How Can Nonprofits Communicate to Two Americas?

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The news media has dubbed the divide the “Two Americas” and for lack of a better term, we’ll go with that. So, how do you, as a communications professional, deal with this “Two Americas” reality? It’s the figurative wall between two Americas.

How the Hemophilia Federation of America Created Their Thank You Video

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If you don’t think you can pull together a thank-you video quickly, Emily Roush-Bobolz, Communications Manager at the Hemophilia Federation of America shares how she did just that. Emily Roush-Bobolz is the Communications Manager for Hemophilia Federation of America.

One Lesson from the #iGiveLocal “Give Local America” Fiasco

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Yesterday, May 3, was Give Local America Day. In many of the 50+ communities that participated, today — May 4 — is now also Give Local America Day.

How Your Nonprofit Should Communicate to a Divided America

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Next week, we are hosting a brand new webinar on a very important topic: How Your Nonprofit Should Communicate to a Divided America. featuring Peter Panepento. Thursday, January 26, 2017. 1:00 p.m. Eastern (10:00 a.m. Pacific). Registration is $50 or free with an All-Access Pass.

Trump Is Actually Making America Great Again

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brought a gem from Agitator regular Pamela Grow who wrote: “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it looks like Trump is actually making America great again. Here at Agitator Global HQ we never know what’s going to pop out of the morning mail bag.

How to Use a Notable Day to Spur Engagement, Action & List-Building(Case Study: Oxfam America)

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But today, I want to share with you the particularly compelling, creative and all-inclusive campaign launched by Oxfam America(OA) around its International Women’s Day 2012 Award. But Oxfam America Didn’t Stop There, They…. Oxfam America implemented an admirable (e.g.

Made in America Cause Marketing

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Liberty Bottleworks fabricates rugged water bottles in brand-new factory in Yakima, Washington of recycled aluminum and using America-made machinery. Liberty is the only company making metal water bottles in America today.

Ep193: Virgin America's 'Operation Chihuahua' Airlifts Dogs to Forever Homes

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Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to Abby Lunardini , Vice President of Brand Marketing and Communications at Virgin America , about #TinyDogsTinyFares. On the show, Megan, Abby and I discuss: Abby Lunardini, Virgin America.

America’s Giving Challenge #2

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America’s Giving Challenge is one of my favorite online fundraising competitions. America’s Giving Challenge is a 30-day competition, running until November 6th that allows causes to compete for cash awards by inspiring the most people to donate to their cause, regardless of the dollar amount. Last year the Causes application on Facebook raised over $600,000 for nonprofits during the challenge.

The Next America

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I’ve barely cracked the binding on Paul Taylor’s new book, The Next America , and already I’m hugely impressed. The book is grounded in boatloads of well-organized data about America’s shifting demographics and the cultural and political attitudes of our various population segments, as well as their economic prospects, gleaned from the extensive studies of the Pew Research Center.

A Clever Cause Marketing Campaign from Snickers and Feeding America

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million meals to Feeding America, the nation’s leading hunger-relief charity. Tags: Snickers Kind Healthy Snacks Lowe's Home Depot Feeding America Back in August I bought this cause-marketed Snickers bar during my fourth trip of the day to Home Depot. (Is

America’s New Mobile Majority

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Nielsen refers to “America’s New Mobile Majority” reporting that 50.4% Thanks to the Agitator readers who got back to us regarding their mobile reading of our blog. Sounds like plenty of subscribers read via mobile, mostly on their way to work.

Cashing In. God Bless America.

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Just a few hours ago Tom and I were engaged in our semi-weekly food fight and screaming session about what posts will — and won’t — make it for the coming week. On one thing we agreed.

Ep263: Partnership for a Healthier America on Growing, Managing a Successful Corporate Partnership Program

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Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to Adrienne Weil , Vice President of Partnerships at Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) about how they approach corporate partnerships, cause marketing and measuring the impact of both.

3 Cause Marketing Lessons from Rural America's Go-To Store

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Source: Wall Street Journal There's a fascinating article in this week's Wall Street Journal on how discount retailer Dollar General is thriving in rural America. Sadly, as you'll learn in the article, the reason Dollar General is thriving is because rural America is not.

Reflections on America's Giving Challenge

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We're excited to share with you today the America's Giving Challenge Assessment and Reflection Report , authored by Beth Kanter and Allison Fine. When the Case Foundation team launched our first online Giving Challenge in December of 2007, to test a new way of giving online, I’ll be the first to admit we didn’t know what to expect with our online “experiment.” It was late in the year. The holiday season was in full swing. We didn’t have much lead time for traditional marketing.

Firedog Across America

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More is MoreThis ad for Firedog Across America ran in the local newspaper last month. Tags: Firedog Across America Determining donation amounts More is more In the campaign people are invited to submit an essay that describes how a local firehouse has been a service to the community.Firedog is the digital technology services division of electronics retailer Circuit City.Ten firehouses will receive donations of $20,000 each and an additional $100,000 grand prize will.

Corporate Support for National Parks: America's Best Idea

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Steve Casimiro , writing in Adventure Journal , is downright angry: "What a sad day, when America's best idea has to whore itself for a few dollars here and there." And since they are the largest generation in America, companies can't live without them. Photo via mkfeeney on Flickr.

America’s Families Speak Out

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Suphatra Laviolette of the Margueritte Casey Foundation in Seattle reached out to me to tell me about their recent effort called America’s Families Speak Out. Uncategorized America's Families Speak Out Marguerite Casey Foundation

Sexism in America! READ IT! KNOW IT! DO SOMETHING!

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Barbara Berg wrote “Sexism in America&#. READ THIS BOOK. This is shocking. Subscribe to the comments for this post? Share this on Digg this! Post on Google Buzz. Stumble upon something good? Share it on StumbleUpon. Tweet This! Share this on LinkedIn. Get Shareaholic

Newsletter: Best Channels for Recruiting Corporate Partners; Golden Halo Winners ; 'Plogging' Arrives in America ???

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The company is working with Keep America Beautiful to bring this enviro-fitness craze to the states! The Halo Awards are North America’s highest honor for corporate social initiatives and cause marketing. Corporate America has discovered its next ad slogan: #MeToo.

Who is volunteering in America?

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The Corporation for National and Community Service shares this great data on volunteering. Can’t see it in this post? Go here.). Parents clearly invest a lot of time in their children’s schools, which is a gratifying thing to remember

America's Giving Challenge: Assessment and Reflection Report

Fundraising 123

Thousands of individuals competed for donors, donations, and matching awards for their favorite charitable causes as part of the Case Foundation’s first-ever Giving Challenge. The Challenge introduced emerging technologies to millions of people and helped give new significance to the power of individual donors and small donations.

7 Key Takeaways for Cause Marketers from America's Checkout Champions Report [SPONSORED]

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If you haven't checked out the 2017 America's Charity Checkout Champions report, it's a must-read for anyone in the cause marketing space. Congratulations to the Engage for Good team for putting together such an outstanding resource!

Blogging Lessons from Make-a-Wish America

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Wish Nation is the official blog for Make-a-Wish America. Justin Schmid and Jennifer Parsons, Wish Nation collaborators, have learned a lot since starting the blog over a year ago. I had the chance to chat with them about the success of Wish Nation and what they’ve learned since the launch. If you’re interested in launching a blog for your nonprofit, check out the highlights from our conversation and some actionable tips to help you get the blog process started at your organization

Newsletter: Are Networking Events Worth it? ; CauseTalk Radio Goes on Hiatus ; The Most Charitable, Most Hated Industry in America is.

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Director, New Partnerships, Southwest Region Development, Feeding America (Los Angeles, Houston or Dallas) 2. Freakonomics explores why the most vilified industry in America is also the most charitable. ??Consumers Years ago I used to work for a chamber that hosted networking events.

America’s Giving Challenge Reflections

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America’s Giving Challenge concluded last week. Tags: Social Media america's giving challenge The Aspen Institute The Case Foundation The Nonprofit Times W.K. The event, the second such challenge, was sponsored by The Case Foundation ($150,000), The Aspen Institute’s Program on Philanthropy & Social Innovation ($20,000) and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation ($75,000).

Girl Scouts of America Subtly Changes its Logo

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What do you do when you're a 98-year-old institution and you think your logo doesn't quite work anymore?Girls Girls Scouts of the USA, the world's largest organization for girls, recently updated theirs in a very subtle way.(The The photo illustration comes from Fast Company magazine).I

Newsletter: Are Companies Just.Selfish? ; Royal Wedding Marries Companies, Causes ; Best Social Media from America's Top 50 Hospitals

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His team has a new free report on the best social media from America's top 50 hospitals. The big news this week is that I'm at the Engage for Good Conference in Chicago Wednesday and Thursday. For cause marketing geeks like me #EFG2018 is like dying and going to heaven! It's that much fun!

Eat Your Heart Out, America!

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Rapidata, the UK’s leading processor of direct-debit charitable and commercial transactions, has just released a massive study of monthly giving in the UK , with a special focus on 2008 to 2009 comparisons. To put this in context, 37% of donors in the UK are monthly givers, and such giving amounts to 31% of the giving total.

Feeding America’s Online Video Campaign

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Here’s a description of the online video campaign being conducted by Feeding America in support of Hunger Action Month in September. The Feeding America widgets allow people to click to ‘Get Involved’ by entering their Zip codes to find a local food bank and events calendar, as well as submit contact information to receive email updates and share via Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Blogger, and other platforms.

Give Local America: An opportunity to grow online

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Network for Good is happy to partner with Kimbia to extend the reach of Give Local America , a nation-wide giving day that marks the 100-year milestone of community foundations in the United States. Give Local America uses the power and pride of local communities to tie it all together.

From Kosovo to America, This Causepreneur Wears His Heart on a Tee

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This is a sponsored post for OneBillionShirts.or OBS is leveraging the billion dollar custom tee shirt industry to create a brand new fundraising stream for charity and nonprofit organizations. is a proud sponsor of and CauseTalk Radio.

Will Social Media Influence The Travel Channel Launch's of "Deep Fried America?" An interview with host Jay Ducote

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What makes Jay especially relevant to the Diva Marketing community is his use of social media, aka Social TV, to promote his on-air opportunity on the Food Network and to leverage the social buzz to encourage Scripps Networks Interactive to pick up the Deep Fried America pilot.

Causes on Facebook: Partner Center, Application Redesign and America's Giving Challenge, Oh My!

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In this free training sponsored by Kenneth Cole Productions, Matthew Mahan, who manages nonprofit relations and business development at Causes, will share Causes' new Partner Center for nonprofits, a redesign of the application on Facebook, and information about the upcoming America's Giving Challenge. Matthew joined Causes after teaching middle school through Teach for America building irrigation systems in Bolivia through a Rockefeller Fellowship.

Grants for Nonprofits Serving Men With HIV/AIDS in Latin America

Seeking Grant Money Today

Grassroots nonprofit organizations led by or closely linked to MSM/LGBT communities in low- and middle-income countries in Latin America are encouraged to submit relevant proposals. RFP grants Latin America the foundation center AIDS HIVFrom The Foundation Center. [If

Final Reflections on America’s Giving Challenge

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Beth and I posted our final reflections on America’s Giving Challenge on the Case Foundation blog yesterday. Tags: Social Media case foundation america's giving challenge You can read the post here. It is a summary of what we learned in our assessment of the second round of the Giving Challenge. Some of the themes that we learned about and discussed online with participants [.].

Ideas for America Update

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Tags: Social Media ideas for america

America’s Giving Challenge is Launched

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Today, at 3 pm eastern time, the second America’s Giving Challenge is being launched by The Case Foundation. Tags: Social Media america's giving challenge The Case Foundation Over the next thirty days, literally until November 6th at 2:59 pm eastern time, thousands of individual activists will champion their favorite causes and vie for the largest number of friends raised on the Causes application on Facebook. [.].

Staples Easy Button Campaign Benefiting Boys and Girls Clubs of America

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Tags: Boys and Girls Club of America Cone Inc.

Club 100

Assessing America’s Giving Challenge

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The Case Foundation released this morning the asseement report that Beth and I co-authored on their Giving Challenge. It was a wonderful opportunity and experience really digging into the Challenge to better understand how and why it worked, we hope you’ll read and enjoy the report. Here’s the skinny on what the Giving Challenge: The Giving Challenge [.].

New Study Shares Secret Sauce of Obama for America Online Campaign

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It's almost a year since President Obama's election, but there is still a LOT of interest in the staggering success of Obama for America (OFA). Tags: social networking email marketing online marketing online fundraising Obama for America market research M+R Strategic Services

Obama 50

Conversational Case Study for America’s Giving Challenge

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We are engaged in the evaluation of the second America’s Giving Challenge contest that the foundation sponsored last year. Tags: Social Media america's giving challenge beth kanter Darius Goes West The Case Foundation I’m cooking up some fun with Beth and the Case Foundation again. We did a survey and we wanted to do some in depth case studies to better understand the experiences of some of the winners. [.].