Thanking donors is NOT an activity report

Fundraising Coach

This is merely reporting on activity. And donors aren't interested in activity. You see, donors don't have the context you have about the activities you do. Fundraising is filled with things that seem to make sense, but don't.

Activating Cause Marketing on Packaging

Cause Related Marketing

On July 20, 2012 in a post on cause marketing activated on packaging I wrote this: “Regular readers know how much I like activating cause marketing on packaging. POPAI Cause Marketing Activation cause marketing at retail Snack Pack Cause Marketing Packaging cause marketing tests cause marketingThat’s because once someone is in the store, the last opportunity you have to reach them with a cause marketing appeal is when they see it on the packaging.”


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Nonprofit Branding: Major Gift Activity – Stage Five

NonProfit Branding

Followers of the series should be getting used to the idea that Major Gift Activity need not be as foreboding or complex as the Nonprofit Gurus claim. We’re introducing the basics of Major Gift Fundraising here, So far, no real damage has been done. Now, while still focused on upgrading current contributors to Major Gift status, [.]. Fundraising Uncategorized

Make Your Brand Values Active!

Mission Minded

The post Make Your Brand Values Active! Lukewarm, generic, uninspiring—these words should never describe your brand values. Yet, many nonprofit organizations continue to use solitary words as their values. It’s tempting to follow suit because, by definition, words like respect, transparent, and honest provide a solid foundation for your organization. Yet, solitary words as brand values often lack individuality and impact. They […]. appeared first on Mission Minded.

Activating Cause Marketing with PR

Cause Related Marketing

On Tuesday, Feb 14, 2012 in my post about activating cause marketing efforts, I wrote: “.basically New York Times Public Relations Firehouse Subs Activation Firefighter Cause Marketing PRbasically all cause marketing has a PR component whether or not there’s also any bought or owned media.” So how does that work? On the left is a newspaper clipping from earlier this month that tells the story of the donation from Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation to the local fire department.

PR 119

Activating Your Cause Marketing Campaign

Cause Related Marketing

Activation in sponsorship, and by extension cause marketing, means the stuff you do to promote the sponsorship. Activation is an exceedingly broad idea. The old sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati , which was about a radio station, once activated a promotion by dropping live turkeys from a helicopter at Thanksgiving. At left is an activation of a cause campaign in front of a local Sizzler restaurant, at the intersection of two busy streets.

Activating The Global Health Trifecta


” Not only is funding critical to achieve these goals, but an important step will be enabling and empowering the global citizen to play an active role. Facebook has over 800 million active users and is translated in 70 languages. Image: PSI. Is foreign aid important to Americans? According to a recent poll , most Americans believe U.S. investment in foreign aid is 25% of the Federal budget, when the accurate figure is less than one percent.

Global 147

Nonprofit Branding: Major Gift Activity – Stage Six

NonProfit Branding

Wonder why I stuck Clooney’s photo here? Read on… You’re at Stage Six now. You are focused on current small givers who have large potential. I suggest you ignore the traditional process of cultivating these major gift prospect. Replace it with collaboration. Remember that Major Gift Fundraising is not about your popularity. It’s not about being invited to

Activating The Global Health Trifecta


” Not only is funding critical to achieve these goals, but an important step will be enabling and empowering the global citizen to play an active role. Facebook has over 800 million active users and is translated in 70 languages. Image: PSI. Is foreign aid important to Americans? According to a recent poll , most Americans believe U.S. investment in foreign aid is 25% of the Federal budget, when the accurate figure is less than one percent.

Global 146

OMG Experiment to Connect & Activate (Dream Corps Case Study)

Getting Attention

I was thrilled to see Van Jones’ introducing Dream Corps ‘ Day of Empathy via this video. This incredible experiment in using virtual reality to build empathy—the first step to engagement and action—could be groundbreaking. I am following closely, can’t wait to see how this evolves, and promise to report back along the way.

Activating 20th Century Cause Marketing via 21st Century Social Media

Cause Related Marketing

Naturally, the FSIs served as the principal form of activation for the promotion Now Naked Juice, a consumer packaged goods company with a long history of cause marketing, is activating their current effort via social media. Naked Juice Free-Standing Insert Social Media FSI Cause Marketing Activation Twitter Activation lump sum donations cause marketingOne of the first business categories to really adopt cause marketing was consumer packaged goods.

Activating Your Cause Marketing Via Old School Methods

Cause Related Marketing

Nowadays when every brand has a YouTube channel, and pages on Pinterest, Google+, and Facebook, it’s easy to think that when you activate your cause marketing on a social network that you’re done. You still need to reach customers and prospects where they are and that can mean activating cause marketing on packaging, signage, and yes, placemats. Using paper placemats was the right approach for this cause marketing activation.

The Images You Choose in Cause Marketing Activations

Cause Related Marketing

But a cause marketing activation in print requires literacy. The images are no less important in cause marketing activations online or on video. In general terms cause marketing activation refers to how you promote the campaign. Arthritis Foundation Cause Marketing Activation Redbook magazine Activation Massage Envy cause marketingThe image you choose to illustrate a cause marketing campaign matters. A lot.

'SPAT' Can Keep Your Cause Marketing Activation Intact

Cause Related Marketing

It’s probably fair to say that more cause marketing campaigns are activated by social media and public relations than by advertising. So how do you activate your cause marketing story using social media and PR? How do you do activate your cause marketing using PR and social media? You don’t have to have all the elements of SPAT to effectively activate your cause marketing via PR or social media.

1 Exemplary Cause Marketing Effort, 4 Activations

Cause Related Marketing

Jude Children’s Research Hospital which activates the Thanks + Giving effort with the call to action, “This Holiday, give thanks for the healthy kids in your life, and give to those who are not.” Jude is supporting Thanks + Giving with advertising while sponsors activate the campaign in-store is to create synergy and momentum for the campaign. Jude’s ads demonstrate that it is an active partner in the promotion.

Remapping Food and Activity in Communities

Social Marketing and Social Change

Where do people find healthy foods and places to be physically active in their neighborhoods and communities? If you follow the latest methodology, you would use GIS to plot all of the food service establishments, grocery and convenience stores and recognizable activity centers (such as Boys & Girls Clubs, YW/MCAs, fitness centers, parks, etc.). Physical activity was objectively measured using accelerometers.

Remember SPAT When Activating Your Cause Marketing via PR

Cause Related Marketing

It’s probably fair to say that more cause marketing campaigns are activated by public relations than by advertising. So how do you activate your cause marketing story using public relations? How do you do activate your cause marketing using PR? You don’t have to have all the elements of SPAT to effectively activate your cause marketing via PR. BOGO TOMS Shoes Public Relations People magazine Evan Moss Amazon Activation Buy One Give One Kardashian

Pls tell me: How do you select your marketing activities? 1-minute survey

Getting Attention

Please take a minute right now (literally, this is a 1-2 question survey) to tell me how you select your marketing activities. Your answers will guide me to create the guidance you need to save time, money and anguish in that process. Please answer these 2 questions right now. Thanks, in advance, for your input. You’re the best! P.S. Can you do this right now, while it’s on your mind? I’d appreciate it. Planning and Evaluation

To Get Me from Passive to Active – Make Me Feel Something!

J Campbell Social Marketing

For nonprofits, it can even be argued that emotion is even more important to getting people from passive to active. PETA understands that what pushes it’s supporters from passive to active is shocking them with graphic imagery of animal abuse – they don’t sugarcoat, and they don’t apologize: Often, especially in the lighting speed world of online communications, we just need to give people a reason to pay attention.

Using Earned, Owned and Bought Media to Activate Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

Both earned and bought media represent ways for a sponsor to activate or promote their cause marketing relationships. So which is best for activating your cause marketing? Komen for the Cure Facebook Tubbs Red Heinz Winter Olympics Romp to Stomp Twitter Activation General MillsLeading up to its Feb. 11, 2012 Romp to Stomp tour event in Utah, Tubbs Snowshoes bought local advertising.

Say ‘Yes’ To These 5 Activities

The Agitator

A reader’s comment to my post Storytelling In The Digital Age got me thinking about the things fundraisers say ‘Yes’ to and those that trigger a ‘No’ In this case, the reader commented, “Would like to get Julia’s book, but Amazon’s $38.73 price is out of my nonprofit range.” I’m sure Joe is sincere and his organization, like so many, may not even have a budget for books, and training sessions.

Wanted: A Theory of How to Activate Multiple Cause Marketing Campaigns

Cause Related Marketing

But when you activate these promotions should you aggregate them together, or spread them around? So much of what this blog is about is activating cause marketing promotions. Fresh Markets Toys for Tots Food Banks Cause Marketing Halo Cause Marketing Activation paper icons Activation Kraft Foods Cause Marketing Research cause marketingIn this season of the year, it’s easy for a retailer to be involved in two or three or even more cause promotions at the same time.

From Slactivism to Activism

A. Fine Blog

It’s difficult to know from these data whether there is a polarity in these folks cause-related activities. Or maybe it doesn’t matter, maybe activism just flows through everything they do as I found in Social Citizens. It’s all activism, no matter who does it, where, when or how I love Katya Andresen’s post here on Mashable, brava!

Live from P2P Professional Forum 2018: Activating Zero Dollar Fundraisers


Do you have any zero dollar fundraisers at your cause? Sure you do. Every organization does. Marketing Decent Humans

P2P 41

What activity metrics you should measure for effective long-term planned giving marketing


Instead, since planned giving marketing involves a long-term fundraising strategy, you really need to measure “activities”… not dollars. Rather, you should measure activities. If the activities are happening and the numbers are going in the right direction, the revenue WILL follow. Here are the activities we recommend you measure for effective long-term planned giving marketing: 1- Lead generation and disclosures.

Guidelines and Sample Policy on Nonprofit Political Activity

The Nonprofit Consultant

To explain the law and put my board at ease, I have gone through several sources to put together the following guidelines and policy for engaging in political activity. Policy and Guidelines for Political Activities [THIS ORGANIZATION] encourages all of its board, staff, volunteers, and clients to be active and informed citizens, and supports the individual capacity of all to execute their prerogatives as citizens.

Active vs. Passive Cause Marketing

Selfish Giving

I call this active cause marketing (ACM). While this approach won’t raise as much money as an active pinup program, it’s a hundred times better than most passive cause marketing programs I see. As a fan of pinup programs , especially for small nonprofits, I’m frequently asked how important the “ask&# is at the register. The ask happens when you’re checking out and and cashier says, “Would you like to donate a dollar to help ?&#.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Still an Active Cause Marketer

Cause Related Marketing

In the immediate aftermath of Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s silly public missteps with Planned Parenthood (and KFC before that), a lot of pundits read the tea leaves and foresaw corporate defections from Komen’s sponsor list and public excoriation. So much for all that.

Ep215: Why Your Cause Should be Active on Instagram

Selfish Giving

Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to Jeremy McGilvrey , an entrepreneur, author and trainer who's amassed a massive audience on Instagram. Jeremy is here to share his advice on how causes can use the Internet's hottest property to recruit and engage supporters and to raise money. On the show, Megan, Jeremy and I discuss: Jeremy McGilvrey. The business case for being on Instagram. Jeremy's own journey. What exactly is an "influencer" on Instagram, and why you should tap into them.

Newsletter: Cause Product vs. Purchase Triggered Donation ??? ; How to Sell a Virtual Sponsorship to a Skeptic ; Is the Key to Overnight Success Activism? ?

Selfish Giving

Activism. I had a terrible experience last week. I was out walking my dog, Charlie. As I headed up the street, one of the neighborhood kids was walking down the opposite side with a little dog I hadn't seen before. It was a cute little terrier just like Charlie, but a little bigger.

Hashtag Activism #Fail

A. Fine Blog

There has been a lot of talk this year about #hashtag activism. The question is, therefore, what is the point of hashtag activism? Hashtag activism enables people to join the conversation by the hashtag. This is what I concluded when I saw this infographic outlining popular hashtag activism campaigns this year – not one of which has made a difference in regards to policy or behavior change, the fundamental goal of advocacy efforts.

Ep247: Emoji Reaction Project Turns Your Facebook Into Activism

Selfish Giving

Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to Dana Stalker and Rachel Frederick , associate creative directors at Droga5 , an advertising agency that has developed the Emoji Reaction Project. It's a clever Chrome extension that transforms your negative Facebook emoji reactions into tangible ways to support good causes and fight injustice.

Malcolm Gladwell Strikes Out on Activism

A. Fine Blog

The normally spot-on Malcolm Gladwell took a big swing and completely whiffed in ruminating about the activism this week in an article in The New Yorker entitled, ‘Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not be Tweeted.&# More than misunderstanding the role and power of social media, what I found most disturbing and disappointing about the [.]. York Malcolm Gladwell nancy scola The New Yorker

Ep242: How This Chain of C-Stores Activated Customers, Employees to Raise $1.35M for MDA

Selfish Giving

This isn’t the only activity you do to support MDA. What’s coming up in 2018 for social good activities at Casey’s? Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to Mike Richardson , Vice President of Marketing, Casey’s General Stores , a 2000-store convenience store chain in 15 states, about their recent charity pinup fundraiser for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The $1.35 million raised will be used to help send kids with muscular dystrophy to MDA Summer Camp.

Newsletter: 7 Clever Cause Activations for the Fall ; How to Warm Up Cold Email Subscribers ; Chobani Launches New ‘Charity Flavor’ with American Farmland Trust

Selfish Giving

Here are 7 activations to refresh you partnerships. What brands can learn about activism from the Joker movie.?? This past week, I got a great question from a reader asking when and how to clean your email list. You know I'm a big believer in email and newsletters - and with good reason. Campaign Monitor just came out with a report that showed "across the board, donors prefer email. Nearly 42% said they prefer to hear from a nonprofit via email from the organization, and 20.5%

Fall 40

Why you can’t have a huge, active community paying attention at all times

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

An active group of people. I’m often asked, “How do we scale our dedicated fan base?” ” Here’s the challenge. A lot of organizations (both nonprofit and for-profit) start with a dedicated following. Then they try to grow their community bigger and bigger. Along they way, they keep talking to their audience as if it was one, homogeneous audience. But it’s not. A lot of people lose interest, because they care about different things.

Newsletter: This Charity Pin-up Raised $323M ??; Krispy Kreme Launches Dough-nate for a Donut ; Brand Activism vs Social Good: What’s the Difference?

Selfish Giving

Brand activism vs social good. The grandaddy of 'checkout charity' programs is the MDA Shamrock ??Pin-up. Pin-up. The campaign has been around for 37 years. During that time it's raised a whopping $323 million. That's a lot of green! This month you can buy a shamrock at 20,000 retails locations. I bought mine at Star Markets in Newton, Massachusetts! The good news with checkout charity (i.e.

Idaho 40

Raise Supporters Not Support

A Small Change

I think that it could be worth our while to expand this idea to include activism in a more general sense such as advocacy and community activism. Do you think that fundraising should include activism? Does your organization do any activism? Many times we limit activism to what happens in local and national government. But really activism can simply be the spread and the discussion of an idea. Capital & Major Donors activism

Monitary Awards for Elementary School Physcial Activity Programs And for Technologists Innovating to Get Children to Move More

Seeking Grant Money Today

Deadline: April 2, 2012 New National Competition Launched to Identify and Support School Programs and Technology Innovations That Motivate Children to Be Physically Active ChildObesity180 and the Partnership for a Healthier America have announced the launch of the Active Schools Acceleration Project, a national competition to identify and reward effective school-based programs and technological innovations that promote physical activity for children.

5 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Raise Money Like charity:water

J Campbell Social Marketing

Inspire – Activate – Experience. This inspiration leads to activation – donating to a fundraiser and/or becoming a fundraiser. This activation is followed up by a high-quality personalized experience with the nonprofit. Is there a clear path to activism? For charity:water, they aim to activate people to become fundraisers and start their own campaigns. How else does your nonprofit inspire, activate and provide great donor experiences?

Cause Marketing Beer with BOGO, Brew One Give One

Cause Related Marketing

In other words, you’ll want to hold back some of the promotion’s budget to continue to activate the effort until the very end. What if it’s just not in your corporate DNA to do anything but to frontload your cause marketing activation? Well, then, add the report back to the activation of your next cause marketing effort. Thereby New Belgium not only reported back on their corporate generosity, they activated a new cause marketing promotion.

Reporting the Results for Dine Out No Kid Hungry

Cause Related Marketing

I remember Arby’s activated its sponsorship in its weekly fliers , see at left. Share Our Strength activated the campaign as a whole through social media, PR, and the website [link] , which included a map that pointed you to participating Dine Out No Kid Hungry restaurants in your zip code. Denny's Romano's Macaroni Grill Corner Bakery Cause Marketing Activation Dine Out No Kid Hungry Arby's Share Our Strength Bruegger's Bagels Fuddruckers Activation Actual Cause Marketing Results

Sept 124

Nightmare Cause Marketing Scenario

Cause Related Marketing

Imagine that a sponsor and a cause engage in a sincere and well-meant cause marketing activity and out of carelessness they word the offer poorly in the activation materials. self-policing cause marketing Cause Marketing Activation Activation Lady Gaga Cause Marketing Law cause marketing Cause Academy