How Can Nonprofits Communicate to Two Americas?

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At Nonprofit Marketing Guide, we are all about helping communications directors do the best job possible for their organizations and to do the work with purpose, enthusiasm, and integrity. It’s true that some nonprofits work hard to be apolitical or to stay neutral.

One Lesson from the #iGiveLocal “Give Local America” Fiasco

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Yesterday, May 3, was Give Local America Day. In many of the 50+ communities that participated, today — May 4 — is now also Give Local America Day.

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The Heroes and Villains of the Give Local America Story #GiveDayLessons

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We’ve heard some great episodic stories about what happened last week with Give Local America Day. Or will they do the heroic thing, and lead transparent and inclusive conversations about what worked well and what didn’t? Limited-time free software (that didn’t work)?

How to Use a Notable Day to Spur Engagement, Action & List-Building(Case Study: Oxfam America)

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But today, I want to share with you the particularly compelling, creative and all-inclusive campaign launched by Oxfam America(OA) around its International Women’s Day 2012 Award. But Oxfam America Didn’t Stop There, They…. Oxfam America implemented an admirable (e.g.

Work Your Proper Hours

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Work Your Proper Hours! Why is staying late equivocated to working hard? You could probably get all of your work done in 3 hours and have the rest of the day to play. Their article is called: Work Your Proper Hours: A Campaign Against Unpaid Overtime.

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Why the #IceBucketChallenge works

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America’s Funniest Home Videos can’t even compare! Are your social networks full of friends being doused in icy water? You’ve witnessed the #IceBucketChallenge.

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Will Social Media Influence The Travel Channel Launch's of "Deep Fried America?" An interview with host Jay Ducote

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What makes Jay especially relevant to the Diva Marketing community is his use of social media, aka Social TV, to promote his on-air opportunity on the Food Network and to leverage the social buzz to encourage Scripps Networks Interactive to pick up the Deep Fried America pilot.

Corporate Support for National Parks: America's Best Idea

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Steve Casimiro , writing in Adventure Journal , is downright angry: "What a sad day, when America's best idea has to whore itself for a few dollars here and there." And since they are the largest generation in America, companies can't live without them. Photo via mkfeeney on Flickr.

Your Print Nonprofit Annual Report Can Work Wonders (Case Study via Tom Ahern)

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He speaks internationally and has clients across North America. The Rhode Island Foundation is one of America’s oldest community foundations (est. Welcome to our newest guest blogger, Tom Ahern. Tom is a leading expert on making donor communications more successful.

Give Local America: An opportunity to grow online

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Network for Good is happy to partner with Kimbia to extend the reach of Give Local America , a nation-wide giving day that marks the 100-year milestone of community foundations in the United States. Give Local America uses the power and pride of local communities to tie it all together.

Do you have a “super job”?

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It said, “Speeded up, more work for no pay.&# Mother Jones Cover, More Work, No Pay. “Increasingly, US workers are also falling prey to what we’ll call offloading: cutting jobs and dumping the work onto the remaining staff.

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Moving up in your nonprofit: How does it work?

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Do you ever have the sneaking suspicion that no matter how hard you work, you won’t advance? Look at the latenight lineup in America. Could it be that we have similar gender biases in North America? It’s not about “balancing work and a family.”

How DecentWork can take your nonprofit to the next level: Interview with Cathy Taylor, Executive Director, Ontario Nonprofit Network

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So what I’m trying to figure out with your presentation at the Next Level Fundraising Virtual Conference is what do we take for granted about our nonprofit work? Our goal is really to work with them to create an enabling environment for the nonprofit sector to really thrive in Ontario.

Why you are so motivated in your work

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When we think about what motivates people at work, some cliches come out. But as someone working for a mission you know it’s something else—altruism. It works in most places. His research shows generosity at work is a strong motivator that spurs increased productivity and creativity. Early in his career, Grant worked with a demoralized call center to show the positive effects of altruism.

5 Very Inspiring Nonprofit Fundraising Campaigns for Mother’s Day

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Oxfam America. Oxfam America has a similar strategy to UNICEF. Northwestern Medicine does a fantastic job overall on Pinterest, showcasing Patient Stories and featuring a behind the scenes look at the doctors who work there.

5 Inspiring Nonprofit Online Campaigns for Mother’s Day

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Oxfam America. Oxfam America has a similar strategy to UNICEF. Northwestern Medicine does a fantastic job overall on Pinterest, showcasing Patient Stories and featuring a behind the scenes look at the doctors who work there.

400 Americans have more wealth than half of all Americans combined.

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America Is NOT Broke. America is not broke. Contrary to what those in power would like you to believe so that you’ll give up your pension, cut your wages, and settle for the life your great-grandparents had, America is not broke. The United States of America.

The World Series of Cause Marketing

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Those causes are: Welcome Back Veterans; the Roberto Clemente Award; Boys and Girls Clubs of America; and Stand Up to Cancer. Remember, people don’t get worked up over statistics of millions of people in jeopardy. Imagine if Chevy and MLB offered a ‘Roberto Clemente Fellowship’ to a few hundred young fans to spend three months or six months doing service in rural Latin America, where Clemente did so much humanitarian work.

Five tectonic technology shifts changing our world, our work and our potential

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The title of this post is the name of a speech I gave yesterday in Charlotte for the Bank of America Neighborhood Builders Leadership Program. You want at least three kinds of messengers: - People on the front lines of your work (front lines staff, volunteers, beneficiaries) who can speak authentically about the change they see. Fans who will champion your work within their circles of influence.

Book Review: Pam Slim’s Body of Work

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Then she was a program assistant for the Marin Community Foundation before jumping into corporate America. Why does a bo dy of work matter? Here is one of the checklists from Body of Work that I really liked. This experience is: Preparing me to do great work.

How You Can Get More Money Through Direct Mail: Interview with Jules Brown of “Dear Joan”

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Over the last four years his work has raised more than US$16 million worth of funds for leading charities, NGOs and community groups worldwide. Jules: I’ve always worked in advertising and marketing. Find a strong case study that demonstrates your work well for every appeal send out.

A Clever Cause Marketing Campaign from Snickers and Feeding America

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Here’s how it works: Snickers is donating the cost of 2.5 million meals to Feeding America, the nation’s leading hunger-relief charity. Tags: Snickers Kind Healthy Snacks Lowe's Home Depot Feeding America

Here’s a way to achieve work-life balance at your nonprofit job

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She and I have been working together for the last year and I’ve just got so many incredible thing from working with her and things I think you need to know as a nonprofit professional and a fundraising professional. Let’s see what works for you, right?

4 Cause Marketing Campaigns, 3 Causes, 1 Day

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They do important work. But if you’ve got people full of personality actively drumming up business, this could work just fine. equals one meal secured by Feeding America on behalf of local food banks.” Donating to Feeding America, therefore, offers a kind of multiplier effect.

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Cause Marketing Patriots and Public Servants

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In the first the local Toyota Dealers group offers Military, Fire, Police (MFP) a 10% discount off vehicle repair work, up to a maximum discount of $50. Hoopes Vision Firedog Across America Pepsi Toyota Police Cause Marketing Firefighter Cause Marketing Military Cause Marketing Lowe's

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How To Check Out: Reading the magazine covers in the grocery line

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Why are we “entertaining” ourselves when 1 in 3 people in America are in poverty or dangerously close to it? What if we worked to get a political system that reflected us, a department of peace instead of a department of homeland security?

Reflections on America's Giving Challenge

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We're excited to share with you today the America's Giving Challenge Assessment and Reflection Report , authored by Beth Kanter and Allison Fine. We think it helps paint a picture of what worked particularly well and what could be improved in future challenges -- both here at the Case Foundation and at other organizations experimenting with similar online competitions.

America’s Families Speak Out

A. Fine Blog

Suphatra Laviolette of the Margueritte Casey Foundation in Seattle reached out to me to tell me about their recent effort called America’s Families Speak Out. Uncategorized America's Families Speak Out Marguerite Casey Foundation

Girl Scouts of America Subtly Changes its Logo

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What do you do when you're a 98-year-old institution and you think your logo doesn't quite work anymore?Girls Girls Scouts of the USA, the world's largest organization for girls, recently updated theirs in a very subtle way.(The The photo illustration comes from Fast Company magazine).I


#Philanthropy: Get Involved With Some Of The Biggest Corporate Donors

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Wal-Mart also gives to a surprising breadth of organizations working on issues like hunger, primary and higher education, natural-disaster relief, and support to military families. Bank Of America is listed on The Foundation Center ‘s list as having given $190,668,042 in 2009.

America's Giving Challenge: Assessment and Reflection Report

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This reflection paper provides an honest assessment of what worked well and what could be improved as more organizations look to adopt similar approaches that engage the public in new ways to raise money and awareness for causes they care about. Thousands of individuals competed for donors, donations, and matching awards for their favorite charitable causes as part of the Case Foundation’s first-ever Giving Challenge.

Gamifying Cause Marketing

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How would this work? Imagine, then, that as you pass levels in the chef’s game that a donation is triggered for Feeding America, one the company’s favored causes. Gold's Gym Will Ferrell Plus 3 Network Ron Burgandy University of Phoenix Gamifying Cause Marketing General Mills Zynga Cheesecake Factory Gamification Coke Nike Feeding America

Cause Marketing from Kathy Ireland

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Target does a lot of work with St. Penney supports after-school programs at 4-H and Boys and Girls Clubs of America. National CASA Association Make-A-Wish Jewelers for Children Boys and Girls Club of America National 4-H St.

Back Door the National by Cause Marketing With the Affiliate

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But if you want to get the boost that comes from partnering with a prominent national charity, but don’t want to jump through the hoops or pay their fat minimum fees, one work-around is to strike a deal with one of the national’s affiliates. Boys and Girls Club of America Susan G.

Cause Marketing and Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For List

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Fortune magazine just published its annual “ 100 Best Companies to Work for ” list and I wondered, how many of these companies are also known for their cause marketing? Publix The 100 Best Companies to Work For

DIY Charity Walk

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Here’s how KindWalk works. KindWalk March of Dimes Volksmarsch Boy Scouts of America Social Media March for Babies Scout-a-Rama

Cause Marketing to Santa Babies

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As many as 17 million diapers will go to Feeding America, the large food bank, and as many as 2 million will go to Food Banks Canada. Moms struggling with diaper need are more likely to miss school or work.

How do you de-stress at work?

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Do you work in the nonprofit or charity sector? Even if you’re not working, it can be crazy, trying to look for a job. During times like these, it’s important to be compassionate with each other at work and at home. How are you de-stressing at work?

Adding a MacGuffin to Your Cause Marketing Effort

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In the aftermath of the Haiti Earthquake, cause marketing campaigns sprouted up spontaneously and they worked. Same with Alicia Keyes and her charity work on behalf of Keep a Child Alive. Alicia Keys John Huston Feeding America

Do you work at an arts organization?

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I think Seattle has to be one of the top cities for museum innovation in America. This is the first time I’ve ever seen this happen, and I hope that this leads to greater curation collaboration between Indian tribes in North America and museums. The Wing Asian Museum, Seattle.