Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators – September 7, 2018

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We’ll look at storytelling on social media, how to get an op-ed published, and even get into a little psychology. And John Haydon focuses on Instagram with How to Engage Supporters with Instagram Stories (With 5 Nonprofit Examples). Nonprofit Training Opportunities for You.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators – October 26, 2018

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Having trouble coordinating everyone associated with your nonprofit both inside and out? Take a look at these 5 Ways Online Collaboration Can Help Your Nonprofit Succeed. Nancy Schwartz challenges you to use the 7 Steps to Ethical Storytelling. My porch. Auburn, AL.

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Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators #18NTC Style

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Kivi and I are here for the Nonprofit Technology Conference. For those of you who can’t be with us, I am dedicating today to rounding up communications and marketing breakout sessions from this year. Anatomy of a Nonprofit Website: Why Your Donors Aren’t Giving (More) Online.

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How to Write Captivating Stories Your Audience Will Love

J Campbell Social Marketing

How can nonprofits get their message seen by the right people? That’s where storytelling comes in. The power of storytelling in undeniable, and has not changed since humans began to communicate. . Storytelling gets at the heart of how humans process information. .

Great Advice on Storytelling for Nonprofits

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The Chronicle of Philanthropy has been running a great series of articles by Paul VanDeCarr on storytelling the past few months called “Storytelling Summer: Advice about Motivating Your Audience.” Read the answer in How to Turn Audience Emotion Into Action.

Use Audience Personas to Connect & Convert (Case Study)

Getting Attention

Learn more: Create personas to bridge the gap with your target audiences. Many nonprofits fall into the trap of believing that their audience is the general public, when the truth is that your supporters are much more nuanced than that. Put your audience first.

How Story Trumps Description (Nonprofit Storytelling #9)

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Nonprofit Storytelling #1-8. It’s no surprise that this approach wasn’t motivating target audiences to care or act. The Solution: 5-Star Storytelling That Is Meaningful, Memorable & Motivational. More Storytelling Guidance for You.

Charity: Water versus Water.org and the Tide of Social Media Storytelling (#npcomm Showdown)

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Earlier this summer, we started tracking the communications of pairs of national nonprofits working in the same space. Contributing writer Antionette Kerr is back with another edition, this time on social media storytelling and some bonus tips on Snapchat.

How NPR and PBS Engage Digital Audiences (An #npcomm Showdown)

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Earlier this summer, I mentioned that we’ve been tracking the communications of pairs of national nonprofits working in the same space. Antionette is a nonprofit leader, syndicated journalist and lover of poetry.

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Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators – December 20, 2019

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Let’s check out the best articles, posts, tips, and more from around the world of nonprofit marketing and fundraising. This week we have some writing tools, email subject lines examples, and combating racism in your storytelling. Nonprofit Training Opportunities for You.

Super Short is Super Sweet: Storytelling that Hooks Digital Donors

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When it comes to social media, visual marketing is a primary driver for connecting with audiences. In my Nonprofit Technology News Celebrity Forecasts for 2014 , one of the most cited themes among charity leaders was the importance of multi-channel fundraising. Jim Lynch.

Storytelling Q & A

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I asked for your storytelling questions at the beginning of March on Facebook, and answered a few of them with these posts: Three Stories Every Nonprofit Should Tell. Storytelling: Behind the Scenes at One Warm Coat. More Proof that Storytelling and Gratitude Payoff. Examples of Nonprofit Stories. Q: How do you incorporate storytelling when the people your organization serves are children? Can the communications that nonprofits create be ONLY stories?

Mixed Links: Good Stuff for Nonprofit Communicators

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In the end, it will be a lot easier for our Free Learning Center members and All-Access Pass holders , as well as anyone attending a webinar, to get their nonprofit marketing tips and training, but right now we’re working hard to get all the kinks worked out.

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Why You Need A Strategic Online Nonprofit Communications Plan

J Campbell Social Marketing

I have heard the same complaint from every single nonprofit client that I work with – they are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out by their always-growing marketing and fundraising To Do list. With a Strategic Online Nonprofit Communications Plan !

Register Now for Free Webinar on Thursday on Defining Your Target Audience

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How to Define, Research and Reach Your Target Audience.&# “Nonprofit Writing Stinks!&# P.S. Don’t forget, I’m also teaching “ Nonprofit Storytelling: How to Write Your Nonprofit’s Best Stories &# this Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at Noon Eastern (9:00 a.m.

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The 5 Best Nonprofit Digital Stories from TechSoup’s Storymakers Contest

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The landscape of communication is evolving at an exponential rate, and digital media creation is riding at the head of the wave. But what remains constant underneath all the change in this digital age is the steady pulse of community storytelling. Alexandra Ale Bezdikian.

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40k to 4 Million Views! Boost YOUR YouTube Video Views (Case Study)

Getting Attention

For success on YouTube, you need to produce quality content that your audience actually wants to watch. The irony is the changes that influenced this dramatic growth are techniques I’ve been telling other nonprofits to do for years.

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Make It Easy to Spread the Word (Case Study)

Getting Attention

He: Rekindles our connection in a flash, by referencing a digital storytelling contest we’re both judging. P.S. Get more in-depth case studies, templates and tools, and guidance for nonprofit marketing success in the twice-monthly Getting Attention e-update.

5 Steps to Discovering Great Stories for Your Organization (Even if You’re a Policy Organization)

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

As a nonprofit communications consultant and former communications director at TransForm, Marta Lindsey shares some tips on how you can still tell powerful stories even if you don’t have cute kids or puppies. Marta Lindsey.

In the Beginning: Nonprofit Founding Stories

Getting Attention

Julie is intrigued by storytelling, and the opportunity it offers to inspire donors and volunteers to act. In her trainings , Nancy Schwartz says that one of the six stories that every nonprofit needs to tell is its founding story.

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Unsuccessful #GivingTuesday? 3 Reasons Why You May Not Have Hit Your Goals

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Nonprofits raised nearly $2 billion on GivingTuesday in 2019. Don’t wait until December to communicate with donors. Start planning for next year NOW and be sure to communicate with your donors throughout the year. Nonprofit Communications

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The Biggest Mistake Nonprofits Make With Video

Getting Attention

Guest blogger, Annie Escobar is co-founder of ListenIn Pictures which produces compelling video stories for nonprofits. Creating engaging, sharable videos doesn’t seem to come naturally for most nonprofits and I think I know why.

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How to Connect Your Communications With Your Mission

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

When resources are limited and pressure is high, it’s easy to fall into bad habits with our communications. This is especially true in the nonprofit world, where communicators are constantly having to raise enough money to keep the lights on while also achieving the mission.

How to Translate Your Program Into a Compelling Video

Getting Attention

And it makes your audience feel something. Ask Questions that Lead to Storytelling. This is important because you want something about your work to stick with your audience. Video Annie Escobar Nonprofit Communications nonprofit storytelling

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How to Use Storytelling to Engage & Motivate Your Base -- Free Guide

Getting Attention

I was astonished to see how succinctly storytelling expert Andy Goodman summed up the must-dos in his NTEN Webinar, covered here by Fundraising Success. He's a consummate storyteller himself, but few folks can share their wisdom in such a clear way. Told in the language of the audience. 3. Download the free Nonprofit Tagline Report for must-dos, don't dos, case studies and 1,000+ nonprofit tagline examples!

Successful Online Fundraising Campaigns – Tips from @karvetski

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Kerri Karvetski is a wonderful nonprofit copywriter and online strategist (and she also teaches the webinars in our Social Media Starter Kit series ). Set Public Goals with Your Audience.

Why Stories Are Important for Nonprofits

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

“A story is a fact, wrapped in an emotion that compels us to take an action that transforms our world.” – Richard Maxwell and Robert Dickman in The Elements of Persuasion Starting in March, I will share more on how to write stories, but today we get down to the basics in case storytelling isn’t a priority at your nonprofit: Why Stories Work Easier to remember. Stories also work for nonprofits because they come in all shapes, sizes and forms. Storytelling

The RIGHT Way to Tell Your Story via Video

Getting Attention

Annie Escobar is co-founder of ListenIn Pictures which produces compelling video stories for nonprofits. I’m on a mission to end bad nonprofit video. You know, the boring, long, put-you-to-sleep video about what the nonprofit does and not why, how or results.

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40k to 4 Million Views! Boost YOUR YouTube Video Views (Case Study)

Getting Attention

For success on YouTube, you need to produce quality content that your audience actually wants to watch. The irony is the changes that influenced this dramatic growth are techniques I’ve been telling other nonprofits to do for years. Nonprofits (and I am sure for-profits too) often upload a video and put zero effort into the title, thumbnail, description, and tags. Although I preach to nonprofits about the importance of titles, Invisible People only had a first name.

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“You Talking to Me?” Using Personas for Better Communications

Mission Minded

Nonprofit Branding Nonprofit Copywriting Nonprofit Messaging Nonprofit communications Storytelling Uncategorized audience audience research chip heath communications dan heath don't mess with texas made to stick nancy schwartz nopnrofit marketing persona sarah r. In Chip Heath and Dan Heath’s book Made to Stick the authors share a story about how one of the most successful public education campaigns ever came to life.

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3 Ways to Give Your Nonprofit Some Character

Fundraising 123

Their tradition is still alive and well today, as the Mayo Clinic is the country''s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to medical research. Three very different causes, three iconic organizations, each with their own story steeped in the history of the nonprofit world. The first step in sharing your nonprofit story with the world is developing an honest and genuine marketing face. Let your audience get to know your organization.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Marketers and Fundraisers

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But here’s storytelling done right – Watch this Brilliant Second-by-Second Storytelling Masterpiece. Joanne Fritz is taking submissions for this month’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival until Saturday, July 25th. Nonprofit Training. Nonprofit Communications

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My Professional Development Plan: Get Lost on Purpose

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

In a field that is constantly changing and evolving, like nonprofit communications and marketing, it can be hard to create a professional development plan. With so many people learning nonprofit communications on the job, filling in those foundational gaps is important.

Is Your Content Too Wordy? Consider These 6 Alternative Formats

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Nonprofit leaders often complain about limited resources — and with good reason. After all, even the best-run nonprofits lack the money or the staff to accomplish everything they set out to do. Often, nonprofit websites and print materials are burdened with way too much text.

Want People to Share Your Story? Stop Making It So Hard! Do This Instead.

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A few weeks ago, in preparation for my Nonprofit Marketing Guide Tweet Like a Boss Pass Holder webinar, I had a wonderful conversation with Kids Are Heroes founder Gabe O’Neill. 9 Tips for Creating a “Share Your Story” Page On Your Nonprofit Website.

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Story Wars: Interview with Jonah Sachs, Part 1

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Thanks for talking with us today about how nonprofits can do better story telling. Tell me why it’s so important that nonprofits get this right. I actually believe that nonprofits — cause-based communications — actually will have a leg up.

The Rabbit Hole and Community Engagement

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

In this guest post, Beth Ann Spiegel shares a great example of what can happen when you really listen to your supporters and get to know your target audiences better. ~Kivi. Guest Post by Beth Ann Spiegel, Fund Development and Communications Associate of The Arc of Atlantic County.

Story Wars: Interview with Jonah Sachs, Part 2

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

We pick up with Jonah discussing how nonprofits can play the role of mentor in a story. The great stories of all time are great stories about rising to create social change, which I think is very exciting for nonprofits. So what else should nonprofits know about winning the story wars?

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Major Donors and Their No-Good Kids

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

I presented a “Storytelling for Fundraisers&# workshop in Wilmington, NC on Friday for the Cape Fear Region Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. So why should nonprofits be shy about talking about this motivation in their marketing and fundraising materials?

To Get Me from Passive to Active – Make Me Feel Something!

J Campbell Social Marketing

There is a misguided argument that I have heard recently from nonprofits, as they prepare their fundraising appeals or their online marketing campaigns: There is no way we can pull the heartstrings like this when telling stories. . As nonprofits, how can we compete?

Developing a Modern Public Relations Strategy

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Last month, Peter Panepento challenged nonprofits to Stop Approaching PR Like It’s 2007. This month’s he’s back to share more about how you can best reach your audience and cultivate relationships with the media. Peter Panepento.

! Jackpot of Comms Skills & Inspiration: #17NTC

Getting Attention

Liz Polay-Wettengel is National Director of Marketing and Communications for I nterfaithFamily , a Jewish non-profit based in Newton, MA. For three years in a row, my colleagues from InterfaithFamily and I have participated in the annual Nonprofit Tech Conference (from NTEN ).

What’s the Best Way to Use Your Key Messages in Video?

Mission Minded

With video, your audiences will simultaneously see and hear the [.]. Blog Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Messaging Nonprofit Web Performing Arts Storytelling Videos Videos don’t have to be highly produced to send effective messages; they just need deliberate wording that helps solidify your reputation. If you want a video to get people interested in your work, you have to be crystal clear in the messages you send them.

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