Building awareness for planned giving is easier and less expensive than ever


Try retargeting ads! Retargeting advertising allows you to create ads that will appear for your supporters as they navigate other websites AFTER they recently visited yours. Later, as they navigate the web, they will see banner ads.

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What to do if your web master won’t promote planned giving on your website…


If your web master simply won’t post a banner ad or a promotion for your planned giving pages on your main website, there is an alternative. Then, people who visit can receive remarketing banner ads as they navigate the rest of the Internet.

5 Super Useful Digital Advocacy Tools & Resources for Nonprofits

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Tools include embedding a text call-to-action in radio, tv and banner ads; matching advocates to officials’ Twitter and Facebook walls to leave comments; and patch-through calling to officials. Looking for ways to unite and engage your supporters online for your cause?

Building Awareness for Planned Giving is Easier and Less Expensive Than Ever


Try retargeting ads! Retargeting advertising allows you to create ads that will appear for your supporters as they navigate other websites AFTER they recently visited yours. Later, as they navigate the web, they will see banner ads.

Building Awareness for Planned Giving is Easier and Less Expensive Than Ever


Try retargeting ads! Retargeting advertising allows you to create ads that will appear for your supporters as they navigate other websites AFTER they recently visited yours. Later, as they navigate the web, they will see banner ads.

How to use a blog to generate planned giving gifts.


To generate leads, we used a simple banner ad on the right promoting free estate planning guides as our hook. The small banner on the right side of the blog page has already generated several planned giving leads including some folks who said they are considering a gift.

Discovery Communications Provides FREE Marketing Support to Nonprofits in DC

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There are those banner ads to produce and those creative types to hire. Jocelyn Print Advertising Design: Full-page print ad design (that can be applied to magazine, newspaper ad insertions, event-related programs, etc.)

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4 Brand New Pinterest Features Nonprofits Should Know About

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That was largely ad generated, with Facebook surpassing 1 million advertisers on the site. They wrote: I know some of you may be thinking, “Oh great…here come the banner ads.” No flashy banners or pop-up ads. Pinterest has been busy, busy, busy!

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Cause Marketing for the Hirsute

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And to help, Boston ad agency Small Army has put together a fun campaign that has potential lessons for nonprofit fundraisers. The ad above was in Time magazine. Cancer is a hairy beast that needs to be capped.

Mashing Up Loyalty Programs and Cause Marketing

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At the left is an ad that ran in the 15 August, 2011 issue of People magazine. I was surprised and delighted to see a banner ad from Snickers candy bars for its ‘Bar Hunger’ campaign benefiting the anti-hunger charity Feed America!).

Want to Grow Your Email List for FREE? Enter AdLead the Way Today!

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There are myriad ways to prospect for new donors, including snail mail, events, banner ads and now MOBILE. Lucky for you, the folks at Pontiflex launched a new contest, called AdLead the Way to help nonprofits build their email lists via mobile ad campaigns.

Video roars into 2011; Nonprofits, grab your videocam


Following commercial advertising trends that recognize dynamic is more effective than static, video ads will join SEO and banner ads as ways that nonprofits can cultivate supporters. flickr/John Biehler.

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Show me the ads!


Instinct would seem to tell us that nonprofit donors would not respond well to banner ads, sponsor promotions, and heavy advertising online and in their email blasts. There is an implicit agreement: I get to use your service for free, you try to make money off of me by showing me ads. And Microsoft's clever ploy to get people to use their messenger and email service by donating a part of the ad proceeds to charitable causes.

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Cause Marketing Sponsors Wanted to Help Save Millions of Lives

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They can provide materials for point of purchase donations, banner ads, collateral, logos, and links, to sponsors and partners.

Email Design and Technical Development in the Age of Mobile


By cutting back on unnecessary design elements, the eye-catching appeal and “stickiness” of a layout is actually increased; headlines and calls-to-action are easier to read; buttons are easier to spot; content has to spend less time competing with banner ads and alerts for attention. By Jesse Kelsey and Anthony Blair-Borders. It is an often used trope among the digerati that “mobile is now king,” but only because it’s the new reality.

5 Types of Matching Gift Letters Every Nonprofit Should Be Sending

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However, adding matching gift appeals to thank you notes can serve as the reminder that donors need to take the time to make their donations go twice as far. You might even choose to include a matching gift appeal as a sort of banner ad along the side of the newsletter.

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Sarah DiJulio on ROI of list building

Sea Change Strategies

C) Raise money from your email list eventually, helping to offset the cost of the ads. Depending on how many email activists a nonprofit already has on their file, the cost per new subscriber is often higher, as up to 50% of the people you recruit to take action via an ad may already be subscribers, or they may opt-out of future emails immediately. Web Banner ads rarely hit that $1.50- $5.00

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Succeeding In Your Fundraising

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Stay top-of-mind through e-mail, natural and paid search, social media and online banner ads. Greater awareness of a Web site created by a paid ad can lead to more natural search engine traffic. In similar fashion, people are more likely to click on paid promotional ads of marketers they recognize, such as those they’ve encountered through social media. So it goes with natural search, direct mail, online banner ads, collateral, video, podcasts, etc.

Sample Online Fundraising Plan

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Strategies will include: Finding an appealing, easy-to-remember URL Increasing our visibility on our offline corporate partners' Web sites through links, banners and special campaigns. This is a sample plan for an imaginary local animal rescue organization called Save the Animals (STA) which is trying to take their outreach efforts online to become well known in the community.

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Fundraising & Advocacy Campaigns In A Box

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We’ve just added a remarkable widget to The Agitator Toolbox that strikes us as a dream come true for fundraisers and action campaigners in this age of mobile and video. It’s entirely portable meaning entire mini-site can be delivered via email, or embedded in a newsletter, banner ad, blog, added to Facebook Pages and Timelines and, of course delivered on Mobile.

Making Meme Magic: Q&A with Smile Train

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In addition, we have featured the campaign and a link to our donation landing page on the home pages of our global websites and have employed digital banner ads to garner eyes across the Web. Isn’t the Internet a magical place? We sure think so.

Measuring your ROI in multichannel fundraising campaigns


It could be an online action based on a click through from a banner ad or a piece of return mail from a direct mail acquisition effort. In our newly evolving multichannel nonprofit fundraising environment, the old methods of measuring return on investment have clearly begun to fall apart.

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Go Behind The Numbers To Determine Success

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the number of subcribers were what drove the ad dollars. We had learned how to count our online strategy "results" from banner ads to website analytics. How do you determine business success?

Where, Where, Everywhere

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Maybe the traditional channels where your message runs – social network, banner ad, viral campaign, mail, telephone, tv – isn’t nearly as important as knowing “where’ — besides your organization — your donors are giving.

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Day Job FAQ

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  Typically, 20-25% of the ad money is spent on electronic advertising, i.e. email advertising with outside vendors, banner ads, that sort of thing.    10-15% of the budget may be spent on radio ads.  Over the past few months, some of you have been emailing me with specific questions about the sort of marketing tactics I do on a day to day basis. At first, I was a little wary about answering them. 

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Places, Resources, and Ways to Learn Everything From Fundraising To Other Nonprofit Operations (Some Are Free).

Seeking Grant Money Today

If you page down to the lower left hand side of my blog, you will see a banner ad for Jossey Bass and its 15% off offer. The key to successful fundraising is educating yourself: if you don't know how to, if you haven't done it in a while, and even if you're a successful professional fundraiser of thirty years. Many good resources offer excellent information for free.

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