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Twitter Etiquette For Agencies/Freelancers

Diva Marketing Blog

So, let's learn from each other and build a strong foundation for the future of social media marketing. Eleanor Roosevelt . Be helpful. +Be

Carter Center versus Clinton Foundation. A Tale of Two Audiences (An #npcomm Showdown)

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

The Carter Center and Clinton Foundation have mission statements that go on for paragraphs. Where are the strategies in sync? Complicated Topic?

Interview: Zach Hochstadt, Mission Minded Agency Cofounder & Nonprofit Branding Expert

Non Profit Marketing 360

The interview was conducted by Don Akchin, a principal of Nonprofit Marketing 360 and a frequent contributor to the NPM360 blog.

Foundations Using Social Media for Movement Building

A. Fine Blog

The topic for this month’s Social Good Podcast is on the ways that foundation’s are using social media to support movement building.

Fast Ways to Find Funding Sources

Get Fully Funded

You need to locate an agency interested in funding your project, but where do you start? is a similar resource, but offers information about grants from private foundations, public foundations, and corporations throughout the United States. foundations and corporate donors. Step 1: Go to: [link].

Here Are Some Tips To Get Your Board Behind Your Agency's Grant Writing

Seeking Grant Money Today

A good strong informed and well-researched and well-written initial foundation in grant writing work is a powerful way to raise more grants in larger increments sooner than later from work-start. __ Keep a chin up, as the work begins and as time progresses, but no $1 million grants have rolled into the office, "yet".

Be Familiar Wtih All Other Organizations Doing Similar Or Related Work To Your Nonprofit's.For Your Agency's Improved Grant Raising

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Step up your marketing and get your agency's name and successes made known. If there are none that do the exact same thing (and this is more often the case) then compile a list of other nonprofits who do similar or like work for the same geographic region. Talk can lead to collaboration.

Disconnect Is Damaging (Messaging Case Study: Part 1)

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In this case, the disconnect did more than stand in the way of the agency reaching its full potential of program participation, funding and hiring.

Weave Your Nonprofit Marketing Loose Ends Into a Tight, Powerful Plan

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Gold Foundation; and Tara Collins, Communications Director at the Watershed Agricultural Council! And I want to share that guidance with you.

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5-Star Storytelling Success Story

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Guest blogger, Julie Brown, Program Director at the Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation. And we thought we were pretty good at it!

YOU! Nonprofit Communications Jobs

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Communications & Event Coordinator PT The FACES Foundation (Detroit, MI). Communications Specialist Agency (New York, NY).

Is Community Engagement or Awareness Essential? Depends on Your Mission.

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Will the way an arts organization approaches its communications work vary significantly from a social service agency?

In the Beginning: Nonprofit Founding Stories

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Guest blogger, Julie Brown, Program Director at the Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation. Picture a shy and quiet man, L. More on.

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Melanie Swiftney

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

She’s made it her mission to raise awareness of the good the foundation does for their community. Melanie Swiftney. 8:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m.

Are you fundraising for Africa? Read this!

Wild Woman Fundraising

For several years, she worked as a volunteer with the Ugandan Conservation Foundation, and now works in a tourism company in Uganda. Tricks?

Opportunity! Nonprofit Communications Jobs

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Associate Product Manager Wikimedia Foundation (San Francisco, CA). Communications Manager—PT Lemur Conservation Foundation (Myakka City, FL).

Advocacy Cause Marketing to Teens

Cause Related Marketing

Candies , for whom the Foundation is named, is a teen fashion brand. Bristol, now 20, has been the Foundation’s primary spokesperson since 2009.

Youth 21

Matching Grants for People, Organizations, & Agencies Protecting Coastal & Marine Fish Habitats

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From The Foundation Center. [If NOAA Fisheries and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation are soliciting projects to support the protection of coastal and marine fish habitats through NFHP Fish Habitat Partnerships. Federal agencies may not receive funds, but may be listed as partners on an application.

Gates Foundation Donations vs. Foundation Investments

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This post is in reference to the January 8, 2007, The Seattle Times article, "Gates Foundation Invests In Firms Accused of Abuses" by Charles Piller at [link] This issue is an excellent red flag. Tags: Bill Melinda Gates Foundation Microsoft ethical concerns donations You'd jump up and down and your clients would smile in relief.

Grants for U.S. Nonprofits, Schools, Universities, or Government Agencies Providing Non-Traditional Solutions to Employ Individuals With Disabilities

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From The Foundation Center. [If This includes nonprofit agencies, public and private schools, and public institutions such as universities and government (state, local, federal) agencies in the United States or any of its territories. RFP disabilities workforce development and education grants the foundation center

Nominations for Financial Awards for Community Agencies Partnering With Cargiving Research

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From The Foundation Center. The annual award recognizes leadership in implementing innovative partnerships between community agencies and caregiving researchers to bridge the gap between science and practice. RFP grants the foundation centerContact: Link to Complete RFP.

Top 10 Grant Writing Tips from Foundations

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When considering applying to any foundation for a grant, be certain that the foundation is interested in the cause that your organization serves, gives to organizations in the geographic location that you live in, and offers grants for what it is that your organization needs the grant for. Happy Thanksgiving! See my post. ".Writing

The Waiting is NOT the Hardest Part

Nonprofit Consultant Blog

Most foundations are excellent at acknowledging receipt of a grant proposal, but from there communication falls off a steep ledge.

Making It Work – Nonprofits and Pro Bono Creative

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Do your homework—check references, find out what the agency might expect from your nonprofit in return. The danger can come from both sides.

Grants for American Humane Association Animal Welfare Current Agency Member Organizations

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From The Foundation Center. Due to the overwhelming number of abuse cases nationwide, the Second Chance Fund is offered only to organizations that are current agency members of the American Humane Association, and only in select cases of animal abuse or neglect. Funding to any one agency is limited to $2,000 per fiscal year.

Grants for Multi-Disciplinary and Multi-Agency Breed-Specific or Golden Retriever-Specific Canine Cancer Research

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From The Foundation Center. Morris Animal Foundation Announces New Research Opportunity Targeting Canine Cancer Deadline: January 1, 2008 The Morris Animal Foundation ( [link] ) is the largest charitable nonprofit organization funding research to protect, treat, and cure animals worldwide -- including both companion animals and wildlife.

4 Jobs for Introverted Fundraisers

Wild Woman Fundraising

Grants AKA Foundation and government fundraising. Posting social media for the agency. Tracking when the agency is mentioned.

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[Question Marc] Striking out with grants

Fundraising Coach

I am working for a non-profit and recently have begun writing agency grants as well. However, it seems that all of the foundations we are writing to are coming back and saying that they are not funding in the state or we fall outside their parameters or no reason at all. We are using a web-based software called Foundation Search.

Where Should I Pitch My Nonprofit’s Story?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

He was formerly an assistant managing editor at The Chronicle of Philanthropy and a senior vice president at The Council on Foundations.

Target 110

Reader Questions: How do you partner with a nonprofit, get AKA Fiscal Sponsorship?

Wild Woman Fundraising

I’ve asked many local agencies to become my partner fiscal sponsor, etc… and 99.9% Look at your local community foundation.

Learning From & Finding Grants Through The Foundation Center Can Be Mostly Free and Is Invaluable

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The Foundation Center , without a doubt, is one of the most professionally well regarded, current, and informed nonprofit resources that exists. It may seem, from its name, that it is a resource for foundations (those entities who donate grants), but it is a resource for the entire nonprofit sector (nonprofit organizations and all).

From Cause Marketing to Corporate Causes

Selfish Giving

Not-for-profits are well positioned to apply for foundation funding opportunities and eventually a variety of federal, state, and city grants.

What Does A Nonprofit Do When A Foundation Only Accepts Grant Applications By Invitation? I'll Tell You.

Seeking Grant Money Today

Today, grant donors such as foundations (community, public, and private) are equally effected by our slowed economy. As such, they are attempting different survival tactics designed to either keep their foundation operating or to be able to pay debts after it folds. Some foundations have become programs of other foundations.

Petition Signer To Donor

The Agitator

Demonstrating what should be a staple in your acquisition toolkit, here’s a brief ‘petition-to-donor’ case study from Care2, involving the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF). AWF’s agency, SankyNet, designed a campaign to convert these signers to donors. Very straightforward. All described in.

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Successful Nonprofit Storytelling: Stay Humble

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Guest blogger, Julie Brown, Program Director at the Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation. Some videos make an impact and some don’t.

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Lauren Lawson-Zilai

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

There are 165 local Goodwill headquarters (agencies) in the U.S. Lauren Lawson-Zilai. Would YOU like to be featured in this series? timeframe.

Grants for Plant Conservation Programs Operated In Collaboration

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From The Foundation Center. [If There is a strong preference for "on-the-ground" projects that provide plant conservation benefits according to the priorities established by one or more of the funding federal agencies and according to the PCA strategies for plant conservation. RFP native plants grants the foundation center

Friday Futures – Nonprofit Marketing Jobs – April 22, 2011

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4) Deputy Director, Direct Marketing , USA for UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency) , (Washington, D.C.). People are reading! NEW OPPORTUNITIES.

8 Ways Social Media Is Directly Helping the Victims of Typhoon Haiyan

J Campbell Social Marketing

Ad agency BBO Guerrero in Manila is encouraging people to post “ unselfies ” on Instagram. I completely reject that notion.

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Study: Text Giving for Haiti

A. Fine Blog

The Knight Foundation released a study, Real Time Charitable Giving , recently on the giving by text spearheaded in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. More than $43 million was given by text immediately after the earthquake to a variety of support agencies iincluding, but not exclusively, the American Red Cross.