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How do you "social media fix" a PR agency or ad agency? Extreme DYI Social Media Blogger Relations Training - A Four Week 12 Step Program Week One - Understanding Social Media Step 1 Read: Social Media Marketing GPS , my free eBook for an over view of social media.

Why you need to focus on mobile right now

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

The concept of applications designed and developed by niche communities for niche communities at micro-costs (99 cents on average) is too profound for any of us to fully comprehend at the moment. Ten seconds later it downloaded, talked to my device’s GPS and mapped out a path for me to walk (since I was on foot). At this point I know I sound like the Apple ad “there’s an app for that&#.

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Diva Marketing Turns 7!

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2 Jupiter Research , the influence of a community of marketing bloggers changed the way this company worked with blogger, the methodology information it released to the public and developed guidelines for how its PR agency would interact with bloggers.

What Really Works in Mobile Health? A Summary of the 2011 Conference

Social Marketing and Social Change

And she noted that the data from the Pew Internet and American Life Project serves as a GPS for the explorers of this space. Rob Furberg made the observation from his review that the US lags behind several other regions of the world in the number of randomized studies that have been done on mobile health (kudos to Australia/New Zealand, the UK and the EU - and there are many descriptive studies available from developing world countries).

Impact - not ideas - should be the star of your story

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The tax authority developed several ads. It looked like an ad for Honey Nut Cheerios with worker bees starring as the cereal mascot. In one of my trainings, I placed the ads side by side and asked a roomful of Ukrainians which was more effective given the tax authority’s marketing goals. They have great photos from the field, GPS coordinates for donor projects and an overall amazing donor experience.

Social Media: Threats and Opportunities for Social Marketing and Public Health

Social Marketing and Social Change

How do I use these technologies to overcome psychological and social barriers (costs) people have to engaging in new behaviors, develop new incentives and reinforcers and create new ways of providing social support to people who are trying to change behaviors?

Mobile Marketing Goes To The Dogs

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Like a good bloodhound, if my phone was equipped with a GPS system (alas, it is not) advertisers could find me almost anywhere. As with the online advertising, the biggest problem is spam, the unwanted ads, junk and schemes being sent. Both the Mobile Marketing Association and CTIA Wireless Association have developed Best Practices Guidelines to address mobile advertising. This seems to be the week to share thoughts of some of my smart friends with you.