#ProAging: How Might The 7 Billion Humans Age?

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Much of the attention given to that milestone as focused on the many thousands of births that take place each second all around the world, but especially in India and subsaharan Africa. From the NIA/NIH report - Click to enlarge.

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Global internet statistics for 2018

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Asia holds half of the world’s internet users, however, Africa has the fastest growth rate. While Asia continues to grow its dominant share of overall internet users, Africa’s users are growing at the fastest rate. Strong growth of social networks in China (catching up to the leaders).

The Reality Distortion Field: Focusing on the One

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There is a famous study in nonprofit marketing showing that an appeal that tells the story of a child does better than an appeal that tells that same story with information about the general problem of poverty in Africa.

9-11 and Kaizen

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What’s the proper way to remember man-made disasters like 9/11 or natural disasters like the earthquakes in Turkey, China, or Japan, or the hurricane in Haiti, or the tsunami in Asia, all of which have taken place since 9/11? Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

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Reverse sexism in fundraising is not a thing, sorry

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And I’d convince the leaders of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Central and South America to invade and colonise Europe, right? Set up some kind of like, I don’t know… “Trans-Asian slave trade,“ where we exported White people to work on giant rice-plantations in China.

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Why “Trust” Matters in Fundraising. And What To Do About It.

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imploded, plunging 23 points to 45, making it now the lowest of the 28 countries surveyed— below Russia and South Africa. Only 8 countries ( China, India, Indonesia, UAE, The Netherlands, Mexico, Malaysia and Singapore) fall into the category of “truster” nations.

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Social Marketing: A Six Volume Series

Social Marketing and Social Change

Social Marketing Improved the Consumption of Iron-Fortified Soy Sauce among Women in China - Xinying Sun et al. Condom Social Marketing in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Total Market Approach - Steven Chapman et al.