Facebook Finally Admits That You Do Have to Pay for Ads to Reach Your Fans

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I should’ve spent those hours explaining that if you nonprofit doesn’t have a dedicated budget for Facebook Ads, only 4% (or less) of your fans will see any of your posts. Facebook Marketing Nonprofits AdAge Facebook Ads Facebook marketing pay to play Reach

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Adding Value

A Small Change

Introducing yourself to a donor as the primary purpose of communication does not add value to their experience with the organization.

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Why I Like This Ad


The post Why I Like This Ad appeared first on MarketSmart. It’s simple and direct. It does not include any legal jargon. It does not remind the reader about death or the IRS. It emphasizes the fact that most living supporters want/desire to have a meaningful life and want to make the world a better place (NOTE: This is what resonates; this is what planned giving is really all about). It includes a benefit for the supporter. It includes a call to action.

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Reader Questions: Does adding extra stuff your appeal mailing work?

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Adding things to your mailing can either help OR hurt you. Recently I was leading a webinar for CharityHowTo called “Tons of Money in the Mail&# and a person asked this question: “What should we include in our direct mail?

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Facebook Ads – Are They Right For Your Nonprofit?

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If this sounds familiar, you may be wondering if Facebook Ads will help your nonprofit reach more fans and get more bang for your Facebook buck. Before you sit down and purchase a Facebook Ad for your nonprofit, ask yourself these three vital questions: 1.

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Best U.S. Political Ad Of 2016

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have been inundated with political ads of all kinds. Here, from the campaign of Gerald Daugherty, running for re-election as a Travis County Commissioner (Austin, Texas) is my choice for the best campaign ad of 2016. Agitator readers in the U.S.

FACEBOOK DUMP: Catch Up With 22 of the Latest Posts on Features, Fundraising, Ads and Engagement

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To help YOU build YOUR community using Facebook, here’s a quick roundup up recent posts on new features, fundraising campaigns, ad advice and engagement. Facebook added 5 new features to help community managers grow and manage their groups. Billion. Monthly. Users.

This is What Nonprofits Need More Than a Facebook Donate Button

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In the wake of this announcement, I am standing with a dozen other nonprofit bloggers to advocate for something that nonprofits need even more than a Donate Button: Facebook Ad Grants. Brand pages will now need to explore paying for ads in order to reach a good chunk of their Facebook fans.

How To Build Raving Fans, A Huge Email List & Facebook Ads That Work: Lessons from #AOC2014

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They offered their blueprint for Facebook Ad success. You need to create and promote (with ads) a great offer or incentive to make people pay attention, while competing with all the other brands on Facebook (not to mention family and friends). With Jillian Vorce at #AOC2014.

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Cause Marketing Ad en Espanol, Almost

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In a half-dozen English language magazines Ford Warriors in Pink has used pretty much the same ad (seen below) with a call to action to buy branded merchandise from the campaign’s website.

Tomorrow Only – How to Grow Your Donor List with Facebook and Instagram Ads

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Not using Facebook or Instagram ads? Using Facebook and Instagram Ads, but they aren’t working? During this 60-minute webinar , you’ll learn: 5 reasons why ads work or don’t work for your nonprofit. How to launch your Facebook Ad campaign.

Budlight Combines Superbowl Ad with Likes to Help Rescue Dogs

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Nice Superbowl ad for rescue dogs. I also think it was probably the best ad of the game, admitting that the other ads were pretty lackluster. Cause Marketing News cause marketing facebook likes superbowl 46 superbowl ads tony la russa arf weego

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Getting NPO Logos Size Right in Cause Marketing Ads

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Others have asked, in effect, “alright Mr. Smart Guy, how should sponsors promote their cause relationships when the ad itself isn’t primarily about the cause?” No one, least of all me, blames a small company for adding one of its long time causes… Leave No Trace… to its existing advertising.

How to Get More People At Your Nonprofit Event Using Facebook

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10) Use Facebook Ads. Facebook Pages can now create ads for desktop users and for mobile users that will be shown directly in the News Feed, rather than relegated to the right-hand column (on desktop) that no one looks at.

Ep188: New Ad Campaign Shows Mortal Combat Sick Kids Wage Against Illness, Disease

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This isn't your typical hospital ad campaign! The "massive" lift in donations, especially from male Millennials, that the Foundation has seen since the ad's launch.

5 Ways Nonprofits Can Use the New Facebook Changes to Their Advantage

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Facebook Nonprofits Social Media Facebook Ads Facebook changes hashtags Mari Smith Organic Reach Trending There have been more changes at Facebook that have serious implications for your nonprofit’s Facebook strategy. As a busy nonprofit professional, you may be getting discouraged.

5 Ways to Thank and Recognize Your Donors Using Digital Tools and Social Media

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Use Facebook Ads. Nonprofits can boost a specific post from your Facebook Page or created a targeted standalone ad campaign. Upload your donor list to Facebook Ads Manager and then target an ad to this specific audience. . Facebook Ads can be used to: Showcase Results.

How To Check Out: Reading the magazine covers in the grocery line

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Yesterday I was in the grocery store, not the coop, the grocery store, in line to buy batteries for my camera, when I noticed the woman in front of me reading the covers of the magazines. And I started to do the same thing. And I wished there was something better for us to look at.

This is What Nonprofits Need More Than a Facebook Donate Button

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Urge Facebook to offer Facebook Ad Grants to nonprofits like yours—Please add your name now to this petition. Please join me in urging Facebook to introduce an ad grant program for nonprofits, so organizations like yours aren’t silenced by promoted posts. Social Media ad grants donate button facebook Nonprofit Communications nonprofit marketing

How to target your nonprofit ads in Facebook

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I was just checking in with Facebook, when an NTEN ad caught my eye. Let’s face it, most Facebook ads are as effective as community bulletin boards at the supermarket–very easy to ignore. To target your nonprofit’s ads this well, simply go to [link].

Is Responsive Design the Right Mobile Strategy for Your Nonprofit?

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Thanks to the bloggers at the Ad Council for sharing their expertise here. The Ad Council produces public service campaigns—on behalf of nonprofit organizations and government agencies—on issues ranging from education to community wellbeing and strengthening families.

I Added a Note to Subscribe and Guess What Happened?


Did you ever notice that recently I added a note at the bottom of each blog post? Guess what happened after I added that to the bottom of each post? The post I Added a Note to Subscribe and Guess What Happened?

Advertising your nonprofit is not wasting money

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Space Available Ads

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Recessionary Advertising Opportunity for NonprofitsYou don’t have to look at the official figures from Magazine Publisher’s Association (MPA) to see that magazines are in a recession right now in the United States. And that may mean opportunity for your nonprofit.I

Faux Cause Marketing With a Sense of Humor

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At left is a small ad that ran in the back of Golf Digest magazine in October 2009, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Instead the ads brilliantly lampoon the kind of marketing and fundraising that a lot of nonprofits, especially children’s charities, specialize in; the deadly-earnest appeal.

Charities still losing more donor dollars than they’re adding

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Charities are still losing more donor dollars than they’re adding, according to an AFP and Urban Institute study of over 2,000 nonprofits. For every $5.35 that organizations gained in gift dollars in 2010, $5.54 was lost through donor attrition, for an average net loss of -1.9 percent. Small nonprofits are hurting the most: * Organizations raising $500,000 or more had an 8 percent net gain. Organizations raising $100,000 to $500,000 had a 2.3 percent net gain.

The Ten Worst Cause Marketing Campaigns of 2010

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The ad was ostensibly about saving trees. The art in the ad depicted a Christmas tree. Instead, I wrote, “This ad is all legerdemain” that is, sleight-of-hand. 2) The brand Scotties Tissues also put out ads with an environmental flavor, too.

Adding QR Codes to Chili's Create-A-Pepper Effort Gives Campaign Added Dimensions

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Chili’s, the restaurant chain, added a QR code to its Create-A-Pepper paper icon which engendered 291,000 scans in September 2011. If you add a QR-code to a paper icon campaign, just how many code scans can you expect?

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3 Cause-Related Superbowl Ads that Made My Spine Tingle

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On Sunday night I was busy pinning cause-related Superbowl ads on this Pinterest board. There were three cause-related ads in particular that got my attention and sent shivers down my spine (like a good commercial should!). Why it made my spine tingle: This ad had me at hello.

4 Steps to Messaging that Connects: Register Now–2nd Free Webinar Added

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Register now to learn – Seats Are Limited. The First Session Filled Up Almost Instantly & We Can’t Add Another. How to Stop Striking Flat Notes with Your Target Audiences and. Join the 16% of Nonprofits Whose Messages Resonate and Spur Action. Date: Wednesday, February 8, 2011. Time: 1:00-2:00PM EST/10:00-11:00PM PST. Replay: If you can’t make this time, register anyway. All registrants will receive the video recording. Register Now.

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Adding a Seal Campaign to Your Cause Marketing Repertoire

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The Campbell's Healthy Request ad at left appeared in More magazine. ‘Seal’ campaigns defy easy categorization in cause marketing. They’ve been around forever. Witness the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance which dates from 1930.

I'm No Fan of This Cause Marketing Ad Campaign

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Here’s what I wrote back then: There are two kinds of celebrities in the world; those that are in the Mandarin Oriental ad campaign running right now and those whose agents are trying to get them in. Better still for the celebrities, the ads feature them, not the hotels.

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What Value Added Can Nonprofits Offer in This Economy to Current and Potential New Donors?

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Many businesses are practicing "value added" which means the customer or in nonprofits' case, the donor, receives a bit more, than they used to, for giving what they have in the past. Nonprofits can use "value added" to retain donors and acquire new donors and then retain these new supporters, as well. He only implemented the "value added" programs that, after the math was run, demonstrated that he'd still make money and his customers would get some good deals.

Nonprofit Ad Grabs Open-Minded Moment – Piggybacks on Father’s Day

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This ad from Futures Without Violence (FWV) was timed perfectly to capture audiences’ open-minded moment.

Your ad absolutely needs these two ingredients

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He shares some thoughts on the two essential ingredients of good ads (creativity and emotion). While creativity cannot be defined or prescribed, creative ads tend to be enjoyable and involving, and different to other advertising. To achieve a strongly persuasive effect, your ads need to communicate something new, relevant, believable, differentiating, and emotional. Rather, the successful ad triggers the emotion that is relevant for that brand and positioning.

Adding a MacGuffin to Your Cause Marketing Effort

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Alfred Hitchcock, the legendary filmmaker, used to speak of a movies’ “MacGuffin” or plot device. “In In crook stories it is always the necklace and in spy stories it is always the papers,” he said. In short, a MacGuffin is a mechanical device that impels action.

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Faux Cause Marketing Ads

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I’ve been training people to look for ads that feature cause marketing and. first blush these two ads… for Eukanuba and Novartis’s over-the-counter drug brands… both seem like they could be cause marketing. among other things.

Cannes Lions Winners Hold Lessons for Cause Marketers

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What You Don’t Know About Visual Marketing On Facebook

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Some of Facebook’s most recent updates saw changes to the design of Facebook business pages and the recommended dimensions for event response ads. Facebook Infographics Social Media Visual Marketing Facebook Ads Guest blog TechWyse visual marketingGuest blog by Rebecca Hill.

10 public service ads that aim for humor

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In honor of the Sunday funnies, here are 10 public service ads that seek to use humor to effect change, courtesy of the Huffington Post. Can good causes use humor effectively?