to come later. Creatives love color. We hate to admit that sometimes a simple black and white envelope beats a stunning four-color photo in the mail.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Marketers

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Fraser Green gives some things you should think about before making a decision on your newsletter. (For Lots of people are blogging this one, including Allyson and Nancy. Love the daily blogging? Happy Friday, everyone! Here’s this week’s Mixed Links.

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Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

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Let’s distract ourselves with some Mixed Links… Mary Cahalane is hosting September’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival and is taking submissions. I am so ready for the weekend.

4 ways to better pitch your “influencers”

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As I’ve discussed many times here on my blog, the culture of social media is not transactional. If you’re a green cause, ask the influential person to talk about why they care about the environment when they call attention to your campaign.

Free digital storytelling tools for nonprofits


These online tools offer FREE ways to get dynamic content onto your website, blog, and social media without HAVING to use video. Here’s one example with a “go green” message. Flickr/mysza831. A little holiday gift for you!

10 Absolutely Essential Truths about Social Media

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Today, the Case Foundation is holding a virtual summit on millennial donors, which I’m blogging about today. Think about the trust equation from Charles Green , which says trust is the combination of: 1. If you think of trust in terms of a formula, it’s the sum of these three factors divided by what Green calls your degree of “self-orientation.” Julien Smith , who along with Chris Brogan wrote Trust Agents , shared these essential truths about social media.

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