Objectives for Your Nonprofit Communications Plan

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Today let’s talk about the types of objectives you should have in your communications plan. Objectives are the SMART steps you take to achieve a strategy, and at Nonprofit Marketing Guide, we prefer to define SMART as Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Resourced, and Time-Bound. That said, SMART is not really enough guidance on what a nonprofit communications team should consider an objective. Ideally, you are using multiple tools or channels to achieve an objective.

Social Objects: Sharing Devices of Object-Centered Sociality

Social Marketing and Social Change

Jyri Engeström and Hugh MacLeod have advocated for the idea that all social networks consist of people being connected by a shared object – whether it is an intangible idea or a physical thing. Social networks form around social objects, not the other way around.

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Disruption of the 'Usual' - Rethinking Behavior Change and Communication in Nutrition Education

Social Marketing and Social Change

That was the challenge given me by the Society of Nutrition Education and Behavior for a webinar I did this week. But are nutrition educators using all the behavior change tools? How do we increase the likelihood of improving healthy nutrition behaviors? Learning Objectives a.

The Dragons of Behavior Change

Social Marketing and Social Change

Over at SocialButterfly Alex started a conversation about awareness fever – the propensity for organizations to frame their social marketing programs and communication campaigns with the objective of building awareness.

Behavior Change Amidst Chaos

Social Marketing and Social Change

Most of our knowledge about changing behaviors comes from carefully designed and controlled studies that seek to, as much as possible, emulate the laboratory conditions and the scientific method enshrined in the physical sciences. These approaches prided themselves on the objective scientist who carefully controlled all possible sources of variance and then systematically manipulated the level of one to detect its effect on an outcome (or dependent variable) of interest.

Behavioral Science & Fundraising: The Desire for Completion

The Agitator

From trading baseball cards, to filling a stamp album, to locating that final object for some set of collectibles, whether we realize it or not every one of us is driven by what behavioral scientists call the desire for ‘set completion’ or ‘task completion’ Ever since age 14, when I added the 5 th — and final — bar to my perfect Sunday School attendance pin at the Gettysburg Methodist Church, I know I’ve been driven to complete tasks.

Social Marketing Objectives for Healthy People 2020

Social Marketing and Social Change

One arena in which social marketing could 'be at the table' are the Health People 2020 objectives - the national health priorities for the decade. For those new to the process, these objectives help guide the development of Federal programs, how grants and contracts are crafted and dispersed, and when the question is asked 'What are the priorities?' - where many people go to for the answers.

Shape Content for Action


To achieve this of course, you must first know your goals and objectives. Online advocacy lives at the intersection of cause involvement and behavior change. Photo by Derek Lyons. Public health is in dire need of increased online advocacy.

Book Review: Guerrilla Market for Nonprofits

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Guerrilla Marketing Behavior Change. Love (Stewardship) Book Review Objections Stories nonprofit marketing I’m surprised by how many nonprofit professionals see “marketing&# as a bad word, a practice that is somehow beneath them.

A Global Petition: Round 2


No, this is no re-mix of Social Media Club , but it’s a potentially Global Social Marketing Association , speaking in terms of behavior change. Social marketing is a systematic approach to large-scale behavior and social change.

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Q & A on Social Marketing


In sum and in brief, I would say that social marketing begins with influencing behavior change for social good. It is important to make measurable objectives from the beginning and think out those baselines before implementing.

How to Write a Nonprofit Social Media Policy

J Campbell Social Marketing

Internal social media policies should accomplish two objectives: Spell out clearly what kind of behaviors are discouraged on social media by staff, volunteers, and anyone else who represents the organization; and.

The Social Round-Up


The Dragons of Behavior Change : If you read my “Awareness Fever&# post, then you will want to read Craig Lefebvre’s follow-up post. Say, everyone around the table agrees to focus not on awareness–but on behavior outcomes, then what?

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Year End: Ideal Asking Amounts

The Agitator

Thanks to behavioral science research and predictive analytics no more guessing! . After all, assuming your objective is to maximize donor value by increasing average gift, it’s essential to understand that some donors should be asked to upgrade.

Range 52

Low Risk Approach to High Reward Discovery

The Agitator

Why guess when, with the right subject matter experts using methodologies to reach a deeper understanding of the “why” of human behavior, we can know what is currently unknown. open and click behavior) than the control.

Remapping Food and Activity in Communities

Social Marketing and Social Change

My proposal is that we expand the use of GIS mapping software to develop an objective base from which to evolve environments to ones that provide equitable opportunities and access for people - to purchase affordable, healthy products; use safe places for physical activity; and engage in behaviors that improve their health and well-being. The maps were analyzed for themes, and for the frequency with which particular objects and locations appeared.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators ? May 29, 2020

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90-Minute Webinar] Dive into the latest research into donor behavior and learn how to self-audit your donor communications in advance for dangerous results. Auburn, AL. How is everyone holding up out there?

May 170

How to Go from “Plain Content” to “Content Marketing”

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Second, use that content to further your marketing objectives. Or how could you change the format of that content to motivate new behaviors in people already reading it? Along with your format decisions, you need to think about how that content will be delivered and how to measure that delivery against your objectives. FAQs and explainer videos are great content formats for SEO objectives. You make a lot of content. That’s what communications staff do.

Hot Topics in June: Raising Awareness, Collaborating with Co-Workers, Communications Planning

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90-Minute Webinar] Dive into the latest research into donor behavior and learn how to self-audit your donor communications in advance for dangerous results. Here’s what’s happening in June at Nonprofit Marketing Guide….

June 143

What If Everyone Used Social Marketing to Improve People's Lives?

Social Marketing and Social Change

A big step was taken in that direction today as social marketing shifted from a good idea in public health to a measurable objective for improving the nation''s health. The Workgroup also approved moving the objective from its previous ''developmental'' status to a measurable one.

Reviewing the CDC's HIV/AIDS Program

Social Marketing and Social Change

Still, after a week of talking with some colleagues and mulling it over, I agreed to be one of about 50 or so external experts to review their activities over a 3-day period organized under five panels of Planning, Prioritizing, and Monitoring; Surveillance; Biomedical Interventions, Diagnostics, Laboratory, and Health Services Research; Behavioral, Social, and Structural Interventions Research; and Prevention Programs, Capacity Building, and Program Evaluation.

How to Prepare Your Nonprofit for a PR Crisis

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You never know when your nonprofit might see one of its most prominent donors get trapped in a scandal, discover one of its board members has engaged in #metoo behavior, or have its operations disrupted by an unfortunate disaster. Flickr Creative Commons photo by fotologic.

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Three Steps to Getting Your Followers to Say “Yes!”

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How can we convince people to support our work with their time or money or to change their own behaviors? Acknowledge their objections, but have a solution ready, then quickly get back to the impact of them following through.

Social Marketing Resonance with Students: Part 1

Social Marketing and Social Change

racism) to influencing behavior change. This was the first behavioral theory class that I have enjoyed in a very long time. This was a nice break from prior classes that examined behavioral theory. The idea of designing behaviors for a target audience that fit their reality was new to me. It makes sense that the behavior must be compatible with the audience, but in the world of public health people often think about only one “right” behavior.

Guidelines for the Review of Social Marketing Papers

Social Marketing and Social Change

I believe the questions are broad enough to cover many different expressions of social marketing while they also focus on critical elements that distinguish social marketing from other behavior and social change methodologies. Are program objectives clear (how will success be determined)?

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators ? May 15, 2020

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90-Minute Webinar] Dive into the latest research into donor behavior and learn how to self-audit your donor communications in advance for dangerous results. Kivi’s house. Lexington, NC. Everyone still hanging in there?

May 228

Is Public Health a Competition?


Katz first suggests “conduct modeling exercises to determine what general allocation of research and policy dollars — across an array of conditions, behaviors, and even types of research — would most improve our health over a defined period of time.

Getting to Know Social Marketing, Public Health and the Environment

Social Marketing and Social Change

The inclusion of social marketing objectives in Healthy People 2010 and in the national health strategies of Australia and England signals the need for more professionals who know how to use social marketing in public health programs.

Why Visitors Abandon Your Website (And How to Fix It)

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For our client, I used the “Age” report on traffic demographics to identify that behavior among visitors 55+ was an outlier when compared to the rest of the visitors. 3) Conduct user tests to uncover insights about your audience behavior. Spencer Brooks.

Priorities for Health: Leading Health Indicators for 2020

Social Marketing and Social Change

The US Institute of Medicine (IOM) has again tackled the difficult problem of turning a cacophony of priorities and objectives for improving Americans' health that is Healthy People 2020 into something that, as they put it in their Leading Health Indicators for Healthy People 2020 Letter Report this week: ".should When President Bush's team then took over, it was not long until items such as Responsible Sexual Behavior attracted their attention. Objectives. Healthy behaviors.

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What 'Stuff' Can Do in Social Marketing Programs

Social Marketing and Social Change

I am wondering about promotional items and their usefulness in creating behavior change, especially health behaviors. I am not questioning items like pedometers that have a functional purpose in supporting a new behavior. become a social object ('I want to talk about this with you') - when you see it, ask me about it. raises the salience (not the same as awareness) of the issue/product/service/behavior and thus the normative judgment.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators ? May 22, 2020

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90-Minute Webinar] Dive into the latest research into donor behavior and learn how to self-audit your donor communications in advance for dangerous results. Good day, good friends.

May 175

The Story of a Church Making the Impossible, Possible


It’s about a creative, integrated strategy that utilizes a social marketing framework to achieve the umbrella objective to strengthen America’s concept of love in the union of marriage and how that plays out in a family. First, Fireproof has a few interwoven objectives.

Church 213

Improving Public Health: Getting Better at Doing the Right Things

Social Marketing and Social Change

The development and vetting of national health objectives for disease prevention and health promotion is coming to a close as the final recommendations for what is in and what is out are being made to DHHS. More importantly, for at least a quarter of these objectives we will have lost ground.

Setting up solicitations based on hardwiring

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In my Quadrant 3 Leadership training, I show participants how our hardwiring can impact our leadership: abilities, behaviors, and motivations. Most assessments are geared to behavior hardwiring. Task-centered people tend to lead with tasks and deadlines and objectives.

Science Communication and Social Marketing

Social Marketing and Social Change

In most social marketing programs, what we are working with is how to translate science-based evidence and findings into products, services, messages, policies and, yes, behavior change programs.

Segmenting Audiences for Social Media Engagement

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

behavioral segmentation (occasions, degree of loyalty). My general approach to this has been to use the same target audiences that you are already using, however to further sub-segment them with online behavior segments.

Public Health Competencies: The Place for Social Marketing

Social Marketing and Social Change

Consistent with these views, Healthy People 2020 included social marketing among the objectives for the Nation to achieve over the course of the next decade. Specifically, Healthy People 2020 Objectives HC/HIT – 13.2

Getting It Right (and Wrong) in Social Media: Current Business Practices

Social Marketing and Social Change

How are your adventures in social media for behavioral and social change working for you? How do your social media activities advance the behavioral and social change objectives of your organization?

5 Fictions About Social Media for Public Health and Healthcare

Social Marketing and Social Change

“We can reach and change the behavior of our target audience through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.” Another underlying assumption is that people are active in social networks to learn things and are open to changing their behaviors.

Segmentation to Address Racial and Health Inequalites

Social Marketing and Social Change

In their efforts to sell more products to consumers, these commercial marketers may also be increasing behaviors that pose a risk to individuals’ health. That is, does it make sense to have different behaviors, messages, products, and services aimed at specific subgroups of people?

Competencies for Social Marketing

Social Marketing and Social Change

Collect data on the knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of priority groups. Develop understanding of theories and evidence about what might influence the behavior of priority groups. Develop propositions and test their potential to influence the behavior of priority groups.

Quote of the Week: Failure Happens (and One Way to Avoid It)


Because when it comes to “success&# in social marketing, my head automatically thinks of desired behaviors, behavioral objectives and behavioral outcomes–what does your mind think of? This is not a boggy-too sad to read post.