Don’t Get Suckered By This Facebook Myth

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Today I saw my friend post this status on her Facebook Timeline: I, FIRST LAST, as of November 6, 2013 9:18 Eastern time, do not give Facebook or any entities associated with Facebook permission to use my pictures, information, or posts, both past and future without monetary compensation.

The Heroes and Villains of the Give Local America Story #GiveDayLessons

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Kimbia will refund about 1/3 of the fees associated with the donations that were processed while the platform was still working.

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Cause Marketing in Your Grocer's Aisles

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But since 505 uses only the pink ribbon, which is not trademarked/copyrighted, no permission is required. Kitchen Basics Beef Stock This product carries a seal of approval from the American Heart Association. Also, all seals have a fee associated with them, which can be pretty hefty.

Six Tips on How To Make Your Website Pinterest Friendly

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Couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of conducting a members only web cast for the American Marketing Association on Pinterest. Last, but important since people are still hesitant to pin because of copyright issues*, indicate that you encourage pinning. Pinterest. Pinterest.

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Bayler Healthcare System Takes A Leap Into Pinterest: Interview with Ashley Howland (Part 1)

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Diva Marketing/Toby: With any social network initiative there are risks associated with active participating. They have made a lot of changes to their language about copyright issues, but the truth is their Terms of Service are very similar to other social networking sites as well.