Amazon, I'm Calling You Out

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In 2011, Amazon’s sales were $43.59 And how much did Amazon donate to charity? Likewise, we know that Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s billionaire founder and chief executive, his mother and father, and his wife, author Mackenzie Bezos, have given more than $28,000 to Washington Senator Patty Murray (D) since 2009. Amazon’s website reports that its “customers have contributed more than $35 million to global relief programs since 2001.” Amazon has operations in Fernley, Nevada.

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Why go to Amazon when you can get it here for free?


Then you’ll need to get it from Amazon (for $9.95). Oh, and if you want the 2015 version, that’s available here on Amazon. The post Why go to Amazon when you can get it here for free? Each year my amazing staff grab the best, most popular blog posts from the prior year to create a book for our readers. . At last, the digest is ready to ship and you can get it for FREE by simply going here.

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CALM not BUSY Book: It’s the Top New Release on Amazon

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Yesterday CALM not BUSY: How to Manage Your Nonprofit’s Communications for Great Results became available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions. The post CALM not BUSY Book: It’s the Top New Release on Amazon appeared first on Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog. My new book is finally out and moving up the charts. .

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Your Nonprofit Is Competing With Amazon

The Agitator

Consider … every month, more people visit Amazon to make a purchase, browse for products or research a product (85%) than visit their families (40%). In fact, nearly 40% visit Amazon one to three times, and close to 30% visit Amazon more than seven times per month. 56% make a purchase on Amazon up to three times per month. When consumers do visit Amazon, they enjoy superb customer service. And that’s why Amazon is your competitor.

Does Amazon's new "Smile" mean a windfall for your nonprofit's year-end fundraising?

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Now Amazon is offering AmazonSmile. Amazon made it easy to find and choose. So now, presumably, every eligible purchase I make on Amazon will result in helping more woman rescued from human trafficking heal and put their lives back together. Here is why I think AmazonSmile can be effective: millions already are shopping at Amazon. People are already going to Amazon''s site. I thought I was a heavy Amazon user. What''s in it for Amazon?

Amazon Launches AmazonSmile - A Fundraising Mechanism for Nonprofits to Raise Money from Amazon's Customers Through Customers' Purchases

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When you shop at, you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to your favorite charitable organization. However, according to Amazon''s website , "Organizations may not promote AmazonSmile by using any offline marketing channels such as print newsletters, direct mail, flyers, etc. Amazon how to new fundraising method

Now Amazon Gives 0.5% of Your Supporters’ Purchase Amounts to YOUR Organization


The post Now Amazon Gives 0.5% Do you think your supporters buy stuff on Dumb question, huh? Well did you know that your organization could get 1/2% of your supporters’ total purchase amounts on donated to your nonprofit? . Here’s where you can learn more. of Your Supporters’ Purchase Amounts to YOUR Organization appeared first on MarketSmart. Fundraising

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What Nonprofits Can Learn from Retailers That Are Beating Amazon

Selfish Giving

Source: Wall Street Journal I often think that smaller, less well known nonprofits can identify with retailers that are battling Amazon. While the competition is not as singular as Amazon is to retailers, nonprofits know what it's like to compete against bigger, more savvy and more well-heeled organizations. "How can a retailer flourish in such a daunting environment? By providing 'emotional fulfillment,' which is one of Mr. Freeman’s favorite phrases.

I Just Got a Refund from Amazon

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I have to admit, I still feel guilty ordering books from Amazon. Gosh, as if I wasn't feeling guilty enough, Amazon just sent me a REFUND. While it's good for me - the service is SO easy to use, books arrive QUICKLY, they give me great RECOMMENDATIONS on what to buy next - I know I'm contributing to the commoditization of the book market and this means that I'm helping to put some smaller booksellers out of service. This shows that I'm selfish.

How smart speakers and voice assistants are changing the game

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Note: This post can easily apply to Amazon’s Echo as well. Artificial Intelligence Insight Voice-Assistants AI Amazon Echo artificial intelligence Google Home Google Home Mini SEO smart speaker voice search voice-assistantIt’s been six months now since I equipped my home with three Google Home Mini devices (one on each floor).

Occupy Sandy Uses Ingenuity To Bring Relief

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The grassroots group solved one huge logistical problem – matching donated goods to households in need of them – by elevating Amazon’s Wedding Registry to a higher purpose. Advocacy Nonprofit Volunteerism advocacy Amazon International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement New York City Occupy Sandy Occupy Wall Street Sandy wedding registryOccupy Sandy at Firehouse (Photo credit: SpecialKRB).

#TECH: Sometimes A Security Breach Is Just A Phonecall Away

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Amazon tech support gave them the ability to see a piece of information — a partial credit card number — that Apple used to release information. In short, the very four digits that Amazon considers unimportant enough to display in the clear on the web are precisely the same ones that Apple considers secure enough to perform identity verification. He linked his iCloud and Amazon accounts together, and his GMail to his Amazon account, and Twitter to GMail.

#Tech: Halloween Weekend & Scary Stories Of Cloud Computing

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Researchers in Germany recently found a number of security holes in Amazon’s Web Services (where addresses, credit cards, shopping patterns, hopes and dreams… are stored). Communications Community Hardware Review How-to News and Current Affairs Politics Report Resource Reviews Site Administration Software Review Technology Amazon Apple Cloud computing Cloud Security Alliance Google Online Communities Security Web service

Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Drone

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Gosh, I’ve been waiting to use that title since I read about Amazon’s new Prime Air drone service. In Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal Bret Stephens provided a roadmap of sorts for learning from the Amazon Experience that made Prime Air a reality. Causerants amazon giving tuesday prime air wall street journal I’m breathless at the possibilities. Drones can take my kids to soccer and lacrosse practices. A drone can fetch my coffee from Starbucks.

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#Tech: Halloween Weekend & Scary Stories Of Cloud Computing

Non Profit Marketing 360

Researchers in Germany recently found a number of security holes in Amazon’s Web Services (where addresses, credit cards, shopping patterns, hopes and dreams… are stored). Communications Community Hardware Review How-to News and Current Affairs Politics Report Resource Reviews Site Administration Software Review Technology Amazon Apple Cloud computing Cloud Security Alliance Google Online Communities Security Web service

Get the New Edition of The Nonprofit Marketing Guide [and Get a Bunch of Bonuses Too!]

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The book went to #1 in the nonprofit category on Amazon. And you don’t have to order from Amazon if that is not your preference. you might want to go with Amazon to save , because right now, it’s less than half price there.

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#TECH: Google Now Designing Glasses And Giving Us A New ‘Play’ Service

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The first, Google Play, will likely seem pretty familiar to anyone using a cloud-based media service like iCloud or Amazon Prime. Are these Google Glasses? The good people at Google have been busy releasing new aspects of their services that are meant to augment our muti-media experiences. As is often the case, one’s first blush of these technologies might appear a bit overwhelming or a bit far out on the bleeding edge for most of us.

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The Holy Trinity of Corporate Social Responsibility

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Starbucks, along with Coke, Amazon, Fedex, Apple, Target, Ford, Nike, Southwest and Nordstrom are the April 2012 cover of Entrepreneur magazine as the “10 most trusted brands” today. But both have celebrated internal cultures, an important element of CSR Amazon is, I think, the exception that proves the rule. Target Fedex Nordstrom Starbucks Corporate Social Responsibility Coke Amazon Apple Nike

My thoughts on Digital Marketing in 2010

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Tags: Insight List 2010 amazon kindle augmented reality barnes and noble buzzwords cepsm digital marketing e-reader guidelines htc touch iPhone live search Mike Kujawski nexus one palm pre policy predictions Social Media sony twitter Web 2.0

Remember SPAT When Activating Your Cause Marketing via PR

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The book… sold at a local café and on Amazon … generated $41,000 and now Evan and three other children will get epilepsy-detecting dogs. BOGO TOMS Shoes Public Relations People magazine Evan Moss Amazon Activation Buy One Give One KardashianIt’s probably fair to say that more cause marketing campaigns are activated by public relations than by advertising.

Corporate Citizenship In a Time of Occupy Wall Street

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Cause Marketing Googlegroup Fedex Kellogg's Occupy Wall Street business benefits of cause marketing UPS Amazon Campbell's Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship CSR. Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship released its annual CSR Index the other day even as Occupy Wall Street and its satellite efforts continue their protests that are, in part, anti-corporate.

Payless Gives Shoes 4 Kids; the Basic Black Pump of Cause Marketing

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Grab More Market Share BOGO Ross Shafer TOMS Shoes Best Buy Amazon Buy One Give One Circuit City ' Payless Shoe SourceThis holiday season Payless ShoeSource will donate $1.2 million worth of shoes free of charge to children in North America, and 11 countries in the Caribbean and Latin America. Now in its fourth year the program… called Payless Gives Shoes 4 Kids… is accepting applications from nonprofits right now at

Cause Marketing Won’t Save a Bad Business

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Borders doesn’t have enough stores to compete with Barnes & Noble in convenience or the negotiating muscle to compete with Amazon on price. Children's Miracle Network Amazon Kindle Borders PRVCY Premium Newman's Own Barnes and Noble Jessica Alba Circuit City Carolyn Jones BlockbusterBorders appears headed for bankruptcy. Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy protection back in September 2010. Circuit City is gone.

Why the End of the Recession Could Bring Hard Times to Cause Marketing

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Tags: Over-stored Doba Amazon.

Cause Marketing with Braille Marks

Cause Related Marketing

Post Office Semipostal Stamps Amazon Kindle U.S. In a campaign reminiscent of the U.S. Post Office’s semipostal stamp campaign for the benefit of cancer research, the U.S. Mint is doing a cause campaign honoring Louis Braille and benefiting the National Federation for the Blind.Starting last Thursday, March 26, you can purchase specially minted coins bearing the likeness of Frenchman Louis Braille and in memory of his bicentennial.

Cause Marketing in Your Signature Line

Cause Related Marketing

Jude Special Olympics Surfrider Foundation One Amazon S3 COTA LiveSTRONG Green Day MyContactCard, which builds web apps, has just launched CauseMail, a souped-up HTML signature line for your emails that includes contact information using branding from a select group of charities and generates a yearly $6.48 donation to the chosen charity. The service costs an individual $12.95 a year. It is being marketed to both individuals and charities. The pitch MyContactCard is making to.

GAS Your Cause Marketing

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Tags: Green Any Site United Negro College Fund Tal Ater Amazon Web Services Conservation International

Building a Web Site: Easy as 1, 2 OR 3?


Amazon–Transactional. Amazon–though primarily transactional–encourages us to give reviews, rate its products, create gift lists and in essence, build community around the purchases we make. Tags: Web Communications Amazon community Community-Based content e-commerce facebook focus informational interactive online strategy transactional web Web objective Web site Web site building Web strategy Wikipedia

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Stressed Out? 6 Books Nonprofit Communicators Should Read to Help #NPCOMMLIFE

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Transform Your Boundaries by Sarri Gilman From the Amazon synopsis: Your boundaries are doing only one thing – trying to take care of you. The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact without Burnout by Beth Kanter and Aliza Sherman From the Amazon synopsis: Steer your organization away from burnout while boosting all-around performance.

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The 23 CALMing Actions to Go from BUSY to CALM

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

To learn more about CALM not BUSY, check out the book on Amazon (ad link). CALM not BUSY is the framework we created to help you understand how to manage your nonprofit’s communications work for maximum effectiveness.

Do You Have My Number?

Marketing for Nonprofits

The interesting thing is that I did not purchase them from Amazon. Now I know that even the most sophisticated and well-endowed nonprofits will never rival Amazon. NOTE: Amazon does not have the corner on customer-centric communications. donors being thankful cultivation stewardship has got my number. Here's a quick story. On Saturday, I received the email below. Jocelyn, We have recommendations for you.

The New Can?t-Miss Book Club for Your Nonprofit

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Bold & Bright Media is launching a new book club for nonprofit professionals to help you be more strategic about fundraising, marketing, and communications for the rest of 2020 and into 2021.

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The CALM not BUSY Book Club is Open!

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

If you don’t, get a copy from Amazon here , and then join us! Today we opened the CALM not BUSY Book Club Group on Facebook. We have all kinds of fun stuff planned. including new content, live Q & A sessions, and more. We are trying out the new Social Learning tools for Facebook Groups too. Here’s my quick video announcement if you can’t see it above. If you own a copy, request to join the group here. The post The CALM not BUSY Book Club is Open!

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Are Awareness and Thought Leadership Legit Nonprofit Marketing Goals?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Raising awareness and thought leadership are two of twelve nonprofit marketing goals in our Nonprofit Communications Strategic Planning Card Deck (Amazon).

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A Basic Nonprofit Marketing Strategy, Outlined

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

You can get your own card deck to play with on Amazon. Are you looking for a basic template or pattern to follow when creating a nonprofit marketing strategy?

3 Big Trends That Should Change the Way You Work Online

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

The Amazon Effect. Because of the customer experience Amazon provides, people now expect a frictionless online engagement process with instant gratification. . My message included a warning that while nonprofits may not be online titans like Amazon, Facebook, and Google, you are operating on the playing field they created.

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Join Us Wednesday: The Donor CARE Party and Training

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Yes, it’s on Amazon now, BUT WAIT! On Wednesday, March 18, the nonprofit fundraising and marketing community will be celebrating the release of John Haydon’s final book, Donor CARE: How to Keep Donors Coming Back after the First Gift.

The Best of SmartIdeas 2017 Book Now Available! – Get it free from us, quantities limited!


Then you’ll need to get it from Amazon (for $9.95). Oh, past editions are also available on Amazon (sorry we don’t have any more copies of those!). Each year we round up the most popular blog posts from the prior year to create a book for our readers. I’m excited to share that the 2017 digest is ready to ship and you can get it for FREE by simply going here. Inside you’ll learn: How to get more productivity out of your day (become an army of one!).

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How Companies Can Leverage Blockchain to Cope with Plastic Pollution

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

For example, if an organization like Amazon donated $500, then they’ll collect 500kgs of plastic generated by Amazon. How Companies Can Leverage Blockchain to Cope with Plastic Pollution. Plastic pollution is a problem that affects us all. Lucky for us, blockchain technology can help.

A 90-Day Plan to Revamp Your Social Media Strategy

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Get “ How To Build and Mobilize a Social Media Community for Your Nonprofit in 90 Days ” at Amazon now. Is it finally time to get a grip on your social media strategy? If yes, Julia Campbell has some great advice for you on how to do just that, and get it all done in three months.

Online Fundraising Success When Surrounded by Skeptics

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

All book links in this post are affiliate Amazon links. When we were helping Jen Newmeyer brainstorm the title for her new book, as soon as one of us said, “ The Insider’s Guide to Online Fundraising: Finding Success When Surrounded by Skeptics, ” we knew we had it.

A Perfect Gift to Self: Our Planning Card Deck

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” The card deck is available at Amazon (nice if you have prime shipping) or from us directly (which costs a bit more for the shipping). It’s time to nerd out and get the work gifts you want, even if you are buying them for yourself!

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Storytelling for Nonprofits: The Connection Plot

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

We’re wrapping up our Storytelling Series based on the marketing book, Made to Stick (Amazon link) by Chip Heath and Dan Heath today. We have broken down the Challenge Plot and the Creativity Plot and how nonprofits can use them in their stories. Today we look at: The Connection Plot Of the three different story plots, this one is the hardest to pull off. If you don’t get it right, your story will sound sappy or manipulative.