3 Steps to Meaningful Marketing Measures: Part 2

Getting Attention

Even for nonprofit communicators in large, well-staffed organizations, there’s rarely enough bandwidth to capture, analyze, share and use many marketing insights. Read Part 1 first. Metric mania! It’s all around us. Unfortunately, when we try to measure too many marketing measures, all we get is frustrated.

Scarcity and Social Change

Social Marketing and Social Change

While we recognize how scarcity can make us more attentive and efficient in managing immediate needs – think of the last deadline that was looming over you – it also reduces what the authors refer to as ‘bandwidth.’ They consider bandwidth as a short-hand for our cognitive capacity and executive control that are currently available for use. Scarcity, tunneling and bandwidth. Scarcity is more than an economic idea of there being limited resources to meet everyone’s every need.


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Planting Seeds for a Brighter Nonprofit Future – In Your Words

J Campbell Social Marketing

Also, I’ve been able to take some online education classes that I wouldn’t usually have the bandwidth to do. In my email last week, I asked nonprofits to share at least one seed that they are planting right now that they think will benefit the organization in the long-term.

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Get to Relevant Messages—In Just 6 Weeks

Getting Attention

Our next session—I have the bandwidth to lead only two sessions each year—starts May 7. Now’s the time to put a memorable, repeatable tagline to work for your organization, campaign, program or service. It’ll help extend your reach, increase donations and program participation, and strengthen your volunteer base. Join me to craft yours—Learn more now: www.TaglineFocusProject.com . Save $200 when you register by April 23.

Changes to our Hosting Services 2012

Non Profit Marketing 360

Overage fees if your site uses more bandwidth and disk space in a month. The most powerful thing you can do for your Website is host it on a secure, reliable hosting environment. A New North we take every stride to make sure our clients have a secure, up-to-date, reliable hosting environment as well as a direct service line to answer all your questions and manage your hosting requests.

Nonprofit Video Experts Share Tips & Tools: #501TechNYC (Part 1)

Getting Attention

It’s so challenging for nonprofits to get video right, especially with limited budgets and bandwidth. That’s why I so appreciate the practical guidance shared by NYC’s 501 Tech Club presenters Cathe Neukum , Executive Producer at International Rescue Committee (IRC) , and Lane Beauchamp , Manager of Marketing and Media at Broadway Cares. Here’s a brief summary of what I learned: Know Before You Go. Why us and why now?

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Communicate NOW on Govt. Shutdown Impact (Case Study)

Getting Attention

Nonprofit marketers like you are already limited in bandwidth and budget so when a change of direction comes fast, it can be hard (psychically and literally) to redirect. Dramatic and quickly-implemented changes like the United States government shutdown—even when known in advance to be a strong possibility—are challenging to respond to promptly and well.

How to Establish Thought Leadership within Your Nonprofit

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Leverage your organization’s partnerships to increase PR bandwidth. Mary Alice Holley. In just a few weeks, we will kick off our latest Nonprofit Marketing Accelerator – Becoming a Thought Leader and Media Darling. Mary Alice Holley of BC/DC Ideas shares some tips on becoming a thought leader and what being media savvy can do for your nonprofit. Kristina. Guest Post by Mary Alice Holley of BC/DC Ideas.

9 Words for Nonprofits to Avoid in 2011

Fundraising 123

Bandwidth. If you're talking about your computer network's actual ability to process and transmit data (and the like), please feel free to use bandwidth to your heart's content. Last January's " Words for Nonprofits to Avoid in 2010 " turned out to be Big Duck's most popular blog post of 2010. It warms the cockles of my heart to know that you all value words so much.

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Finally some 2012 Statistics for the African Mobile Phone Market

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

There are currently 5 major international cables in place providing bandwidth to the African continent. Back in March of 2009 I wrote a post entitled “ Latest mobile phone statistics from Africa and what this means ” based on a report that had come out from Blycroft Publishing tracking 2008 African mobile phone market stats. The findings back then were already profound, as were the overall anticipated trends.

Why Donor Fundraising Systems Matter for Your Non-Profit

Fundraising Coach

You can use your systems over and over again, meaning that you don’t need to waste bandwidth trying to come up with new strategies for every prospect, event, or fundraising appeal. Over the past twenty years, I have worked with hundreds of non-profit organizations. In my experience, the majority of non-profits (and the vast majority of small and mid-sized organizations) are frustrated with fundraising. Most non-profits feel overwhelmed with fund development.

Video roars into 2011; Nonprofits, grab your videocam


In the last several months, mobile devices like smart phones and pads have made huge leaps in their capacity to stream video, and internet providers continued to provide faster wireless services and increased bandwidth. flickr/John Biehler. I just took a terrific, free, Common Knowledge webinar on the five big nonprofit communication trends for 2011. It was beyond great; it was inspirational! So thorough and well-grounded in strategy-first.

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Is Employee Engagement Your Most Valuable Virtual Asset? [SPONSORED]

Selfish Giving

Employee engagement with social issues has become a must-have requirement to most profit-purpose partnerships because it’s just good for business. From profitability to greater consumer satisfaction, the measured impact that engaged employees can have on a business bottom line is undeniable.

Six Steps to Developing an Email Editorial Calendar

Fundraising 123

Unless you have a lot of bandwidth, start with a single article - and keep it brief. One of the first steps in developing a comprehensive email program is to design an "Editorial Calendar" Much like the editor of a magazine sits down and plans issues months in advance, you also need to have a plan. Start by thinking about the frequency of your emails. Your contacts will have different interest levels.

Cultivating a garden of supporters

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

If your staff doesn’t have the bandwidth to drop their day-to-day work and e-penning notes, consider dedicating one hour a week to meeting your targets’ preferred communication needs. Jay Baer’s Youtility truly puts smart marketing to the test. The book’s premise is that marketing should be ‘about help not hype.’ Instead of the now-antiquated push marketing (Think: The earth is polluted! Children are starving! Our nonprofit is remedying these problems!),

Streaming is Killing Collecting

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

sound), however that’s quickly becoming a non-issue as bandwidth grows and consumer data limits are increased. One of the most obvious trends I have noticed lately is the move away from owning media content. I realize that the concept of the “cloud” has existed for quite a while , however that’s only part of the equation here.

Mobile Internet Access In Developing Countries

Social Marketing and Social Change

Wright points to decreasing costs, increased bandwidths (faster connection speeds) and improvements in browser technology (easier navigation and file compression) as factors in the growth of mobile access. I have been leery of getting behind web-based applications for social marketing in developing countries – designing elaborate health information systems , using information and communication technologies to improve heathcare , mobilizing social networks.

Broadband for ALL

Marketing for Nonprofits

For the typical small office with 5-10 users, expect to spend at least $100/month for adequate bandwidth. High-speed Internet access is no longer a luxury for nonprofits – it’s a necessity. As high-speed access (also known as ‘broadband’) has become common in homes, more and more businesses, governments, and agencies have shifted much of their information and business delivery online – and the bar for what constitutes an adequate connection gets higher every year.

Where Does 'Transparency' Fit In The New Social Media Marketing Model?

Diva Marketing Blog

But not everyone has the bandwidth, capability or desire to use social media themselves. Unlike most business strategies, social media is built on a culture that is developed by the people who are involved in digital communities. The concepts of transparency, authenticity, honesty and passion for the topic/brand have evolved as 'society norms' for communicating and forming relationships in the world of the social web.