Three Essential Nonprofit Marketing Paths for 2011

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The 2011 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report confirms that, as if there was any doubt. Help people see what’s most important and why it matters. Do you think there are better ways to talk about big-picture approaches to nonprofit marketing in 2011?

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You can meet me at the Center for Nonprofit Organizations in February, March and April 2011!

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When: Thursday, February 10, 2011 from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM. We’ll go over the many ways to find and cultivate donors, on a broad scale, with average return on each method, before drilling down with concrete exercises to help you succeed in each area.

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9 Words for Nonprofits to Avoid in 2011

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When I catch myself using it, I can't help but feel that I've been lazy. If you'd like to know about the specific technology, this video is very helpful.) I'm particularly happy to see fail and wow factor on their 2011 list. Last January's " Words for Nonprofits to Avoid in 2010 " turned out to be Big Duck's most popular blog post of 2010. It warms the cockles of my heart to know that you all value words so much.

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Will You Look Back With Me on 2011?

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What’s the bottom line of 2011? The Biggest Idea of 2011: PARTNERSHIP! . I stretched myself by creating three android app s to help people in their fundraising offices and I’m about to come out with iPhone versions of them. Healthmonth is helping me with this!

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Nonprofit Communications Help Wanted – 3 Great Jobs Now Open

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P.S. Learn how to strengthen your nonprofit’s messaging with the all-new Nonprofit Tagline Database and 2011 Tagline Report. Help Wanted Carie Lewis Colin Delany Nonprofit Communications nonprofit help wanted nonprofit marketing

Telling Stories When You Help Indirectly

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Several great questions have come in via Facebook about storytelling, including this one, which I hear just about every time I teach a storytelling workshop: How can I use stories if we are several steps removed from the people receiving the help? Explain that you want to tell stories that help demonstrate the real-world impact of your work, and ask them to share. One Warm Coat helps other nonprofits and individuals organize coat drives.

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10 fundraising interview questions to help you succeed in your career

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This will help you see if they are an expansion phase, a contraction phase, or a stasis phase with the organization. I hope these questions help you in your quest for your next position. Nonprofit fundraisers often have a hard time saying No.

The Best Cause Marketing of 2011

Cause Related Marketing

Here are 10 cause marketing efforts or campaigns, culled from more than 200 posts in 2011, that were cool or fun or smart or effective or innovative or surprising. Here in date order of the original post are my top eleven Best Cause Marketing Efforts of 2011.

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7 Tips to Help You Focus in Age of Distraction: Are You Content Fried? — Beth Kanter Guest Post

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What are your tips to help you focus in an age of distraction? Have you read a helpful article or blog recently that helped get more focused? Mindmap: Jane Genovese. Thanks to my friend and colleague Beth Kanter for sharing her insights in this guest post.

Want to be more effective in your fundraising? Get LEAN!

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I’ve personally used these processes and found how incredibly helpful they can be for the one-person shop. Do you have too much to do? Want to go from this: To This?

What does an LGBTQ nonprofit organization do?

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So how do you help explain to people what each different organization does? Boston Glass: A drop-in center from the Justice Resource Institute to help GLBTQ people 13-25 hang out, get tested for HIV, and learn about healthy relationships.

Video roars into 2011; Nonprofits, grab your videocam


I just took a terrific, free, Common Knowledge webinar on the five big nonprofit communication trends for 2011. They’ll be looking for ways to help you tell your story through this medium. Produce a video in 2011. flickr/John Biehler.

Reader Questions: Humane Society Fundraising, how to overcome: “I only give to people”

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After all- when I get that phone call for help, it is always a person on the line asking for help with their particular problem. Highlight different pets on your website, tell their stories, help people understand how they can help, even if they can’t adopt.

Did slaves make your bra? Want a fabulous interactive graph to help you decide what to buy?

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This website is a useful tool to help you see where goods are produced around the world that may have been made by child or slave labor.

Friday Futures – Nonprofit Marketing Jobs – Feb 11, 2011

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I’ve seen an incredible increase in nonprofit marketing help wanted in the last few months. To do what I can to help these organizations move their missions forward, I’ll feature relevant positions in my new Friday (when there are jobs open) series — Friday Futures.

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HATE your job? You are not alone. Join us on April 7th.

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I can’t wait to help you get a better job! I was having this conversation with someone on twitter. And I realized it had been a long time since I talked about jobs that you hate, bad bosses and rankism on here. And there are like, SO MANY things to say about this! So, let me ask you this. Do you wish you could do your job instead of having to be dragged down by people who don’t get what you do and who just tell you NO every time you want to do something innovative?

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The Worst Cause Marketing of 2011

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in 2011 thanks in part to our fascination with the pathology of crime. Yesterday's post, was my annual list of the best cause marketing of 2011. Pathology, that is trying to figure out what went wrong, is both fun and entertaining.

Friday Futures – Nonprofit Marketing Jobs – March 18, 2011

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To do what I can to help these organizations move their missions forward, I’ll feature relevant positions in my new Friday (when there are jobs open) series — Friday Futures-Nonprofit Marketing Jobs.

Friday Futures – Nonprofit Marketing Jobs – Feb 18, 2011

Getting Attention

To do what I can to help these organizations move their missions forward, I’ll feature relevant positions in my new Friday (when there are jobs open) series — Friday Futures-Nonprofit Marketing Jobs.

Volunteers Helping Keeping Nonprofits Lights On

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Who better to help pass the word about an NPO's programs and mission but through the people who are passionate about the cause to the extend that they are giving of their time. All the ways that volunteers, and people who just want to help speard the word, are consolidated in an eBook.

Friday Futures – Nonprofit Marketing Jobs – April 1, 2011

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3) Director, Activating Innovation , EmcArts - EmcArts is a thoughtful organization filled with brilliant people committed to helping the arts and culture sector thrive. Please post your nonprofit marketing position here for FT or PT staff, consulting or internship opportunities.

Help Japan’s Earthquake & Tsunami Survivors – Donate Now

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Relationships and staff in place to help. Please help now. Developed countries are frequently overlooked at the time of disaster, but Japan needs our help. The speed and breadth of the devastation in Japan is astounding. You can follow the story via CNN or Al Jeezera.

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How to Create, Share, and Use QR Codes

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She also runs Kristina , a virtual assistance service that provides online administrative support to nonprofits and entrepreneurs who need to spend more time focusing on their passion to help others and less time worrying about administrative and technical issues. Kristina Leroux.

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Does the Raiser’s Edge Help Raise Money?

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Does any fundraising software really help raise money? Perhaps it would help to put these questions in context; how would you defend the expense of purchasing, maintaining and managing your fundraising software to your Board? The Raiser’s Edge has sophisticated functionality to manage virtually every facet of the most complex fundraising program, but it can only help raise money when senior leadership mandates that all staff use the system.

NEW: These 6 Questions Will Help You Get That Corporate Sponsorship

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6 questions you need to ask to help get that corporate sponsorship. Maybe you can help them do that. This will help you get a sense of what their PR priorities are. How can you help their employees feel better about coming to work each day? You can help them feel as if they’re making a difference by paying them to volunteer with you, or get people to give to you at the cash register. . It’s the holidays! Here’s my present to you.

Help Attack! Has Battle Plan for Cause Marketing

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One of these people was David Neff , COO at Help Attack! As David explained, the premise behind Help Attack! Just as cause marketing was created to allow consumers to donate to good causes via their favorite businesses, Help Attack! Here’s how Help Attack!

6 tips to help board members work a room

Fundraising Coach

Last night, I was asked for some tips to help my fellow board members with a fundraising dinner on Thursday. It’s also helpful to look for people feeling lost. Here are some questions to help get conversation going.

SLIDESHOW: These tips will help you raise more money online

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First Name: Last Name: Email: SLIDESHOW: These tips will help you raise more money online originally appeared on Wild Woman Fundraising on November 25, 2011. Integrated Marketing – Overman. View more presentations from Eric Overman.

Facebook Help For Nonprofits

The Agitator

Facebook has added a new Resource section to help nonprofits optimize the engagement impact of their Facebook presence. We built it to help you harness the power of Facebook and bring positive change to the world. All the help you need for creating pages, adding ads and apps, promoting events, creating groups, adding social plug-ins to your website, and more.

JCA Helps Nonprofits Bridge the Technology Gap

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In this week’s Crain’s New York Business, columnist Anne Fischer featured JCA in an article about nonprofits and their struggle to implement and maintain technology. Citing JCA’s involvement with the Kaufman Center’s technology overhaul, Crain’s focused on the high stakes and challenges that nonprofits face as they try to automate and streamline their operations.

Where to Go for Help with Facebook

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So while I will occasionally offer a webinar or two on Facebook basics, I’ve decided to partner with people who actually like keeping up with the changes and who are focused on helping nonprofits with social media: John Haydon and CharityHowTo. Thursday, March 3, 2011 (1:00 – 2:30 pm ET). Thursday, March 10, 2011 (1:00 – 2:30 pm ET). Tuesday, March 15, 2011 (3:00 – 4:30 pm ET). Tuesday, March 15, 2011 (1:00 – 2:30 pm ET).

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Your New Year's Resolutions

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So, if you haven't gotten around to writing your New Year's resolutions yet, I'm here to help. Just print out the resolutions below, stick them on the nearest bulletin board, and you'll be all set for 2011! Your New Year's Resolutions. If you were too busy to write them down, allow me.

3 lies about moving on up in your nonprofit career, and 3 truths.

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YNPN February 28th, 2011. All the information you provided about web based ways to connect with people and opportunities as well as find useful information, will be a big help.&# -Sari Albornez. “I found Mazarine’s presentation not only helpful but fun.

Should You Feed Your Blog to Facebook?

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I’ll get the blog posts back on the Facebook page, with or without Hootsuite’s help. I use Hootsuite to automatically send new blog posts to both Twitter and Facebook. That is, until May of this year, when the Facebook integration failed.

3 Steps to Focused Productivity for Your Nonprofit Marketing

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Rebecca ( @rjleaman ) is a writer and editor who helps small community-based nonprofits and individuals tell their stories. What tool can we find to help us to do that?&# It’s the best cure for “overwhelm&# I’ve found yet.

Position Yourself to Get the Nonprofit Marketing Job: Be Selective and Specific

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Depending on your preferred niche, this might be the DMA, PRSA, AFP, NTEN, CASE, AHP, APRA or other organization, but getting to know the members will help you extend your reach and grow past your job or organization. Welcome to our newest guest blogger, Valerie Lambert.

Help KFC Earn Its Cause Marketing Wings

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If KFC really wants to help health causes, it could learn from McDonald’s and Ronald McDonald’s House Charities. Megan Strand of joined me in writing this post today!

Results of My Daily Blogging Experiment

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On January 3, 2011, I started a daily blogging experiment — and by “daily&# I actually meant business daily, Monday – Friday. Katya Andresen did the same thing, but really did blog every day, including weekends. Here’s what she learned about her 100 posts.).

The Best Local Cause Marketing of 2011 (and 3 that Really Stunk)

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Here are my picks for the best local cause marketing programs of 2011. Now you can shop online to help others. The best way for a business to help a cause is to be a great business FIRST , and that’s Tevolution’s first priority. Capplause best of 2011 cause marketin

Social Media Means Everyone is a Spokesperson

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Poll of 26 Nonprofit Marketing Webinar Attendees, February 16 2011. A social media policy can help clear up potential confusion and misunderstandings about how nonprofit staff, board members, and volunteers should be using social media and talking about their nonprofits online.