Roll out some testing to liven up those Summer months


We run a lot of multivariate tests on donation landing pages throughout the year. Frankly, I’m always urging our clients to run even more—since the more things they test, the more they learn (and the more money they raise!). Forget about multivariate testing and run an A/B test instead.

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Why Not Raise More Money?

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The other day, this headline caught my attention: What’s Holding Your Nonprofit Back From Raising More Money? Not surprisingly, it turned out to be a consulting pitch from a firm called Social Velocity. What that firm would do to provide a broad assessment of revenue potential is: Interview stakeholders. So why do many of us not raise more money?

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Raise more money online with a great headline


If you could change just one thing on your website’s donation page and get a 50% lift in the conversion rate, you’d probably do it in a heartbeat. To understand what a lift of that magnitude could mean for your online fundraising program, imagine your donation page is converting 12% of visitors, comprised of 10 donations a day averaging $50 ($500 daily revenue). That’s starting to sound like real money! And getting the answer is easy with A/B testing.

Download Your Multi-Channel Fundraising Campaign Worksheet [FREE]

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So whether you are just getting started with raising money online or if you are looking for more advanced ideas, we’ve got you covered. This 11-page worksheet will walk you through creating goals for your campaign, as well as developing a theme and key messaging.

Get Attention With Your Next Multichannel Campaign

Getting Attention

In the just-released Social Change Anytime Everywhere: How to Implement Online Multichannel Strategies to Spark Advocacy, Raise Money, and Engage your Community , Allyson Kapin and Amy Sample Ward guide nonprofit staffers through developing and powerful integrated approaches to asking for money, time or support. For example, if you’re releasing an email appeal, post the same call to action on one of your social media channels for a short time after the email goes out.

3 Quick Tips on Creating Social Media Video that Stands Out

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Social media video continues its dominance over all other social media content, solidifying its role as a critical and crucial element in any nonprofit digital marketing plan. . Google found that more than half the people who watch YouTube videos posted by nonprofits go on to make a donation.

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Testing 101: 4 Steps for Optimizing Your Fundraising Approach

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That is why testing is a must for nonprofits. We’re doing our causes a disservice each time we don’t test — potentially leaving money, actions, and opportunities on the table. Here’s a quick primer on how effective testing works: Step 1: Be clear on your goals.

Your Boredom is a Bad Way to Measure Success

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I get this question a fair amount, and it came up in the Direct Mail for Small Nonprofits E-Clinic this week: Once we find the voice and style that works for us, how much do we need to get creative every month? Getting creative is NOT a high value goal in direct mail. (I

TEST RESULTS: Donors Care About Their Impact, Not Your Overhead

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A significant factor in the donor’s decision to give rests in how s/he answers the question, “how am I going to feel if I make this gift?” You can view a full presentation on the DV/DMANF Study here.).

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Tens, Hundreds, Thousands, Millions, Billions

Get Fully Funded

What kind of money do you want to raise? One raised more money at their annual dinner last month than ever before. Another just got a $355,000 grant. Another got a first-time gift of $10,000. In a recent note from the Institute for Charitable Giving, Jerry Panas shares this story: Everyone knows you can’t raise money during a difficult economic period, the worst Recession we have had in this country since the Great Depression.

Cause Marketing and Your Crowdfunding Project

Cause Related Marketing

That’s almost twice as much money as the National Endowment for the Arts spent in the same year. So how do you stand out before a crowd of would be funders? And aside from the technology of their underwear, they used a BOGO approach that benefits the Uganda-based organization AFRI-pads. And, as I’ve noted in the past, without effective sanitary napkins, schoolgirls in the developing world miss a lot of school because they stay home during their periods.

Takeaways from #GivingTuesday: Lessons Learned on a Collaborative Project

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Seven nonprofit arts organizations in Allentown, PA recently joined together for a cooperative fundraising venture engaging the fundraising movement that is #GivingTuesday. What follows are a few of the takeaways the groups learned from their #GivingTuesday experiment. Sean King.

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Interview with a Fundraising Expert: Julian D. Greene

Fundraiser Ideas

Julian Greene is a blogger and fundraiser. Julian: I’ve been involved with fundraising for a long time, but it has recently taken on a whole new role for me. I started fund-raising at 16 by going around on my own to various churches with my guitar – often solo, sometimes with a quartet — to raise funds for various ministry-related ventures. Luke: What do you think is the key to motivating volunteers to support a fundraiser? What better way to raise money?

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Donors Are Ticked Off by Excess, Unrequested Solicitation – Who Knew?

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At a basic level, each new communication cannibalizes results from those communications around it. Thus, only 37% of the revenues that are “new” when you add a mail piece are from that mail piece. How many times in my career did I mail a piece where the costs exceeded 37% of revenues?

Acquisition: Direct Mail Testing – Part 1

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The A/B road to infinity. The bread and butter of testing methodology has long been the A/B split test. If a nonprofit does 15 tests a year it will take 48 years to test all the possibilities!

Acquisition: Direct Mail Testing – Part 2

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The problem occurs when an organization or its consultant creates and mails a test package with numerous test elements. Or to put it in the vernacular, a whole bunch of stuff is changed. Because the results reveal only a thumbs up or thumbs down for the entire package.

5 Killer Prospect Research Tools to Learn More About Your Current Donors

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I love how easy they make it for nonprofits to do the research that helps you treat your donors well and raise the money you need to fund your mission. What made the sitcom Cheers and the bar it’s named after so special was that it was a home away from home for the characters and the audience.

5 Fatal Donor Communication Mistakes Nonprofits Should Avoid

Ann Green

When your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts are in full swing, it can be easy to get caught up in a numbers game of trying to reach your fundraising benchmarks. You don’t have a communication strategy in place. Create a communications calendar.

Harder then it looks

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 Any organization that involves more then one person is really a b*tch to operate. It's hard enough to get 3 people to agree on a place to eat dinner. Then there's the money issue.  So when you combine people (and their complexity), money (and it's scarcity) and art (and it's unpredictability) then you are signing up for a challenge. I get asked:  "What's the ideal size for an arts organization?"

7 Ways to Make 2014 the Year of the Donor

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What this looks like for your organization may be different than for your nonprofit peers, but here are a few basics to get you started: 1. Have a solid plan. To do: Create a comprehensive donor stewardship plan that complements your overall marketing strategy and retention goals.

On Being A "Pro Blogger" -- Interview With Jane Genova

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That's what was returned on a Google search for "pro blogger jobs.". When I launched Diva Marketing in 2004, professional blogging meant a few Google Ad Sense Ads on a site or perhaps a "tip jar." Jane Genova : A year ago. Jane Genova : There is a learning curve.

Boost online response by optimizing your donation landing pages


But if you’re trying to raise more money online, the first thing you may want to try is persuading more of the people who already click “donate” on your Web site or in your e-mails to actually make the gift on the donation landing page. without spending a nickel on more e-mails or Care2 names.

8 ways your organization is sabotaging its landing pages


I’ve encountered every single one of them in my 7 years as a nonprofit consultant. Here is a summary of the operational behaviors that can sabotage landing page performance and some strategies for dealing with them: HiPPOs (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion) decide : Do you let the arbitrary opinion of the highest paid person in your organization (or marketing team) determine what goes live on your web pages instead of data-driven insight? Part 1.

Six Top Philanthropy Buzzwords of the Year

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Impact investing : Lucy feels people are looking to put their financial resources to work for a quantifiable financial, social and environmental impact. B Corps.: And Network for Good where I work, while a nonprofit and not a B Corps, is a proud social enterprise.

Do You Know Your ‘Failure Rate’?

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This is a long, but very, very important post. A good question. I batted out a kneejerk and facile response — ‘risk adverse’ … ‘insufficient resources’ … ’lack of imagination’, etc. Deep down I sensed there’s a far more basic reason. After thinking about the times I’ve resisted, then walked away from some innovative approach and comparing my own experience with similar reactions I’ve seen from others, I believe I’ve discovered a better, more fundamental answer.

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Is Your Cause a Commodity?

Marketing for Nonprofits

We live in a world of COMMODITIES. Whether it's peanut butter, toilet paper, or a blind date - the UNBELIEVABLE variety of stuff out here makes it VERY difficult to discern the DIFFERENCE between A, B, or C. Just because you DO GOOD STUFF doesn't mean that there is a qualitative difference between your youth development program and the one down the street. Find your hedgehog, a term coined by Jim Collins. Have you noticed?

How Grant Writing Helps Get A Nonprofit Into A Position To Increase and Imrpove All of Its Fundraising

Seeking Grant Money Today

Grant writing, as a process, can help a nonprofit: understand, in real world terms, what grant donors (and logically, also other types of donors) hope to achieve in the community, by donating; can help a nonprofit get its program designed, budgeted, and further planned (and hopefully implemented); and grant writing can help get the organization's leadership providing or at least considering key organizational operations, reporting, and goals. A little pressure.