Making Sense of Your Nonprofit’s Google Analytics

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Nonprofit’s Google Analytics. So you’ve set up a Google Analytics account, but think you could be using it in a much more powerful way? Google Analytics is a powerful tool for understanding what’s working, and what’s not, with your online marketing.

Take Your Online Marketing and Fundraising to the Next Level with Google Analytics

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The answer is Google Analytics. You can use Google Analytics to find out what’s working (and what’s not) with your online marketing and fundraising. But navigating Google Analytics can be tricky. Do you know how well your social media campaigns are really doing?

Fundraising Analytics for the Small Nonprofit

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The post Fundraising Analytics for the Small Nonprofit appeared first on Fundraising Report Card. Organizations of all sizes can benefit from analyzing their data. Here’s what your small shop could, and should, be doing. Analysis

3 simple steps to conduct predictive analytics on a shoestring budget


Predictive analytical modeling can help you understand and predict who might likely become a major or planned gift donor for your nonprofit fundraising efforts. But, most organizations can’t afford sophisticated predictive analytical modeling. .

Your Google Analytics Questions Answered!

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When you use Google Analytics , you'll have true visibility into what your visitors do online. With Google Analytics you'll be armed with the information you need to change your web site to drive conversion. Check out the recording of our webinar for an overview of Google Analytics, as well as some real world examples of nonprofit websites and easy improvements they could make to increase the efficacy of their pages.

A Nonprofit's Guide to Event Fundraising Analytics

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It’s called Analyze This: A Nonprofit’s Guide to Event Fundraising Analytics. This 18-page guide is designed to help event fundraisers move beyond only reporting the past and start using analytics to predict the future. A case study featuring the Komen Global Race for the Cure highlights how analytics helped formulate the steps the organization took to transform their highly attended event into a strong fundraising event.

50 Resources for Getting the Most Out of Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is a very useful free tool for tracking site statistics. The resources below will help anyone, from the beginner to those who have been using Google Analytics for some time, learn how to get the most out of this great tool. For Beginners The following list of links will help you get started with Google Analytics from setup to understanding what data is being presented by Google Analytics.

7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Nonprofit Marketing Impact with Google Analytics

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Google Analytics are an an incredibly easy and cheap (no cost, beyond your time) way to evaluate what’s working best on your website and blog by measuring user behavior. But here’s the problem — I bet most of you (both nonprofit communicators and fundraisers) don’t use analytics data, even if the tool is set up. That means 1/3 of you don’t think website analytics are not important to your work.

Interview with Tamar Rimmon: Analytics Without The Glazed Over Look

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About Tamar Rimmon - Tamar is Senior Manager of Analytics and Audience Development at Conde Nast. Toby/Diva Marketing: As Senior Manager of Analytics and Audience Development your days are filled with numbers. Often the people that ask for analytic reports may not live in your world.

Fundraising Flat Says Target Analytics

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Target Analytics has just released its Index of National Fundraising Performance for the 12 months of activity through the 2 nd Quarter of 2010. Here’s a summary of Target Analytics report: Donor declines continued in the first half of 2010, but were smaller in magnitude than were in 2009, partly because of the Haiti-related giving.

Acquisition: Predictive Analytics And The Presidency

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Alas, when it comes to tapping into the power of modeling and predictive analytics to improve our acquisition results, all this ‘business-as-usual’ chatter adds up to a big lump of stupidity. In business, predictive analytics – and the term encompasses a wide variety of statistical techniques from modeling to data mining and machine learning — exploit patterns found in historical and transactional data to identify risks and opportunities.

Web Analytics Master Certification from Market Motive

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I’m deep into getting my master certification from Market Motive in web analytics, so you should start to see more analytical post from me soon! Tagged: web analytics. Tags: web analytics In the meantime, I would encourage you to read my “professors&# blog: Occam’s Razor.

Is Your Nonprofit Facebook Page Worth It? Measurements and Analytics Techniques

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Shabbir Imber Safdar and Shayna Englin have studied data from the last year of the US Fund for UNICEF's Facebook page and Google Analytics data for their website. As the company has grown, Shabbir has turned to his first love, measurable client work, in order to service key clients and consult on the analytics needs of several others. He provides analytics services to nonprofits and online communications strategy advice to brands online.

Adding Google analytics to your Facebook Fan Page

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I thought this article would be useful for folks interested in tracking actions on their Facebook Fan pages using Google Analytics. Tagged: facebook , Google Analytics. Tags: SEM facebook Google Analytics

5 Fundraising Metrics Worth Monitoring in Google Analytics

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David shares some helpful hints on tracking and interpreting key fundraising metrics through Google Analytics.]. But profit isn’t easily tracked in most analytics tools since most tools are unaware of your expenses. So while you need to be mindful of your expenses, when using your analytics tool you’ll likely focus on revenue instead of profit.

Fundraising Evolution – Weathering the Storm: Reporting versus Analytics

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   The era of informed, analytics-driven decisions and strategies is upon us.     That is to say, in many cases the “creative thinkers” have wrongly attributed the title of “analytics” to what is in fact “reporting”.

Fundraising metrics: you have to see them to believe them


So about 18 months ago I figured fundraisers probably felt the same way and I started developing a neat new tool to help folks ‘visualize’ their analytics. I always hated when my staff sent me an Excel file showing our astounding growth.

Social Analytics Meet Community Engagement

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The title of this post isn’t from me, it’s from Lucy Bernholz who is being awfully smart again over at P2173. She recently wrote about what I believe is the next phase of development in the arena of social media for social change. In Lucy’s words, “Finding the ways in which “data trails on the [.].

10 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Nonprofit Email List

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10) Analyze efforts and improve with Google Analytics. Set up the free website traffic tool Google Analytics on your website, and find out which of your social media platforms are delivering the most email sign-ups.

List 245

Google Analytics: Cool charts but what do they mean?!

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Here are the highlights of how Google Analytics helps us find out things that really matter: Who are our visitors? Then Google Analytics will tell you the results of that campaign—and you can compare it to other campaigns. Understand if you’re reaching the right people : Google Analytics will tell you if you’re hitting your key audience geographically.

Fundraising Remains Flat in Q2, Says Target Analytics

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According to Target Analytics , the 81 organizations it tracks had essentially flat revenue and donor growth from the first half of 2009 to the first half of 2010. It’s hardly breaking news, but this is a tough time to raise money. Fundraising, like our economy, is stalled. Giving is not growing - except online. Religious groups are faring okay but the the arts/cultural and health sectors are seriously hurting. My friends at the Agitator did a nice job analyzing the report here.

Using Data Well Tops 2016 Nonprofit Marketing Priorities

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Organizations will “re-engineer internal marketing roles and responsibilities with a greater focus on [building] an analytically driven department,” reports Marketing Insider. Trends 2016 analytics data marketing trends Nonprofit Communications nonprofit marketing

How to Use Google Analytics to Improve Your Website (Without Drowning in Data)

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Philip King of Artez is returing the favor (virtually) on October 5 by speaking to the Network for Good community on the topic of Google Analytics. Join this webinar to get practical ideas you can use to tune-up your website before the holiday rush, including: • A brief introduction and overview of how Google Analytics works. • Next week, I’m going to Toronto to speak at the Artez Interactive conference.

Can charities outflank Apple?


Fundraising best practices for fundraising best practices for planned giving charity blog Philanthropy share of customer definition share of customer examples share of wallet analytics share of wallet survey questions size of wallet size of wallet marketing StrategyThink about this. The newest Apple iPhone costs about $1,000. In the past, it was about $600. Some 80 million people bought the iPhone X so far. Maybe more. So guess what?

Doing What You Can with What You Have: Data Made Revolutionary

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Steve delivered findings from a predictive analytics project we did with a client. Its goal is to leverage JCA’s deep expertise in nonprofits and BI to make analytics approachable, affordable, and, most importantly, results-oriented.

Is Your Nonprofit Facebook Page Worth It? Measurements and Analytics Techniques

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A website analytics tool (like Google Analytics). • When I’m speaking to nonprofit professionals about social media, the first question they want answered is this: “Do we really need a Facebook page?” That is unless they already have a page for their organization. Then they want to know: “How do I get more people to like me on. Facebook?”). My answer is usually along the lines of, “It depends.”. It’s not the answer they want, but it’s the right answer.

Are you measuring the right performance metrics?


Related Posts: >> 3 simple steps to conduct predictive analytics on a shoestring budget. >> Einstein once said: “Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts.”

How to Measure the Performance of your Government Social Media Initiative

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Social Media Analytic s (e.g. Social Media Analytics. Measurement analytics impact performance measurement reporting ROI Social Media This post is based on a comment I left on the following OECD blog post the other week : Measuring government impact in a social media world.

Finding the Pony in the Charity Commission Report

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Breaking Out of the Status Quo Fundraising analytics / data Nonprofit branding Nonprofit management Testing Uncategorized premiumDidja hear the one about the two kids: one an extreme pessimist, the other an extreme optimist?

3 Truths And 1 Lie About Online And Offline Donors

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Steve MacLaughlin , Blackbaud’s VP of Data and Analytics, in a Huffington Post titled 3 Truths and 1 Lie about Online Donors , reviewed the online and offline giving habits of more than 6.5 Do you really understand the difference between online and offline donors?

Why I Hate the Donor Pyramid

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Breaking Out of the Status Quo Donor Centricity Fundraising analytics / data Metrics Planned giving / legacy marketing Uncategorized premiumAll pyramids are lies: They have a dishonest scheme named after them. They will not keep your razor blades sharp or apples fresh.

Download And Read Before Fundraising Implodes

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Over the past week, we renewed our exploration of what’s wrong with nonprofit fundraising. Here and here we dealt mainly with how fundraisers are viewed and treated by their organizations and by each other. Of course, that’s only a small part of the story — some of the symptoms.

Is A Donate Button Coming To Twitter?

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The Buy button, combined with the opening up of the Twitter analytics dashboard to all (it was previously only open to advertisers), nonprofits are in a much better position to fully understand their reach on Twitter, what works and what falls flat. photo credit: mkhmarketing via photopin cc.

Fundraising Metrics That Matter

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Breaking Out of the Status Quo Direct mail Donor retention / loyalty / commitment DonorTrends / DonorVoice Fundraising analytics / data Nonprofit management premiumYesterday I explored ‘vanity metrics’ and briefly explained why they’re not very helpful for serious decision-making.

Stuck On the Bottom Line

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A New Fundraising Classic

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Researched and written by Steve MacLaughlin, Blackbaud’s Director of Analytics, Data Driven Nonprofits is to the ‘science’ of fundraising what Ken Burnett’s Relationship Fundraising is to the ‘art’ of fundraising.

The Curse of Fundraising Innumeracy

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Donor retention / loyalty / commitment Fundraising analytics / data premiumLots of good stuff apparently came out of last week’s International Fundraising Conference and we’ll be reporting on some of that in the near future.

2017: “The year charitable giving bounced back.”

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With the Report in hand I reached out to Steve MacLaughlin , Blackbaud’s VP of Data & Analytics and author of what I consider a fundraising classic Data Driven Nonprofits.

The Tragedy of the Donor Commons

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Direct mail Donor acquisition Donor retention / loyalty / commitment Fundraising analytics / data Metrics Nonprofit management Research Uncategorized premium“Picture a pasture open to all.

What Ask String Works Best?

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Behavioral Science Breaking Out of the Status Quo Copywriting / creative Direct mail DonorTrends / DonorVoice Fundraising analytics / data Integrated fundraising and marketing Metrics Research Testing Uncategorized premium

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