The Best & Worst Local Cause Marketing Programs of 2010

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I combed through the Selfish Giving archives and came up with the best and worst local cause marketing programs of 2010. Here are the seven best local cause marketing programs for 2010. Location: SXSW 2010 , Austin, TX.

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Busted Nonprofit Brand, Part II: Anatomy of a Corporate Sponsorship Meltdown

Getting Attention

Komen for the Cure’s® cause partnership with with Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), launched via a huge TV advertising campaign. As I see it, Komen has undermined its own brand by partnering with KFC to market one of the unhealthiest foods there is — fried chicken in a pink bucket.

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Busted Nonprofit brand

The Agitator

I’m hugely impressed with Nancy Schwartz’ analysis of the Komen For The Cure’s (Komen) disastrous cause marketing partnership with Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Tags: Don't Miss these Posts branding cause marketing charities communications nonprofit management nonprofits online activism social networking

Cause Marketing Matchmaking Freebie

Cause Related Marketing

Here’s a freebie for Ball jars, which sells food preserving jars and equipment, and Grow Appalachia, which teaches the people of rural Kentucky how to grow, cook and preserve their own food. Jarden Corporation’s total revenue in 2010 was $6.3

Cause Marketing, Selfishness Drive Consumer Giving

Selfish Giving

Even after Komen’s misstep in 2010 with Kentucky Fried Chicken and Buckets for the Cure , the program still raised $4 million and had little ill effect on the nonprofit’s brand.