Ep173: How to Use Pokemon Go to Raise Money for Charity

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Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to Stephanie Bagley , COO at Charity Miles, about the new Pokemon Go game and how it can be used to raise money for good causes. A 2000+ surge in new users of the app.

Evaluation Methods - How Can A Nonprofit Use Them To Raise More Money More Often

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Donors, today, are understood better by the nonprofit sector to be people looking to solve our communities' issues but are doing it by providing resources (money, expertise, paying expenses for us, etc.) The February 2000, Volume 9 issue of Snapshots , the Aspen Institute 's free PDF newsletter provides a short but good summation about nonprofit evaluations. Many nonprofits, today, must learn about evaluation methods.

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What Amount of Money Should I Ask For?

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In order to decide, though, how much money to ask for from each and every foundation that your organization is going to approach - you have to have accurate budgets pulled together for every program, project, or capital item (etc.) Be sure that the foundations you are going to approach are interested in funding your cause, in the geographic region that you serve, and like to give support to whatever you're asking for grant money for.

3 things every fundraiser needs to consider before they talk politics in front of their donors


Brooks book titled Who Really Cares: The Surprising Truth About Compassionate Conservatism): In 2000, households headed by a “conservative” gave, on average, 30% more money to charity than households headed by a liberal although the “liberal” households earned 6% more.

Yet Another Example of Donors Expecting Results; Non Profits, You Can't Just Take the Money and Cross Your Fingers Anymore

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The first survey of area residents was completed in 2000, and the foundation is using the results of the latest survey, Social Capital: Cultivating Community Connections (34 pages, PDF), to inform its grantmaking in Androscoggin County. While this study is very specific to a certain Maine county, this study and how its findings are being used by a grant donor is a great example of how today's donors are researching how to make the greatest impact in our communities with their donations.

Reader Beware, You're in for a Scare: 4th Annual Nonprofit Halloween Celebration


Some of their current campaigns include "A World Without Hermoine" that works to raise money to keep girls in school around the world and "Neville Fights Back" which encourages supporters to call their congressman to protect the Affordable Care Act. began as a hip hop conference at the University of Maryland in 2000. Happy Halloween from all of us at EveryAction!

Affordable New Tools and Strategies for Online Activism | Network for Good Learning Center - Learn how to raise money online for your nonprofit

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From 1992 to 2000, Dr. Rosenblatt served on the Government and Politics faculty at George Mason University, where he co-created and taught one of the nations first cyberpolitics courses. Tis the season for email marketing. We can help.

The myth of the disappearing donor


” The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s article titled Where Are My Donors reported: “Since 2000, the percentage of households that donate has dropped in every age group. Instead, they are spending their money elsewhere. Lots of folks think donors are disappearing. .

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#Philanthropy: As Steve Jobs The CEO Retires, Will Steve Jobs The Philanthropist Step Forward?

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The Carnegies, the Mellons, the Rockafellers, the Buffetts… They all made scads of money in their chosen careers. They all founded foundations and gave away scads of money in their later years. Profits were made hand-over-fist by 2000, but no philanthropic efforts returned.

Get Your Millennial Audience Off My Lawn, Part 2

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Well, let me ask you which of these you prefer: Making more money or less money. You probably like money, experience and expertise, and more control over your work environment. Most dramatically, 58% of households led by 51- to 60-year-olds gave in 2014, down from 78% in 2000.

Inclusive Conversations: Are Your Communications Making FRIENDS or FOES with People of Color?

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As of the 2000 census, the African-American, Latino, Native American, and Asian/Pacific Islander communities represented 30 percent of the U.S. CultureStrike’s Julio Salgado reimagines 90’s sitcoms with diverse casts. A lot of my peers grew up watching the popular 90’s sitcom FRIENDS.

Successful Fundraising in Turbulent Times

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She is also the author of Fundraising for Social Change (now in its fifth edition, 2006), Fundraising for the Long Haul (2000), which explores the particular challenges of older grassroots organizations, and Ask and You Shall Receive: A Fundraising Training Program for Religious Organizations or Projects, Raise More Money (2001) which she edited with her partner, Stephanie Roth, and Fundraising in Times of Crisis (2004).

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#interview: Simone Joyaux, Nonprofit Consultant, Author, and Columnist

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I had no idea what they were, but I fell in love with the mission and in 2000, as a volunteer, I founded the Women’s Fund of Rhode Island , a social justice organization that fights for leveling the playing field for women and girls. And right now, it’s not raising money.

Op Ed Writing: Countering Your Opponent’s Argument

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Here’s what rebuttal paragraphs look like in actual practice: Some taxpayers may grumble at spending the public’s money on DNA tests for individuals on death row. In 2000, the investigative journalists at the Medill Innocence Project offered to pay for the DNA tests.

What Nonprofits Need to Know about Facebook Promoted Posts

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If you pay for this update to reach an additional 2000 people, it’s reasonable to expect that the update will receive approximately 200 likes, comments and shares, when adjusted for affinity. . Another way to say this is this: if you promote posts that are not already interesting, you are throwing money out the window. Do nonprofits have to pay to get their content seen on Facebook?

Cool Cause Marketing Campaigns from Two Commonwealth Countries

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As an inducement, Molson is offering to carve out part of a $400,000 pot of money towards the restoration of parks near your postal code. In 2011 the Red Leaf Project resulted in the planting of 110,00 trees and collection of 2000 bags of litter.

#INTERVIEW: Debra Askanase, Socialbrite.org Strategist, Offers Useful Advice To Nonprofits Using Social Media

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DEBRA: They all seem to approach me for the exact same reason: they want money! DEBRA: There’s always the organization that stresses the fact that, say, they have 2000 people who Like them on Facebook.

Passing The Plate Among the Religious

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A new study out Monday, June 6, 2000 finds that contrary to conventional wisdom, religious people are more likely to donate to causes that aren’t strictly religious than to those that are.

The Alden Keene Cause Marketing Stock Index Dramatically Outperforms Other Indices

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I don’t have the beta ratios yet, but in the down years of 2000 and 2001, the Keene lost less money than the other indices in the comparison. In the down years of 2002 and 2008, the Keene lost less money than all but one other of the comparison indices. There are stock indexes galore; the Dow, S&P 500, the NASDAQ Composite, the Wilshire 5000, the FTSE, and hundreds more.

Technology Can't Help You

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If your donation page is non-existent or your website looks like it was created in 2000, then you definitely need to upgrade your stuff. Unless you LEARN how to INSPIRE your donors and ENGAGE them in your work, you'll never raise more money. It can also help you save money. Want to raise more money this holiday season? Should you purchase new fundraising software? Should you upgrade your blog to Wordpress?

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#Tech: Near-Field Communication Could Turn Smartphones Into Wallets & Leashes

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“Google instead plans to make its money with targeted advertising and offers. Yes, let AT&T handle all your money for you, and see how that works out in the end.

Funding Your Startup or New Charity

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In short, they raise money to give it away. IRS figures show that 16 percent of nonprofit charities that filed a 990 tax return in 2000, didn’t file one in 2005.

Grassroots Cause Marketing from Volvo

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Buy a virtual glass of lemonade from Lemonadestandforlife.com , sponsored by Volvo, and the money goes to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to support families who must travel for their child’s cancer treatments.

Learning social media with an 11 year old

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He just posted this animation this morning, but it all ready has over 1,800 2000 views! Making money and building influence with social media. I’ve been learning a bit about social media and marketing from my 11 y.o. It's gotten another 200+ since I started writing this blog post!]. He creates these animations from his Nintendo DSi. This Flipnote community is interesting. People rate them. Better animators give him tips.

“It Ain’t Bragging If You Can Back It Up”

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That’s not an unrivaled amount of money for a company to generate via product sales cause marketing: VIVA GLAM is now north of $225 million in funding for HIV/AIDS; Newman’s Own is over $300 million; Geoffrey Beene is right around $150 million. By contrast, Kohl’s Care’s for Kids was launched in the year 2000. Where does all that money go?

You Can't Efficiency Your Way to Greatness and Other Stuff I Learned This Week From Some Killer Fundraisers

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They grew annual income by 57% in 10 years - from $29M in 2000 to $46M in 2012. They don''t talk about raising money for programming or operations (typical npo speak); they talk about raising money to fund a MOVEMENT.

#INTERVIEW: Debra Askanase, Socialbrite.org Strategist, Offers Useful Advice To Nonprofits Using Social Media

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DEBRA: They all seem to approach me for the exact same reason: they want money! DEBRA: There’s always the organization that stresses the fact that, say, they have 2000 people who Like them on Facebook.

The Risk of Cooperation

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Ditto Conservation International which accepted $2 million from BP, advised the firm on oil extraction methods, and included John Browne, BP’s CEO at the time, on its board from 2000 to 2006. In short, the horrific nature of the spill serves to add credence to the arguments of anti-corporate purists that non-profits should accept no money from companies because it risks putting off and losing the support of millions of individual donors.

Fundraising during presidential campaigns: Do or Don't?


2) if you are worried about this being an "unprecedented" election, raising more money than ever before, so were the 2000, and 2004 elections-both raised "unprecedented" amounts of public funds and in both election cycles we didn't note a significant dip in our client's programs.

The Art of Rebranding

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When you think about it that way you realize that a lot of so called rebranding campaigns are a waste of time and money. The late 90's and early 2000's were the Attitude Era. Want to learn one more arts marketing lesson from the WWE?

So Dark The Con of Men

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The charity lost $100,000 due to Tonken’s machinations, but we recovered the money in full within weeks and well before his prosecution and conviction. The NSFF was able to make equipment payments for the initial school districts with the earnest money paid by the ensuing school districts.

More On 2nd Gifts – Part 1

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It never ceases to amaze me how much time and money is spent on donor acquisition, and how little understanding and effort goes into second-half of acquisition — second gift efforts and retention. This will leave them with 600 out of the original 2000 donors going into the second year.

Is Your Nonprofit Going The Way Of The GOP?

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Although it’s a bit dated (it reports on 2002 trends) and is jammed with more facts than envelope salesmen at a DMA conference, one item struck me: Caucasians may be better givers because they’re asked for money more frequently.

What Will Replace 'Checkout Charity' After Big Retailers are Gone?

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From a peak of over 2,100 stores in 2000, Kmart has shed over 1,000 stores in the past 17 years and will close 150 more this spring. This sets them apart from the competition and is augmenting profitability, opening new markets and saving them money.

Creating the perfect campaign for #GivingTuesday

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Whether you are planning to raise money for a project or for general operations, creativity and communications can be the difference between a good and a great campaign. Even if you don’t want to fundraise for a specific project, like money to fund 20 instruments for a new school band, it’s still wise to ‘project-ize’ your asks so they resonate with online supporters. The time is…NOW.

A plain English, level-headed guide to Facebook updates, reach and promoted posts

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If you pay for this update to reach an additional 2000 people, it’s reasonable to expect that the update will receive approximately 200 likes, comments and shares, when adjusted for affinity.

Americans See Non Profits as "Somewhat Good"

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The findings were: Spending money wisely: Very good 11% Somewhat good 51% Not too good 19% Not good at all 7% Helping people: Very good 31% Somewhat good 51% Not too good 8% Not good at all 2% Being fair in their decisions: Very good 17% Somewhat good 56% Not too good 9% Not good at all 3% Running their programs and services: Very good 19% Somewhat good 57% Not too good 11% Not good at all 2% (Source: The Chronicle of Philanthropy , Vol.

How Many Grants Should We Apply For?

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You'll need to apply to enough grant donors to raise the money needed. You have to know the specific details of the program, item, or project that you're raising money for; you have to know which donors would be interested in supporting it; and you have to know which donor would be interested in what amount of the total expense. will need to be covered by the grant money. See my post "What Amount of Money Should I Ask For?"

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Bring In Donations From Many Different Kinds of Sources

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Had you had some money in grapefruit investments but the rest broken into investments in Coke A Lola, Radio Shook Corporation, and Why Won't It Do What I Want Computers, Inc. - If that grant donor (or donors) doesn't give your organization the grants it's been giving you for the past four years, or if your donors are hit hard by a sour economy (it happened in 2000 when the economy changed) you could have a severe drop in your agencies only revenue.