Automated Cultivation vs. “Moves Management”


I do like the concept of moves management because it is donor-centric (it’s about the donor, not just their money). Now let’s contrast moves management with automated cultivation. Enter technology for automating the process.

Ready for Year-End? Here Are 10 Easy Things You Can Do to Raise More Money


Below are some quick and easy things you can do to raise more money. Consider setting up an automated thank you email series and send multiple thank you messages throughout the giving season. We won't waste your time with a lengthy intro.

How to Raise Money With Facebook – One Organization’s Success Story

J Campbell Social Marketing

It will lead to missed connections with supporters, and thus, a seeming inability to raise money using the platforms. However, raising money using social media, specifically Facebook, can be done. No automated posting here!

How to use verbatims and digital body language to raise more money


That way it gets scored and sorted for future automated marketing using highly segmented, highly relevant, highly personalized messages. So, if you can help them realize their dreams and feel good and be the hero in their own life story, then you’ll get more money.

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Catch EveryAction at NTC 2019


We have panels on everything from fundraising automation to donor acquisition and vendor client relationships. We'll also have three live demo sessions in the exhibit hall on how EveryAction can help you raise more money! Want to meet EveryAction at this year's NTC?

The State of Nonprofit Donor Retention (And What To Do About It)


The chart below illustrates the fluctuations in average donor retention over time: Nonprofits continue to lose donors at an alarming rate, catching them in a losing cycle of constantly spending time and money on costly donor acquisition, only to lose most of that investment.

7 Tips to Make This Year Your Best #GivingTuesday Ever


For even more helpful tools for maximizing the money you raise and , check out our. Use automation to save time and stress. When possible, save yourself time and effort by creating automated processes to do the work for you. #GivingTuesday is right around the corner!

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Here's 28 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Switch to EveryAction


Thousands of nonprofits use EveryAction every day to raise money, manage offline fundraising through pledges and grants, send emails, run nonprofit digital advocacy campaigns, and so much more. Higher Conversion Rates = Raising More Money. Save time with marketing automation.

The Road to the Big Easy: EveryAction at #18NTC


Our team was on hand to chat with the many nonprofit techies who stopped by, eager to mention their own experience using EveryAction to raise more money and maximize their nonprofit’s impact. Panel Praise: Raise More Money and Make it Home to Dinner on Time. EveryAction’s Executive Director, Melissa Wyers, was joined by a panel of fundraising experts to chat all things fundraising automation.

How to Attract and Keep More Monthly Donors


For other circumstances that cause failed donations, such as a donor cancelling their credit card, set up an automated email response that will let them know that their donation failed to process and prompt them to update their credit card information.

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3 Easy Ways To Make Your Nonprofit's Email Program Stand Out Today [With Free Templates]


Use a welcome email series Marketing automation is more than just a buzzword for nonprofits today, it is a necessary tool, saving valuable staff time that can then be spent on more valuable tasks. For most nonprofits, email is the backbone of their digital fundraising program.

The 6 Scariest Monsters Nonprofit Fundraisers Are Facing This Halloween


For every percentage of email that goes to spam, nonprofits leave money on the table. Users expect a lighting fast experience on your website, from your homepage to your donation page, and each additional second of loading time costs your organization money in missed donations.

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Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators – #19NTC Edition

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Registration is $50 or free with an All-Access Pass Learn More and Register April 11: Donor Newsletters That Raise More Money [Updated 90-minute format] Learn proven formulas for successful donor newsletters. Meril’s.

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Accept Online Donations | Network for Good Learning Center - Learn how to raise money online for your nonprofit

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Tis the season for email marketing. We can help. Fundraising Social Networking Web Site 101 Email 101 Donor Databases Nonprofit Marketing Training Network for Good provides easy and affordable online fundraising services. Visit our website to learn more.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Nonprofit Technology


Technology maximizes your potential by automating repetitive work, synchronizing data, and allowing you to easily spot trends and paths for growth. Look for a software that will propel your organization forward, enabling you to raise more money and build better programs than you had before.

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How Nonprofits Can Get More Social Media Engagement in 2018

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Do you really have to spend a ton of money on ads to reach people?”. Stop automating your posts. Each platform is completely unique, and automating all of your content across platforms doesn’t work anymore (not that it worked well even just a few years ago).

12 Key Digital Engagement Trends from the 2018 M+R Benchmarks Report


There is a lot of learning and experimenting going on in digital fundraising, which is fueling new innovations in how to raise money across the whole spectrum of digital channels. Automation tools such as EveryAction’s credit card updater , enable our database to get updated member credit card numbers directly from their bank, meaning that a monthly donation can continue to process without any action needed on the card holder's part.

Maximize the Post Gift Glow: The Art of Thanking Donors

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When and how to automate without losing the personal touch. Digital tools that wow AND save you time & money. Giving to charity is the neurological equivalent of winning the lottery! So why do 3 out of 4 donors not make a second gift?

5 Digital Fundraising Trends for Nonprofits in 2019

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IRS #tax #taxes #money #TaxRefund #TaxTime #TaxTips #TaxPlanning #BeTaxReady #GetReady. My recommendation is to get registered with Facebook Fundraising tools by going to and then creating a strategy to get people to set them up and raise money for you in 2019.

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4 Ways To Convince Your Nonprofit Board to Invest in Fundraising Tools


For instance, if the new technology you are recommending automates processes that are currently being done manually, calculate the amount of paid staff time currently spent on those workflows that could be redirected toward other purposes with new technology.

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What The Heck Is Progressive Profiling And Why You Need To Do It?


It should not ask for money. Then automation can “drip” the right engagement offers over a long period of time to support the donor’s journey as they move themselves from awareness to interest to desire and, finally, to action. It’s about their timing, not yours.

The Value of Products

Get Fully Funded

By leveraging your time and your knowledge, you can serve more people and make more money using the same (or less) amount of time. Add in an automated ordering, payment, and shipping system, and you can completely remove yourself from the process.

It’s A Lifestyle Business

Get Fully Funded

If you’re like me, you aren’t necessarily interested in making tons of money (although you want enough to live the life you want) nor are you interested in building an empire. There are many business models you can use to create a business for yourself.

5 Tech Strategies for Making a Multi-Channel Fundraising Ask

Fundraising Coach

Use tech tools to automate the acknowledgment process. Use social media marketing tools to automate output. Social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, offer tools that allow you to automate your posts. Use tech tools to automate the acknowledgement process.

How Nonprofits Can Use Text Messaging

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Raising Money with Text-to-Give. Nonprofits that leverage texting wisely can increase their membership base, save money, run successful events and increase donations. She is into all things mobile and automated, and she is passionate about how technology transforms communication.

Need Some Online Fundraising Ideas?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Network for Good just released a new online giving study that provides all kinds of good ideas for increasing the amount of money you can raise online. Offer automated monthly giving.

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See what happens when donors and board members switch a few words


One day a long time ago I was in a board meeting talking about raising money and a member said the following: “The only time I would feel comfortable asking for a donation.

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Engagement Calling Metrics for Lead Outreach Associates Tasked With Arranging Meetings With Major Donor & Legacy Donor Prospects


of dials (Consider employing an automated dialing app like Phoneburner ). # Remember, time is money and gift officer salaries tend to be high. Engagement calling, not cold calling!

No Nonprofits – You Aren’t Posting Enough On Social Media

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Spending some money to boost posts helps also!) Mixing up the language and sending the tweets out at different times of the day works best – you don’t want to seem like an automated robot.

4 types of supporters that self-qualify their interest in being in your portfolio/caseload.


That, in turn, leads to frustration among staff, costs the organization money (time = money), and potentially annoys constituents. It saves you time and energy (which saves your organization money).

One week, two excellent events: #CbocSocial and #FWD50

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Humanizing automation: of innovation money. This post features my key takeaways and notes from two events I attended earlier this month here in Ottawa.

Why Response Rates Don’t Matter.


1,211 of those are qualified but deferred leads not ready for 1-to-1 outreach yet but receiving value-oriented automated cultivation that helps them move themselves through the consideration process on their own so they build desire for giving without any pressure or friction. 31 said they were likely to give financial assets (such as stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares or the contents of a savings or money market account) and 113 said they were somewhat likely to do so.

Why Response Rates Don’t Matter.


1,211 of those are qualified but deferred leads not ready for 1-to-1 outreach yet but receiving value-oriented automated cultivation that helps them move themselves through the consideration process on their own so they build desire for giving without any pressure or friction. 31 said they were likely to give financial assets (such as stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares or the contents of a savings or money market account) and 113 said they were somewhat likely to do so.

Why everyone talks about segmenting emails but hardly anyone ever does it


And your time costs your organization money. And the list goes on and on… Then, once the donors have segmented themselves, you can employ an automated cultivation system that will send highly relevant emails that have been pre-written but personalized for each donor segment.

When to Stop Snail Mailing and Emailing People, Part II

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The opposite is true with print: It will cost you a lot of money to send mail to all those people who aren’t reading it and responding, but it’s not like the Postal Service is going to ding you for it and stop delivering your mail. Last week, in Part I of this post , I asked this question: What do you do with people on your print and email lists who haven’t responded to your content in a while? And exactly how long is “a while?”

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No Wonder Retention of Online Donors is So Bad

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In 2009 and 2010, only about 1/3 of the organizations acknowledged the online gift with more than an automated email, and just a few started any real kind of conversation with me with newsletters or additional email communications. If you want my money, you’ll have to impress me online.

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Introducing the “FOUR SELFs” of Engagement Fundraising


Finally, technology and smart outreach strategies can ensure self-qualification, self-education, self-involvement and self-solicitation occur in an automated fashion. When I first came up with the term engagement fundraising it was because I was a pissed-off donor!

The 8 Components of Engagement Fundraising


It’s simple, but knowing that doesn’t make it easier to raise money. You can’t raise money without trusting, committed relationships. The bottom line is that your offers shouldn’t always involve an ask for your supporters and prospects to give you money.

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How Nonprofit CRM Management Can Improve Donor Stewardship

Ann Green

The only way to develop genuine relationships, after all, is by engaging with donors and not always asking for money. Membership programs are an effective way to raise more money, but most importantly, they can be used to help retain supporters. By John Killoran.

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The 8 Core Components of Engagement Fundraising and Why You Desperately Need Them


But knowing that doesn’t make it easier to raise money. They become human beings with feelings, stories and passions, not ATM machines with buttons you press to get the money your boss wants you from them. And, you can’t raise money without trusting, committed relationships.

Making Data Integration Simple!

JCA Insights

About once a month my phone rings and someone asks if JCA can tie together multiple systems to save them time and money. Integrated systems help organizations run internal processes better, improve external communication and ultimately raise more money. Like anything with technology, cost mirrors complexity, so before beginning any project I ask people to explain exactly how they intend to save time or raise more money by integrating their systems.

A Quick End-of-Year-Fundraising Plan

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Donors like to know where their money is going. Even if you don’t feel comfortable picking one specific project for this appeal, see if you can group a few projects in a way that lets the donor understand where the money will go, while still giving you some flexibility for how it is spent. Mid-December: Send an email that refers to the direct mail letter, and reminds your supporters where the money will go and that they can give online if they’d like.

The Next Best Thing May Already Be Here

Ann Green

In this age of automation, we need to be more personal. It’s not easy to raise money, especially if you spend more time focusing on finding new donors than keeping the ones you already have. It’s also not enough to find people with money.

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