#Aging: Health-Care Reform Showing Small Advantages For Medicare Recipients

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Shrinking, but not gone until 2020. Politics have roughed up most of our attitudes towards health reform. Sometimes it is difficult to sort out what has changed, what seems to be improvement or expansion or cut in service or cost.

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#Aging: Medicare On The Chopping Block Of Debt ‘Compromise’

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#ProAging: GAP Index Highlights Global Challenges Of Care For Aging

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The fact of the aging of the global population is something our readers are likely at least acquainted with. The CSIS released a sobering report earlier this year that measured the ‘Global Aging Preparedness’ (GAP) Index.

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#Aging: $450 Billion in Unpaid Care Another Likely Drag On Economy

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Parents want to keep their kids in school into their early 20s, for example, even though their counterparts a century often sent their children to work by their early teens – thus bringing much needed income to the family unit. Aging Assisted Living Community Health Healthcare Low-Income National/International News and Current Affairs Newspaper Article Politics Report Seniors Life AARP Associated Press Caregiver Health care Medicare Paul Ryan

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#Aging: Social Security Recipients Enjoy COLA For First Time In Two Years

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As reported in The Associated Press , though inflation did not move over the last two or three years, incomes that retirees depended upon to supplement their Social Security benefits collapsed over those same years.

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#Aging: Establishing A Business For Baby Boomers Calls For A Long-Distance Run

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We welcome a new contributor to our ranks, Brenda Becker, an aging-services consultant. I’ve watched my investment shrink, as I wait for my income to grow. According to the Census Bureau , the number of people age 65+ will increase by 72% between 2010 and 2030. Brenda Becker.

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3 Big Reasons Why Charities Should Work to Get Gifts in Wills from Middle-Aged Donors


It helps make middle-aged donors into excellent prospects for irrevocable planned gifts. We’re already in the plan, why not make it irrevocable and get some immediate tax/income benefits?” It can turn them into more committed and more charitable donors. .

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#Aging: Medicare’s Open Enrollment Opens & Can Save Elders From Poverty

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One of its many less surprising findings is that the incomes of all Americans fell from 2009 to 2010, as the Great Recession continued to choke those millions citizens not working for the half-dozen largest banks and investment firms. For example: Real median household income was $49,445 in 2010, a 2.3 Since 2007, the year before the most recent recession, real median household income has declined 6.4 percent below the median household income peak that occurred in 1999.

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#SOCIALNETWORKS: Twitter Continues To Expand Through Mobile Devices

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Yet Twitter seems perfectly suited to the age of mobile technology: 140 characters sent over internet or cell-carrier networks is a good deal easier than uploading movies to your Facebook Timeline.

#ProAging: Social Security Recipients Enjoy COLA For First Time In Two Years

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As reported in The Associated Press , though inflation did not move over the last two or three years, incomes that retirees depended upon to supplement their Social Security benefits collapsed over those same years.

#PROAGING: Republican Budget Realigns Medicare But Ignores Long-Term Care

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The macro-economics of aging over the next 40 years do not look great: the first Baby Boomers reached the age of Social-Security eligibility 15 months ago, but the crest of this so-called ‘Silver Tsunami’ will not come until about 2030.

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Research: Just how much do faith, ethnicity, politics and age affect giving?

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I recently posted some fascinating information on ethnicity and online behavior; now there’s a study on various donors by religion, political persuasion, ethnicity and age and it, too, may reveal some surprising things. The study also looked at the influence of political persuasion, ethnicitiy and age. Far more likely to receive support from very high-income households than from very low-income households.

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Three Different Grants For Atheletics and Sports: U.S. Soccer for Youth, U.S. Football for Youth, and U.S. Girls Sports Ages 8 - 13

Seeking Grant Money Today

The 2012 Soccer for Success SIF Subgrant will support the replication of Soccer for Success, the foundation's free after-school youth development soccer program, which was designed to combat childhood obesity and promote healthy lifestyles for children in low-income urban communities. In addition, all organizations applying for funds must be located specifically and exclusively within NFL target markets and serve low- to moderate-income areas within those markets.

3 Reasons Why You Should Market Charitable IRA Rollovers (And What They Are)


Before 2006 , if an individual wanted to donate money from their individual retirement account they would first need to distribute it from the account, pay taxes on those funds as income, and then donate it to charity. With this RMD the donor is paying income tax on those funds.

3 Reasons You Should Be Thinking about QCDs (Backed By Data + A Free Guide)


In our age of information overload, organization’s cannot depend on financial advisors to make their constituents aware of the benefits of qualified charitable distributions. Over the next ten years we will see nearly 10,000 individuals enter retirement age everyday. (If

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Demographics of Social Network Site Users - 2013

Social Marketing and Social Change

In 2005 less than 10% of any age group on the internet reported using a SNS, and by 2012 two-thirds of all internet users said that they use at least one SNS. No differences in SNS use were noted for race/ethnicity, education attainment or household income.

Take Action Against Inequality – Support the Online Campaign #GlobalGoals

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Girls were routinely married off, mutilated through FGM, neglected, and forced to give birth at atrociously young ages. Did you know: *On average—and taking into account population size—income inequality increased by 11 per cent in developing countries between 1990 and 2010. *A

RESOURCE REVIEW: “A Progressive’s Style Guide” Helps Unlock Power of Language to Shape and Change the World

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Here are the issue areas covered in the Guide, and a small sample of the terms used and avoided/questioned by activists in that issue area: AGE. Used: adolescent, older person, people over… Avoided: childish, middle-aged, the elderly. I am a nonprofit copy writer.

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If you don’t read this right now, you’ll miss out!


Here’s an example of how it can work for you: If you survey your supporters and include a demographic question to learn their ages and whether or not they might consider giving from their IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts), then you could offer those over 70 1/2 information about how they can use a portion of their IRA Required Minimum Distribution to make a gift. If they heed your warning they won’t pay income taxes on the amount they give.

How to Collect Donor Data Without Being Annoying

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Or, if your marketing strategy benefits from it, you could ask their age, what part of town they’re in, or which of your programs they care about most. This is not the time to ask age or income or any other question that might give potential donors pause. Rachel Clemens.

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What Jobs Do Your Donors Want Done?

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That’s because when it comes to planning new offerings and new appeals most organizations make the mistake of starting by segmenting their donor bases by demographics (age, gender, education, income) or by past behavior (Recency.

Empathy Map Your Way to Relevant Messages

Getting Attention

These characteristics can include age, geographic location, profession, social identity, etc. Bring each of the (up to nine) segments to life by creating a representative supporter complete with fictitious name, and demographics such as age, income, and interests.

Tithing from the IRA Rollover

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The Charitable Gift IRA Rollover allowed many donors like him to give a Qualified Contribution Distribution (QCD) to a qualified charity without having to count the funds distributed from his IRA as ordinary income. The donor must have been at least age 70½ when the distribution was made.

Our EveryAction Hero: Middle East Children's Alliance


With programs ranging from education, sports, income generation and more, we’re proud to stand with such an incredible organization! Two years after MECA started sanctions were imposed on Iraq, which were ultimately were responsible for the deaths of half a million children under the age of 5. The Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA) works to protect the rights and improve the lives of children in the Middle East through aid, empowerment and education.

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How to CONFUSE your donors and get LESS gifts.


Donors age 70 ½ or older are able to contribute up to $100,000 annually from an IRA account and avoid federal tax consequences. When the amount withdrawn from the IRA account is paid directly to the charity, it is not counted as federally taxable income.

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5 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Facebook

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We all know how popular Facebook continues to be, among all age groups and income levels. Pew Internet reported in January of this year that for the first time, more than half of all online adults 65 and older (56%) use Facebook. This represents 31% of all seniors.

Are organisational silos blocking your online fundraising growth?

Giving in a Digital World

But the truth is that for most charities the proportion of individual donor income received online remains irritatingly small. So, what’s causing the gap between our high expectations and the low proportion of income most fundraisers currently receive online?

Pew Looks At Asian Americans

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First point to note is that Asians have overtaken Hispanics in terms of new immigrants to the US … For the most part, these immigrants are well-positioned to advance — for example, 61% of Asian immigrants ages 25-64 have a college degree.

#DEVELOPMENT: Do You Have Big Plans For Your Big Data? Not So Fast…

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Not based on their age, sex, income or marital status, but based on what they bought last week, last month or last year. Breaking down ‘Big Data’ and Internet in the age of variety, volume, and velocity. The latest buzz concept is ‘Big Data.’

Fame, Impact and the Rat Race We Run


This might seem obvious, but people–no matter their gender, age, race, creed, income, education-level, etc. “It is easier to reach fame than impact.&#

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Social Innovation and the Dogged Pursuit of Being Unreasonable


Weggemann, who lost the use of her legs at age 18 after a routine epidural injection went wrong, spoke of how she used to love going to the beach and feeling the sand between her toes. What’s Next? That’s the question The Social Innovation Summit asked us last week.

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Help Isn’t On The Way

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There they were talking about the sad day when growth in your average gift size can no longer outpace your declining file size, with the result that your net income begins to trend down. In case that wasn’t a grim enough future prospect, along they’ve come with Unsustainable Trends Part II: The Aging. Here’s some bad Monday morning news from our friends at Analytical Ones. These are folks you might not want to bring along to cheer up your next Board meeting!

Tapping Gen Y’s Lifetime Value

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Gen Y is loosely defined as people born between 1981 and 1991, which today would make them between the ages of 20 and 30. of them were between the ages of 18-34 and a third of users had a household income of $100K or greater. Robyn Mendez.

Great site, good info, what else could one ask for?


Giving data related to aging make clear that the country is on the edge of huge shifts in the age cohorts that represent the adult giving population.

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Get Your Millennial Audience Off My Lawn, Part 2

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Before we start, here’s the statement that I made in January: “For something to be a generational trait, it would have to be something that doesn’t occur in every generation when they the same age and something that does not continue over time (that’s a trend, not a generational commonality).

Generation Who?


Narrower definitions put Gen Yers as those ages 16 to 27, born from 1978 to 1989. As their incomes grow, so will their disposable incomes, and they will have to make decisions about how to use that discretionary spending and who, if anyone, to give it to.

Fame, Impact and the Rat Race We Run


This might seem obvious, but people–no matter their gender, age, race, creed, income, education-level, etc. “It is easier to reach fame than impact.”

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How to market the Charitable IRA Rollover?


So, at the risk of oversimplification, your donors (age 70½ and older) can transfer up to $100,000 from their retirement accounts to your charity. While they will not be hit with any tax for making the withdrawal, they also will not get an income tax deduction either.

Introducing TrueAppend for Fundraisers

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Attributes like Age, Net worth, and Income. Then…if you want to append information specific to your donors –for example age, income or some other attribute—you simply purchase only those attributes you need for the low cost of $10 per thousand records matched. Conduct free attribute-level analysis to understand the Age, Net worth, and Income distribution of your constituency. Today we’re adding TrueAppend to The Agitator Toolbox.

Getting the Media to Care About Your Data

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You might be able to group your organization’s in other ways: by the age or race of those receive services, by the home neighborhoods of your supporters, by the income or political ideology of people who support a key piece of legislation your organization supports. Peter Panepento.

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The Cause Marketing Post in Which I Invoke Both God and Andrew Carnegie

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There’s a famous longitudinal study which found that children from homes where one or both parents were college educated would, by age four, have heard 32 million more words than their peers from families who were on welfare. Another study finds that middle-class families have an average of 13 books per child, while in low-income neighborhoods the ratio is just one age-appropriate book per 300 children!

Segmenting Audiences for Social Media Engagement

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demographic/socio-economic segmentation (gender, age, income, occupation, education, household size, and stage in the family life cycle).

#PHILANTHROPY: Evidence Of ‘Emerging Charitable Markets’ & How To Tap Into Them

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The questions donors are raising are tough ones, the rationale for “investing” in the work of all types of nonprofits vary by the ages of donors, and in our fast-paced lives, donors are looking for quick “sound bites” to compel them to give.