5 best practices for delivering progress reports to your major gift and legacy supporters


Tony Robbins , the author of Money: Master the Game, discussed ‘ How Progress Equals Happiness ‘ earlier this year on Oprah’s digital web-show – #OWNSHOW. Your supporters want to see what you’ve done with their money.

The 2016 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


In the past year, thousands of nonprofit pros took advantage of our definitive Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar, and we're so excited to share our brand new 2016 list! On the list and want a sweet Best Conference badge for your website? 2016 Nonprofit Organizations Institute.

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How to use verbatims and digital body language to raise more money


If you really want to get to know them well, the best way to start at low cost is to simply ask them questions about themselves— preferably face to face or with a donor survey. The post How to use verbatims and digital body language to raise more money appeared first on MarketSmart | .

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5 things you should do when you get a big bequest (to ensure that your marketing budget increases!)


Use the Bequest Calculator to determine how much money your organization could generate if it got serious about planned gift marketing. My pal ( Tricia Benson ) used to work at Human Rights Campaign.

“Dear donor, you rock! Here’s why…” Jeff Brooks’ powerful donor outreach formula


Would you like to learn more about how to write appeal letters that raise money? If you want to know how to communicate with your donors, I strongly recommend you listen to whatever Jeff Brooks says.

Go Short with Your 2016 Annual Report [FREE Webinar TOMORROW]

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It’s a best practice. Instead, use common sense, save your nonprofit huge amounts of time and money, and create something people will actually look at. Find out how TOMORROW during our FREE webinar: Go Short with Your 2016 Annual Report. Wednesday, November 2, 2016.

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Cold calling major donors to arrange appointments doesn’t work— but this method does


And, an exchange of money only happens when a proper exchange of value exists. In other words, we practice what we preach. Let them know you will not be asking them for money; you’ll only talk more about them and how you can help them achieve their philanthropic goals.

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Why reciprocity must be an essential tool in your fundraising toolbox


You can and should use reciprocity as a tool to raise more money. Fundraising best practices for fundraising best practices for planned giving engagement fundraising fundraising tips fundraising tools major donor fundraising major gift fundraising philanthropy blog

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How NOT to write a letter to your supporter community


We expected this campaign to accelerate our rise among the world’s best research universities. This support has helped Maryland compete for the best students and help make their education more affordable. Learn how to write appeal letters to major donors that raise money.

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Why everyone talks about segmenting emails but hardly anyone ever does it


And your time costs your organization money. Fundraising Lead Generation strategy best practices for fundraising email list segmentation email segmentation strategy philanthropy blog segmented email campaigns segmenting email listsThey’ll talk about it at conferences.

Why you need to think of yourself as a facilitator


Supporters give because they see you, your colleagues, your staff, your leaders, and your volunteers as the best conduit to satisfy their need. If you are a great facilitator, you’ll raise more money. Supporters give to satisfy a need Tweet This!

Who is more important… your donors or the beneficiaries of their gifts?


Organizations spend a lot of time and effort focusing on what they will do with the money they receive from donors. People won’t give you money if you don’t have a plan for what you’ll do with it. Wanna see my best blog posts?

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How to prep for your next big ask


But, sadly, only a few sentences in the entire report actually focus on the moment of truth— when you ask for the money. Practice out loud. Lawyers practice law. Doctors practice medicine. Basketball players practice.

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Introducing the “FOUR SELFs” of Engagement Fundraising


If you’ve been reading this blog for a while now, isn’t it time you took a look at how we can help you raise more money at lower costs thanks to engagement fundraising strategies and technologies ?

6 big recommendations from Abila’s donor loyalty study about content.


“Content is money!” Fundraising Major Giving Planned Giving strategy best practices for planned giving charitable giving tips donor retention donor study fundraising tips legacy gift marketing major gift fundraising strategy” That’s what Abila says.

7 common major gift marketing mistakes you should avoid this year (including planned gift marketing)


Believing that you are imposing on your supporters by asking them for money. Save your money. Remember, they want to give. The key is to think of yourself as a facilitator, not a fundraiser. Spamming your supporters.

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What to do about planned gift marketing when you don’t know what to do…


Next give each person a numerical ranking with 5 reflecting potential capacity (in other words, a 5 means they have money!). The easiest and best way to do that is by asking them to take a donor survey: In-person (face-to-face is best).

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The easiest way to grow your Legacy Society (5 super-simple steps)


But so few invest the time and money necessary to inspire them. Fundraising Planned Giving best practices for fundraising best practices for planned giving fundraising blog Lead generation for planned giving legacy gift marketing legacy gifts planned gift marketing planned gift marketing ideasEveryone wants planned gifts. Events, annual fund mailings, operation meetings, and tons of other things get in the way.

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6 reasons why some donors prefer to stay anonymous


They do not want fundraisers from other organizations to ask them for money (this is the #1 reason according to the Center on Philanthropy study conducted in 1991 titled “Survey on Anonymous Giving”).

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Why you should join mastermind groups instead of attending conferences


In the end, you’ll save a ton of money while building deep, meaningful relationships, achieving your goals and also expanding your network. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you probably know that I don’t really like conferences that much. .

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Donor retention and donor qualification go together like peas in a pod


Some things just work best when coupled together. Retention efforts cost money. Peanut butter and jelly. Toothpaste and a toothbrush. Cookies and milk. Soap and water. Simon and Garfunkel. Get the idea? Donor retention and donor qualification. Similarly, you shouldn’t consider donor retention without involving donor qualification because there’s no sense in spending time and effort on retaining donors without a qualification strategy in place.

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3 ways to use direct mail effectively in the age of social media


Often it is best to combine direct mail with an Internet landing page. Then design and print them all at once to gain economies of scale and save money. Direct Marketing Digital Marketing direct mail marketing best practices direct mail marketing ideas Direct Mail Marketing in 2017 direct mail marketing strategy direct mail marketing tips direct marketing tips effective direct mail Lead Generation leads Strategy ways to use direct mail effectively Web Design

7 Common Donation Form Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them!) – Part 1

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Whether it’s dropping a bowl of chips on the floor or accidentally wearing two different shoes to work, mistakes and blunders happen to even the best of us. And follow these 20 best practices for a stellar donation page. Why do one-page donation forms work best?

It ain’t friendraising… it’s fundraising


Usually, it is believed that extroverts make the best sales people (and fundraisers). And, since most fundraisers are not multi-millionaires, if they are extraverted they won’t be able to imagine what it’s like to part with large sums of money ($1 million for instance). If they are extroverted they might feel empathy toward a donor that isn’t necessary because the donor actually wants to give the money away. Popular opinion is wrong.

7 key questions for qualifying your major gift and planned gift prospects


This costs your organization money (since your salary pays for your time). Here are 7 key questions to ask yourself about each major and legacy gift prospect before spending (wasting) too much time on them and costing your organization too much money: Do they have money or assets? Fundraising Lead Generation Major Giving Planned Giving best practices for fundraising nonprofit marketing tactics nonprofit marketing tips Philanthropy

How fast do you respond to your major and planned gift donors’ needs?


How much money do you think your organization could raise if it developed more effective and fluid two-way communication channels that facilitated giving (especially for high-value donors)? The private sector knows all about responding to leads. They know that: The odds of calling to contact a lead decrease by over 10 times in the 1st hour. The odds of calling to qualify a lead decrease by over 6 times in the 1st hour.

9 ways nonprofits are conning and duping supporters (all of which you should do without)


Not reporting what you did with their money. Fundraising best practices for fundraising donor acquisition donor cultivation fundraising advice fundraising blog fundraising cultivation fundraising marketingNew donors, are testing you out. But many feel duped. I think that’s why retention is so low. Everyone hates to be duped!

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4 Surefire Ways To Use Social Media To Promote Your Year-End Fundraising Campaign

J Campbell Social Marketing

There’s a lot to learn about using social media tools to raise money, but the busy and stressful year-end fundraising season probably isn’t the time to delve into the depths of analytics and algorithms. IndyShakes (@IndyShakes) October 12, 2016. Guest blog by Candace Cody.

Write Your Own Appeal Letter and Raise More [Starts Next Week]

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If you want to write a direct mail appeal letter that will blow your supporters away (and raise more money), join us next week for: Writing Successful Direct Mail Appeal Letters In-House. PLEASE NOTE: Unlike previous years, this is the only time we are offering this training in 2016.

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Our Annual All-Access Pass Is on Sale NOW

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We know many nonprofits are on a summer fiscal year, and you might need to use this year’s money in the next few days. Included in the Annual All-Access Pass : Live and recorded webinars presented by our guest advisors and me that keep you up-to-date on best practices.

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Can Penelope Burk predict the future?


Lastly, money on the table: Among donors who gave $10,000 or more to charitable causes last year, 33% said they still could have given more. Related Posts: >>How to Use Verbatims and Digital Body Language to Raise More Money. >>Too Do you know Penelope Burk?

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Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

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Assign a “Fundraising Leader” and Raise More Money , says Lori Jacobwith. Rachel Muir guest blogs for Network for Good and gives us Best Practices in Donor Thank Yous. Best practices seem to change all the time, but here are 3 Core Twitter Strategies That Will Never Die.

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Building the Way to San Jose: Here's what EveryAction will be up to at 16NTC.


Like many of you, we're just a week away from heading to sunny California for the 2016 Nonprofit Technology Conference (16NTC) , one our favorites, and one of the best nonprofit conferences of the year.

The Four Selfs


Your job is to recognize that 99% of the time your supporters try to educate themselves about you, your organization, its mission and how they can realize the best version of themselves by supporting it, they do it online— without you. . Proof is offered by statistics from the 2016 U.S.

No Nonprofits – You Aren’t Posting Enough On Social Media

J Campbell Social Marketing

Sure, there are best practices. Spending some money to boost posts helps also!) Mixing up the language and sending the tweets out at different times of the day works best – you don’t want to seem like an automated robot.

What everyone is missing about the 2018 $410 billion giving figure from Giving USA


Many philanthropists gave their money to their own foundations and donor-advised funds, not directly to charities. The reason why wealthy people put money in their foundations and donor-advised funds… the reason why fewer households are giving… and the reason why retention rates are in the toilet: CHARITIES ARE FAILING TO DELIVER ENOUGH VALUE. They think they are doing so much good that supporters should just fork over their hard-earned money without question.

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How MarketSmart Works With Partners


Our platform helps nonprofits raise more money more efficiently. We developed success stories, best practices, and benchmarks. When they do, their clients raise more money at lower costs. People often ask me, “How does MarketSmart work with partners (allies) to help nonprofits lower costs and increase revenues?” ” It’s a good question. Many people see the link on our website about our partner program. Or, stumble upon Phyllis’ video.

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5 Fundraising Metrics Nonprofits Should Watch

J Campbell Social Marketing

On the other hand, this fundraising metric also allows you to see which strategies aren’t as effective, allowing you to make them more successful or cut back the time and money you spend on them. Tracking retention rates is one of the best ways to keep tabs on your nonprofit’s success.

Week of Freebies! Day 1: Go Short with Your Annual Report

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Instead, use common sense, save your nonprofit huge amounts of time and money, and create something people will actually look at. Go Short with Your Annual Report in 2016. Looking for someone to keep up with best practices and the latest trends in nonprofit marketing and fundraising?

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3 Proven Ways to Raise More Money with Charity Checkout Fundraisers

Selfish Giving

Nonprofits and businesses that run charity checkout programs are always asking me how they can run a more successful program and raise more money. Here are three strategies that are guaranteed to raise you more money.

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End of Year Is Here: Where to Focus Your Attention Right Now


One blog says, “focus on designing the best email template”, whereas another preaches the need to boost your social media presence after #GivingTuesday. I’d like to approach this time of year with a more practical mindset.

Relationship Fundraising in the 21st Century - An academic study by Rogare

Fundraising Coach

We live in the best time to fundraise! Now we have a growing body of solid research into how to best help donors to invest in what matters to them most! Even to the point of saying that "it's not about the money." No longer are we at the mercy of the latest anecdote.

Small Nonprofits Kicking Butt at Individual Fundraising [REPORT]

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Developed by Third Space Studio and BC/DC Ideas, the 2015 Individual Donor Benchmark Report is once again empowering small and medium nonprofit organizations to explore their donor potential, enhance their fundraising strategies, and raise more money from individual donors.

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