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You Too Can YouTube

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With a good story as the foundation for your video, your organization can use YouTube to spread your mission and raise money online. No problem.

What Is Your Nonprofit’s YouTube Strategy?

The Agitator

Better be thinking about YouTube, which just hit the mark of 1 billion monthly users! Enough already of Facebook and Twitter strategy!

YouTube Guide For Nonprofits

The Agitator

Here’s a 24-page guide from YouTubeYouTube-for-Good — advising on how to tell better stories and get them noticed (i.e, You know how much I love to see fundraisers using video! more visible to search engines). They’re also sponsoring a one-day video boot camp for nonprofits in San Francisco on April 2.

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6 More YouTube Tips for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Here are six more great tips for YouTube from Heather Mansfield, author of the new book, Social Media for Social Good. She agreed to me printing her 11 YouTube Best Practices for Nonprofits here. The more “Subscribers” and “Friends” your nonprofit has, the more exposure you get on YouTube. Display Subscribers and Friends.

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5 Essential YouTube Tips for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

She agreed to me printing her 11 YouTube Best Practices for Nonprofits here. For the simple reason that YouTube dwarfs all other video sites in terms of users and traffic, it should be the starting point for your nonprofit’s online video campaigns. Your nonprofit’s avatar is very important for branding on YouTube. Enjoy.

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What I learned about social media from a sword swallower, a YouTube sensation and a multi-millionaire

J Campbell Social Marketing

James Wedmore has a great YouTube channel with millions of views. Here are my top 8 takeaways from AOC2013. Second, it broke the ice. Finally!

Nonprofit Storyteller of the Week – Women for Women International

J Campbell Social Marketing

My two cents – YouTube could be better utilized, as video is widely considered the number one marketing tool of 2015. Convinced yet?

The Cost of Fundraising Through Social Media

Social Media Bird Brain

abandoned donations donations Facebook FirstGiving Google Wallet NGOs nonprofits payment processing PayPal transactions Twitter youtubeThis week we have a guest post written by Rich McIver. The Cost of Fundraising Through Social Media Tweeting, Posting and Liking your way to increased donations should be an. essential part of.

KONY2012: Judged by their funders?

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million likes, and only 100,000 dislikes on Youtube. KONY2012. Everyone’s talking about KONY2012. Video oversimplifies conflict in Uganda.

Pepsi and Lowe's Co-Brand to Support the Troops

Cause Related Marketing

YouTube Jimmie Johnson Facebook Jeff Gordon USO Transactional Cause Marketing Pepsi Military Cause Marketing Lowe's Dale Earnhardt Jr PepsiCo NASCAR

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Youtube now offering FREE branded YouTube channels for government orgs

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

A few of my contacts at Google have recently informed me that the branded YouTube channel (formerly $50,ooo to setup), is now being offered for free to all government departments (this includes the Canadian Government of course). Especially the ones that were already using the regular YouTube channel offering. Comscore).

To Crowdfund or Not to Crowdfund

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begging crowdfunding GoFundMe Instagram Kickstarter reciprocation Small nonprofit video youtube Fractured Atlas had a great article on putting together a crowdfunding video (read it here), which made me think about crowdfunding in general. Obviously, the couple that asks people to crowdfund their wedding celebration and.

Canada Revenue Agency announces YouTube contest

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

YouTube video contest. The easy “embedability&# of a YouTube video allows buzz to spread exponentially. Things I don’t like, or do I?: I noticed the comments on YouTube for this video are blocked. Tags: canada revenue agency government contest underground economy youtube News Rant piracy General Web 2.0

Towards a More Hygienic Cause Marketing Campaign for Lysol

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Naturally videos of the plays would end up on YouTube. In fact, YouTube oughta be the official entry vehicle for the contest.

YouTube Nonprofit Program

Fundraising Breakthroughs

YouTube has a Nonprofit Program with tips and tricks to help you get you started, such as: Reach Out. Well, no more excuses for you! Partner Up.

YouTube's Non Profit Program

The Biddery Blog

YouTube and The Biddery can help. Does your organization have a compelling story to tell? For more information [link] [link

Have you ever bought an auction “vacation package”?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Then Guy Debord has something to say to you. ” “meetings with celebrities” and suchlike. Me TOO.

#Development: Make The Nonprofit Video – Don’t Sweat The ‘Viral’

Non Profit Marketing 360

Nor can can you plan for viewers to go straight from YouTube to your ‘Donate Now!’ YouTubeViral can’t be planned.

Joint-Issue Promotion in Cause Marketing

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YouTube Camelbak Sam Nutmann Lipitor BD Becton Dickenson Pfizer Joint-Issue Promotion Cause Marketing Wymer and Samumillion people a year.

Inspiration Via YouTube

The Agitator

Here’s a piece that demonstrates the efficacy of YouTube. But it does suggest that if you do inspiring work, you should be showing it off via YouTube. Read the story, then watch the video … after about three minutes of standing ovation, you’ll be treated to an encore performance.

How to Get Your PSA on Hulu

Mission Minded

Nonprofit Fundraising Nonprofit Web Nonprofit communications Social Media Storytelling Video ad placement appeal campaign development fundraising Hulu nonprofit PSA PSA on Hulu public service advertising television tv YouTubeBeing the savvy nonprofit marketer you are, you’ve probably asked yourself, “How do I get [.].

16 Content Ideas Your Major and Planned Gift Donors Will Love


Highly relevant and targeted medium length YouTube videos. Aim for 2 – 10 minutes ( Subscribe to our YouTube channel ). Highly relevant and targeted longer YouTube videos (more than 10 minutes). Infographics. Short, “self-contained” emails (with no hyperlinks) that include very brief updates. Podcasts. Quizzes.

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Get More Video Views & Shares: #501TechNYC (Part 2)

Getting Attention

In her two-and-a-half year tenure, she’s increased the organization’s visibility on Facebook and YouTube by over 800%. Read Part One.

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Best Nonprofit Videos of the Year

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

DoGooder YouTube Creator for Good Award. Tyler has raised over $500,000 for the charity through various YouTube campaigns. Katy Perry?

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12 digital fundraising trends for 2012 #1 Truly Personalised Video Thanking

Giving in a Digital World

Of all the ways in which charity: water’s staff and volunteers personally thanked their supporters – telephone, letter, email, and video -  it is the YouTube thank you videos which have the most exciting potential to have impact beyond the immediate 1-to-1 thank you. Great for driving both brand awareness and consideration.

Nonprofits Can now add Call to Action Button in YouTube

Search Marketing for Nonprofits

Previously, nonprofits were not able to link back to their website call to action page in YouTube - only display a Google Checkout button for donations or their main website URL. Here are the instructions from YouTube: Just go to the “Edit Video&# section of your video, then. Tags: Social media marketing YouTube web 2.0

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Are Tools For Diplomacy

Blue Sky Collaborative

social media is a perfect fit for the social sector. nonprofits and other orgs working toward the greater good can leverage these "free" tools. of course its takes time and resources to come up with an effective strategy but atleast

YouTube Nonprofit Raises $10,000 in One Day

The Biddery Blog

To commemorate World Water Day, YouTube featured a video from charity:water on the homepage. Feeling inspired?

Orchestrating Answers on YouTube

A. Fine Blog

I have a new favorite YouTube video.  But, here’s my new favorite video, the Internet Global Symphony Mashup, a compilation of the virtual auditions YouTube sponsored. Well, OK, I will admit to getting a bit teary-eyed watching Susan Boyle live her dream on Britain’s Got Talent — but I’m not alone on that one!)

Words vs Video

The Agitator

YouTube just announced that its year-over-year growth in daily visitors is up 40%. After reading the YouTube news on Bloomberg, the next item.

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#Development: How To Make A Video And Make It Grow Your Outreach

Non Profit Marketing 360

If you are not sure video can be worth the investment, did you know that YouTube is now the second largest search engine behind Google?

YouTube ups the ante for nonprofits

Nonprofit Consultant Blog

In the past I've talked about web sites like and as "YouTubes for nonprofits." Of course, all this time, many nonprofits have also been posting their videos to YouTube as well, although many felt that their clips were being lost among the millions of videos there. So, what are you waiting for?

A YouTube for Nonprofits?

Nonprofit Consultant Blog

By now you've probably at least heard of YouTube - the web site where users upload their home made videos. that intends to become somewhat of a YouTube for the nonprofit community. Unlike the amateurish productions that rule YouTube, DoGooder.TV Posting videos is not free here (as it is on the advertising supported YouTube).

YouTube now has auto captioning

Search Marketing for Nonprofits

Not only is this development amazing for those who are deaf (including my friend Christie) but there are also SEO implications. Here’s the announcement from the Google blog. Here’s the summary: You Tube now has autocaptioning using the same voice recognition algorithms in Google Voice to automatically generate captions for video.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

On YouTube? Canva shows you how to create compelling YouTube thumbnails that can attract attention within a split-second. Mixed Links

How to Solve Any Nonprofit Marketing Problem [New Video]

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Watch it on YouTube ). hear LOTS of nonprofit marketing problems each year, and sometimes there’s a quick solution.

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Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Find out how you can take advantage of YouTube’s donation cards. Happy Friday, everyone! Nonprofit Training. Have a great weekend!

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Sh*t Bureaucrats Say

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

hope this new SBS YouTube Channel fills up with more videos soon. Enjoy.

Stuck on how to make a video? The experts weigh in.

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

The folks over at YouTube just sent me a free e-guide on video. It connects, tells a great story and shows where the money goes.

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7 Can’t-Miss FREE #GivingTuesday Resources for Nonprofits

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Search the #givingtuesday hashtag on: YouTube. Are you getting ready for Giving Tuesday ? little lost on where to start? . Enjoy! 1. Causevox .