Now learn how to keep your donors with better automation! Interview with Justin Handley

Wild Woman Fundraising

This is Mazarine Treyz with Wild Woman Fundraising and today I am so pleased and happy to have Justin Handley here, who is going to talk about marketing automation at our Nonprofit Leadership Summit this September. But I also, since about 2004, have been working in marketing automation.

The Importance of Your Digital House

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Will they receive an automated email from us thanking them and providing them a receipt for tax purposes? Elizabeth Brigham. Today’s guest post reminds us not to forget about our websites in the age of social media. Kristina. Guest Post by Elizabeth Brigham.

API 172

Email Trends For 2011

The Agitator

Using APIs, email content is dynamically pulled from these various technologies and content platforms, delivering more personalized and relevant messages to each recipient. Significant increase in the use of marketing automation features. Here, from Loren McDonald of Silverpop, an ‘engagement marketing’ firm, is a good stab at email trends we might see in 2011.

Where's the Party At?

Marketing for Nonprofits Free, automated weblog publishing tool that sends updates to a site via FTP. API???? We're launching a new website at my company in a few months. If you're curious you can read this article.