3 questions to ask before you spam, spray and pray


If not, and you ‘appended’ emails before you blasted away, shame on you! 2- Did you give your direct mail supporters a chance to opt-out of getting your communications? But why not give people on your list the opportunity to opt out? When done right, email and print work very well together to produce results. But too many nonprofits turn those effective channels into “spam” and “junk mail.”

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How you can email your supporters every single day


I realize you and your communications team members probably just fell out of your chairs. Also, that’s why so many people either opt-out of receiving your organization’s emails or ignore them altogether by filtering them into their ‘trash’ folders.

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Email Rules to Live By

A Small Change

By following the rules, you can make sure that your email blasts do not start to become SPAM and that you can build trust and accountability with your donors. There must be a method for an individual to opt-out of future emails. For more information on the law check out these articles: What’s in an Opt In. Many fundraisers are fuzzy on the rules of email solicitations.

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7 Solid Reasons Why You Should Kill Your Printed and Electronic Planned Giving Newsletter


Or, better yet, include a mail-back reply that gives people the opportunity to opt-out. Points 1, 2, 5, 6 & 7 above also apply to “spray and pray” email blasts (otherwise known as SPAM). I know, I know… you love your planned giving newsletter.

Why Email? Reasons to Love Email Marketing

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You want to get away from email blasts that are sent to everyone whether they are casual supporters or big time donors, and send highly effective targeted messages. You can also see who shared your email on social networks, who has signed up and who has opted out. . With the right email marketing service, like EmailNow , you can create powerful, effective branded messages that get the results you want.

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The 8 Core Components of Engagement Fundraising and Why You Desperately Need Them


Or, perhaps it’s a mailing, an email blast or a social media campaign. I know because MarketSmart has sent out millions of donor surveys on behalf of our clients each year and their supporters show their appreciation by giving more. Just reach out to us.