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Successful Facebook Advertising on Less than $2 a Day

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With almost limitless options for slicing and dicing its audience of over 890 million daily users, Facebook advertising can be a highly effective tool in the nonprofit marketer’s toolbox. As a bonus, Facebook allows you to insert a call-to-action on the last screen of the advertisement.

Recession Advertising Opportunity

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The opportunity is in what’s called ‘space available advertising.’ You don’t have to look at the official figures from Association of Magazine Media (AMM), the trade group for the magazine industry, to see that magazines remain mired in the recession right now in the United States.

Corporate Partnerships & The Law: Advertising Disclosures ??

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Advertising Disclosures Registration Requirements Contract Issues UBIT Today, we’re answering your questions on advertising disclosures. Corporate Partnerships & The Law: Advertising Disclosures 1.

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Chasm between knowledge and ignorance in marketing and advertising


The post Chasm between knowledge and ignorance in marketing and advertising appeared first on MarketSmart |. Fundraising Lead Generation Major Giving Planned Giving Advertising nonprofit marketingIf you are spending your donors’ hard-earned cash on marketing (fundraising), you must watch this short video from one of my heroes – David Ogilvy. Lessons learned include: 1. Personalize your marketing to your supporters.

How Nonprofits Advertise on Social Media

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Advertising on social media sites is an opportunity that has not gotten much attention. Thanks to the large amounts of personal information that Facebook users cheerfully let fly into the atmosphere, Facebook advertising has astounding capabilities for pinpoint targeting of your audience. Nonprofit advertising Beth Kanter Facebook Social Media

Do You Trust Advertising?

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YouGov recently conducted a type of survey I see fairly often, looking at the question: Do consumers trust advertising? If, by and large, folks are distrustful of advertising, what makes you think they would look any more favorably upon your fundraising appeals/advertising?

#ENVIRO: CBS/EcoMedia Partnership Expands To Bring Advertising To Green Nonprofits

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The alliance between CBS/EcoMedia began just last year in an effort to bring advertising dollars directly to nonprofits, and the success of the program is beyond doubt as five more nationally recognized environmental nonprofits have recently joined the ranks. The effort of the partnership is allow corporate sponsors who buy advertising through the CBS conglomerate to direct some of that money toward the nonprofits themselves.

Cheap authenticity > chic advertising


flickr/oddsock. Every week I volunteer at a local free store to sort through donated goods and put them on shelves and racks. The next day 500 “shoppers&# come through this very small space and get what they need. The place operates on a shoestring budget and relies heavily on volunteers. Every month I get a four-page, black and white, laser-printed newsletter from this free store.

#INTERVIEW: Mark Van Gurp, Osocio Blog – Showcases the Best Advertising & Marketing For Social Causes

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Mark van Gurp is the founder of Osocio , an international blog devoted to showcasing the best advertising and marketing for social causes. At the unit I’m working for, we write about advertising and marketing. That doesn’t mean that cause advertising can’t be abstract.

Cause Marketing Advertising From Ben & Jerry's

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The challenge of this kind of advertising is to deliver something as good as the cause (and the ice cream) without turning maudlin. Instead it occupies that vast middle ground that most advertising does.

Free Advertising for Your Nonprofit

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As you’ve probably noticed this month I’ve been promoting a nonprofit, The Wellspring Foundation encouraging people to help a school in Rwanda. This has made me realize that we could all really benefit from showcasing the many different campaigns and nonprofits that we represent. Starting next month I am going to provide an area on my sidebar, available for free, for you to promote your nonprofit or campaign.

Native Advertising: Can It Be More Than Clickbait?

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This new experiment was done on native advertising. For example, I went to a news story at random; these were the native advertising headlines: Glasses-Wearers Are Going Crazy Over This Website. Thus, advertisers like AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, Coke, Pepsi, etc.

Facebook rolling out changes to its Advertising services


At Donordigital, we manage Facebook Advertising projects for several of our clients. In early June 2013, Facebook announced plans to streamline the number of advertising units from 27 to fewer than half of that, and they’ll be rolling out these changes over the next five months.

Social Media or Advertising Campaigns?

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Are they new media advertising campaigns? 2010 Olympic Advertisers Tide Just Thoughts for a Friday the 13th afternoon. Over the past few years I've asked hundreds of people what they thought social media meant. Duncan Wardle's, VP Global PR for Disney, response was typical of most. - " Creating dialog with consumers.". . Spent the last 2 days at social media events in Atlanta.

Cause Marketing and National Television Advertising

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It's rare to see national television ads for cause marketing.But since January I count three:Disney Parks' efforts to encourage volunteerism, utilizing the Muppets.Outback Steakhouse's campaign for Operation Homefront.American Express's ad with Yvon Chouinard on behalf of their Member's Project campaign.Of the three, I appreciate Disney's ads (there are several versions) the most because they.

Using Sponsorship and Cause Marketing in Lieu of Advertising

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In the Great Recession some companies are turning to sponsorship, including cause marketing, instead of carpet bombing us with more ads. Sponsorship is potentially cheaper than just buying ads, probably more targeted, more easily attuned to social media, and ‘stickier.’Pepsi

Optimizing Facebook display advertising results through audience testing


This hands-on Case Study examines how nonprofits can use Facebook Advertising to drive potential supporters to you, giving them opportunities to engage in your mission. Online Advertising Social Media and Mobile facebook

The Secret to Great Nonprofit Advertising

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Must. Somehow. Work Super Bowl Advertising and Cause Marketing Into This Headline

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In the moments and hours after the Super Bowl advertising executives appear like earthworms after a rainstorm to grade and critique the television ads. Never mind that very few of these experts have ever actually produced a Super Bowl ad, much less one that would pass muster with their equally critical peers! So not one more word on the 2012 Super Bowl ads, at least from me. Instead I want to raise the banner for a kind of cause marketing I’d like to see actually develop.

Arts Marketing 101: The Decision to Advertise

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Me:  How much do you spend on advertising?   It sounds very hip and current to brag about how you don't spend money on advertising.    Doing stuff like mailing postcards, buying space on an email list or *gasp* placing some print advertising is old fashioned.  There are some times that it might be a good idea for you (yes YOU) to actually spend some money on advertising.    But you can also do this with print advertising

CauseTalk Radio Ep19: New York Times Advertising Columnist Talks Cause Marketing

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This week, Megan and I talk with Stuart Elliott, advertising columnist at The New York Times about his recent article on “Seeking Success by Helping to Feed the Hungry.” ” In it, Stuart profiles a new campaign called Run 10 Feed 10. Each person who registers to run in 10-kilometer races to be held in 11. CauseTalk Radio Podcast cause marketing new york times run 10 feed 10 stuart elliott

Facebook To Nonprofits: Pay to Play

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According to a Facebook sales presentation published by Ad Age, an organization that wants its posts to be seen by its fans had best buy advertising. Advertising Facebook Nonprofit Social Media advertising marketing Marketing and Advertising Non-profit organization Nonprofit organization If you thought Facebook was a no-cost way to reach out to potential supporters, brace yourself for a big disappointment.

Stop filling space!


Fundraisers can learn a lot from good advertising because it puts all the focus on the consumer (your donor). Direct Marketing Fundraising strategy good advertising good vs. bad advertising Nonprofit nonprofit marketing philanthropy blog

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Oy, Another Year. Who Knew?

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Advertising Communications Community Direct Mail E-Mail Facebook Fundraising Marketing Nonprofit Philanthropy Report Research Resource Social Media Study advertising communication direct mail email Google marketing Marketing and Advertising Non-profit organization Nonprofit organization online fundraising research Yes, it’s another year. When 2013 began last January, who could have anticipated that, a mere 12 months later, we would be doing this all over again?

7 Steps to Motivating the Actions You Need (Case Study)

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Jane covered the campaign in her advertising column in yesterday’s Times, and called to get my take on the ads — generously designed pro bono by G2 USA — that will run in December issues of high-end consumer magazines including Esquire, Saveur and Harper’s Bazaar.

Where are you spending your marketing dollars?


If your organization has 10,000 active donors, it’s very likely they’ll be categorized as follows: A small number will generate 80-90 percent of the revenue. Mid-level donors will have a lot of potential for major giving.

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#TECH: Facebook Timeline Rolled Out-Nonprofits Roll In

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Justification for the $10 billion stock sale comes not so much from growth in membership but from ever expanding advertising revenues. The Timeline is meant to increase advertising opportunities among users’ networks and offer advertisers means to track people’s behavior.

#HOWTO: Have A Film Screening As A Fundraising Opportunity

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The request page ask for some information about you/your group and how you will advertise the event. We at MKCREATIVEmedia wish you a joyous, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

This Is Your Brain on Ads. Any Questions?

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Nonprofit Advertising and Marketing Advertising mail Cognitive science copywriting Fundraising Neuroscience Tom Ahern WritingThe base of the brain (Photo credit: Wikipedia).

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#SOCIALNETWORKS: Facebook Stocks Being Sold Off & Facebook Accounts Not Expanding

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In the buildup to the IPO, Facebook rather quietly established a few changes to its interface , including a ticker of “Trending Articles” and advertisements that might appear because a friend ‘liked’ the product in his or her account. Should nonprofits worry?

#SOCIALNETWORKS: How To Promote Facebook Posts & Why You Might Not Want To

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Is it a case of false advertising, or is Facebook still working out the kinks? CecilyK on ‘MomCrunch’ blog says ‘No’ This past summer Facebook launched the opportunity to purchase ‘Promoted Posts’ that ? for at least a $5 fee ?

#MARKETING: Build Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy With Solid Search Engine Optimization

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For businesses, a larger SEM strategy should absolutely be part of your advertising and outreach plans.

#Tech: QR Codes, Smart Phones, And Prunes Come Together In South Korean Subway

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The advertisements have images of the foods sold at the market and QR Codes associated with each product. Advertising Case Study Community Geo-Location iDevice iPhone Apps Marketing Media Review Reviews Social Media Technology Business economy Marketing and Advertising

#SocialNetworks: Facebook Faces Backlash As Public Offering Nears

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But it also offers unnerving chances for friction, for spreading rumor, for sharing a too personal party pics of friends, and for changing our skin-and-blood friends into an array of advertisers’ targets.

#SOCIALNETWORKS: Let’s Check In With Foursquare For Nonprofits

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With Promoted Updates, Foursquare helps advertisers push people into stores (venturebeat.com). Checking in on the iPhone.

#Development: Postal Service Rates To Rise on 27 January

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Forever stamps still good after the 27th. We have managed to put off the so-called ‘fiscal cliff’ for a couple of months, but we can’t avoid the changes in postal rates coming in a couple of weeks.

#FUNDRAISING: 2011 Was A Good Year For Email Outreach By Nonprofits

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#MARKETING: Can Nonprofits Take Advantage Of Pinterest’s Open Platform?

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A couple of them probably are not surprising for those organizations already engaged in social networks: outright self-advertising is frowned upon, for example.

#Tech: QR Codes Offer Easy And Appealing Access To Your Nonprofit

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#Tech: QR Codes, Smart Phones, And Prunes Come Together In South Korean Subway

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The advertisements have images of the foods sold at the market and QR Codes associated with each product. Advertising Case Study Community Geo-Location iDevice iPhone Apps Marketing Media Review Reviews Social Media Technology Business economy Marketing and Advertising

Outrageous Fortune for Marketers

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” People trained in the classic ways of advertising and marketing are useless as we transition into digital and social marketing, says the chairman of Razoo, a digital agency which, we must assume, has achieved pre-eminence by not positioning itself as an expert. Advertising Community Marketing Marketing Skills Nonprofit Research Social Media Forbes Internet marketing marketing Marketing and Advertising(Photo credit: ganesha.isis).

Facebook in 2015 – What Nonprofits Need to Know

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Facebook advertising will be required in 2015 if you want to reach more of your fans, get new fans on your page and promote your events, posts, etc. Thanks for this great infographic, ShortStack!