Most fundraisers use email the wrong way


Sadly most fundraisers are using email the wrong way. Email should NOT be used primarily for fundraising. Think of an email to a donor as you would an email to your friend. Would you only ask for money from a friend in every email? I wish fundraisers would finally learn to stop “blasting” and “start engaging” Too many treat email like the button they press to get money out of an ATM.

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The 5 Questions Nonprofits Always Ask Me About Fundraising Emails

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I love writing email appeals — diving deep into an issue, learning about the inspiring work that nonprofits do, and weaving words that inspire generosity. When I teach others how to write email appeals — through webinars, trainings and consulting work — I get peppered with questions.

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It’s So Easy To Just Blast Them Out

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‘Tis the height of email fundraising season, as we noted yesterday. And judging from the email I see, most fundraisers are just blasting away, with no apparent effort to use donor information (of course, that assumes you have some!) to target donors with personally relevant messages. “Too damn busy this time of year” I can hear some readers saying. But the fact is, relevance matters to your bottom line success.

Test with email first.


Considering the cost savings, isn’t it time to test with email first? VS. Email and landing page lead generation campaign: Strategy/Copy/Design/HTML Code, Test and blast.

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2 big reasons why email open rates are meaningless and 3 things you should track instead


I keep hearing so-called planned giving experts congratulate themselves for getting phenomenal open rates from their e-blasts even though email open rates don’t matter whatsoever. Here are 2 huge reasons why email open rates are meaningless. The technology used to track an “open” uses an HTML IMG tag embedded in the outgoing emails. Outlook, for instance, has a preview pane that records emails as “opened.” This drives me crazy.

Warming Up For Year-End: 6 Email Mistakes To Avoid

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Because such a large proportion of online contributions arrive in the final 45 days of the year, now’s a good time to start sharpening your email campaign skills. In Neil’s experience here are the six reasons that most most email campaigns are undermined even before they’re written: You don’t have a clearly defined idea of what you’re trying to accomplish. Your emails don’t lead people to where they can make a transaction. You’re sending your emails at all the wrong times.

3 questions to ask before you spam, spray and pray


When done right, email and print work very well together to produce results. If not, and you ‘appended’ emails before you blasted away, shame on you! But too many nonprofits turn those effective channels into “spam” and “junk mail.” ” I call this brand of offensive, obnoxious, and irritating marketing “spamming, spraying and praying.”

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Building your nonprofit’s email list

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Back in 2000, I used email to raise $100,000 in six weeks. I wrote about it in “The $100,000 Guide to Email Solicitation.” ” (You can buy it in the Fundraising Coach Store but I give it away free to everyone who signs up for my free email newsletter.). People tell me they find the “ten tactical tips,” the actual examples of email, and the overall strategy helpful. How do we build up our email list?” Email is not direct mail.

From Print to Email: Take Your Newsletter on an Epic Journey – My New E-Book from Network for Good

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Print newsletter or email? To help you answer that question, I have partnered with Network for Good to publish a new e-book From Print to Email: Take Your Newsletter on an Epic Journey. But changing from print to email is not just about changing formats.

Good Meets Gadgets: Best Nonprofit Technology Conferences of 2015


It''s almost hard to imagine what life at a nonprofit was like before we could blast out fundraising emails, share stories over Facebook, or issue a call-to-action via Twitter.

More blasted email fundraising resolutions

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I especially like that last one: Why do we use the word "blast" to describe something we hope will be a meaningful part of a relationship? How does this sound: I'm going to blast a thank-you note to Grandma. Email marketing is pretty technical. Technorati Tags: fundraising , email , nptech. Happy Chinese New Year. You can add some more resolutions, right?

Reader question: How do I get people to open my emails?

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Today’s question: I’d like to create copy for the subject line for emails that will encourage people to open them. The space is very limited so there’s no room for an explanation of what’s in the email. TEST: Before you send out an email blast, test two different subject lines with a smaller subset of your list. INSTILL URGENCY: Make it clear why your email matters now—“three days left to give” 7.

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5 things that really don’t work in email

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Emailing people without permission in the blind hope one of them will read your message and give money. Blasting out a message with no way to encourage conversation. Make sure your email gets delivered and doesn’t show up as one big, blocked image with a red X. Treating email like a island. Integrate your email campaigns with your direct mail, your social media, etc.

12 of Your Email Deliverability Questions Answered


Yesterday, EveryAction hosted a webinar to discuss insights from our 2016 Email Deliverability Study. Here are some great, thoughtful questions that we received and Brett's email wisdom. " So, try some sends where you just email the active folks.

8 Ways Nonprofits Can Implement A Mobile Strategy

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It’s official – email is more widely read on mobile devices than on desktop email clients. Recent studies found that 54% of email is now opened on a mobile device. Overhaul your long, graphics-heavy email newsletter. What would make them open a email?

How often are you sending bulk emails?

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How often do you send out bulk email communications? The frequency of your email blasts has a huge impact on the success of your email program. Email is a fantastic communication strategy as it can be very cheap, quick to put together and easy to send out. This can also work against it however, as too often email gets sent out at the last minute. This often results in 2 to 3, if not more, emails being sent to supporters each week.

Resolve to Be Your Own Publisher with This Editorial Calendar

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An email blast, a Facebook post, or a tweet can carry your message directly and instantly. Email 101 Nonprofit Marketing Best PracticesEditorial calendars are tried and true tools used by media professionals in both the for-profit and do-gooder worlds. Tying an organization’s work to what’s happening in the world—be it a holiday, a legislative battle on Capitol Hill, or something more cause-specific—has long been used to create a connection with audiences.

Are You Interrupting Your Donors or Engaging With Them?


Spam email blasts = Interruption fundraising. Mass direct mail appeals = Interruption fundraising. Unsolicited telemarketing = Interruption fundraising. Informative Webinars = Engagement fundraising. Tours or personal meetings = Engagement fundraising.

Drive Donors to your Online Donation Page with These Six Marketing Strategies, Part 1

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Send Great Emails. Email activity. Send Great Emails. The easiest way to encourage a lot of donors to go to your website and your online donation page is to send them emails. But are your emails the best that they could be? Send out emails at the right time.

#Fundraising: To Bring Donations In, Keep Sending Emails Out

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John Haydon at Inbound Zombie and Razoo Fundraising has been crunching numbers to demonstrate the fact that email remains the best way not only to bring in donations, but to bring in bigger donations. Is the blast going to established supporters who might be ready to ratchet up their gifts?

Are you sure your nonprofit is ready for social media?

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Or designing a beautiful email campaign without a great website to receive traffic. Do you have shared email and calendars (like through Google)? Email still provides the highest return on investment for nonprofits organizations.

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Angela Mrozinski

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I do a quick check of my personal email and social media as well as a quick check of new activity on work social media. One of the first things I do is check email to attend to any urgent matters. Today I also got a video uploading to YouTube, which we’ll use in our year-end email appeals and social media. I get started on finalizing some Constant Contact email blasts to send out while I’m on holiday vacation later in the week. Angela Mrozinski.

4 Email Metrics That Matter Most for Major and Legacy Gifts Marketing


Here are the 4 email metrics that matter most for major and legacy gift marketing: 1- Click-thru rates (best measured as the total number of email clicks as a percentage of the opens). Digital Marketing Email Marketing Fundraising Strategy

4 email metrics that matter most for major and legacy gifts


Here are the 4 email metrics that truly matter most for major and legacy gift marketing: 1- Click-thru rates (best measured as the total number of email clicks as a percentage of the opens). Email Marketing Lead Generation Strategy Uncategorized Fundraising



Everyone bends the rules here and there when it comes to selecting lists for email marketing. But I have found that (sadly) most nonprofits don’t have a written opt-in strategy and rarely ask their supporters for permission to send them emails.

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Using Email Metrics to Determine Success

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It’s important to know whether your money is being spent effectively and in the right place, and if the content in your emails is working. These two questions can be answered by looking at various metrics inside your email account. We’re going to use Campaign Monitor for screenshots from the system that I provide to my clients as an example of what can be done with email metrics. There could be a technical issue with your email itself.

5 Things Reporters Really Want From PR Specialists

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“‘Batch and blast’ methods don’t work and are counterproductive.” Journalists overwhelmingly prefer to get pitches via email. More than 9 in 10 — 92 percent — said email is the preferred channel for pitches. Send an email instead.

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#FUNDRAISING: 2011 Was A Good Year For Email Outreach By Nonprofits

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According to the latest eNonprofit Benchmark Study by NTEN ( Nonprofit Technology Network ) and M+R Strategic Services , a substantial email list and a well-crafted email campaign remain the most valuable fundraising tools in your charity’s box.

Online Is 8% of Charitable Giving

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Again, Haiti giving blasted the 'International Affairs' sector ahead.]. Don't Miss these Posts Hot Research direct mail email marketing fundraising nonprofit management nonprofits online fundraisingto be exact. That’s a key finding in Blackbaud’s just-released 2010 Online Giving Report. For this purpose, online giving is measured against total fundraising revenue reported to the IRS by organizations studied.

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5 Ways to Thank and Recognize Your Donors Using Digital Tools and Social Media

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a) They must receive a timely (read: immediate) and meaningful (read: not just an email receipt or a tax letter) acknowledgement of their contribution. Use all channels at your disposal: Phone, handwritten notes, email, social media post, tweet, etc.

7 Solid Reasons Why You Should Kill Your Printed and Electronic Planned Giving Newsletter


And what about SPAM emails? Points 1, 2, 5, 6 & 7 above also apply to “spray and pray” email blasts (otherwise known as SPAM). There are a bunch of vendors pushing canned, cookie-cutter email marketing on planned giving departments like yours.

Email Rules to Live By

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Many fundraisers are fuzzy on the rules of email solicitations. Nonprofits seem to receive a little grace with people regarding how we use and reuse our email lists. By following the rules, you can make sure that your email blasts do not start to become SPAM and that you can build trust and accountability with your donors. The law governing mass emailing is often referred to as CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. This act regulates legal use of unsolicited email.

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Katie Houston

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to 10:00 a.m – Put lunch in the fridge and grab a coffee cup, check email and to-do list. Skim arts emails Hyperallergic and ArtDaily. Email preview copy to local arts editor with images. – Format and send e-blast of news release to media list.

10 Simple Ways Nonprofits Can Prepare for A Successful #GivingTuesday

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You know – the special superstars who forward your emails, retweet your tweets, and share your Facebook posts? How often are you going to send email blasts? Send them follow-up emails and other communications thanking them for their help and soliciting their ideas.

The Most Important Step in Donor Acquisition

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Finally, Steven Shattuck weighs in with a Bloomerang analysis of 83 #GivingTuesday Email appeals. Steven covers the email waterfront in fascinating detail. #Giving Tuesday 2017 is now in the rearview mirror.

New Free E-Course: 15 Days to Better E-Newsletters

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We’ve turned one of our popular programs on email newsletters into a new free e-course, delivered via (you guessed it) email. Subscribe to the Free Email Course Now.

The 4 Donor Groups You Need to Contact Before the End of Year

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Obviously, this is not a one-size-fits all letter or email blast! And why your fundraising can't rely solely on spray-and-pray type fundraising letter appeals or email blasts. Photo courtesy of Willy D on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

11 Ways Nonprofits Can Reach Donors on #GivingTuesday

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The ones who forward your emails, retweets your tweets, and share your Facebook posts? How often are you going to send email blasts? #Giving Tuesday , a campaign that promotes a national day of giving that celebrates and encourages charitable giving, set for Dec.

6 Ways Nonprofits Are Getting Online Fundraising All Wrong

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Use your email blasts, your social media channels, your direct mail pieces, your events and anywhere else you communicate with donors to let them know you now encourage online donations.

Nonprofits @ the Oscars: How to Photobomb, Newsjack and Steal the Spotlight at the Academy Awards

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The social media team at NASA had a blast with #RealGravity : Congrats to #Gravity for another win at the #Oscars2014 for best director! Pin with me for this year’s Oscars…send an email to Nonprofits, are you ready for your moment in the spotlight?