Your Best Email Campaign Ever: 4 Steps to a Winning Strategy This Fall

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VIEW THE PRESENTATION OUTLINE HERE >> You have a scary dollar amount floating above your head. It's a daunting fundraising goal that seems to be edging further from you every day. As the economy continues to ebb and flow (recession, not a recession, recession. it's like watching a tennis match!), you wonder how you're going to effectively reach out to your supporters and reach your numbers. Say hello to a cost-effective, personalized solution: Email marketing.

The secret behind year-end fundraising fall appeals

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Fall is upon us and that means year-end giving is right around the corner. Back in 2008 or 2009 when I was preparing to host a radio show , an experienced radio show host gave me a great bit of advice: don’t study up too much on your guest.

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10 Shocking Scary Secrets of Working in Fundraising

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Here’s a secret blog post from October 2009, that I put on my private blog, before I had started Wild Woman So they tell the Development Director to push hard, and use the DD as the “fall guy.” Scary by Marco Mazzei from Flickr.

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Next Steps -- 2009 Nonprofit Tagline Awards

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Winners of the 2009 tagline awards will be announced in October. The updated 2009 Nonprofit Tagline Report , featuring 2009 winners and finalists, will be published in late fall 2009. . Thanks again to all of your who have helped me with the tagline awards -- by spreading the word, entering your tagline or just sharing your enthusiasm with me! You're the heart of this program.

Free Teleseminar on Fall Email Fundraising & More This Week

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Your Best Email Campaign Ever: 4 Steps to a Winning Strategy This Fall. During this free Nonprofit911 training call sponsored by Network for Good, I’ll be talking about what you can do this fall through your email communications to help set yourself up for bigger gifts in December.

Testimonials Are Your Org's MOST Powerful Voice in 2009

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Just because we are dealt a different hand doesn't mean we are not winners. " --Jeremy Snyder, New York, NY Testimonials are more powerful than ever, now that we've seen some of the things we've thought were forever fall apart. ". " I just read this testimonial on the NYU Child Study Center site.

Fall Theme: Stop Cancer HalloWeekend Annual Event

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How I know the sky is falling

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We're screwed. We can't write out way out of a wet paper bag, and we couldn't focus on our audience if they were standing right in front of us. No wonder fundraising results were already dropping more than two years before the recession started. We just don't know how to raise funds! Here's how I know this awful news: a few days ago, I posted a piece titled The case of the forbidden word about the difference between formal and less-formal words.

Best of the Blog 2008 & Your Suggestions for 2009?

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Registration Now Open for Fall Webinar Series (This is obviously out-of-date, so check out our current webinar series schedule instead.). Tell me what you’d like me to write about in 2009 by leaving a comment on this post.

FREE Fall Fundraising Success Guide for You!

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My friends at Network for Good have created a new guide to help you glide through year-end fundraising called 25 Steps to Fall & Holiday Fundraising Success. You can download your FREE copy by signing up here. I particularly like their suggestions in Step 10 for building your online list. However, I would add another tactic - email append. An email append is the process of using a 3rd-party vendor ( like my company ) to add email addresses to your offline donor or member list.

My Summer (Uh, I Mean Fall) Reading List

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Here is my fall reading list. Who wants to read books about marketing on vacation anyway?) And you? What's on your nightstand?

Must-read: Our free eBook on Fall Fundraising

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season of the year: fall and holiday fundraising time. With all of that in mind, Network for Good (where I work) is happy to share our newest addition to our guide and ebook library: 25 Steps to Fall & Holiday Fundraising Success. Learn how to meet and exceed your fundraising goals as we round out 2009 with these practical chapters: Crafting your fundraising campaign. We’re heading into the busiest (and possibly highest-stress!)

Nonprofits are Falling Behind Gov 2.0

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A few days ago, I tweeted my friend Marty to ask him about an article he had mentioned a while back on how the Department of Defense uses network structures to combat terrorism. I thought this would be a great example to get the attention of nonprofity folks: “Look, even the Dept. of Defense is [.].

Technology is Just a Tool: Don't Fall Prey to Shiny Object Syndrome

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Once you know who you're talking to and what your trying to say the tactics will fall into place. If you get a chance, check out the first 4 minutes of this video. It's an overview of social media for the National Park Service by Geoff Livingston, Principal, Livingston Communication.

Online Fundraising Stats and Trends for Nonprofits

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This compares unfavorably to the 20% growth rate achieved in 2010, but is up from the 14% achieved in 2008 and 2009. The number of gifts rose by 20%, with the typical gift size remaining roughly the same, falling by 2% between 2010 and 2011.

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Media Relations Planning — 11 Steps to Success

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P.S. Subscribe now to the Getting Attention e-update to get your free copy of the 2009 Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Repor t (due in late fall), filled with best practices, trends and a directory of over 2,500 nonprofit taglines. Media planning, like most planning responsibilities, is daunting and seems tedious. It's hard to know where to start, how to allocate the right time and staff and, most of all, how to motivate yourself to dive in.

Knowledge + Attitude = Action?


Better yet, consider where policy falls into the equation. This was the equation at the center of one of Thursday’s New York Times Articles titled: How Understanding the Human Mind Might Save the World from CO2.

What Tops Your Marketing "To-Do" List for Q4? -- Nonprofit Blog Carnival Wants to Know

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/>. Like most of you, I'm sure, I'm sharply focused on my top three my priorities for Q4 2009. Where should experimentation into social marketing fall? And I'm wondering what tops your list. How about honing the relevance of your messaging? Are you cutting back on reach or expanding to engage new audiences?

Free tool of the week: Jargon-Busters


It’s so easy to fall back on stale expressions and terminology not well understood beyond the bounds of our field. I’m guilty of it too—using hackneyed phrases that have no meaning any more, and letting insider jargon creep into my writing.

Same monitoring tools, new look, more functionality.

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Back in the fall I posted up my Social Media Monitoring - Top 10 Tools presentation onto slideshare. I’ve always been a fan of apps that try to present complex information in a simple manner.

You! Up Against the Wall!

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She falls asleep for the first time in a month without Ambien. Or How NOT to Photograph Your Volunteer of the Month. A Guest Post by Claire Meyerhoff. Photos are the most wonderful (and cheapo) item in our Nonprofit Marketing Bag-O-Tricks.

Mixed Links: Good Stuff for Nonprofit Communicators

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Network for Good has published a free guide called “ 25 Steps to Fall and Holiday Fundraising Success. &#. Here are several announcements and links that I think you’ll find helpful. Fundraising.

The 3 things that you should do for End-of-Year Fundraising Success!

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Now that it’s officially Fall, it’s time to kick-start your fundraising plans for the end of the year. . Here are three things you need to make sure you do in order to raise the most money you can in the final quarter of 2009. You might want to gather up a few Board members or volunteers and do a Thank-A-Thon to call all your donors from 2009 to thank them.

Mixed Links: Good Stuff for Nonprofit Communicators

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Last week I presented “Your Best Email Campaign Ever: 4 Steps to a Winning Strategy This Fall&# as a Nonprofit 911 teleseminar. This is what I call Mixed Links - an occasional tasty cocktail of great links for nonprofit communicators. Upcoming Webinars. September 29: Fear v.

GuideStar Webinar: Strengthening Your Fundraising Appeals: Powerful Giving Season Communications during a Downturn

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To download the guide Katya referenced during the webinar--"25 Steps to Fall & Holiday Fundraising Success"--visit this site: ! Learn how marketing can keep your organization strong and sustainable—even during a recession. Stand out from the competition for visibility and resources. You’ll also learn the four key questions you must answer to win funding from donors and corporations.

Four Common Problems with Donor, Client, and Volunteer Profiles

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I see bad profiles falling into four categories: 1. I’m always talking about the power of storytelling in nonprofit marketing, and a lot of those stories end up taking the form of personal profiles of donors, clients, volunteers and other supporters and partners.

Free tool of the week: Yodio melds narration and images


So, I put together a fake 2-minute lobbying spot for a clean water and land referendum that was passed last fall in Minnesota. In the next few weeks, I’m hoping to give you the low-down on some free online media that combine slides, photos, voice-overs, graphics, and/or music.

The Ups and Downs of Online Giving in a Down Economy

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In December of 2008, we published an article showing that online giving had grown significantly between the fall of 2007 and the fall of 2008.1

Museums in Distress


A friend who works in government relations for a very popular art museum told me the shock wave that the fall of one of the museum's large supporters, Lehman Brothers, sent thru the entire institution.


A Look Back: My First Twitter 10


2. @ bbravo : I’ve been a long-time fan of Britt’s Have Fun * Do Good blog and last fall joined in with her on the Changebloggers movement.

What's an Email Address Worth?

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Don't fall into the trap of counting only the first donation. How to Measure the Value of an Online Supporter Over here at Care2 we get this question a lot. And we should.

What Your Supporters Can Do for You Online, When You Empower Them

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In the fall of 2008 she was honored by the ASPCA with their “Kid of the Year&# award for her efforts. This Friday, March 20, John Kenyon will join me in presenting a webinar called “ Creating Online Evangelists: How to Excite and Motivate Your Supporters.&#

Guest post: It’s your nonprofit’s anniversary? Who cares…


The second gathering was in the fall. Rick Schwartz. Another great guest post by Rick Schwartz. In late 2007, I was invited to talk to a community foundation that was going to celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2008.

Where is the Nonprofit "Apprentice"?


I even bet we'd get lots of corporate sponsors falling all over themselves to get featured as the "proud sponsor" of whatever task at hand. The other day, I was watching a show on Style Network called " Running in Heels."

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How nonprofits can succeed in the new sustainability paradigm: 6 big lessons from social media


Still, it pays to remember that “crisis&# is derived from two Greek words meaning “a turning point&# and “to decide&# (not “the sky is falling&# ). flickr/askpang. Many nonprofits are in crisis mode these days.

Nonprofit branding and the role of organizational culture


Take responsibility for what goes wrong or falls short. flickr/onlinewoman. I’ve watched the evolution of nonprofit branding since the topic first hit The Chronicle of Philanthropy years ago.

When Will The "Twitter" of Mobile Payments Hit Mainstream?


I would venture to say that Gen Yers, and increasingly Gen Xers, fall into the first three groups of Mobile Users: creating, sharing and distributing content (yes, photo albums count), keeping tabs on social networks, and looking for professional opportunities online.

Saying Thanks Even When It’s Inconvenient or Time-Consuming

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Two fall into the $30-80 million range and three are bringing in more than $100 million. Wow - yesterday’s post about thank you notes and the lack thereof got the conversation started! Thanks to everyone who took the time to add some thoughts to the debate.

Collaborators, get ready to ride the Wave


I’m taking a bit of a vacation this week, but I wanted to follow up my last post on collaboration tools with this video from Google about the Wave –rumored to be out this fall. It’s a fairly long video because there’s a lot to preview, but once you see what Wave is going to be capable of—all those other wonderful collaboration tools may be unnecessary. Really, take the time to watch it. It’s pretty mind-boggling…in a good way.

Feds Flunk H1N1 Communications

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That's where the CDC is falling down. You may ask, "What communications?" And that's exactly the problem. H1N1 flu is a significant health risk for the healthy, as well as for those more high-risk, but communication on how to avoid it has been terrible. For example, the CDC web page on the vaccine hasn't been updated since September 11th. When you create awareness, you have to follow right behind with guidance for action.