Nonprofit Email Newsletter Best Practices and Tips

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Do I have to do a nonprofit email newsletter? Here’s how to figure out if it’s needed and how to make it worth it. Give Your Newsletter a Reason to Live Are You Pretending that People Really Want Your E-Newsletter? Do I Have to Keep Producing This Crappy Newsletter? Should I send the email newsletter to our whole list? But you also need to stop emailing people who never open your content. A simple, single column is best.

Social Fundraising Best Practices for Nonprofits

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And how can small nonprofits start their own programs to recruit and mobilize social fundraisers for their cause? Before joining Best Friends, Sue led new digital expansions for The Nature Conservancy in Asia and Latin America. What is social fundraising?

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Best Practices in Nonprofit Storytelling – How to Structure Your Stories

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I am on a mission to help nonprofits of all sizes become better communicators. This is the first of a multi-part series designed to show nonprofits the most effective ways to amplify their stories using digital storytelling techniques. . How would I handle it?

Complacency is a prelude to disaster


Over 10 years ago, when I sold direct marketing services and printing to nonprofits in the DC region, I made a huge sign and put it above my cubicle’s desk to ensure that I’d read it each morning. Why the only thing to fear is fear itself. I know, change is hard.

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Nonprofit Blogging Best Practices: Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Blog and How to Create a Great One

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The topic will be Nonprofit Blogging Best Practices: Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Blog and How to Create a Great One. A high quality blog has been proven to have a direct benefit on marketing and fundraising efforts – so why do so many nonprofits ignore this powerful tool?

How to structure and staff your planned gift shop for the 21st century


Jim Collins, author of the best-selling book Good to Great , has three big recommendations for all organizations: Get the right people on the bus. I think nonprofits tend to fail when it comes to “getting the right people in the right seats.” Attend to needs.

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How to prep for your next big ask


There’s a ton of information out there about how to ask for a donation. So I thought I’d help with what I believe is the simplest way to prep for your next big ask. Possibly talk to your friends about your answers (the experienced and successful ones).

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There Are Only Three Ways to Raise More Money


Of course, time is finite — we all are limited to just 24 hours in a day, but money (funding) is theoretically uncapped, and having more of it generally equates to having a larger impact on the world. Yes, the answer to the “how do we raise more money?”

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How to think about major gifts


Looking at it this way means that everything that happens with the donor is strategically and relationally knitted together to create a major gift pipeline since the end objective is to serve a donor’s passions and interests in a manner that encourages them to give to their potential.”

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Top 3 ways to determine whether or not a so-called expert is worth listening to


And, in publications, you’ll read articles that no one questions prior to publication. For better or worse, the world today allows anyone to have a voice whether their comments and ideas work or not. Too often they fail to properly vet a speaker.

Free tool of the week: Fenton’s Best Practice Guides


You might want to take a look at these free, downloadable guides to communications best practices put out by Fenton Communications, a firm that works with nonprofits. For others, go to the Fenton Web site.

How to use verbatims and digital body language to raise more money


Here’s one big point from the interview I figured you’d want to read (in case you don’t have time to listen to the whole thing). Getting to know your supporters is a humongous key to success. How many minutes they spend on a certain page.

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Mass marketing, relationships and trust.


One-to-many marketing/fundraising relationships are the same as personal relationships. They’ll feel that you abused the permission they granted you when they opted in to receive your communications (assuming they opted in at all).

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How to Amplify Your Nonprofit’s Message

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You want others to get the word out about you and your cause. You want them to be talking about you. Everyone wants to know how to make that happen. You can follow best practices, but it all starts with the quality of your message. If your message doesn’t resonate with your audience, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done to that point. Has an emotional hook or something that is easy to grab on to.

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Webinars on Marketing with No Budget, Best Practices and More in March

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I’ve opened registration for some brand-new webinars in March, with two more still to come. Best Practices in Nonprofit Marketing. Nonprofit Marketing with Next to No Budget. Creating Online Evangelists: How to Excite and Motivate Your Supporters.

Is donor retention really where you should focus your time and money?


The number of donors giving to charity keeps declining while total charitable dollars keep increasing. But I believe there’s more to it than that. I think your focus needs to NOT ONLY be on donor retention (although that’s not a bad thing to work on). Here’s why: According to Giving USA , the number of donors is decreasing yet more money has been raised than ever. Therefore, trying to retain all of your donors is not necessarily a good plan.

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How to Set a Manageable Social Media Posting Schedule

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Between answering emails, attending meetings, coordinating events, and more, who has time to maintain more than one social media account? How can you set and maintain a manageable social media posting schedule for your nonprofit? You are contributing to their lives.

Is donor qualification more important than donor identification?


Or you might enlist the help of a wealth screening or predictive analytics and modeling firm to help you identify the best donors for your portfolio. They might not want to have a personal relationship with you (or any other fundraiser). How to build and refresh your caseload.

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Donor target ask amounts offend me


How on earth can a software provider or wealth screener (or, sometimes, even a prospect researcher) assume a ‘target ask amount’ without having had a single conversation with the donor? And besides, wealth screening is rarely accurate since affluent supporters know how to hide their money. Plus, this is not the right stage of the process to make assumptions. In other words, you need to see if they even want to have a relationship with you at all. .

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5 interesting videos that promote legacy giving


According to LegacyVoice these 5 are the best. Do you agree with their selections and think they are the best ? Related Posts: >>3 easy ways to make a video that will inspire legacy or major gifts. >>Why Why you should add video to your website. Here are 5 videos for promoting legacy giving. I’m not so sure about that. But I do applaud the efforts. What do you think? LIKE THIS BLOG POST? LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW AND/OR SHARE IT WITH YOUR PEERS!

11 reasons why donors and organizations love charitable gift annuities


Fundraising best practices for fundraising best practices for planned giving charitable gift annuity calculator charitable gift annuity example charitable gift annuity irs charitable gift annuity rates charitable gift annuity tax deduction charitable gift annuity tax reporting charity blog cultivation for major gifts cultivation for planned giving how does a charitable gift annuity work how to set up a charitable gift annuity Philanthropy Strategy

8 Great Ways to End Emails or Letters


So here are some great ways to end emails you send to donors: 1. First name], this is your chance to make a huge impact on [mission-oriented copy here]. First name], your investment in [mission-oriented copy here] will make a difference in their lives for generations to come.

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Do we really need science to help us raise more money?


Thanks to scientific research , we now know conclusively that giving to others makes us feel good about ourselves, which in turn, makes us happy. But did we really need science to confirm what so many already knew? Washington said, “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else” and also said, “Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.”. The Dalai Lama said, “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.

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How to get tremendous satisfaction from satisfaction


If you learn how to truly satisfy their needs, you will be tremendously satisfied too. How do you do this? Listen to them. And, respond to them by adding value to their lives. Recommendations. >> 5 Opportunities to Boost Giving, Donor Loyalty, and Job Satisfaction. >> Another highly requested blog post on why people give. The post How to get tremendous satisfaction from satisfaction appeared first on MarketSmart | .

How to Get Award-Winning Email Engagement as a Nonprofit

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When Jen Billow shared with her fellow Communications Director Mentoring Program participants that her organization, the Park City Education Foundation, had received accolades from Constant Contact for their awesome email engagement rates, everyone wanted to know how.

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3 reasons why I use curse words (but only one that matters)


I was asked to lead a roundtable discussion at a conference recently. “Look, I curse because I really want people in this sector to wake the f@#& up. There’s too much to be done. It’s time for fundraisers to stop doing it the way it’s always been done.

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Can raising money be like building furniture?


It takes longer to do it this way and I don’t think the quality is actually any better. Using nails and such to drive the pieces together, furniture can be made expeditiously and at low cost. That’s how furniture companies get the job done these days.

2017 Major Gifts Fundraising Benchmark Study – Episode 13


Podcast how to become a major gifts officer major gift fundraising best practices major gift fundraising plan template major gifts fundraising strategy major gifts officer career path major gifts officer job description major gifts officer jobs what is a major giftOn today’s episode we discuss the 2017 Major Gifts Fundraising Benchmark Study. This study is the first of its kind by focusing on major gifts. You can download the report at [link].

Free Webinar: 9 Useful Proven Strategies To Get The Major Donor Visit (Claire Axelrad)


I’m excited to share that Clairification Claire (Claire Axelrad) will be hosting a webinar with us on Tuesday, January 8th at 2 PM EST. This is one you won’t want to miss. Here’s what you’ll learn: How to frame the visit. When to talk about money.

Why less is always more and how to get more from less


Ever wonder if your nonprofit is trying to do too many things and trying to be too many things for too many people? It also became lighter, thinner and more appealing because it was easy to carry. According to Ive at the time, “ We are absolutely consumed by trying to develop a solution that is very simple because as physical beings we understand clarity.”. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully.

How to Raise Money On Instagram Using the Donation Sticker

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Yes, it may seem like a shiny new object to chase around. 2) In a landscape of stagnant social media platform growth and engagement, Instagram Stories (where the Donation Sticker lives) continue to be a marketing beacon of hope. This is the wrong question to ask.

The Top 3 Reasons Spray-And-Pray Fundraising Communications Fail


To cut through the clutter communications must be relevant. When people get interrupted something happens to their ears and eyes. No one likes to be interrupted. Which works better, telling someone how to fish or getting them to try to fish with your help?

How to Improve and Develop Process at Your Nonprofit


In the world of for-profit businesses there are myriad books , webinars , and even conferences you can attend to help you become a “process” master. Yet, when it comes to nonprofit organizations the literature is fewer and farther between. How to improve or implement a new process.

A bunch of reasons why January is NOT necessarily the best time to ‘hit your donor’s mailbox’


Recently I saw a question posted on a discussion board that was inspired by a blog (NOT mine) titled: WHY YOU NEED TO HIT YOUR DONOR’S MAILBOX FIRST THING IN 2019. I don’t recommend asking the question: “when to mail?”

6 Best Practices For An Awesome Nonprofit Website: An Infographic


Make sure your website is up to scratch by keeping these six best practices in mind. . If your website is outdated or difficult to use, you’ll lose potential donors and appear unprofessional or unreliable. This can affect your ability to carry out your mission.

How You Can Build Relationships With More Hi-Value Supporters at Lower Costs


You know that closing major gifts, uncovering hidden legacy gifts, and migrating mid-level donors to become major donors require your attention. So, how can you win? How can you give everyone what they want? Will you take some time to learn more and expand your horizons ?

Cost 130

How to Test Your Nonprofit Emails

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Sending the most effective emails to your donors do es n''t have to be a gu essing game. Even the smallest nonprofits can use simple testing methods to uncover the subject line s, content and calls to action that inspire supporters to give. If you have a file of 40,000 email addresses or more, it’s pretty easy to create two segments of 5,000 email addresses each. Decide which message worked the best and then mail to the rest of the list.

Test 125

What do you really think about DONOR SCORING?


And, here’s what I’ve read about what the scores are supposed to provide: . A ranking of a prospect’s ability and propensity to make annual fund, major and legacy donations. TO TAKE THE SURVEY, JUST GO TO:

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3 simple ways fundraisers can improve their LinkedIn profiles to land more meetings and raise more money


After all, are you trying to raise money or are you looking for another job? If you are aiming to raise money then you need to recognize that, more and more, your donors will check you out online before they accept your telephone call or email outreach.

5 Simple Steps for Fundraising Success Thanks to Marc Pitman


I bought it a long time ago but somehow failed to read it. To get many more jewels like that straight from the source I recommend you get his book. It’s less than $15 and would make a super holiday present for your best friend, boss or board. A Welcome Discovery!

Top 8 reasons why you might want to read my new book: Engagement Fundraising


Here are 8 reasons why you might want to read my new book: Engagement Fundraising. Here are 8 reasons why you might want to read my new book: Engagement Fundraising. To better understand fundraising from the major donor perspective. To be a facilitator, not just a fundraiser.

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Why major and legacy donors think your fundraising communications stink!


Leadership should share the burden of blame because fundraisers tend to feel a lot of pressure to do what’s always been done. In many cases they are driven (by leadership) to avoid trying anything new in case it doesn’t work. How ’bout we blame it on your vendors then?

Why major and legacy donors think your fundraising sucks.


Leadership should share the burden of blame because fundraisers tend to feel a lot of pressure to do what’s always been done. In many cases they are driven (by leadership) to avoid trying anything new in case it doesn’t work. How ’bout we blame it on your vendors then?