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New Automated Fundraising Tool. Free. Forever.

The Agitator

Today were adding a valuable, new tool to The Agitator Toolbox. That’s right. And how long will this price last? Forever. Hard to beat. How much time will it take? It’s very simple to setup (Tom and I both did quickly and we don’t write code for a living) – literally 5 minutes – and requires zero staff.

11 Things Nonprofits Can Learn About Using Twitter from the @NYTimes

J Campbell Social Marketing

While some automation is allowed, make sure to actively staff the account! This is where you can use an automated service. With over 10.6

6 Reasons Your Nonprofit May Not Be Ready For Social Media

J Campbell Social Marketing

5) You want to fully automate or “set and forget” it. Automation tools have their place. Why or why not? .

Get to know your donor’s digital body language

Wild Woman Fundraising

GW: So they’ve got to automate the process. So Mr. Greg Warner, who are you and what do you do? GW: Okay. Content developer, you name it.

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#SM4NP: Automate Your Google Searches To Follow Important Issues

Non Profit Marketing 360

One of its underused developments, though, is the ability to automate and monitor specific terms or events or institutions on the internet for you.

3 Ideas for Getting the Word Out to Your Donors About Online Fundraising Campaigns

J Campbell Social Marketing

Donor database software can help you run a campaign from start to finish, down to automating communications, like emails and online newsletters.

Fundraising So Simple Only a Child Can Do It Well

The Agitator

They provide a fully automated peer-to-peer website where parents and kids can plug in videos and photos. The other day I stumbled across a company that raises big bucks in peer-to-peer fundraising for elementary schools in the US. You’ll find it at and their proposition is simple. The company then provides a live, fully.

A surprising tweak to increase donor retention

Fundraising Coach

We often have an automated email after someone makes an online gift. I''d opened it thinking it was simply an automated boring email.

How to use verbatims and digital body language to raise more money


That way it gets scored and sorted for future automated marketing using highly segmented, highly relevant, highly personalized messages.

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No Nonprofits – You Aren’t Posting Enough On Social Media

J Campbell Social Marketing

Mixing up the language and sending the tweets out at different times of the day works best – you don’t want to seem like an automated robot.

The Rule of 7 vs. 3-to-1 fundraising


That’s why we recommend automated email marketing along with your 3-to-1 Fundraising efforts. Roebling. ” Seven times!

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See what happens when donors and board members switch a few words


is when I know the person very well. and I know that we’re on the same page.”. is when I know the organization very well. Don’t get me wrong.

The New Email Metric You Might Want to Try

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

I had to do this by hand since I was going backward in time, but in the future, I can automate this tagging. Methodology – How I Did It.

Big Pressure for Big Data? Here’s What to Do

Getting Attention

Affordable and widely-available technologies—with database, fundraising, email, marketing automation and other functions—now produce tons of data.

How to Rock Social Media Doesn’t Involve Social Media


” Some others chimed in that automation is a big help, citing tools like IFFT that have relieved their daily consumption-desires of content.

Why everyone talks about segmenting emails but hardly anyone ever does it


They’ll talk about it at conferences. You’ll read about it in the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Sounds good. Because it’s hard to do!

Text Messaging vs. Mobile Instant Messaging

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Text messages can be used to interact with automated systems to, for example, order products or services, or participate in contests.

If This Then That. When Google isn’t enough…

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Google Alerts –> To automate my repeat searches . We all know “googling” things in 2013 is ubiquitous. What is IFTT?

The 3 types of planned giving prospects


Both the automated drip emails and the campaign-oriented outbound campaigns should emphasize the Fantastic Four. Related Posts.

Get into Conversation: That’s Matterness

Getting Attention

Have we gone over the cliff of automation, where it no longer feels like human beings are running our effort? Yikes!

How to Respond to a National Tragedy

Getting Attention

Automating outreach is a lifesaver, but also a potential snafu at times of crisis. Like you, my heart and head are heavy in the wake of Friday’s tragedy in Newtown, CT. Especially since I feel so helpless. So be responsive , even though you’re pressured by the year-end push for support. What are they focused on now? Strategy

No Wonder Retention of Online Donors is So Bad

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

I promised to share what happened when I gave online gifts to 20 national nonprofits at the end of 2011. Let me back up just a tad. No direct mail.

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May 26th Webinar: Move on up! And give yourself a leg up the career ladder!

Wild Woman Fundraising

A blogging calendar that you can use to automate your posting. Move on up! And give yourself a leg up the career ladder! Thursday May 26th.

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3 Steps to Focused Productivity for Your Nonprofit Marketing

Getting Attention

Welcome to our newest guest blogger, Rebecca Leaman. Her driving passions are technology, local history and dogs. Where do you even start?


Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Where’s your automated series of welcome messages, in which to talk to me…Nancy Schwartz? Wow, what a disconnect. Mr. etc.) Howell?

4 things to check as you begin 2016

Fundraising Coach

If you have the technical ability, or know someone who does, automating this would be much simpler in the long run. I'd go with PHP.

How to Communicate In The Midst Of Tragedy: 9-Step Checklist

Getting Attention

Automating outreach is a lifesaver, but also a potential snafu at times of crisis. Especially since I feel so helpless. Get Off Auto-Pilot.

[Guest Post] 5 Reasons Your Peer to Peer Program is Failing

Fundraising Coach

Today, I''ve invited Dave Linn to teach about peer-to-peer fundraising. Dave can be reached at by Dave Linn. Guest Posts

The 8 Core Components of Engagement Fundraising and Why You Desperately Need Them


The feedback loop is deployed in our donor survey, micro-site and automated “drip” email platforms. A single shot! Yours! Dashboard.

The Importance of Your Digital House

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Will they receive an automated email from us thanking them and providing them a receipt for tax purposes? Elizabeth Brigham. Kristina. Sign up?

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5 Translation Mistakes to Avoid in Your Multilingual Nonprofit Communications

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Automated translations are OK to use if you’re browsing the web and you need a rough overview of a foreign passage. Patricia V. Rivera.

The vital emails you might be forgetting to send

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Read the whole guide here , and remember their advice: A welcome series is a sequence of 2-3 simple, personal email messages (a plus if you’re able to automate them!) When someone signs up to receive emails from you, what’s the first thing you send? Do you just add them to your e-newsletter distribution? Or do you actually welcome them?

JCA Helps Nonprofits Bridge the Technology Gap

JCA Insights

Citing JCA’s involvement with the Kaufman Center’s technology overhaul, Crain’s focused on the high stakes and challenges that nonprofits face as they try to automate and streamline their operations. It’s long past the time when nonprofits can get away with underinvesting in technology. Let us know if we can do the same for your organization.

Introducing the “FOUR SELFs” of Engagement Fundraising


When I first came up with the term engagement fundraising it was because I was a pissed-off donor! I wanted them to be more respectful of me.

I’m Not Your Member

JCA Insights

Automated processing is great, but it has to be smart and segmented enough to feel somewhat personal. Standard automated processing exists in every fundraising application in the marketplace. The following is a true story. In the fall of 2010, I made a gift in memory of a friend’s mother. So why am I not sending another gift?

Are you coming to my free webinar today? What do you mean you wanted more notice?

Wild Woman Fundraising

A blogging calendar that you can use to automate your posting. Join us! link]. What is the webinar on? We may not get to the quizzes and prizes.

Laying a Good Foundation: Short-Term Priorities for Nonprofit Marketing

Fundraising 123

Most ESPs and online donation tools give you the opportunity to send an automated reply as soon as an action is taken. 1. Website. Or both?

City of Ottawa 3-1-1 #fail ?

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

I remembered hearing rumours that 3-1-1 (City) is an automated directory. I called 3-1-1 only to be greeted by the automated bot asking me if I would like service in french or English. You may have noticed that there is a question mark at the end of my blog post title. My car came to diagonal stop right on the white line.

Are you it?

Get Fully Funded

You might find ways to automate some things so that they don’t take as much time. Are you the one person in your office who does everything? Do you wear “Fundraiser&# as one of your many haes and get frustrated when there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done? In other words, have a plan. Just get help.

How to Raise Money With Facebook – One Organization’s Success Story

J Campbell Social Marketing

No automated posting here! We know why people use Facebook – to connect with other people. Measurement is Key. Measurement tips: Use