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From 2001 to 2003, he served as Vice President for Online Advocacy Services at Stateside Associates. Tis the season for email marketing. We can help.

Why you need to focus on the most qualified donors


According to The Institute for Policy Studies (after they crunched the data from Giving USA Foundation’s annual philanthropic survey from 2003 – 2013), itemized charitable donations over 10 years have increased : 104% from households with earnings of at least $10 million per year. Because… your supporters want you to raise money efficiently. Focus. Because… the world is quickly becoming one that has fewer donors giving more.

Year-end Giving Snapshot: The Generous Procrastinator

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Our observations and recommendations below are based on donations through Network for Good's giving system from mid-November through December 31 in the last five years (2003 through 2007).

Is Populist Fundraising for You?


So, for the vendor that makes money on a per-transaction basis, it’s better to promote the populist approach. Politicians need votes in addition to money. The populist approach did indeed raise tons of money for the Obama Campaign.

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I must sound like a broken record but here’s more nonprofit data that will inspire you to focus more on major donors


Here’s what they determined: Itemized charitable donations increased +104% between 2003 and 2013 (10 years) from households with earnings of at least $10 million/year. Remember that an exchange of money will only occur if your value proposition is fair and makes your donors feel good.

Need Some Online Fundraising Ideas?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Network for Good just released a new online giving study that provides all kinds of good ideas for increasing the amount of money you can raise online.

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Five Steps to Nonprofit Messaging Success

Getting Attention

It has helped clients achieve a variety of goals : advancing social policy, raising money, establishing corporate identity, promoting new business practices, and explaining complex ideas. They launched a radical new prevention approach in 2003, supported by a powerful message.

#SM4NP: ‘Kony 2012? Still Stirs Engagement, Controversy, And Embarrassment

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“Kony 2012 is a recycling of almost a decade old footage of film taken by film makers in northern Uganda in 2003″ said 70 year-old Tony Ojol, a respected elder in northern Uganda. They then used the money in their own ways” says Ugandan politician, James Kaggwa.

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The Taxman Cometh, Part 1: The Downside of the 2017 Tax Bill for Nonprofits

The Agitator

Witness what happens when you run a matching gift campaign – more people give, because they know that they will have a greater impact with their gift, and the average donation (usually) drops, as people also know they can have the same impact they would have had for less money.

Data, data, data, and more data…

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Tableau Software , co-founded in 2003 by Pat Hanrahan of Stanford University, does for visualizing data what word-processing did for text, allowing anyone to manipulate information creatively. I can think of plenty of departments that spend a great deal of money on web analytics software, email databases, valuable primary research , etc.

#Interview: Syam Buradagunta, Blogger & Co-Founder of Blue Sky Collaborative

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Syam and his co-founders worked in nonprofits before starting their firm in 2003. You can have a perfect piece of software or a website that doesn’t bring in a lot of money.

Service-Dominant Logic and Social Marketing

Social Marketing and Social Change

Some social marketers have examined these same concerns for our field and come to similar conclusions (Hastings, 2003; Lefebvre, 2007; Marques & Domegan, 2011; Peattie & Peattie, 2003). Because the classic analysis of exchanges has focused on the immediate exchange of money for products, the value the product provides to a person (the customer) after the transaction is completed is ignored. 2003). 2003).

Grassroots Cause Marketing from Volvo

Cause Related Marketing

Buy a virtual glass of lemonade from , sponsored by Volvo, and the money goes to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to support families who must travel for their child’s cancer treatments. She won it in 2003.

Stories From Smaller Nonprofits ~ Bags of Hope Project

Diva Marketing Blog

As a 2003 graduate of the FBI Citizens Academy program, I got to learn a great deal more about the role of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and about the work they are doing in our community. I am excited to bring back Diva Marketing's Holiday For Small Nonprofits Series.

Stories From Smaller Nonprofits ~ Bags of Hope Project

Diva Marketing Blog

As a 2003 graduate of the FBI Citizens Academy program, I got to learn a great deal more about the role of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and about the work they are doing in our community. I am excited to bring back Diva Marketing's Holiday For Small Nonprofits Series.

Hire, Train and Retain Gen Yers Now!


Consider how much money your organization spends on things like electricity, cubicles, offices, who knows what else. On the cost-effective part, there are loads of us who decided to go to business school, or law school, or some other graduate school during the last downturn, right around 2003.

Cause Marketing Challenge: The Boston Common

Selfish Giving

Would you position the Boston Common as a national landmark similar to the Adams National Historical Park that Columbo Yogurt raised $100,000 for in 2003 ? Dating from 1634, the Boston Common is one of the oldest city parks in the country.

So Dark The Con of Men

Cause Related Marketing

A charity I worked for partnered with Tonken who went to prison in 2003 for fraud. The charity lost $100,000 due to Tonken’s machinations, but we recovered the money in full within weeks and well before his prosecution and conviction. Both were paid for with someone else’s money.

The Oldest Profession in Fundraising

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1) They charged lots of money; and 2) they personally delivered their copy and read it out loud to the client. The letter finally ceased being profitable in 2003, after a run of nearly 30 years.

Discount Retailer Keeps it Simple & Profitable with Pinups

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You can read all about how a delivery of 40,000 pounds of frozen chicken in 2003 turned into one of the most successful corporate partnerships in our history here. No, they reprinted pinups on the store’s copy machine and kept raising money until they were restocked.

3 ways fundraisers can slow the revolving door

Fundraising Coach

They were paying me to raise money. Published continuously since 2003, my own free newsletter brings to you the best I can find on tools, techniques, and tactics. This might involve spending some of your own money.

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Nominate the Greatest Hits of Social Marketing

Social Marketing and Social Change

In collaboration with SAGE editors, we will also have constraints as to what appears in the Volumes due to the fees some journals/publishers may charge for permissions to reprint (we have a limited amount of money allocated to paying these costs), inability to access high quality copies of original papers or artwork and who knows what other unforeseen circumstances that might pop-up. 2003).

A Wake-Up Call for Fundraisers

Fundraising 123

When a world-renowned historian discovered there wasn't a single school in his hometown, he decided to raise money to build one. First Signs of a Problem: The Indy 100 Dickerson's study was spurred by a 2003 analysis of direct mail letters sent by approximately 100 nonprofits in and around Indianapolis.

Nonprofits Speak Out Against Anti-Terror Rules and Blacklists

Fundraising Breakthroughs

From the NCNA site: Since October 2003, the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) has required that participating nonprofits who receive money from the campaign certify that "they do not knowingly employ individuals or contribute funds to organizations found on terrorist related lists promulgated by the U.S. National Council of Nonprofit Associations.

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Co-creating the Social Marketing Discipline and Brand

Social Marketing and Social Change

A traditional view of a market is any arrangement in which some people offer goods or services and others buy it (either for money, barter or some other method of exchange). Marketing Theory, 2003; 3: 365-385.

Do Something Awards Get Youth Involved and Give Out Grants Perhaps In Part Through Crowd Sourcing Which Isn't Clear - And If It Does, It's Not Ultimately Sustainable Fundraising For Nonprofits

Seeking Grant Money Today

was founded in 2003 and co-founded by 1980's heartthrob actor Andrew Shue. The Do Something Award community grant money is paid directly to the nominee's organization or the not-for-profit of the nominee’s choice. All winners have the option of receiving $5,000 of the total money awarded in the form of an educational scholarship." Do Something Awards air this Tuesday night August 21 at 9pm on VH1 (hosted by the guys from New Girl ).

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Fundraising Secret #37: Use Powerpoint effectively

Fundraising Coach

And if the speaker is the leader of a nonprofit, why would we want to invest money with her if she can’t even remember her presentation? In fact, I didn’t even really make a Powerpoint until I recorded my “Fundraising 101″ webinar for CharityUniversity back in 2003. And if you’re trying to raise money, the last thing you want is a distracted donor! I’ve been through a flurry of bad powerpoint presentations recently.

Wow, What A Shock. Another Example of Piss Poor Fundraising.

Seeking Grant Money Today

[The following is based on Ashley Bach's The Seattle Times article, "No Audit at Bellevue Arts Museum Since 2003", dated June 23, 2007. To get to the point, if you want to raise money now and tomorrow - you must be ethically managing the organization and overseeing its operations, health, and vitality. A Bellevue Arts Museum staffer was embezzling their money. Well, they really don't have money, now, for anything at all. What frick'n non profit doesn't need money?!

Israel Day 4

A. Fine Blog

The Institute was started in 2003 They have thirty students at a time in the Institute studying communications, computer science and chemistry, kind of an odd mix, but it is of interest to Arabs living in that area (or they just like teaching things that start with the letter c.).

The Revolution Will Not Be Televized

Marketing for Nonprofits

Trippi, author and Dean's campaign manager for much of 2003 - 2004, is a TERRIFIC writer. They turned to the Internet to raise a little money from a lot of folks because they didn't have a wealthy supporter base. My hubbie brought home The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Democracy, the Internet, and the Overthrow of Everything , by Joe Trippi on Friday night and I can't put it down. His humor, use of metaphor, and brutal honesty make him REAL and a REALLY likable guy in my book.

The Grant Writer's Little Helper: IRS Tax Form 990 Post 2 of 2

Seeking Grant Money Today in 2003 researched what is reported on 990's and found; 29% of their sample had mistakes, 11% had three or more mistakes, required attachment documents were usually not submitted to the IRS, and there were inconsistencies. For instance, many public organizations who raise money, reported no fundraising expense! For instance, organizations in different regions, fields, or at different ages will have different amounts of money and costs.

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Seeking Grant Money Today

Gayle Roberts, author of Fundraising for Nonprofits , posted "Be generous and raise money" 4. Their process of giving will be very similar to their path to buying - in that it will not necessarily be linear: "ask for money, then get a check." For the first four years of his nonprofit’s existence, from 2003 to 2007, my client took charge of writing grant proposals himself. Read, respond to, and discuss what others who care about philanthropy think.

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