Monitary Awards for Elementary School Physcial Activity Programs And for Technologists Innovating to Get Children to Move More

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Deadline: April 2, 2012 New National Competition Launched to Identify and Support School Programs and Technology Innovations That Motivate Children to Be Physically Active ChildObesity180 and the Partnership for a Healthier America have announced the launch of the Active Schools Acceleration Project, a national competition to identify and reward effective school-based programs and technological innovations that promote physical activity for children.

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Elizabeth Leslie

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Elizabeth Leslie is the Communications Manager for the League of Women Voters of California, a nonpartisan political organization that encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. She is also on the Action Civics Advisory Committee for Sacramento County and an active volunteer at her daughter’s elementary school.


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5 Reasons Your Online Fundraising Campaign Isn’t Raising Money

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Example: Braden is a typical elementary school kid, and he uses hearing aids to help with his hearing loss. Start with your Board, volunteers, staff, and active social media fans/followers.

Quick Guide to Launching a Two-Week Social Media Marketing Campaign

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A campaign refers to a concentrated burst of activity, during a set period of time, focused around one call-to-action on social media. . 350 combined downloads of the research paper and the free elementary school curriculum during Media Literacy Week in October.

Create a Successful Volunteer Program that Inspires Volunteers to Follow Through

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For high school and college students, where are the nearby schools? For young professionals, what types of networking groups are active in your community. For families with school-age children, where do parents get their news about community opportunities?

Our EveryAction Hero: Girls Inc.


of Memphis has taken on a three year project to prevent the building of a landfill right next to their affiliate and their local elementary school. It brings together a group of high school age girls from across the country to think about the issues that affect their lives and turn their passion into action. In general, EveryAction has been very instrumental in our efforts to keep our audience informed, engaged, and active on this particular issue. Girls Inc.

Show and Tell Time

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Remember show and tell back when you were in elementary school? Too often I see a list of activities or accomplishments that are focused on the organization. . You would bring in something special, such as a shell from a recent vacation, and share it with the class. Nonprofit organizations have their own version of show and tell when they share accomplishments and stories.

Is Your Annual Report Brilliant, or Boring?

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For example, Lisa, a third grader at Northwoods Elementary School, used to get butterflies in her stomach if she had to read out loud in class. Choose photos of people participating in an activity, such as Jen helping Lisa with her reading. Annual reports get a bad rap, and sometimes deservedly so. They’re often these massive, boring booklets filled with mind-numbing text and statistics. It doesn’t have to be this way.

How to Create a Better Annual Report

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Something like this – Thanks to you, 85% of the students in our tutoring program are reading at or above their grade level and now have a better chance of graduating from high school on time. For example – Jeremy, a fourth grader at Clark Elementary School, used to get a pit in his stomach if he had to read aloud in class. Choose photos of people participating in an activity, such as Kevin helping Jeremy with his reading.

The Worst Cause Marketing of 2011

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Canadian teen heartthrob Justin Bieber wants you to buy his new perfume line called Someday, and when you do all net profits “after taxes, royalties, expenses and company requirements are deducted” will go to Pencils of Promise, a school-building charity and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The Lysol brand disinfectant Blue Ribbon Attendance Challenge awarded $25,000 in prizes to the school with the highest average attendance from November 1 to 30, 2011.

Rethinking Your Annual Report

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For example – Leah, a third grader at Turner Elementary School, hated reading. Choose photos of people participating in an activity, such as Julie helping Leah with her reading. What do you think of when you hear annual report? As a donor, you might think boring, long, a waste of resources, something I’m not going to read. As a nonprofit professional, you might think time-consuming, something we always do, something our board wants.

My Facebook fans love me, they love me not…

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When I was in elementary school, we’d send notes to boys on behalf of our friends that had check boxes: _I like you. _I They took a year’s worth of data from US Fund for UNICEF’s Facebook fan page and website, studied it, and used statistical methods to find connections between certain activity and success in clickthroughs and donations.