Leveraging LinkedIn for Good

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At LinkedIn, our mission is simple: To connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. And with over 95 million members, LinkedIn is a great way to connect with people from all over the world. . As a nonprofit professional, you and your organization should be leveraging the connective power of LinkedIn as well to promote your career and your cause. The two main reasons your cause should be on LinkedIn?

9 Words for Nonprofits to Avoid in 2011

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I'm particularly happy to see fail and wow factor on their 2011 list. We also rather liked this compilation of the Top Ten Overused Buzzwords on LinkedIn Profiles. Last January's " Words for Nonprofits to Avoid in 2010 " turned out to be Big Duck's most popular blog post of 2010. It warms the cockles of my heart to know that you all value words so much.

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You can meet me at the Center for Nonprofit Organizations in February, March and April 2011!

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When: Thursday, February 10, 2011 from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM. When:Tuesday, February 15, 2011 from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM. When: Tuesday, March 08, 2011 from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM. When: Thursday, April 07, 2011 from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM.

I am LinkedIn member 855,485

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But when put in the context of a recent milestone for the professional networking site-- LinkedIn now has over 100 million member--somehow, being somewhere just below 900,000 seems pretty impressive to me. I've always liked LinkedIn. At first glance, this may not seem very impressive.

LinkedIn for Nonprofit Professionals

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This article on using LinkedIn caught my attention so she let me post it here. Think of Linkedin as your virtual professional conference. Linkedin isn’t a whole lot different. Decide first why you (or your organization) would want to use Linkedin.

Want to be more effective in your fundraising? Get LEAN!

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Share this on LinkedIn. Do you have too much to do? Want to go from this: To This? This is about utilizing Lean Manufacturing processes to get the fundraising tasks you need to do done in the shortest amount of time, always improving, and always looking for ways to do it more efficiently.

Reader Questions: Humane Society Fundraising, how to overcome: “I only give to people”

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Share this on LinkedIn. Recently a reader came in with a question, how to convince people to give to animal charities? Dear Mazarine, It is sometimes difficult raising money for animals , especially in the south.

Book Review: “The Facebook Marketing Book”

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I joined LinkedIn way back in 2005. My LinkedIn account was half-finished for years before I could imagine any value in completing it. The Facebook Marketing Book O'Reilly Allison Zarrella Ambrose Bierce Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Jason Alba Dan Zarrella Brendan Frasier cause marketing

Good LinkedIn news - and 3 things reasons to react

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Today, LinkedIn announced it’s adding a Volunteer Experience & Causes section to the Profile page. By including causes, charities and volunteer work in LinkedIn profiles, the social network becomes wired to create these positive influences for our organizations. LinkedIn is a great tool for going that and therefore advancing our missions. Ask them to update their LinkedIn Profile here. Check out more about nonprofits on LinkedIn here.

May 26th Webinar: Move on up! And give yourself a leg up the career ladder!

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How can you dominate LinkedIn and really work your profile? First Name: Last Name: Email: Share this on LinkedIn. Move on up! And give yourself a leg up the career ladder! A step-by-step guide to getting the attention you deserve for your accomplishments and expertise.

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14 Tips for Making Your Nonprofit Email More Effective

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What works better is to ask the recipient to follow you on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Dan Zarrella , a social media researcher and author, recently revealed in a Hubspot webinar a trove of statistical analysis on email marketing. Zarrella parsed 9.5

Nonprofit Marketing Talent is Hard to Find. Linkedin Can Help.

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The king of social recruiting is LinkedIn, that massive database of resumes, accomplishments, and connections. LinkedIn has new tools to make recruiting faster, cheaper, and easier. You can do a lot for free, using Advanced Search but to really mine that database, you want to look at LinkedIn Recruiter. It’s fee-based but LinkedIn will be giving discounts to eligible nonprofits. In other words, LinkedIn is a lot like hiring a search firm but it costs less.

Position Yourself to Get the Nonprofit Marketing Job: Be Selective and Specific

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Some other dos and don’ts to build your personal brand in the job market via social media channels: DO: Use keywords when writing your LinkedIn summary, for SEO optimization. Join – and actively participate in – several LinkedIn groups related to your specific interests.

4 Steps to Stronger Relationships by Sharing a Laugh

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Take the example at top.which was what I saw when I went to my LinkedIn page on April Fools Day. Humor is tough to integrate effectively into marketing, especially nonprofit marketing. We see a lot more of it in consumer marketing, where the issue covered isn’t so serious or meaningful.

3 lies about moving on up in your nonprofit career, and 3 truths.

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YNPN February 28th, 2011. Share this on LinkedIn. To quote Jay-Z, “Thanks for coming out tonight. You could have been anywhere in the world tonight, but you’re here with me. I appreciate that.&#.

Unrelated Sunday!

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Share this on LinkedIn. For an unrelated Sunday, Weightlifting Woman by Mazarine Treyz. I’ve been blogging EVERY DAY THIS MONTH over at [link].

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Mixed Links on Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

While many nonprofit professionals use LinkedIn for their personal use, not many organizations are using yet. Joanne Fritz asks, “ Are Nonprofits Warming Up to LinkedIn? &# and highlights a few nonprofits who have jumped on the LinkedIn bandwagon.

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Mobile giving: 4 trends nonprofits should consider


This is my second post based on information gleaned from a recent Common Knowledge webinar on nonprofit communications trends for 2011. There’s also a Linkedin group: Mobile Technology for Nonprofit Organizations —a good place to ask questions. flickr/closari.

Do you have an online rep to promote? Get on this 3-D Nonprofit Reputation Engine Webinar!

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Three process tree diagrams for Linkedin, Twitter, and Blogging. This book will be published in August 2011. Share this on LinkedIn. Managing your online reputation. What: 3-D Nonprofit Reputation Engine Webinar. When: Friday, July 15th. 1pm-2:30pm EST. Cost: $59.99.

Reader Questions: How do you partner with a nonprofit, get AKA Fiscal Sponsorship?

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First Name: Last Name: Email: Share this on LinkedIn. Have you ever tried to partner with a nonprofit? Did that experience leave you frustrated, or just stymied by how it all works? Do you ever find yourself wondering, “What IS fiscal sponsorship, anyway?&#.

Do you work for a nonprofit hospital? How are you doing social media?

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Share this on LinkedIn. I want to tell you about something completely incredible that happened last night. I put this simple message out on Twitter: “Hey Twitter, can you help me out? I am looking for small rural clinics and hospitals using social media.&#.

How do you turn an accidental donor into an ally? Part 1

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Maybe they sign up and you give them a shout out on Twitter or Linkedin or both. If they are on Twitter or Linkedin, mention them on there and thank them for coming to your nonprofit open house. First Name: Last Name: Email: Share this on LinkedIn.

If this is LinkedIn, Get Me Outta Here!

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A lot of fundraising people I know are on LinkedIn. LinkedIn can be a good tool for your career. If you look at my LinkedIn profile , you can also see how I’ve highlighted speaking and publications. I’ve used LinkedIn for years. No more LinkedIn Pulse!

Guest Post: Christina Attard reveals the secrets about your planned giving program that only donors know…

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Connect with Christina Attard on Linkedin , or visit her well-written blog here. Share this on LinkedIn. What the heck is planned giving and why should you care?

Hip to QR Codes

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In turn, my brand-spanking-new Hipscan page connects you to my Twitter, my LinkedIn profile and this blog, but not my Facebook page. Facebook LinkedIn Hipscan QR code Alden Keene and Associates Twitter QR Codes

How can nonprofits monitor their online reputations?

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How to use Linkedin to become an expert in your field. First Name: Last Name: Email: Share this on LinkedIn.

Do you have a “super job”?

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Share this on LinkedIn. I was in line at the co-op today and saw the cover of Mother Jones. It said, “Speeded up, more work for no pay.&# So when i got home, I looked it up, and found this startling and sad article , and recognized myself. Read on. You may recognize yourself too.

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Are you doing nonprofit graphic design on a shoestring?

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Share this on LinkedIn. Well, isn’t everyone? Let me give you some free tools you can use to make your annual report sparkle, and your e-newsletter shine! Two words. Brushes. What is Gimp ? A free software program that lets you create all kinds of fun effects.

How do you turn an accidental donor into an ally? Part 2

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Give them a shout out on your website, on twitter, on linkedin, and on your blog. First Name: Last Name: Email: Share this on LinkedIn. First off, if you haven’t read the first part of this post yet, I would go there. This shit will make a LOT more sense if you do.

Do you want to know who REALLY has cause fatigue?

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Share this on LinkedIn. What’s up? Do you ever feel like a cog in a wheel? Push fundraiser, money comes out? Recently, Seth Godin wrote on his blog, “The factory-mindset encourages every worker to protect his time and his effort.

400 Americans have more wealth than half of all Americans combined.

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March 5, 2011. Share this on LinkedIn. Did you see this speech? Transcript below. America Is NOT Broke. by Michael Moore. MichaelMoore.com. America is not broke.

Must Not Sleep! Must Warn Others! And other tips from fundraising hip hopistas

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First Name: Last Name: Email: Share this on LinkedIn. So as I write another blog post at midnight, I’m reminded “Must Not Sleep! Must Warn Others!&#. Let me explain.

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Do we really have too many nonprofits? Citation needed!

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Share this on LinkedIn. How about this. You tell me how many nonprofits there are in your town that do the exact same thing, and how many ways they overlap services. Also, we have tech for-profits starting up every day, and no one says to them, “There are too many tech startups! Cut it out already, there’s not enough need!&# because frankly, we are all on the internet, and we read things CONSTANTLY. Subscribe to the comments for this post? Share this on del.icio.us. Digg this!

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Did slaves make your bra? Want a fabulous interactive graph to help you decide what to buy?

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Share this on LinkedIn. Recently I was sitting on a plane with a charming and socially conscious seatmate , and we were talking about world events, and at the end of our time together, we both agreed, “Vote with your dollars!&#. What does that mean?

Guest post: Mary Cahalane on Thank You Letters!

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Share this on LinkedIn. I have the pleasure of introducing a new guest post by Mary Cahalane. I met her recently on Twitter and learned more about her insight on Pamela Grow’s newsletter. I just loved what she had to say, so I asked her to guest post for me, here. Mary, you rock.

Yeah, you know you need to learn how to delegate, how about right now?

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Share this on LinkedIn. From Barbara Bedoni on Flickr. So, I’m going to speak it out loud, this is the dirty little secret of our profession, as development staff, as fundraisers. Some of us, not all of us, but some of us are Type As. We like to be in control of every little thing.

Interview with a planned giver, Paul Nazareth: What’s your fundraising journey?

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Read more on Linkedin , this is his blog , here’s his book blog , and you can also follow him on Twitter. First Name: Last Name: Email: Share this on LinkedIn. Paul Nazareth, Storm Trooper Helmets not actual size. First off, Paul, I’m sorry.

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3 tips to dramatically increase website donations

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Share this on LinkedIn. Have you ever bought something online? OF COURSE! You know it! What did you buy? Was it a book from bookfinder.com? Was it something off of Amazon or iTunes? More and more people are shopping online, and more people are giving online.

So Dark The Con of Men

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You can find him him on LinkedIn and Facebook.

May 18th Webinar: How to get Mega-Sponsorships!

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Share this on LinkedIn. Before I forget! I’m going to be on National Radio this Saturday! Tune in! We’ll be talking about nonprofit careers, fundraising, and more!

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