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Yesterday I shared our Top Ten Blog Posts from 2012 , and today I want to share the Top Ten Articles for 2012 on , our main website, in case you missed them. These are the top article pages we added in 2012, not the top pages overall.

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Need Some Blog Post or Newsletter Article Ideas?

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All of Wild Woman’s Best Fundraising Advice of 2017…in One little Article.

Wild Woman Fundraising

What a crazy year! It has been so difficult, for so many of us. We have moved backwards in so many areas. And we have moved forward in others. But we still need to continue to push forward in 2018. And I want to help you get where you want to go. SO, what support do you need in the new year?

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Brief Article Teaches You the Ins and Outs of Making an Essay Longer and What You Should Do Today


You may additionally need to see the article to somebody to find out things that they think. There’s market for nearly anything you’re going to have the ability to dream upyou simply must come across it. So remember until you cover your exact amount of cash.

New Article Reveals the Low Down on Research Papaer Outline and Why You Must Take Action Today


All About Research Papaer Outline. The Way to Select the Proper Laboratory Coaching Program. Thus, it’s very critical for you personally. Remember you are going to end up overly hectic with distinct pursuits like you’re caught up by the deadline.

Responding to Outside Magazine's Article on

Cause Related Marketing

A second problem, says the author of the article, Bill Gifford, is that Armstrong wears Livestrong around him as a kind of armor against the darts being thrown his way by the likes of 60 Minutes , Sports Illustrated , the Outside article, and others. The February 2012 issue of Outside magazine has a critical assessment of LiveStrong, Lance Armstrong’s anti-cancer foundation that I feel obliged to respond to.

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Articles That Work in Nonprofit E-Newsletters

Fundraising 123

That blinking cursor on your screen is taunting you. You've set a deadline to send out this week's (month's/quarter's) e-newsletter, but you haven't progressed past "Summer Newsletter." " You've bolded this solo headline and played with italics. It's blue. green. orange. Yeah, orange! You've entered the land of e-stalling--putting off the composition of your e-newsletter because you're stumped for copy.

Changing the World One Article at a Time

Social Marketing and Social Change

My motto has been “Changing the world one article at a time.” He has authored nearly 200 journal articles, book chapters, and conference papers on topics that include impoverished consumer behavior, marketing ethics, corporate social responsibility, and public policy.

Notable Articles on Cause Marketing from Self Magazine's GOOD Initiative

Cause Related Marketing

Self Magazine, in conjunction with Ad Age, publishes periodic pieces on cause marketing as a part of its GOOD initiative.The tent pole of GOOD is a consumer research study of 2,700 women that highlights the emotional impact that cause marketing can have, especially as compared to traditional marketing.Here, then, are links to three articles from the GOOD newsletter archive that I find especially.

Article: Nonprofits may Not Profit from Charitable Texts

Blue Sky Collaborative

Nonprofits may Not Profit from Charitable Texts. Suprise! Kenny highlights an issue that we saw coming after the mobile giving fad in Haiti. TXT-to-give is inneficient and not cost effective. Apps on smartphones are the way to go.

Most Popular Articles of 2014: On Social Marketing and Social Change

Social Marketing and Social Change

In this post I review an article that demonstrates how a social marketing analysis and approach could strengthen a program that is designed to encourage environmentally sustainable behaviors. Thank you to the over 35,500 people who have visited this blog over the past year.

Grants for Arts Writers' Individual Article

Seeking Grant Money Today

In its 2008 cycle, the program will fund approximately 20 projects, in amounts ranging from $3,000 to $50,000 each, in the following categories: books; articles; short-form writing; and blogs/new and alternative media. The program is no longer accepting applications for article series, only for individual articles. From The Foundation Center.

Great Quick Article On Getting Sponsorships

Seeking Grant Money Today

Danielle Sonnenberg wrote the following piece for The It's a great quick synopsis on how the sponsorship relationship between companies and non profits works. Click on the following link to read the piece. How to Get Sponsorship for Your Non Profit dated 12/4/07.

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Three Contemporary Articles Discussing Findings Proving the Widening U.S. Class Disperity

Seeking Grant Money Today

Report Finds King's "Dream" Looks Bleak Unless New Alliances Converge" by Ruth McCambridge Specific to the nonprofit sector - this article discusses a recent study's findings indicating what the nonprofit sector could do to more closely approximate the goals of Dr. King's Dream. "Poll Finds Class Tension On Steep Rise, Especially Among Young Adults" by Ruth McCambridge "The Rise and Consequences of Inequality in the United States" by Alan B.

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really useful article on managing in hard times

Sea Change Strategies

This Bridgespan article is a good starting place for those still flailing around for direction. We’ve seen both the willy-nilly panic and the deer in the headlights panic.

How Nonprofits Can Use LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform

J Campbell Social Marketing

One effective way that nonprofits can use LinkedIn to accomplish their online marketing goals is to publish original long-form articles on the platform. 2) Choose a profile where you want the articles linked. 3) Write your first article. . 4) Make sure your article stands out.

4 Brand New Pinterest Features Nonprofits Should Know About

J Campbell Social Marketing

1) New Expanded Look For Pinned Articles. Pinterest is revamping the way they display article pins, and for good reason – Pinterest users pin more than 5 million articles every single day! Pinterest has been busy, busy, busy!

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Extend Your NGO's Reach With Wikipedia

Social Media Bird Brain

articles Just Giving outreach small NGO WikipediaSince I'm old, I remember the days when school report projects involved trips to the library and waiting and waiting for the volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica I needed to be freed up. In these internet days, knowledge is just a Google search away, but a lot of people prefer to look up their subject on Wikipedia. Not that it doesn't have its problems: there have been instances where.

Margaret Mead Predicts Social Science


According to the article, there are two main take-aways for those in the public health space: Public health campaigns might do well to target a small percentage of a community. According to the article, the research is still in its early stages.

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50+ Ideas on What You Can Blog About

Wild Woman Fundraising

Mazarine Treyz, with The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising and The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media. If you’re blogging and feeling stuck, you are not alone! Take it from someone who has blogged since 1999, blogging is HARD!

Ideas 217's August Newsletter Includes Two GREAT Articles: The Future of Fundraising, and Questions for Potential Board Members

Seeking Grant Money Today

I strongly recommend these two articles from 's August, 2007 Newsletter. Kay Sprinkel Grace, author of the second article, is an author who I've read and respect. August 6, 2007 article in August 2007 edition of the Newsletter; Copyright 2007, Kintera Inc.) What You Must Know to Excel at Fundraising Today (August 6, 2007 article in August 2007 edition of the Newsletter; Copyright 2006, Emerson & Church, Publishers).

#PHILANTHROPY: Zuckerberg’s Millions Suggest New Style Of Giving By Young

Non Profit Marketing 360

Related articles. Mark gives big again. Mark Zuckerberg always makes headlines, and few were as stunning as the ones he made in the fall of 2010 when he donated $100 million to the Newark, NJ school system ? a system with which he has no personal connections whatsoever.

#Development: Postal Service Rates To Rise on 27 January

Non Profit Marketing 360

Related articles. Forever stamps still good after the 27th. We have managed to put off the so-called ‘fiscal cliff’ for a couple of months, but we can’t avoid the changes in postal rates coming in a couple of weeks.

#COMMUNICATIONS: The Number One Way To Gain Site Or Blog Readership Is…

Non Profit Marketing 360

Related articles. If your nonprofit or your charity has any online presence at all, you want readers to engage your content, click through the link(s), visit the site, and get involved with money and/or time.

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#SOCIALNETWORKS: Facebook Stocks Being Sold Off & Facebook Accounts Not Expanding

Non Profit Marketing 360

In the buildup to the IPO, Facebook rather quietly established a few changes to its interface , including a ticker of “Trending Articles” and advertisements that might appear because a friend ‘liked’ the product in his or her account. Should nonprofits worry?

#TECH: Sometimes A Security Breach Is Just A Phonecall Away

Non Profit Marketing 360

Related articles. What's in your password? The dog days of summer are upon us. We long for an afternoon at the pool or a weekend at the beach before schools and the NFL kick off. The security of our email and our online shopping accounts probably aren’t on the top of our to-do lists.

#TECH: RSS Readers To Help Save Time & Sort Out News & Emails

Non Profit Marketing 360

RSS readers grab only the headline and a summary (or, if you adjust your settings, the entire article) of updates to websites, which means you don’t have to contend with advertising and you can scan the updates to focus on stories particularly relevant to you.

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#PROAGING: Technology Improves Exercise of Body And Brain

Non Profit Marketing 360

Aging Assisted Living Communications Community Fitness Health Independent Living News and Current Affairs Newspaper Article Nursing Home Resource Retirement Living Seniors Life Study Technology Wellness Baby Boomer Business Consumer Electronics Show design Marketing and Advertising ProAging

#CIVICS: Apple’s Billions In Tax Dodges Come Under Scrutiny

Non Profit Marketing 360

The Times’s website draws smart readers, of course, and the comments to the article are also well worth perusing. The corporation is in California, but not its tax liability. Apple Inc. is making it difficult to feel sympathy for Apple Inc.

#COMMUNICATIONS: A Storm & A Second Cause Disruptions That Remind Us Of Need For Vigilance (& Backups)

Non Profit Marketing 360

Related articles. 70+ mph winds and burning poles disrupt power If you live in the Mid-Atlantic region, then you might not be reading this blog on the Monday it was (hopefully!) posted. A freak and unpredicted storm ripped through the region Friday night ?

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#Aging: Health-Care Reform Showing Small Advantages For Medicare Recipients

Non Profit Marketing 360

Of course, as her articles point out, the ongoing recession-in-all-but-name continues to hurt older Americans (and non-whites ) much more than others. Shrinking, but not gone until 2020. Politics have roughed up most of our attitudes towards health reform.

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#SM4NP:! For Information ‘Curation’ & Social Interaction

Non Profit Marketing 360

”We interact with articles and other media all day long, so pulling it together under a central topic should fit into that flow.

#TECH: Google+ Gets Redesign To Emphasize Visuals & Customizations

Non Profit Marketing 360

Blogs Communications Dashboards Design How-to Media Review Newspaper Article Resource Reviews Site Administration Social Media Software Review Video Web and Print Web Design communication design Facebook Google Online Communities Social network Technology Vic Gundotra video YouTube

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#Philanthropy: As Steve Jobs The CEO Retires, Will Steve Jobs The Philanthropist Step Forward?

Non Profit Marketing 360

Andrew Ross Sorkin has a well-researched, insightful, and heartfelt article on the ‘Dealbook’ website of The New York Times that traces Steve Jobs’s public philanthropic role (a non-existent one) in light of his possible anonymous efforts and statements on the issue.

#SM4NP: Automate Your Google Searches To Follow Important Issues

Non Profit Marketing 360

Blogs Cause Marketing Communications Marketing Budget Marketing Skills Measurement Newspaper Article Nonprofit Public Media Research Site Administration Technology Charitable organization communication Google Google Alert Google Maps IPhone marketing Non-profit organization Social Media YouTube

#PUBLICPOLICY: Pressure Grows On Apple’s Supplier Foxconn

Non Profit Marketing 360

These are protestors of, not customers for, the new iPhone. The reputation of a nonprofit can make-or-break its efforts. Note the stunning blowback and reversal of the Susan G. Komen Foundation when it quietly tried to back out of its relationship with Planned Parenthood.

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#ProAging: Social Security Recipients Enjoy COLA For First Time In Two Years

Non Profit Marketing 360

Aging Civics Community Healthcare News and Current Affairs Newspaper Article Report Retirement Living Seniors Life Associated Press COLA Cost of Living Allowance economy Government Great Recession Medicare ProAging Retirement Social Security United States

#Aging: Social Security Recipients Enjoy COLA For First Time In Two Years

Non Profit Marketing 360

Aging Civics Community Healthcare News and Current Affairs Newspaper Article Report Retirement Living Seniors Life COLA Cost of Living Allowance economy Government Great Recession Medicare Social Security

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#Communications: Can We Trust AT&T – T-Mobile Merger Promises?

Non Profit Marketing 360

Communications eNewsletter iDevice Marketing National/International News and Current Affairs Newspaper Article Opinion Politics Public Relations TechnologyOr is the merger only promising to be a trust?

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#SM4NP: Kony 2012 Will Get A Sequel & More Context Today

Non Profit Marketing 360

Today is the day. Probably. As any Hollywood mogul will confirm, when your movie is watched by 100 million people, you need to make a sequel. That market is just too big to pass up. And the renown viral video Kony 2012 has been viewed well over 100 million times.

#PROAGING: Republican Budget Realigns Medicare But Ignores Long-Term Care

Non Profit Marketing 360

The macro-economics of aging over the next 40 years do not look great: the first Baby Boomers reached the age of Social-Security eligibility 15 months ago, but the crest of this so-called ‘Silver Tsunami’ will not come until about 2030. It will not recede for another couple of decades.

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#SM4NP: ‘Kony 2012? Still Stirs Engagement, Controversy, And Embarrassment

Non Profit Marketing 360

Director's breakdown raises further questions. The controversy surrounding the viral video ‘Kony 2012′ continues even as its views on YouTube surpass 85.4 million as I write.

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#ADVOCACY: Kony 2012 Sequel Not Going Viral, Nor Ending Debate

Non Profit Marketing 360

Too little too late? Last Thursday, Invisible Children released their tepidly anticipated sequel to the stunningly viral video Kony 2012 (over 100 million views).

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