6 Quick Behavioral Economics Lessons for Fundraisers

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He shared insight on how behavioral economics can affect nonprofit fundraising. Wait, what the heck is “behavioral economics”? Think about it as simply understanding the factors and situations that influence behavior and motivate people to take action. But behavioral economics isn’t only the territory of PhDs. The research: Falk (2005 ) found that illustrated cards from street children in Bangladesh increased the relative frequency of donations.

Why “why” Matters – The Bald Truth

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For those donors, a coloring book about what life is like in Bangladesh is irrelevant at best and counterproductive at worst. Behavioral Science Breaking Out of the Status Quo Demographics Donor Identity Segmentation Uncategorized premiumThere is always a better way to segment other than resorting to the use of demographics. . I know. We’ve been down this road before. But the core reason is that demographics are an attribute of a person.


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Creating a Better World Through Marketing: The World Marketing Summit

Social Marketing and Social Change

Today I was among several thousand participants in Dhaka, Bangladesh for the first event of its kind. The summit is an initiative of the marketing guru (yes, that’s how they refer to him) Phillip Kotler with the full support of the Bangladesh government. She asked us to consider questions such as: Can marketing be used to moderate both consumer and market behavior so as to bring a greater balance between business interest and consumer interest?

Reporting from the World Marketing Summit

Social Marketing and Social Change

The 1st World Marketing Summit held in Bangladesh this past week provided a platform for sharing ideas among representatives from corporate, government and development agencies about how marketing can create a better world. One of my favorite presentations was by Dr. Kazi Anis Ahmed of the Gemcom Group in Bangladesh and the President of Teatulia Organic Tea s that are grown in Bangladesh and are now available in Whole Foods in the US and Harrods in England [ store locator ].

#INTERVIEW: Craig Lefebvre, Ph.D., Designer of Public Health & Social Change Programs, Discusses Social Marketing

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When you go to Bangladesh and the developing world, they are looking at marketing as a way of addressing significant systemic problems they are facing as they move from a developing to a middle-income or developed economy. One is that we’re moving beyond using marketing just to try to change individual behavior. Craig Lefebvre, Ph.D., is an internationally known designer of public health and social change programs.