Enter the #WhyIVolunteer Photo Contest: Show Off Your Impact by Aug. 24

Getting Attention

Visual storytelling is one of the most powerful marketing and fundraising strategies there is, and volunteers are some of your most impassioned supporters. So why not ask them to tell your story with their photos and videos? Between now and August 24, VolunteerMatch is hosting its’ first-ever #WhyIVolunteer Photo Contest —an online competition designed to recognize outstanding volunteers and organizations, plus encourage nonprofits like yours to tell your stories in creative ways.

Aug 147

Silver BBs and Culture with Andrew Olsen (Season 2, Episode 6)


31 Aug 2017. 24 Aug 2017. 17 Aug 2017. 10 Aug 2017. 03 Aug 2017. Joining Engagement Fundraising is Andrew Olsen, senior vice president of Newport One. If you are a fundraiser trying to find that silver bullet then this episode is for you. Andrew will be diving into why there are no silver bullets or unicorns and instead why it takes a lot of little things to make a big impact. Click here to listen on YouTube! Topic Timestamps. Silver BBs? [02:35]. 02:35].

Aug 138

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Who Is This Guy? (Season 3, Episode 4)


23 Aug 2018. 09 Aug 2018. 31 Aug 2017. 24 Aug 2017. 17 Aug 2017. 10 Aug 2017. 03 Aug 2017. Learn who Greg Warner is and why you should listen to him in this retrospective episode of Engagement Fundraising. Click here to listen on YouTube! Topic Timestamps. Introduction [00:00]. Time Travel! [02:07]. 02:07]. Art and Design [04:24]. Copy mixed with art [06:02]. Creating ads back then [07:59]. College [12:39]. Ad Sales [17:29]. Byron [19:08].

Aug 100

Prospect Research and the Consideration Continuum with Kelley McGeehan (Season 2, Episode 8)


31 Aug 2017. 24 Aug 2017. 17 Aug 2017. 10 Aug 2017. 03 Aug 2017. Kelley McGeehan is Principal Consultant and Owner of McGeehan Research. She is a prospect researcher and in this episode we get a chance to explore why prospect research is valuable, the consideration continuum, why some organizations fail even with the right data at the right time and much more. You can find Kelley at www.McGeehanResearch.com.

Using Facebook to Acquire Donors with Mark Santiago (Season 2, Episode 7)


31 Aug 2017. 24 Aug 2017. 17 Aug 2017. 10 Aug 2017. 03 Aug 2017. Mark Santiago from Converge.Digital shares how to use Facebook strategically to build trust and acquire new donors. For more info about how Converge helps nonprofits get more donors, visit: Converge.Digital. You can also download Mark’s free Facebook Fundraising Blueprint here: www.converge.digital/facebookfundraisingblueprint. Click here to listen on YouTube! Topic Timestamps.

Aug 109

Don’t Miss This Great Stuff Happening in August

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Here’s what’s happening at Nonprofit Marketing Guide this month: Online Training: Aug 2: Thought Leadership for Nonprofits: Marketing to Build Your Authority and Share Expertise with Kivi Leroux Miller. Learn how to become a well-known thought leader whose work, knowledge, and experience are actively sought out by others. Registration is FREE for everyone. Learn More and Register .

August 132

The 2016 - 2017 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Aug 2 - 4. Aug 10 - 13. Aug 12 - 15. Aug 29 - 30. Thousands of nonprofit pros rely on our annual Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar to discover skill-building, strategy-slaying, network-enhancing nonprofit events. Today, we're excited to announce the all-new list for 2017! Bookmark it, share it, love it, and download it for Google or Outlook. We've scoured the nonprofit-sphere for high-quality conferences, both large and small, broad and specialized, here in the U.S.

Three Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Podcast in 2019

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Some people will find it hard to believe that one of my favorite podcasts is produced by AARP. Twenty-five intriguing episodes of The Perfect Scam podcast series can be found on the nonprofit’s website, and I binge listened to EVERY SINGLE ONE of them over the holidays. From “Love Online Leads to International Lockup” to “A Scammer Tells All,” AARP has found a rather cool and trendy method to deliver its anti-scam message.

More Silent Auction Ideas: Involve Local Artists!

The Biddery Blog

Bids will open Tuesday and close Friday, Aug. Another great idea similar to our School Silent Auction post. Request local artist to paint a piece for your auction. In return, offer them advertising and on-site marketing opportunities. Hudson, NH: Hand painted chairs and stools inspired by children’s books and created by the Mont Vernon Artisans will be auctioned during August. Each creation is accompanied by a copy of the book that inspired it.

Aug 40

The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Aug 10 - 13. It's finally here! If you loved our 2018 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar get ready for our new, improved, and updated 2019 calendar! We've searched far and wide for the best and brightest nonprofit conferences from all around the country! These conferences range in size, location, and topic. We have everything from: Fundraising & Grants. Nonprofit Management. Marketing & Communications. Nonprofit Technology, and more! It doesn't just stop here!

44 Social Media Books for 2009-2010 Plus One

Diva Marketing Blog

Socialnomics: How social media transforms the way we live and do business by Erik Qualman - Aug 24, 2009 17. International Communications Strategy: Developments in Cross-Cultural Communications, PR and Social Media by Silvia Cambie and Yang-May Ooi - Aug 28, 2009 20. Friends with Benefits: Online Marketing with Blogs, Facebook, YouTube, and More by Darren Barefoot and Julie Szabo - Aug 15, 2009 24. Holladay - Aug 14, 2009 37. Ta da.

Aug 76

Gentle Nonsense, It's Dadaism Month!

Fundraising Breakthroughs

4, April 1, March 28 (coincidentally my birthday), July 15, Aug. 2, Aug. 7, Aug. 16, Aug. Today I break the rules of professional business blogging and blog-blab on about ideas pretty much unrelated to my blog's topic (fundraising and social change, for those still tuned in). My ol' college buddy Boog Highberger, current mayor of Lawrence, KS (Go Jayhawks) and unwavering Gentle Anarchist, has declared International Dadism Month. To be celebrated on Feb.

Aug 40

Yet Another FREE Learning Opportunity for Nonprofits

Marketing for Nonprofits

The smart folks over at Frogloop - a blog which also helps nonprofits use the Internet to change the world - are holding a FREE webinar on Aug. 21 2:00 EDT to share tips and tricks for doing advocacy and cultivating donors through e-mail. They believe (as do I) that, while it's not the sexiest online tool, EMAIL is still hands down the best way to raise money and engage folks online. Check it out! Jocelyn.

Aug 32

Integrating Social Data into Decision Making (5 Free Tools)

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Example: The weeks of Feb 12, March 11, and Aug 19th consistently show a surge in search volume for volunteer” every year for the last three years. Having worked on numerous digital/social organizational strategies for the better part of the last decade, I find that I still occasionally run into organizational leaders that haven’t yet integrated social data into their decision making.

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Let’s Give! The Big List of National, Local and Collegiate Online Giving Days (2016 Edition)

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

AUG – Give OUT Day. Are you thinking about participating in a Giving Day? Good news! There are so many organizations that have given it a try, and YOU can learn from them (the good AND the bad). Look at their websites, donation landing pages, countdown clocks, emails, social media accounts, images, and hashtags. Do a Google News search to check out the earned media these days have achieved. Reach out to a fellow nonprofit and ask them to share their experience.

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The secret behind year-end fundraising fall appeals

Fundraising Coach

As a broad generalization, I recommend sending a mailing: now (late Aug/early Sept). Fall is upon us and that means year-end giving is right around the corner. If you haven’t written your year end appeals over the summer , then now is the time to get those done! in mid-November. in mid-December. How to write fundraising letters. Jeff Brooks wrote a great post on how not to write fundraising letters.

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Social Change & Other Dates and Holidays

Fundraising Breakthroughs

22 International Earth Day May 3, 1971 First NPR broadcast May 5 Cinco de Mayo May 15 Int’l Midwives Day May 18 Int’l Museum Day June 2, 1692: Salem Witch Trials June 10, 1943: Ballpoint pens patented June 19 Juneteenth June 21 Summer Solstice June 28-29, 1969: Stonewall July 2 Halfway Day (182nd day) Aug. 18, 1920 19th Amendment Aug. 3 Mindfulness Day Feb. 9 Lunar New Year, rooster Feb. 19, 1942 Internment March 1, 1961 Peace Corps est. Mar. 4 World Day of Prayer Mar.

Aug 40

The 2016 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Aug 2 - 3. Aug 5 - 7. In the past year, thousands of nonprofit pros took advantage of our definitive Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar, and we're so excited to share our brand new 2016 list! We've scoured the nonprofit-sphere for high-quality conferences and forums, informal trainings, and more that will be taking place all over the world, focusing on essential topics like: Nonprofit management. Fundraising. Donor relations. Accounting. Marketing. Nonprofit technology, and more!

Come Chat With Me Next Tuesday!

Marketing for Nonprofits

I'm leading a workshop next Tuesday morning (Aug. 19) from 9:30 - 11:30 at the Center for Nonprofit Advancement in Washington, DC called Rise Above the Noise: Online Strategies and Tools for Success. Don't you love wonky workshop titles?) If you're thinking about wading into the waters of Web 2.0 by starting a blog, participating in a social network, doing online video, or syndicating your best content or just want to get better at what you're already doing - register today !

Aug 32

Barack Obama-Presidential Candidate, Fundraiser Blackbelt


An announcement is expected before the Democratic National Convention, which begins Aug. I have been trying to avoid writing about the Obama campaign on this blog, despite all of its clearly Gen Ye themes, bc well, it's political and I'm fundraising, and I did vent about DM from political campaigns , but with "Obamapalooza" as one blog calls it getting stronger, well it would well I just can't avoid it anymore.

Obama 100

Do You Need More Personality in Your Marketing Mix?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

And please join us on Aug 6th. Next Thursday, Jocelyn Harmon will be presenting a new webinar for us called Your Nonprofit’s Face: Adding Personality to Your Marketing Mix. I asked Jocelyn to give us a little preview with a guest post. Here’s Jocelyn. Nonprofits have mixed feelings about marketing, branding and personality. On the one hand, we know we have to get people to notice us if we’re ever going to get them interested in our causes.

Adding Matterness Into Your Holiday Giving

A. Fine Blog

In return, institutions get the best kind of participant, a “sticky” one (To Keep Your Customers, Keep it Simple, Patrick Spenner and Karen Freeman, Aug 9, 2013, HBR) who is a repeat donor or volunteer and ambassador who recommends the organization to other people. [Note: This article is cross-posted at the Nonprofit Times.]. Giving Tuesday was , more or less kicking off the giving season.

Fundraising Success You Can't Buy

The Nonprofit Consultant

Well, here's a great Facebook fundraising success story : The story began Aug. These days more and more nonprofit agencies are looking to online social networking tools and sites, such as Facebook, to see how they can use them to increase donations (and if you're not on Facebook, why aren't you?). 11, when Jenni Ware of Redwood City lost her wallet at Trader Joe's, and a woman standing behind her in line — Carolee Hazard of Menlo Park — offered to pay the stranger's $207 grocery bill.

Adding Personality to Your Marketing Mix

Marketing for Nonprofits

And please join us on Aug 6th. Next week I have the privilege of doing a new webinar called Your Nonprofit's Face : Adding Personality to Your Marketing Mix with my frolleague Kivi Leroux Miller, author of The Nonprofit Marketing Guide. Nonprofits have mixed feelings about marketing, branding and personality. On the one hand, we know we have to get people to notice us if we’re ever going to get them interested in our causes.

5 Ways to Make Your Nonprofit Social Media Content Amazingly Shareable

J Campbell Social Marketing

A post shared by Planned Parenthood Action (@ppact) on Aug 2, 2020 at 8:30am PDT. Social Media for Social Good Academy 2.0 is opening soon! Don’t miss out or lose your spot – get on the Early Interest List by clicking here.