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What does your personal stockbroker (or maybe partner, instead) tell you about your personal investments? They tell you to "Diversify!" Now, this isn't a blog on investments, and I don't claim to be anything near a financial counselor of any kind, but, to make my point: if you have a stock portfolio that is only invested in grapefruit juice sales and grapefruit futures - you are broke after Hurricanes Ivan and Jean wipe out the entire crop and a good portion of the industry.

Americans See Non Profits as "Somewhat Good"

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You may have seen in the press lately on the August 2004 Brookings Institute survey of 1,417 respondents about Americans' views of charities. ( [link] ). 23; September 16, 2004; pg. Tags: donors 2004 grant writing grant writers grants Americans

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NAACP Under Investigation

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NAACP: News Release October 29, 2004. One of the groups being investigated by the IRS for allegedly intervening in a political campaign is the NAACP. One of the country's most recognized advocacy organizations and a long-standing leader in the struggle like Julian Bond? Surely they know the line between urging political (electoral) vs. legislative (policy) action.

Happy Birthday Dear Facebook – Facebook Turns 10!

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In an open letter on his Facebook profile, Mark Zuckerberg writes: Check out this nifty infographic from marketing agency Keystone Click , detailing some of the major changes from in 2004 to Facebook as we know it today.

Changes Happen - Let Your Constituency Know

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Our 2004 - 2005 agency budget was radified by our Board in early June. We just finished summarizing the results from our 2003 -2004 annual client survey from which we tabulate clients' response to what we do and how we do it. And, there are many other changes that occured in the 2003 - 2004 fiscal year compared to last year. One of the agencies that I work for is on a fiscal year that runs from July 1 to June 30th.

How Much of Your "Gift" is Tax Deductible?

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The smart, seasoned, sophisticated nonprofit executive director taking tickets at the door for a dance concert Saturday night told me that the $75 I paid for three tickets was tax deductible. It isn't. And the fact that she had it wrong suggests that lots of folks, even in arts groups, just don't know some essential tax rules.

Nonprofit Rules on Lobbying and Elections

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The Washington Post (Sunday, Oct. 30 p.A4): "60 Tax-Exempt Groups under Investigation: At Issue Are IRS Regulations That Bar Political Activities.". The IRS cannot reveal the names of the groups, but says that about 20 are churches. This sort of thing worries me because most people don't know the difference between lobbying and political activity. Leaders in some groups might be making mistakes they shouldn't because they don't know the rules.

Good Grantwriting Site

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Welcome to Grant Just stumbled upon this decent resource for beginning grantwriters

Nonprofits Speak Out Against Anti-Terror Rules and Blacklists

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National Council of Nonprofit Associations. A reasonable, principled and patriotic stand against the oppressive and un-American new rules for charities in the Combined Federal Campaign (workplace giving for government workers) by the National Council of Nonprofit Associations (the association of state associations of nonprofit groups). NCNA represents the multitude of nonprofits, most of whom provide services to people in U.S. communities. The nonprofits are not overwhelmingly Left or Right.

ACLU Declines Ford and Rockefeller Funding

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American Civil Liberties Union : ACLU Declines Ford and Rockefeller Grants Due to Restrictive Funding Agreement; Painful but Principled Decision to Put Civil Liberties First. The ACLU turned down over a million in grants from Ford and Rockefeller Foundations, long-standing funding partners. These leading funders, along with how many others?, have adopted new restrictions on grant agreements. How would you know whether your nonprofit might be subject to such restrictions?

Council on Foundations Work on Anti-Terrorist Rules

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The Council on Foundations - International Programs. If you're working internationally, you probably have weighed in. If not, here's the information


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Fund-A-Need. What's new in fundraising? One thing is a searchable database—on the internet—that allows individual donors to choose small, discrete projects to fund. It's being used by the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools. And it may have started with some folks in New York—Donor Choice. link]. Wonder how this could work for other groups. Wonder how a similar option could change workplace giving as we know it

Standard Grant Proposal Format: Tool

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Standard Grant Proposal Format. Note: Always follow the foundation’s grantmaking guidelines. If there are no guidelines, the following is a commonly used format for grantseeking. Cover Letter. Narrative (8-10 pages). Executive Summary. Organizational History & Acheivements. Problem Statement (Needs). Program Goals & Objectives. Strategy & Implementation (Project Description; Activities; Action Plan).

Frame for Diversified Fundraising: Tool

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A profile in October's Fast Company—the print magazine—on Michael Sheehan, a $15,000 a day communications consultant to big companies and political Democrats offers this idea on messaging: frame it. To illustrate key messages, he sketches a triangle or box. The main supporting themes make the sides. At the center is the message itself. Yesterday, I recalled his tool and designed a way to frame the elements of a diversified funding base for a client.

Deborah's ProposalWriter Blog

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Deborah's ProposalWriter Blog. This post is especially for my grantwriting class—and for anyone else looking for more ideas and resources to get started with writing grant proposals as part of your nonprofit's fundraising strategy


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During the years between 2001 and 2004 literature in our industry lamented the cause but noted that the change in economy forced us Development professionals to have to re-assess, and that was not such a bad idea after so many consecutive years of economic stability. As I begin this Blog there are new beginnings in grant writing, today, too. The recent American economic up-tick offers non-profit organizations hope for more funding opportunities.

What Amount of Money Should I Ask For?

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This is a common question among those new to grant writing. We work for non profit organizations which, by their definition, need as much financial support as can be raised. So, don't we all just want to ask for $50,000, on each grant proposal that we submit? Wanting $50,000 and being able to raise $50,000 or more are two different but complimentary realities. Most non profit organizations that are ready to be successful grant raisers could raise $50,000 if they need to.

Using E-mail in Fundraising

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Grassroots Fundraising Journal - Featured Article. Michael Stein offers practical ways to use the inexpensive, flexible, simple-to-use tool of e-mail to enhance fundraising. The line between organizing strategy and fundraising strategy is–when done right–fine

Events vs. Asking for Gifts

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Grassroots Fundraising Journal - Dear Kim Q&A Column Archive. This is the best short answer to the Events Idea ("hey, let's do an event") that makes me so tired. From Grassroots Fundraising Journal - Dear Kim Q&A Column Archive

Using the Budget to Tell Your Story

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[link]. Going through old emails, I discovered this previously unread gem. As anyone who's done proposals to foundations knows, infinite ways of creating budgets exist. The examples in this brief article show some appealing and fresh (to me) options

Worth It Annual Conference

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Annual Conference. This was the first time I've attended this conference. And I was glad I did. Highlights were the session by Omowale Satterwhite ( National Community Development Institute ) on capacity building for social change, Alan Brickman's session on field-specific capacity building (I loved that he opened with a poem—he's based in Rockport, MA), and of course the luncheon speech by my shero, Kim Klein. If you don't know Kim's work, haven't read her book or Grassroots Fundraising Journal.

The Source of All of This

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You and I met in a support group for people who have XYZmia. XYZmia is a disease that slows down your ability to walk. We can still walk, but XYZmia is progressive and my walking has slowed down to 50 steps a minute and yours' has progressed further - you can only walk 20 steps a minute. Not being able to walk fast enough in life impairs our ability to be timely at the workplace, it annoys friends and relatives, and it effects our lives in other ways.

Oceana's blog

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Here's the blog Oceana is doing.

The promise of blogs for int'l organizing

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I've become convinced that blogs can be extraordinary tools for nonprofits and organizing. The first suggestion came from Tony Byrne Ten or 12 years ago, he told me that someday soon people around the world would carry their phones in their pockets. Land lines would become unnecessary. Yeah, right. Tony went on to be a quiet, key player in building Internet access throughout the former Soviet states. Today, I trust him as my futurist.

How Do I Prepare To Find Foundations Who Will Fund Us?

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The search for possible grant donors for your organization is called "prospecting" in the grant writing jargon lexicon. Prospecting is a critical part of successfully making relationships with grant donors and successfully receiving grants. Not only do you need to find organizations who donate grants to apply to, you need to be good at prospecting. It's just like the California Gold Rush or the Frazier River Valley Gold Rush.

Your Agency's First Grantwriter Starts Work Monday

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I ask, "Ack!"? You may say to me, 'Well, we know we need a grant writer at this agency, but now we've invested in this new staff member and we have no guarantees that grant money will come in. What have I done?' I understand how you feel. You are not the first ED or board member that has hired a grant writer onto the staff only to wonder 'can we afford this?'.

Talking Is Good

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Get out of your office and into the community telling other non profits, foundations, corporations, government agencies, and anyone else who will listen who your agency is, what you do, and how well you do it. Contrary to what your fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Applebottom told you, talking is good. She was concerned that you were missing her lesson, but I am encouraging you to pick up the phone, lunch, mingle, so that you may explain, describe, ask, and listen in your community. Sounds terrifying?

The Declined Grant Request

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If you have solicited grants you have received notice that some of your proposals have been declined. It is a part of the grant raising process to be declined, and more than once or twice. You put all of that work into that grant proposal, and there is the response letter; "declined". I know how you feel. All of us who write grant proposals do. You are not alone by any means. May I suggest the following to you, your E.D., and board: 1.

What Are The Steps To Hiring A Grant Writer?

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Let's say. Your agency has been receiving about thirty percent of its annual income from individual donations. A community agency has been supporting your group for about ten years, annually, thus providing about twenty percent of your org's annual income. Forty percent is raised each year through five different special events, and the remaining ten percent is raised by your board members. You and your board know that the two new programs that you want to provide require more money in the budget.

Coordinating Office Colleagues' Grant Needs

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My colleagues, in this office, are social workers. Their days are filled with meeting clients, checking the safety of clients' homes, filling out paper work, attending meetings, and much more. Because we ask for our clients' feedback, annually, we receive a 'reading' from the local community about what needs exist, what needs we are meeting, which we are not meeting; and from there we make plans for new programs, changes to current programs, etc.

Where To Put "Overwhelmed" On the Calendar?

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We all know this feeling. You're up fifteen minutes late Tuesday morning. Your cat needs to be let in and the dog that you adore could use a fifteen minute walk. Your partner is getting the kids ready (AGAIN). You remember what calls need to be made, how much of that proposal you were working on yesterday is left to finish, and you somehow, during all of the thinking, got from home to work. You hit your desk and get back into the work rhythm you were keeping yesterday.until. Pick one: A.

The Word "Gets" Is In "Budgets"

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Most often a budget is one component of a grant proposal. This one part of the document can be 'the hurdle' for some. You may wonder, 'Who creates the grant proposal budget?' What information goes into a budget?' 'How How detailed does the grant proposal budget need to be?' Blachhhh? You aren't alone. As a public entity and as an entity asking for financial assistance, expect to fully disclose your organization's accounting.

Your Track Record Is Out There

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Foundations and other entities that donate grants talk with each other. The foundation trustees, staff, and program managers are not only colleagues working in the same field; they have a fiscal responsibility for the grant donation choices that they make. One way to investigate whether a non profit is a good candidate to receive a grant is to ask colleagues whether they've given that agency a grant before, and if so, what was their experience with that agency?

Remembering Leaders

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We've reflected on his leadership since President Ronald Reagan's passing this weekend. We also reflected on the leaders, whose names we do not each know, that altered the contemporary course of history on June 6, 1944 at many various beaches on France's west coast. You may be a leader of a non profit organization, or perhaps a community leader who volunteers?

Is There Really A Grant That Our Organization May Not Take?

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Hypothetically, let's say that your non profit organization is a private elementary school. Let's say that among all of the grant proposals sent out six months ago, one of them was to Cool Cola Corporation, a multi million dollar business that includes a generous foundation. Your grant writer sent Cool Cola Corporate Foundation a proposal asking for $50,000 for the new gymnasium for the elementary. Cool Cola sends you and your Board of Directors a response letter to your grant proposal stating ".

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Soliciting Grant Money 101

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Receiving donations in the form of grants could be a good additional piece of the fundraising pie for your agency. If you are considering raising funds by applying for grants, understand that grants are not a good single source of donations, alone, for any agency.

State Of The Canadian Nonprofit Web

The Agitator

It’s been 10 years and 5 Harry Potter movies since 2004 and the approach of Canadian nonprofits to their websites hasn’t changed much since. That’s the conclusion of the brilliant 2014 State of the Web Nation , a landmark website benchmarking study of Canadian charities.

Ep204: How This Restaurant Turned a Dessert Into a $200k Cancer Fundraiser

Selfish Giving

Since 2004, Iron Hill has raised $200k by selling the dessert at 12 locations. Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to co-founders Kevin Finn and Mark Edelson of Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant.

How We Created Our (First-Ever) Brand Identity

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

She joined the staff in 2004 as the Conservancy’s first communications professional and now oversees a department of four. Cindy Olnick. If you are curious about how other nonprofits handle branding and graphic design, join us Thursday, October 20th for our latest Nonprofit Q&A Panel.

Brand 77

Cheapo Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

Since 2004, the ad says, Georgia. You know me, I love cause marketing. Almost any company, but especially those that face the consumer, could benefit from it.But it rubs me wrong when I see humungous companies going cheap on the cause marketing donation amount.In