My mistakes of 2014

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If you’re curious about government contracting here’s the latest on what costs you can get covered with a government contract , I wrote about it, good as of November 2014. Conflict 2014 how I made mistakes learned so much mistakes my mistakes so many mistakes so much mistake

Our Top Ten Blog Posts of 2014

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2014 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report [Infographic] (Watch for the 2015 version in early January!). Here are the top ten blog posts we published so far this year, according to unique page views in Google Analytics.

Priority 2014: Recommit to Your Privacy Policy

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As I combed the infinite number of 2014 marketing recommendations shared in recent weeks, I was surprised to see this one— review, revise and recommit to your privacy policy. Relationship Building 2014 prediction nonprofit branding Nonprofit Communications nonprofit marketing privacy policy

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10 Nonprofit Social Media Resolutions for 2014 (part 1)

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With technology changing so rapidly and social media moving so quickly, how will you know what to prioritize in 2014? Here are my top 10 nonprofit social media resolutions for 2014: 1) Eliminate silos. It’s not too late to create resolutions for the New Year!

10 Nonprofit Social Media Resolutions for 2014 (part 2 of 2)

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With technology changing so rapidly and social media moving so quickly, how will you know what to prioritize in 2014? Here are the last 5 of my top 10 nonprofit social media resolutions for 2014 (the first 5 are here ): 6) Less is more. Part 1 of this two-part series is here.

7 steps to succeed with crowdfunding in 2014

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(This article originally appeared in Fundraising Success Magazine in April, 2014). Have you ever thought about doing a kickstarter or indiegogo campaign for your nonprofit?

Forecast Of 2014 Giving

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This week the Atlas of Giving released their most recent month-by-month giving forecast for 2014. I talked to Rob Mitchell, Atlas’ CEO, to get his take on 2014 results to date and his insights on what.

3 Things To Do Instead of Facebook Marketing in 2014

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Here are 3 things that your organization can focus on in 2014 instead of Facebook. It also includes time to actively promote your organization’s blog – make sure to include that in your marketing plans for 2014. What are you nonprofit’s marketing plans for 2014?

The one delusion that keeps you stuck

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Nonprofit Consultant women 2014 2015 art buckminster fuller crazy talk ice john dewey joseph stalin karl marx neil postman rousseau stupid talk systemaphilia winter break winter vacation Now I am home on the east coast for winter break. It was HARD to take a break!

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Great “behind-the-scenes” progress in 2013, now let’s get creative!

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

I hope 2014 will mark the death of thinking traditional vs social when it comes to planning advertising campaigns. Compliment Governance Government 2013 social media campaigns 2014 christmas progress public sector Social Media social media guidelines training Web 2.0

Let’s plan for your fundraising success in 2015!

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Collaboration Cultivating donors Keeping a job 2014 2015 fundraising plan fundraising planning fundrasigin plan how to fundraising plan nonprofit planning sample fundraising plan Have you ever wanted to stop running around trying to do too many things at once?

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New Free Webinar: Nov 11th The Brave New World of Donor Databases

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DATE: November 11th, 2014. Acknowledgement Appeals Cultivating donors Free Stuff for Nonprofits Fundraising 101 Webinars 2014 free webinars donor databases Finding the best donor database free webinar november nonprofit free webinars Robert Weiner Robert Weiner.

Get Ready for 2015

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Board Collaboration Leadership 2014 2015 fundraising plan fundraising planning how to do a fundraising plan planning for 2015 Yep, those are my toes in the sand! Already thinking about 2015 in the summertime! I don’t know about you, but this year has FLOWN BY for me.

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Free Webinar: Finding and Keeping Volunteers May 13th

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Join us on Tuesday May 13th, 2014, at 1pm ET, 12pm CT, 11am MT, and 10am PT for a free webinar as we learn. Free Stuff for Nonprofits Fundraising 101 Volunteers free webinar may 2014 free nonprofit webinars mazarine treyz mazarine treyz webinar presenter Do you have too much to do?

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T Your Way to Donor Retention

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Donor retention is an absolute priority (again) for 2014. Fundraising: Innovations & Research 2014 priority Blackbaud donor retention Frank Barry fundraising Yet the path to donor retention success remains elusive for so many organizations. How about yours?

The Secret to Raising More in 2014

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Every week, I have a conversation like this with a nonprofit leader: Nonprofit Leader: "We need to find new donors." (As As though there''s a magic bullet, a secret place to find new donors.). Me: "Why do you want to find new donors?".

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Our Top 10 Posts from 2014

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Here at Network for Good, we’re reflecting on 2014 and planning for the upcoming year. But before we dive into 2015, we want to share with you our top blog posts from 2014.

What are your intentions for 2014?

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I created community with my meetup group , and I want to do more of this in 2014. What are my words for 2014? So, in 2014, I will work more on balance by not checking email til after noon, writing in the morning, meditating, and saving after 5pm time for friends and family and doing fun stuff. So I know that in 2014 my business is going to do really well. In 2014 I want more joy, also, by doing more dancing!). I hope that my awe continues to grow in 2014!

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Nonprofit Thank You Videos – Binge Watch Here!

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I’ve started my 2014 Playlist of Nonprofit Thank You Videos. I am so excited about next week, not only because it’s Thanksgiving, but because this is when we see a huge wave of nonprofit thank you videos being released. And I LOVE THESE THINGS.

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Nonprofits – Get Out The Vote!

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Nonprofits Election 2014 Gloria Steinem Lena Dunham Vote As nonprofit professionals and those who work in the sector, it is our obligation to vote and to get our constituents to vote today. You know that you vote easily on other, trivial matters – American Idol ring a bell?

Most Important Social Media Sites to Nonprofits in 2015

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In the 2014 report, nonprofits predicted Instagram would be the social network they would add next to their repertoire, and they appear to have followed through in this 2015 data.

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Nonprofits, are you still doubting the power of social media?

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Infographics Social Media Infographic social media Social Media 2014 Statistics Still doubting the power of social media? Check out this neat interactive infographic from Digital Insights.

Super Short is Super Sweet: Storytelling that Hooks Digital Donors

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In my Nonprofit Technology News Celebrity Forecasts for 2014 , one of the most cited themes among charity leaders was the importance of multi-channel fundraising. TechSoup Storymakers 2014 Contest. The contest deadline is September 26, 2014 , so get shooting! Jim Lynch.

The 5 Best Nonprofit Digital Stories from TechSoup’s Storymakers Contest

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Without further ado, we’re thrilled to announce the winners of TechSoup’s Storymakers 2014 contest and to share some words on their behalf. Alexandra Ale Bezdikian. TechSoup’s annual Storymakers contest had some great entries this year.

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7 Ways to Make 2014 the Year of the Donor

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You can improve the odds of keeping more of your supporters by declaring 2014 the Year of the Donor. How will you make 2014 the Year of the Donor? The good news is that giving continues to grow. The bad news is that donor retention rates aren’t what they should be.

Give in the Moment: Our Favorite #UNselfies of #GivingTuesday (so far)


At last, #GivingTuesday is upon us! In case you don''t know, the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday is dedicated to giving back after all of the indulgences of the days before.

Why Donation Pages for Nonprofits Usually Suck


Right now, thousands of donors are being scared, confused, bored, or straight up turned away from donating online

5 Cold Calling Tips to Meet Your Fundraising Goals


The fundraising call has always been a staple of donor outreach. However, changes + advancements in the ways you communicate with your audience means adjusting your approach to the dreaded cold call.

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Mark your calendar: best conferences for nonprofits in 2015


Believe it or not, it''s already time to start planning for the wealth of marketing, education, and networking opportunities for nonprofits in 2015. nonprofit conferences

12 Nonprofit Donation Pages That Don’t Suck


In our last post, we explained why donation pages on nonprofit websites are repelling potential donors.

50 Best Nonprofit Twitter Accounts to Follow


A frequent assumption is that social media runs itself, but the “build it and they will come” model won’t yield the engagement or impact that you’re looking for.

Best Halloween costumes ever? We dressed up as our favorite nonprofits.


You have just a few hours before your end-of-the-day office costume contest and evening Halloween festivities, but have no idea what to be. Well, we have your back. For the ultimate procrastinator, we''ve got 6 nonprofit costume ideas that you can do with (almost) no planning at all

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This is what's wrong with your nonprofit digital strategy


I’ve read and written hundreds of nonprofit digital strategy documents. As a former consultant for the nonprofit space, “I need to create a digital strategy” was something that I heard almost daily. The problem is that you don’t need a digital strategy. You need a strategy.

Epiphany! This struck me like a lightning bolt

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According to GuideStar’s 2014 white paper, female chief executives’ salaries at nonprofits in 2012 trailed that of their male counterparts by as much as 23% depending on the organization’s size. The investment for this webinar is $ 127 , on sale for $87 until November 1st, 2014.

Sample Calendars: How Often to Send Direct Mail and Email [Video and Download]

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I talk about the first part of the training, Calendars That Connect , which we’ll present on Monday, October 20, 2014.

Free Webinar: Fundraising on a Shoestring Feb 11th 10am

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Join us on February 11th, 2014 for Fundraising on a Shoestring, a Free one-hour webinar at 10am. Are you trying to fundraise on a small budget? Get tools and tricks you can use to help make the most of your nonprofit dollars!

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Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Nancy Levesque

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In 2014 we partnered with the U.S. Nancy Levesque. Here’s the latest installment in our series on the “Day in the Life” of nonprofit communicators, where we ask you to describe your day in your own words. . Want to be featured in this series?

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Lindsay Nichols

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I then had a team meeting with the head of our community foundation program, DonorEdge, and my boss and one of my employees to discuss how we could maximize the social media engagement and blog coverage of the 2014 DonorEdge Learning Community Annual Meeting that had recently taken place.

18 habits every fundraiser should have by their first 6 months on the job

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You may have heard of Steven Covey’s habits of highly effective people. But what about fundraisers? What’s one thing you could do, each week, each day, or each month to be more effective in your role, whether you’re just starting out or you have 10 years of experience?

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Want Better Payoffs From Your Donor Communication? Start Customizing It

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Somya Qureshi. Last month we heard from Somya Qureshi from on the easiest place to get started with collecting data. Today she has some ideas on how to take that donor data and turn it into a communications startegy.

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7 PAC Reporting Errors Your Filing Software Should Help You Avoid


Whether you''ve been filing reports for years or managing your first PAC, you understand the crucial role that filing software plays in making sure the numbers always come out right.

Blocking Access to Social Media is now “Against Policy”

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To the Canadian federal “govies” out there that may have missed the memo, a crucial policy instrument called PANDU took effect exactly one year ago (excluding section 6.1.3 , which kicked-in 7 months later). What is PANDU? PANDU stands for Policy on Acceptable Network and Device Use.

MAKE ME A MATCH: 48 Ways to Ask for a Matching Gift in an Email Fundraising Appeal

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Photo Credit: p/aPY4K8. Stuck trying to find new ways to describe your matching gift campaign? Never fear! Use these matching gift phrases in all the right places: Subject line. Preheader. Header. Calls-to-action (be sure to include at least 2 in each email). Sidebars.

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