Next Generation of Philanthropy: Jolkona Foundation

A Small Change

Today they have some really great things to say about the next generation of philanthropists. One of our first partners is an organization in Bangladesh that provides artificial limbs for a little over $200. Bangladesh has 15,000 cases of amputations per year (mostly caused by traffic accidents, polio, congenital diseases, etc.)

Creating a Better World Through Marketing: The World Marketing Summit

Social Marketing and Social Change

Today I was among several thousand participants in Dhaka, Bangladesh for the first event of its kind. The summit is an initiative of the marketing guru (yes, that’s how they refer to him) Phillip Kotler with the full support of the Bangladesh government. Can marketing approaches be modified and adjusted to help secure progress without worsening inter-generational equity?


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5 fabulous video tips - and videos - from YouTubers

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Last year Project for Awesome generated 10 million video views, raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, and was the #1 trending topic on twitter for 36 hours. This YouTuber had viewers vote on how he should help a community in Bangladesh: 3.

Jolkona Foundation: Measuring Impact

A Small Change

Couple of years ago, I was at a cemetery in Bangladesh paying respect to my grandfather. After many hours of interviews and conversations, we decided to build a platform that other non-profit organizations can leverage to effectively connect with a new generation of philanthropists who want to give small donations. Jolkona Foundation has some great ideas about how to measure donor impact.

How the Benefit Concert is Shaping Philanthropy

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

The Concert for Bangladesh played from Madison Square Garden with ticket and recording sales helping to raise $18 million. The Future of Benefit Concerts. Charity benefit concerts will continue to play a role in generating funds and advocating issues, says Taylor. Large events work well in times of major crisis or when a big star has a personal stake in a cause.