Next Generation of Philanthropy: Jolkona Foundation

A Small Change

One of our first partners is an organization in Bangladesh that provides artificial limbs for a little over $200. Bangladesh has 15,000 cases of amputations per year (mostly caused by traffic accidents, polio, congenital diseases, etc.) So far the Jolkona Community has caused a 10% increase in the number of free limbs provided by that organization. What role would you like Jolkona to play in changing philanthropy?

How the Benefit Concert is Shaping Philanthropy

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Music has been one of the most powerful ways causes, celebrities, and communities can connect to raise money for serious issues. The Concert for Bangladesh played from Madison Square Garden with ticket and recording sales helping to raise $18 million. We recently caught up with Art Taylor, president of the BBB Wise Giving Alliance , who shared his insight on why these events can be so successful for nonprofits of all sizes.


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#INTERVIEW: Craig Lefebvre, Ph.D., Designer of Public Health & Social Change Programs, Discusses Social Marketing

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When you go to Bangladesh and the developing world, they are looking at marketing as a way of addressing significant systemic problems they are facing as they move from a developing to a middle-income or developed economy. Also in breast cancer communities we’re seeing networks of women reminding each other to do their monthly self-exams. I started off wondering how do you reduce heart disease risk factors in an entire community? Craig Lefebvre, Ph.D.,

Jolkona Foundation: Measuring Impact

A Small Change

Couple of years ago, I was at a cemetery in Bangladesh paying respect to my grandfather. Moreover, because Jolkona Foundation focuses on targeting the youth and young professionals, (15 to 35 years old), one of the best ways to encourage anyone to get into philanthropy is to show the impact that their donations can have. We are very committed to measuring impact and providing our community with as much transparency and feedback as possible.