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A new web series on nonprofit leadership that we launched

Wild Woman Fundraising

Are you tired of working really hard and getting the same results? Maybe it’s time to listen to the experts, and see what you can do differently to grow your fundraising revenue for the second half of 2019.

Announcing the Name It! Podcast!

Wild Woman Fundraising

Welcome to Martin Luther King Jr. And welcome to our new podcast! Helen Choi and I met up in November, in Vancouver at AFP Congress. We started talking about the conference theme, disrupting philanthropy. And we started to talk about what we wanted to see for the sector.

3 things to avoid in your fundraising job interview

Wild Woman Fundraising

This video talks about the 3 common mistakes people make in their fundraising job interview. If you do these, you’re not alone! But this can help. If you want more advice about how to get a fundraising job, Schedule a call to chat about what you are looking for right now: [link].

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6 Simple Interview Questions You Need to Ask to Find a Good Fundraising Job

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Fundraising jobs are hard! They don’t have to be this hard though, IF you ask the right questions in your interview. This interview is a two way street, and you need to see if this job is going to support you or not.

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How to Ace Your Fundraising Job Interview

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Here’s how to figure out what questions they will ask you in the fundraising job interview. And how to answer tricky questions! In this 9 minute video, you’ll learn: –How to answer the “Why did you leave your last position?” ” question.

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No, Millennials aren’t entitled. And they don’t want a participation trophy.

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This post is a response to the Rogare report talking about millennial fundraisers and their tendency to job hop. It quotes Staying Power, by employee retention expert Cara Silletto. She sees this short tenure from Millennials as a trend to be confronted and dealt with.

21 Ways Women Learn to be Stuck

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Ever want to crow a victory to someone and then have them say, “yes But?” ” Here’s what’s behind that. Perfectionism is a fairly common American female bodied thing. Thus it’s a fairly common nonprofit worker thing.

How the Nonprofit Sector Captures Us- And Refuses to Let Us Go.

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Have you ever wanted to leave the sector, but you’re 5 to 10 years in, and it’s looking like you can’t leave? What keeps you stuck? What makes you stay? Recently I was talking with a friend of mine who is looking for a job.

Just say no to #donorlove and say hello to staff love

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Are you looking forward to valentine’s day? This time of year always makes me think about the love in our sector. Going out on a limb here. a lot of people are all about donor love. Not me! Nope! I say, “NUTS to donor love, how about staff love? How about THAT?”

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NAME IT! PODCAST! White Fragility

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In the nonprofit sector lately, Helen and Mazarine have seen some glaring examples of white fragility. So, we decided to do an episode on what this is, and how we can do better. Are you wondering what white fragility is? how it shows up?

New Podcast! Social Justice Funder Interview: The NeedMor Fund

Wild Woman Fundraising

In this interview with Mary Sobecki, executive director of the NeedMor Fund, we talk about why involving people in the community in grantmaking decisions is important. Check out the NeedMor Fund! Chris Hedges writes, “When we cannot tell ourselves the truth about our past, we become trapped in it.

How to prepare for a fundraising job interview

Wild Woman Fundraising

Today we mentioned: Guidestar.org. Claire Axelrad of Charity Clairity. Gallup Strengthsfinder test : To help you find that challenge- a strength in disguise! 66 Resources to rise in your fundraising career – to help you anticipate those tough interview questions!

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Stories that get worn out

Wild Woman Fundraising

I have a friend who is visibly tired of the nonprofit scarcity story. She is sick of the blame game, the struggle story, the pointing the finger about why we JUST CAN’T CHANGE the board, or the budget, or get more staff. She’s sick of it. And she’s not alone.

Kishshana Palmer talks Managing Up In Your Fundraising Job (join us and tell us about your experience?)

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Hey have you ever had a boss who didn’t understand your job? Who told you, “I trust you” or “Just do it”? Me too. So, let’s talk managing up. Also If you want to learn how to manage up, j oin us on May 7th for our webinar on Managing up! .

3 Steps to Fix Your Fundraising Career

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The cure for the common fundraising career! Are you ready to rise? Let’s go! I want to help you rise in your career. But first, we have to figure out what’s holding you back. Are you aware of the systems that are acting all around you?

Announcing 3 New Useful Leadership, Careers and Appeal Letter Pages

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Can you believe this? WildWomanFundraising.com has over 1,000 posts on it! From over 10 years of writing! That’s a lot! So I made 3 new pages for you, where you can find all of my most useful posts, ALL in one place! The first page is all about Fundraising Careers.

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[VIDEO] Sample Fundraising Cover Letters and Resumes

Wild Woman Fundraising

I just got back from AFP ICON and presented on all about fundraising resumes and cover letters at my session. Want to see what we learned about? Here are 4 videos to help you write a better fundraising resume and cover letter today. Sample Fundraising Resumes.

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Here’s why Captain Marvel is an expression of white supremacy

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Hoo boy. Are you ready for this? I hope so! In the spirit of NAMING IT, I am going to Name It! when it comes to a popular feel-good movie- Captain Marvel. Hold onto your hats! “Hollywood and the mass media are completely militarized. Look at all the war movies they are doing.”

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Our undiscovered self cripples us.

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When you don’t know yourself-. When you don’t know others… You’re hostage to the … UNSPEAKABLE! Like Michael Jackson says, “You’ve been hit by-You’ve been struck by! The UNSPEAKABLE!”

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How does racism show up in the nonprofit workplace?

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Listen, Subscribe and Rate to our new podcast episode, here. We are so psyched to speak with Kishshana Palmer, CEO of Kishshana & Co. and Chief Growth Officer of The Future Project.

How to hire a fundraising career consultant

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Is it time to get your career to the next level? Here’s what I say! New year, time to get your career in gear! Do you feel like you could use some mentorship, or coaching in your fundraising career? Maybe it’s time to get fundraising career coaching for yourself.

I dare you to be your own fundraising guru

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Recently I checked my library account, and I checked out over 100 books in the last year. Did I read them all? But did I skim all of them? I read most of them. I love learning! When I started out in fundraising, I always wanted more knowledge.

It’s 10 years in and what have you learned?

Wild Woman Fundraising

HERSTORY: In 2008 I had the idea to start a business. i was still working for a nonprofit. but I decided to start writing my book. I called it the CD project. Hilarious. Here I am in my barely furnished apartment in Portland.

How to hire a fundraising consultant

Wild Woman Fundraising

So you want to hire a nonprofit consultant. What do you need? Here’s how to go about doing it for the best results. Don’t just hire a guy that that guy down the street told you to hire. Maybe you need an expert in a certain kind of fundraising.

I hate being vulnerable.

Wild Woman Fundraising

I hate being vulnerable. That’s what I said last night. I was crying. We get into nonprofits because we are good at solving problems. Or good at taking care of people. We’re taught to think of others first. But there’s a dark side to this.

Who are you, under that mask?

Wild Woman Fundraising

You never started out wanting to be a fundraiser. But here you are. What do you think of your career so far? Are you satisfied? Are there things you wish you could change, but “oh well, I’m 10-20 years in now, can’t stop?”

It’s time to WOOP

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Lately I’ve been helping people make plans. Communications plans. Fundraising plans. And a combo of both. Thanks to my contract with Oregon Metro, I got to teach people how to do communications plans last week.

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How can you deal with a rapidly changing world?

Wild Woman Fundraising

It’s hard out there right now. There’s so much up in the air, and there’s so much uncertainty about government funding for our US nonprofits.

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How to build a better board – Interview with Kishshana Palmer

Wild Woman Fundraising

Do you want to learn how to build a board with a shared mindset? Do you want to know why having a weak board is actually not to your advantage? Should you have a list of the kinds of job titles you want on your board? Or is there another way to do it? Do you want answers to these questions?

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15 Masks-What type of leader are you?

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What’s your leadership personality? When you look at your work, what helps you? What hinders you? Is it people around you? If so, what archetypes could their personalities be playing out? I was chatting with a friend recently about leadership personalities.

10 most popular posts of 2018

Wild Woman Fundraising

If you’ve ever wondered what the most popular posts are in this fundraising blog- which is increasingly becoming a career blog, and a leadership blog, well, wonder no longer! I give you: The 10 most popular articles of 2018 plus ONE MORE.

My Failures of 2018- What’s in YOUR pot of foolishness?

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What is in YOUR pot of foolishness? Recently i went to the Seattle art museum with my friend Vanessa Chase. This is a picture of one of my favorite exhibits, made with the active participation of people whose culture this is.

Astonishing! If you have more women of color presenting at a conference…

Wild Woman Fundraising

This year at the Fundraising Career Conference , we had 6 women of color presenting, out of 9 presenters in 11 sessions. . Heres’s what I found with this lineup of speakers, after 4 years of running this online conference.

Happy International Women’s Day! Feminism in the Sector Podcast!

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Are you a feminist? Do you believe that people of different genders should be equal? if so, then YES! if no, then GTFO. There is a lot to say about feminism in the sector, and what AFP in particular can do better for women! Vanessa Chase, founder of The Storytelling Nonprofit and #FundraisingIsFemale, shares a few tips with us in this next episode of NAME IT! Podcast! Listen to the podcast here or watch the video below!

3 aspects of resilient nonprofit leadership – by Nonprofit Founder, Della Rae

Wild Woman Fundraising

MT: Hey, everybody, welcome. It’s time for another incredible interview with Della Rae, who I have known for many years and who is – gosh. There’s just so many things I want to say about her. I hardly know where to start.

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I used to hate calling major donors! But now… Interview with Kristen Kennedy

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Kristen says, “I used to hate cold calling. I thought picking up the phone and calling people was miserable. I dreaded it and would find a million reason why I didn’t have time to make calls.

My 2018 Annual Report

Wild Woman Fundraising

Last week I talked about my mistakes. This week, I bring you my 2018 annual report. This is a chance for me to tell you what I’ve done this year that I’m proud of. And things I’m so grateful for! Favorite twitter jokes of 2018? I got you.

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Above the Turmoil

Wild Woman Fundraising

As we end the Nonprofit Leadership Summit this year, I am struck by how much our current time mirrors 1939. if history is indeed repeating itself, what can we say about the current times, and what does this mean for our tactics in the uncertain future?

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Here’s your magic wand for our nonprofit future

Wild Woman Fundraising

Fun fact- I used to work for a psychic hotline. My psychic hotline name was… Maxine Future. Pretty funny, huh? In seriousness though, this interview will help you predict the future. Really. Do you ever wish you had a crystal ball to let you know what is going to happen?

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You are Not a Whiner

Wild Woman Fundraising

When I was a teenager, my dad used to say, “ You’re such a whiner!” ” It was hurtful. So I gave up trying to talk to him about problems that were important to me.

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10 tunes to work to-and take you into fun winter times

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How do you get through your workday? Is it podcasts? Is it music? Is it a combo of both? I tend to go with music when I’m working, because podcasts can be distracting to me. I like podcasts when I’m driving.

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Now learn how to keep your donors with better automation! Interview with Justin Handley

Wild Woman Fundraising

MT: Hey, everybody. This is Mazarine Treyz with Wild Woman Fundraising and today I am so pleased and happy to have Justin Handley here, who is going to talk about marketing automation at our Nonprofit Leadership Summit this September.

Go get your almost equal pay

Wild Woman Fundraising

It’s an open secret in the nonprofit sector that it’s a pink collar ghetto. We have the lowest wages of the entire USA. Chart courtesy of reader survey on blue avocado 2010. It’s bad in Canada too. See below. Lower than the public sector. Lower than the private sector.

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