Things to Do, People to Meet: November 2010 Event Listing


Worldways Social Marketing is hosting an #apha10 tweet-up on Nov. Open Innovation Africa Summit (Submit your own ideas for innovation in Africa and potentially win a spot at the conference!). From online webinars to Twitter chats to traditional conferences, people are on the move. Starting this month, I plan on posting that month’s event listing at the beginning of each month. I also do my best to keep an updated, ongoing list of events.

The 2016 - 2017 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Nov 1 - 4. Nov 2. Nov 3 - 5. Nov 8 - 11. Nov 9 - 12. Nov 10 - 11. Nov 11 - 14. Nov 16 - 18. Nov 16 - 19. Nov 17. Nov 18 - 20. Nov 28 - Dec 2. South Africa / $250. South Africa. AIDF Africa Summit.

Cause Marketing Miscellanea

Cause Related Marketing

On Friday, Nov. Somali-born fashion model Ubah Hassan (that’s her at the left) and a partner have launched a line of umbrellas called Maji that generate a donation sufficient to provide water for 20 people in the Horn of Africa, a drought-torn region that includes Somalia.