3 Barriers to Integrated Marketing Success

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Welcome to guest blogger Joleen Ong, who is the Marketing & Publications Director at NTEN —the community of nonprofit professionals who put technology to work for their causes. Successful integrated marketing goes beyond the communications products you put out there in the world.

Social Communication and Barriers to Using It

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HIPAA barriers healthcare social communication Small nonprofit medicineI don't know that I've mentioned it here, but I serve as a volunteer on the Santa Cruz County Emergency Medical Care Commission, which advises our County Supervisors on emergency healthcare issues. I got interested in this area when my late husband was going through a lot of hospital visits, some of which involved ambulances and helicopters. I've continued to volunteer (as the consumer.

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Quote of the Week: Removing Barriers


When, what they really need from us, is to help them remove the barriers blocking them from changing themselves.&#. Tags: Quote of the Week barriers change choices decisions empowerment perspective Quote

Barriers To Growth – Part 1

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Last week, in Overcoming Barriers to Growth , I previewed the DMA Nonprofit Federation’s Leadership Summit by the same name that kicks off this Wednesday.

Overcoming Barriers To Growth

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If measured by the number of organizations, the nonprofit sector is growing quickly in the US. Up a whopping 47% over the past decade. But, if measured by the share of national income representing private giving to nonprofits, there’s been a decrease of 11%.

Barriers To Growth — Cliff Notes Edition

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Several hundred new Agitator readers have come on board since I first launched the ‘Barriers to Growth’ series back in May. Here’s a summary of all 10 Barriers along with a link for those particular barriers in which you’re most interested.

Big, Hairy Barrier Threatens Fundraising Mega-Opportunities

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Ken Burnett has now published Part 3 and Part 4 of his thought-provoking five part series on the Future of Fundraising. Our summary of Parts 1 and 2 found here , asking whether Agitator readers thought the future was ‘bright’ or ‘bleak’, generated lots of great comments.

Barrier Breaking

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I like to think about it as a barrier breaker. My job is to identify and remove barriers that separate the people from the art.    Some of the barriers are obvious, price, description of programming, etc. Other barriers, like an overly complicated subscription order form, are less obvious. Either way, I need to identify the barriers and do what I can to remove them.

Poor Or No Strategy — Barriers To Growth, Part 9

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Look no further than how strategy is typically thought of by most nonprofits and their consultants and you’ll quickly understand why poor or no strategy is a major barrier to growth.

Insufficient Collaboration — Barriers To Growth, Part 8

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Of the more than 1 million nonprofits in the U.S., nearly 75% post annual revenues below $500,000. This leaves little or no room for the ‘science’ part of fundraising, like data analytics and predictive modeling.

Insufficient Collaboration — Barriers To Growth, Part 8

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Of the more than 1 million nonprofits in the U.S., nearly 75% post annual revenues below $500,000. This leaves little or no room for the ‘science’ part of fundraising, like data analytics and predictive modeling.

Fundraising Agencies — Barriers To Growth, Part 5

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I decided to call out this thorny barrier to growth because I’m not alone in observing a dangerous pattern that’s emerging. A lot of what I’m about to say here will seem offensive to fundraising agencies and insensitive to their problems. I mean to be neither. Higher fees, lost respect, absence of serious innovation – all are trends that manifest themselves in the anger, frustration and angst expressed by clients over their agencies.

Lousy Boards — Barriers To Growth, Part 3

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Alfred Sloan was the General Motors Chair and CEO who led GM from the 1920s through the ‘50s and grew it to become largest corporation on Earth at the time. In a board meeting at GM, Sloan asked the board about an important decision: “I take it that everyone is in basic agreement about this decision?” Everyone nodded yes. Sloan’s response: “Then I suggest we postpone the decision. Until we have some disagreement, we don’t understand the problem.”

Easy Excuses & Low Expectations — Barriers To Growth, Part 7

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I’m convinced that a major barrier to most nonprofits’ growth is that there is little understanding of an organization’s true potential. As a result, far too many organizations and their consultants set their sights far too low, settling for the average given in a benchmark like Giving USA , which year after year, for the past 20 years, has estimated the growth of giving at 2% of Gross Domestic Product. The first of the Easy Excuses arises from benchmarking.

Poor Research & Undocumented Best Practices — Barriers To Growth, Part 6

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You’d think a $300 billion industry like ours would have empirically based standards and practices readily available and accessible to all. After all, most sectors — ranging from apple growers to doctors and hospitals, and even zoos — have them. Fundraising doesn’t.

The Investment Paradox – Barriers To Growth, Part 2

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There’s no question that the shortage of investment funds for fundraising is perceived as a principal barrier to growth. That sentiment was voiced by many attending the DMANF Leadership Summit last week, and it’s certainly a reason offered in a lot of the comments and email from Agitator readers. The solution to this problem may lie within your organization itself. Most charities have significant reserves. Which is no bad thing in and of itself.

Barriers To Online Fundraising Success

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According to a 15-question survey Convio conducted between September 2008 and October 2008 of 60 nonprofits, the most common response regarding their organization’s top barrier to success was insufficient staff. Other barriers to online success noted by those surveyed were lack of coordination, lack of education of online marketing, database issues, integration of different Web tools/technologies and intradepartmental issues.

Poor Or No Strategy — Barriers To Growth, Part 9

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Look no further than how strategy is typically thought of by most nonprofits and their consultants and youll quickly understand why poor or no strategy is a major barrier to growth.

Monthly Giving Part 3- The Great Recordkeeping and Payment Processing Barrier

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There’s no question that solid recordkeeping and donor processing systems form an essential foundation for successful monthly giving programs.

Storytelling for Nonprofits: The Challenge Plot

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Barriers that they must overcome. How they get beyond those barriers. In most cases, your nonprofit won’t appear in the story until Act 3 and then you are typically just part of the supporting cast that helps the main character get over those barriers. A few weeks ago I shared Why Stories Are Important for Nonprofits and promised some more ideas on how to actually write those stories.

Doing More Videos: Getting Over What’s Holding You Back

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

On today’s Video Strategy for Nonprofits webinar, I organized my presentation around the barriers that are holding nonprofits back from fully embracing video as the superior communications channel that it is for so many different marketing goals.

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3 Steps to Build a Data-Driven Organizational Culture

Fundraising Report Card

The biggest barrier to entry that I have discovered over the past 4 years isn’t being unsure what to measure, or having access to information. No, it is a lack of organizational culture that supports this new way of thinking. The post 3 Steps to Build a Data-Driven Organizational Culture appeared first on Fundraising Report Card. Culture

10 Awesome LGBTQ Organizations You Should Support This Pride Month


The organization also operates a Mental Health Fund for Queer and Trans People of Color, which provides financial assistance in order to increase access to mental health support and address the economic barriers many queer and trans people of color face within the healthcare system.

How Valid Is Your Fundraising Yardstick?

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In Part 7 of our Barriers to Growth series, I noted that the inability or unwillingness to take a hard and realistic look at an organization’s fundraising potential represents a significant barrier to meaningful growth.

July 23 Free Webinar: Launch Team of Passionate Messengers

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I urge you to push through these barriers; it’s worth it. Learn how to ask, train, and support your team in this free webinar on July 23. Register now. We all have an incredible resource right in front of us — our colleagues, board, donors, volunteers, and members.

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5 Ways to Connect in Uncertain Times (Midterm Elections & Beyond)

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Every election season is a barrier to connection, with people overwhelmed by 24/7 messages from multiple campaigns via multiple channels. But connecting this fall—through the noise of so many contentious midterm elections—is particularly tough.

Social Media and Newsletter Ideas for June 2020*

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Think about vacations, planes, trains, cars, cruise ships, tickets, souvenirs, exploring, delays, road trips, tourists, GPS, luggage, business trips, language barriers, and maps. These writing ideas come from our Monthly Nonprofit Writing Prompts email newsletter.

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Let’s Talk Business.

A Small Change

There can often be barriers to accessing decision makers to pitch the ideas listed above, but often times our Champions can be the very folks to overcome these barriers and develop partnerships. We’ve had some great responses and feedback on our recent post about finding and cultivating Champions for our agencies, and how their throwing a party can be an effective and fun way to acquire new donors.

How to Collect Stories About Your Nonprofit [WORKSHEET]

J Campbell Social Marketing

What barriers may we face in getting this story out publicly? What’s it like being on the other side of the barrier?

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What’s Wrong with Storytelling for Fundraising


By allowing an exchange of stories you break through barriers with your donors (barriers you might not have been able to penetrate otherwise). I get it! I get it! Tell stories! There’s been a lot of talk about storytelling for fundraising recently.

GUIDE: Growing and Sustaining your Volunteer Program


Talk openly about the barriers your nonprofit faces and how their volunteer help could help propel your mission forward. If you work at a nonprofit, you know what it feels like to have too much on your plate. You are eager to be as effective as possible, but you can’t do it all by yourself.

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This Is Getting In Your Way—Strong Stories Will Help

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But… The way many organizations discuss their causes, approach and impact is a huge barrier to connecting. It’s a simple equation, at least theoretically. Your goal is to change how people perceive, think, and give or act around your issue or cause.

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Storytelling: The First Best Thing

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But there has to be a Barrier that keeps the hero from getting to the goal right away or else it's not very compelling. This introduces the barriers or obstacles the protagonist faces). There could be several barriers). Storytelling is the single most powerful communications tool you have available, bar none. But many good causes tend to have problems telling good stories even though people have been communicating through stories for thousands of years. .

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

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Facebook ads may have gotten more difficult for some nonprofits as Facebook’s Issue Ads Policy Adds Barrier to Brands Jumping on Social Movements. The Bombay Club. New Orleans, LA. Happy Friday, friends!

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10% Battery Life

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The main character’s older brother was an incredibly gifted designer and built a relentless, multi-functional, adaptive, and engaging robot whose only barrier preventing his unceasing efforts to complete his mission was – limited battery life.

Part 2: Get to Stronger Supporter Relationships (Peer Guidance)

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not enough time) is the barrier to impact I hear most frequently from you guys. Please tell us what you’re doing to strengthen supporter relationships, and what’s in your way. Thanks! Read Part 1 here.

Proof Point #3: Top Hurdles to Marketing Impact

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Include a realistic budget (what it will take), and clear roles and responsibilities, and you’ll be likely to bust through these barriers to real marketing impact. Proof Points : Research findings to use when advocating for the marketing approaches you know are right.

The Three Types of Nonprofit Thought Leaders

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

During that webinar, Kivi went over the 5-step process for creating a thought leadership communications plan and how to avoid common pitfalls and get past potential barriers. Watch this webinar now with a free membership.

Ramp Up Your Marketing Budget to What You REALLY Need: Nonprofit Marketing Budgets, Part 2 (of 4)

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All too frequently the barrier to a sufficient budget is that your colleagues (staff and leadership) don’t understand what communications really is, what it can accomplish and what it takes to do it really well.

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Anything IS Possible, But You Have to Try

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His dive from near-space also broke the sound barrier, as he jumped 23 miles (a.k.a. I used to believe anything was possible. Now I know it is. Yesterday I watched Austrian Felix Baumgartner break the record for the highest-ever skydive.

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Top Two Retention Killers & What To Do About Them

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Chapter 9 of my book, Retention Fundraising: the art and science of keeping your donors for life, focuses on ‘Barriers to Retention’ The top two barriers? The real killers? #1: 1: Silos and #2: False Attribution. Silos. Those who work in organizations with more than one department are familiar with silos. The online personnel do little to coordinate with the offline folks. Major gift officers look down on direct mail fundraisers and vice versa.

Gold Medal Nonprofit Marketing

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How have you outsmarted the competition, or other barriers, in delivering your marketing and fundraising campaigns?

How smart speakers and voice assistants are changing the game

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Additionally, because I have kids, I need to unlock my phone before I use the assistant which is enough of a barrier for me not to use it. It’s been six months now since I equipped my home with three Google Home Mini devices (one on each floor).