Lower media costs can give fundraisers big advantages

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From the Silver Lining Department: Charity Broadcast Appeals Cost a Lot Less in a Down Economy (Prospecting blog). With many businesses hurting, they're buying a lot less advertising. That has driven down the cost of broadcast media by as much as 50% compared to a year ago. Technorati Tags: marketing , advertising. This is a great opportunity for fundraisers.

How free media can make you stupid

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Yesterday , we looked at how Stupid Advertising helped crush One Laptop Per Child (OLPC). The fact that they're still here, many weeks after the campaign is over, is a good indication that these are excess inventory, not valuable advertising space.) Whoever did it, it's not competent response advertising. So next time you're offered free media -- whether it's print ad space, broadcast, outdoor, or anything else -- look at it with a jaded, cynical eye.

Stupid nonprofit ads: Leo Burnett edition

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Leo Burnett was a legend in the advertising industry. As we so often see when ad agencies work with nonprofits, this message wanders away from the actual cause and chooses instead to broadcast an abstract conceptualization of the cause. Technorati Tags: fundraising , advertising. He founded a venerable ad agency now called Leo Burnett Worldwide (warning: excessively conceptual website).

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