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In the last few weeks, Google and Yahoo have tweaked their algorithms - the systems they use to determine if your email is wanted or unwanted. In fact, Yahoo is reported to be deactivating thousands of email accounts that haven't been logged into. Nonprofits love sending email.

Here are my IN’s & OUT’s for 2019… what do you think about them?


IN’s. Allowing major donors to qualify themselves (opt-in). The post Here are my IN’s & OUT’s for 2019… what do you think about them? Being disrespectful, interrupting & annoying supporters. Spray-n’-pray marketing.

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Our Top Email List Builder: A Quiz

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You’ll see it in a few different places. This quiz puts you in one of five levels and then we recommend training for you based on that level, rather than overwhelming you with everything at once. But i f you do opt-in, then you get access to free courses and other resources.

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6 Nonprofit Email Marketing Resolutions for 2020

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This is despite the fact that most of us dread opening our inboxes in the morning and feel like we are drowning in email ! . Some of the key metrics found in their analysis of nonprofit emails: The average open rate is 20.39%.

Five Content Marketing Strategy Essentials for Nonprofits

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The 2019 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report found that the most successful nonprofit communicators were putting significantly more emphasis on content marketing than less effective organizations. We also found a big gap in the mastery of content marketing skills in this year’s research between effective and less effective nonprofits. Here are five content marketing strategy essentials to get you headed in the right direction.

3 Email List Building Pop-Ups for Your Website

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We’ll share some used to generate donations on the webinar and on the blog later in the month. ” That’s what everyone says, and yet the conversion rates for most of these are much, much better than your standard opt-in on a webpage.

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If you like VERITUS GROUP and you like me… now you can get both together!


That’s how I felt when I first met Richard Perry and Jeff Schreifels (from Veritus Group) in Philadelphia years ago. In other words, your donors should be invited to opt-in to be on your major gift caseload. Alignment.

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Here’s what’s missing from moves management.


When I first heard the phrase I figured it was all about managing the moves fundraisers make to get donors to move forward in the decision-making process, and I was right. Moves” are the actions an organization takes to bring in donors, establish relationships, and renew contributions.

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Why hardly anyone reads your planned giving newsletter (and what you can do about it).


Did they opt-in? Most of the people to whom you send your newsletter probably did not opt-in to receive it. What decision-making stage are they in? Trust is the cornerstone in the foundation of all financial decisions. Confusing?

The Four Selfs


Just as you and I prefer to opt-in to receive emails from a marketer, donors prefer to opt-in to be in your caseload/portfolio. Those you ask to opt-in should first have the capacity to give, as well as some passion and interest in your organization’s mission. .

Follow This Example To See How Automated Cultivation Can Work To Meet Donor Needs.


Maybe I hadn’t thought of the university in a while. Finally, it would set in motion the unbelievably persuasive law of reciprocity. The form could also ask about my interests to see if I might consider taking a tour of campus someday in the future.

What The Heck Is Progressive Profiling And Why You Need To Do It?


The next step is retooling all marketing efforts to provide engagement offers that will appeal to each supporter in a way that’s meaningful to them based on where they are in the consideration continuum. This is a basic truth in the digital age.

The 8 Components of Engagement Fundraising


It’s been proven that the person who gives first usually receives a gift in return from the original recipient that far exceeds the value of the first person’s gift (by exponential measures). Ask them to opt in and make it easy for them to opt out. Let them lean in.

5 Trends to Watch for Nonprofit Communicators in 2020

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But as you think about how to navigate the final, frantic days of 2019, a new year beckons. Here are five trends I’ve been watching that are likely to impact your communications in 2020. “To date, 13 percent of those it has contacted have opted in.

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Newsletter: Social Media vs Website: Which is Best? ; St. Jude’s Cause Marketing Tops $1 Billion ; Two Revolts Against Selfish Selfie Culture

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At the beginning of the year, I explained why you should be on Twitter in 2019. To drive traffic to your website and an email opt-in box !) Jude Children's Research Hospital has raised a $1,000,000,000 with cause marketing in the past 15 years.?? ??

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16 Features Every Nonprofit Website Should Have


In addition to this, or if using your own imagery isn’t possible, use high-quality royalty-free imagery from sites like Pexels and Unsplash. This could also help avoid unexpected costs or complications in the future. That’s where analytics comes in. by Zoe Allen.

12 Communications Strategies for Nonprofits

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But what’s in the middle? So, I put some time in sorting through and narrowing down the 12 communications strategies that I most often see effective nonprofits using. Here they are: PERMISSION-BASED MARKETING is sharing content with specific people who have signed up, subscribed, or otherwise agreed in advance to join your mailing lists and lists of social followers. Nearly all nonprofits use this strategy in some way by building opt-in mailing lists.

A bunch of reasons why January is NOT necessarily the best time to ‘hit your donor’s mailbox’


Recently I saw a question posted on a discussion board that was inspired by a blog (NOT mine) titled: WHY YOU NEED TO HIT YOUR DONOR’S MAILBOX FIRST THING IN 2019. How will they want to find meaning in their lives?

11 Digital Marketing KPIs That Every Nonprofit Should Be Tracking


Accurate tracking also allows you to adapt quickly if you are heading in the wrong direction, avoiding setbacks. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the trackable factors for which you want to record data in order to work out if you are reaching your SMART goals. Get In Touch.

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