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We are powered by an army of supporters who donate time, money, and pet food in good faith that their gifts are being used wisely and that they are investing in the long-term success of our program. Liesl Manone.

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Selfish Giving

Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships, Meals on Wheels (Arlington, VA) 4. Five years after the Ice Bucket Challenge , the ALS association explains how they spent the money. Let's get clear on the difference between a charity partnership vs. marketing partnership.

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Selfish Giving

Unless your City Year , The United Way , Product RED , or a handful of other special nonprofits, the money you raise from businesses isn't a big deal. As one development executive said to me, "I could cover all that money with one rich donor."

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Selfish Giving

Most of that money has come from red nose sales at Walgreens stores, which raised $20 million in 2017 alone. With over 8,000 stores, Walgreens was bound to sell a lot of noses and raise plenty of money. Since arriving in the U.S. in 2015, Red Nose Day has raised a whopping $145 million.

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